Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain Seeks Meek Submissive Door Mat Reporters To Interview Palin

Are you a meek, submissive reporter who likes groveling at the feet of a Superior Female Goddess? Do you know your place, are you a butt licking, ass sniffing writer looking for your big break into the political scene? Can you lobe Sarah Palin cream puff questions that she can hit out of the ball park? If you answered YES to all three of these questions, you might just be on the short list of reporters who might actually get and interview with Sarah Palin, the snarky, mean spirited bitch that is McCain's running mate. Personally, I'd like to interview her husband, ask him how it feels to be wearing the panties in the family while she is out mounting a big moose.

Hiding Sarah Palin behind 'deference'

Media access to the Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee will be tightly controlled. Charles Gibson of ABC gets the first shot. There's a long list of questions he could start with.
September 9, 2008
John McCain's campaign essentially confirmed over the weekend what some had suspected: Media access to Sarah Palin, would-be vice president of the United States, will be tightly controlled.

Troublemakers need not apply.

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And how will we know those troublemakers? They will be the ones unwilling to treat the governor of Alaska with what campaign manager Rick Davis called "some level of respect and deference."


The dictionary definitions I find begin with "respectful submission" and "yielding."

That might be the right approach for a reporter lucky enough to interview McCain's 96-year-old mother, Roberta. (If only our politicians were so plain-spoken.)

But it would be wrong -- and, dare I say it, even sexist -- to suggest that Sarah Barracuda is too meek for a little back-and-forth with the denizens of the Fourth Estate.

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