Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Question To McCain on Making Tax Cuts Permanent For Ultra Rich

Sitting here tonight wondering just HOW STUPID Americans are...I am wondering that as the new polls suggest that McCain's bounce after the Republican Primary has him in the lead by as much as four points.

Now, many Democrats see a McCain presidency as nothing more than four more years of George Bush...with that thought in mind, I have a question for Mr. McCain. The most recent job statistics show America has lost 600,000 plus jobs in the past year. If your stump speech is to be believed, you Mr. McCain want to make the tax cuts permanent (even though 95 percent of the tax cuts benefit the rich and elite) as doing so will CREATE MORE JOBS. So my question is Mr. McCain, is, "If the George Bush tax cuts will create MORE JOBS, how do you explain the 600,000 lost jobs in 2008?

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