Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who Follows Us...I Love Seeing Who Checks Us Out...Waving At Security Twits at RISK IQ

12-25 Million Illegal Aliens in America, hundreds of millions of Illegal Drugs coming into America via our Southern Border, Mexican Gangs and Drug Lords walking the streets of America, and we have various security types checking out what I am up to here on Washington Scandal...get a clue folks! I report the news, and hand out my jaded middle class views on is called exercising my Freedom of Speech.

What can we know and how soon can we know it?

RiskIQ™ provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the entire security landscape on a minute-to-minute basis. By automating the risk discovery and prioritization process, RiskIQ™ delivers knowledge capable of forecasting events and identifying threats before bad things happen.

Security Concerns?

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White P apers

Real-time Intelligent Security Risk Assessment
Financial Services: A Fresh Look at Security Risk Assessment

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