Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin Spews More Pablum In Alaska

So, Sarah Palin, the Lipstick Pig (she is a swine) has landed in Alaska, is still not talking to the reporters, but spewing forth the exact same pablum she delivered at the Republican Convention. She's changed a few lines to be closer to the truth...IE, she brought up the jet again, but instead of using her EBay line, she instead simply stated that it was sold...FOR A LOSS.

More importantly, even on her own TURF she is reading from a teleprompter...if she really had the BALLS she claims she has, why not go one on one with the press? Is she AFRAID her carefully crafted veneer will crumble? Let's be truthful...a John McCain/Sarah Palin White House will be FOUR MORE YEARS of the same failed policies that have us where we are at today. More importantly, do we want this GOLD DIGGING, Ear Mark loving shrew answering the phone at 3 AM if and when John McCain's health fails as surely it will.

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