Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mexico's Calderon Threatens Obama With Tsuanmi of Illegal Aliens...Time To Militarize Our Southern Border?

Mexican President Calderon has threatened President Elect Obama while at the APEC event. He came right out and said America will face a flood of Illegal Aliens if Obama messes with trade, tries to change NAFTA. WTF? When are we going to spit in the face of this buffoon and show him we mean business by putting 20,000 or so military troops on our Southern Border to shut down the illegal drug trade, and stop Illegal Immigration from Mexico once and for had best learn Mr. Calderon that you are treading on thin water...many Americans would have no problems massing our troops on the border with Mexico, giving said troops the right to use whatever it takes to stop both drug dealers, and illegal aliens, and if that means deadly force, so be it. Who the fuck do you think you are threatening an incoming president?

Calderon's Threat:

And Mexican President Felipe Calderon, in an impassioned speech to delegates at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum on Saturday, warned Obama that any tightening of trade restrictions would send a flood of illegal immigrants into the United States.

"The next U.S. administration must assume leadership in a very firm manner--not just for Americans but for the whole world," Calderon said.

The stern words for Obama came during an annual APEC gathering dominated by fears over the ongoing financial crisis, and underscored the difficult balance that Obama must strike if he intends to forge a new economic path for the United States.


Corinne said...

Wow, I agree we need to stop the illegal drug trade and illegal immigration. But I don't think that our new elitist president was being threatened by Calderon's comment. Calderon was merely stating a fact. That Mexico is in trouble as it is. If issues with trade are messed with then illegal aliens will have an even better reason to sneak into the U.S. Barack Illuminati Obama needs to realize the gravity of the position he is in, and because he is an intelligent man, with the intelligence to surround himself with like intelligent people, we might be OK... save for his socialist tendencies which is a whole different issue...

Joaquin Ramirez said...

Threatens? Tough I am sencirely concerned about the wave of illegal immigrants crossing the boarder each year, I am almost completely sure that the president of Mexico, Mr.Calderon, has close to no control of the waves of illegal immigrats.