Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin Family Flouts Law When It Suits Them

The more we learn about the Palin family, and specifically Sarah Palin, it seems their morality and willingness to abide by the law only happens when it suits them. We already know her husband was convicted of a DUI...everyone wants to say it happened 25 years ago, and is not big deal. OK, we let that one slide. However; it seems that Sarah Palin had no problems violating Alaska's fishing laws, deciding she would skip having the proper permits until she GOT there is some family values! Further, if the rumor mill is correct, little Ms Puritan right wing conservative had no qualms about getting banged by her husband's business partner! Is that some kind of a Christian value I am unaware of, or was she just being a slut like her daughter?

Her daughter is pregnant, and the party line is that A) she's in love, B) she's keeping the child, and C) is going to marry the sperm donor. My first question...just how old is this Levi character, and if he is over 18 why aren't the authorities going after him for statutory rape? For that matter does Sarah Palin simply condone this man banging his daughter, or instead is she willing to stand up for her principles by filing a criminal complain against Levi? Let me quess, she thinks they are just kids, and is cutting him some slack. The fact that Bristol was contantly in the stands watching her MAN, makes one wonder if Sarah Palin's family values are nothing more than one large charade...a daughter has to have some pretty liberal rules to have enough time to get BANGED UP by her sweetie...that, or the parents are guilty of neglect through inappropriate oversight of their children's behaviors. However, if Sarah Palin really was doing her husband's business partner, was getting down and dirty between the sheets with another man, what would we expect from her daughter?

Now, before some of you accuse me of being a bit too harsh on Ms. Piss Mouth, lets take a serious look at this BOY Sarah Palin was letting her daughter spend time with by looking at his now dismantled MySpace page and some of the values expressed there by this WONDERFUL YOUNG MAN. He makes the following statements on his page:
  1. “I'm a f *ckin' redneck.” What a CLASSY GUY...NOT!
  2. “I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some sh*t and just f*ckin' chillin' I guess.” Curious here, while he is out in teh woods camping, is he getting stoned and/or drinking beer. If you are a friend of Levi's who can answer this question, Washington Scandal WANTS TO KNOW.
  3. He also claims to be "in a relationship," but states, "I don't want kids." ... great, the soon to be father of Sarah Palin's grandson or daughter does not even want kids, but had no problems getting his dick wet! CAN WE SAY, "USE A RUBBER you redneck moron!

This man/boy's lack of class screams volumes about Sarah Palin's lack of parental skills, brings into question her judgement. She wants to teach creationism and abstinance in our schools, but lets her daughter hang out with a self proclaimed redneck that does not have enough sense to use a rubber. Do we REALLY want her as a Vice President? More importantly, can we risk having her first in line to lead the free world if McCain's cancer claims his life while serving as President?

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