Friday, February 6, 2009

Return From The Dead...

Greetings Readers:

Between my wife's surgical issues, her recovery, and my own attempts to give up cigarettes, was simply not up to keeping up with my various and assorted blogs for the past couple of months while I went through transition. Some quick personal updates:

1. Wife's surgery went well (she had all her female parts removed) and her recovery though long has gone well and she returned to work this past Monday.

2. On a related track, we got her six month post breast cancer surgery and radiation treatment report in December, and am pleased to announce she is cancer free.

3. In three short days (February 9th) both my wife and I will have been smoke free for FOUR MONTHS! Not out of the woods yet, but feeling pretty good here, and almost ready to say I am no longer a smoker...yes, still afraid of a relapse here.

Some quick remarks on the news...

Seems that the Great Pork Barrel Stimulus package is going to make it through the Senate...who cares, it will DO NOTHING for those of us in the middle class.

Americans on Main Street have lost 3.6 million jobs since the start of the recession we are in right put that in perspective, there are still over eight million illegal aliens unlawfully holding down jobs in our truobled economy...meanwhile, Obama was to grant these criminals AMNESTY!

Sarah WAH-WAH Palin has gone on record as hating we really give a flying rats ass what Sarah thinks about us?

Anyway, its good to be back, and look for a more rapid upload of my views on the news that matters in the coming days as weeks.

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