Saturday, February 7, 2009


President Obama With Chief of Staff, Mr AssMunch
So, we have Mr. Green President taking a heliocopter ride to his plane to fly to Williamsburg to speak with Democrats for half of one hour before he flys back to the Whitehouse. This weekend we have Mr. Obama putting his family on same heliocopter to fly 45 minutes to use a SECOND HOME at his disposal for a night and a day. Upon return to Washington and the White House he will again take a heliocopter to his plane where he will fly to three different states next week, spending part of his time in a third house, his home in Chicago. Is this Mr. Obama's idea of sacrificing for a cleaner environment, his idea of learning to live greener...OH, did we forget to mention his TURNING THE HEAT UP in the Oval Office so he and his staff could wear short sleeves? Here is a CLUE Mr. FAKE GREEN not ask us as Americans to sacrifice, to turn down our thermostats, to drive less when you cannot curtail such egregiously NON GREEN ACTIVITIES for yourself and your family while living in the White House.

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