Monday, November 24, 2008

Under Who Cares...Mexico Social Welfare System Collapsing With Deportations

Under who cares...seems that Mexico's Senate is getting worried that their Social Welfare system is collapsing...why it is collapsing? Between deportations and a shrinking job market for illegal aliens here in America it seems that remittances from illegal aliens in America are rapidly shrinking. Now I am curious I the only one that finds it disturbing that Mexico factors into their Social Safety Net for their most unfortunate citizens remittances from their illegal aliens here in America? President Calderon really needs to get a V-8, and Mexico needs to learn that America is not their FEDERAL WELFARE PROGRAM. We need more deportations, and Calderon needs to take care of his own citizens, rather than using America as his nation's dumping ground. Help put and American back to work...deport and illegal alien today.

If you suspect illegal aliens are living in a home near you, send us their address...we also accept the names of companies hiring illegal aliens. It's time to drop a dime on illegal aliens, and those that hire them.

Mexico's Social Welfare System Threatened from US Deportation Rate
November 4, 2008

Drop in remittances from Mexicans living in the United States threatens Mexico's social welfare in some areas
El Universal (Mexico City) 11/1/08
[The increasing return of its migrants from the US is beginning to catch Mexico's media attention.]
- According to the Mexican National Institute of Migration, between the beginning of 2006 and August, 2008, some 1.5 million of their countrymen were deported from the US.

Contributing to this trend, the total for 2008 could reach 600,000. In addition to these numbers, many are returning because of the financial and employment situation in the US. Those remaining are sending less money home. Mexico's social welfare is threatened by the drop in remittances received in economically marginal areas according to elected officials who call for a "rescue fund" of 1.8 billion pesos to be included in the 2009 budget.

The decrease in income from their US migrants "can convulse half the country," warned one of the representatives. Another pointed out that the recovery program would provide support for those who remain in the US where whatever they might have there would be more than what they would find in their home communities. The state and federal governments are not coordinated to face the wave of migrants remaining unemployed in the US and there is no plan in place, according to the Mexican Senate's head of the revenue commission. "The situation is worrisome because, at the moment, we haven't established an emergency program regarding people who are returning," he stated.


Corinne said...

Our new illuminati president should really think about adopting a deportation policy that focuses on strengthening the border, and also having some sort of talks with Mexico. If Mexico was better economically (not saying this would be an easy task to accomplish) then people would not be killing to get into the United States in the first place!

Reagan said...

Alright, I don't support the leftist illuminati anymore than anyone else does who voted McCain/Palin, but the fact of the matter is that whether it's a good situation or not, it's pragmatic for the Mexican government to figure into their budget what kind of aid their citizens will require, and part of that figuring is likely estimating how much money their citizens receive from relatives working in other countries. I see that as a practical financial issue.

It also needs to be clarified that there are many immigrants in the United States working here legally, who send money back to their families in other countries. To broadly paint Hispanic immigrants as illegal is not much shy of a witch hunt.

I am a conservative Republican, and I do not condone racism.

Corinne said...

I was not intending to be racist. I was merely stating that this illuminati government of ours needs to come up with a way to rectify the situation. I honestly feel for the families who are sending money back to Mexico to help their loved ones. It is a situation that we let go on for such a long time and did not think through the long term effects.

I agree that this is a practical financial issue. The Mexican government would only benefit to aid their citizens wellbeing.

I think that deporting every illegal alien is a ridiculous idea. It would help the situation to allow illegal immigrants to identify themselves without fear of deportation and then start to crack down on illegal immigration... by strengthening the border. It would be unfair and cruel to force out families who have lived here for so long, been contributing members of our society, raised their families here and made a life here. They deserve our respect.

That is far from condoning racism

Anonymous said...

Illuminati? you lost all credibility with that right there..

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