Saturday, February 7, 2009

Taliban Cuts Off Head of Hostage...Wants Their Own Prisoners Released

The Taliban heheaded a Polish Hostage and is refusing to release the body until some of their comrades are released...sounds FAIR ENOUGH...take the prisoners they want released into a room, CUT THEIR FUCKING HEADS OFF and send them to the Taliban...maybe then they will get a FUCKING CLUE? OH, OH, OH, let me guess, a lot of you will say this is not politically correct! Who cares, lets set aside the whole PC thing, and start busting some fucking heads. Trust me, you send a wagon load of headless Taliban back to the Taliban, you will shake them up, you will have their attention.

Taliban say behead Polish hostage in Pakistan

KOHAT, Pakistan, Feb. 7, 2009 (Reuters) — Taliban fighters beheaded a Polish hostage in Pakistan Saturday, according to a spokesman for the militants who said the body wouldn't be handed over until some captured Taliban were released. ... > full story

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