Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin A Jesus Hugging Pariah...Just Say No To This Female BIGOT

Let us make no mistake about it...Sarah Palin is a radical right wing religious nut case who will destroy women's right, and set our nation back decades. She earlier this year said Hillary should stop her whining as it does not do women any good, yet turns around in the past 48 hours and wants to play VICTIM...that cunt is no victim. More importantly, her views and political positions are horrid.

1. If you or your daughter were a victim of RAPE or INCEST, Sarah Palin would FORCE HER to carry the child to term.

2. She is violently opposed to STEM CELL RESEARCH. In short, she has no problem sentencing people to death, denying them the cure that stem cell research represents.

3. She is a homophobic BIGOT that has a serious axe to grind against all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens of America. She wanted to deny gay couples ANY RIGHTS.

4. She not only wears furs, but also authorized the state of Alaska (going against federal laws) to hunt Artic Wolves from the air...that is not hunting, that is cold blooded MURDER.

5. She claims to be against earmarks, yet ACTIVELY sought them for the city she was Mayor of, actually hiring a Jack Abramoff groomed lobbyist to fight for her in Washington, DC.

6. Claims she put the state plane on Ebay, but that is only PART OF THE STORY. The plane DID NOT SELL ON Ebay, was removed from said site, and eventually was sold via a PRIVATE SALE for a LOSS.

7. Claims to have conservative Christian values, yet A) has had a sexual affair with her husband's business partner, and B) did such a LOUSY JOB as mother to her daughter that said daughter is carrying a BASTARD CHILD. Let's not forget she ADMITS to smoking dope up through 2006.

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