Friday, September 5, 2008

Repuclican Convention...McCain/Palin's Pack of False Promises

This just in from Green Nuclear Butterfly...Pro Nuclear Butt Munches spread lies and filth on last night of Republican Convention.

Who Are Pro Nuclear Republicans Kidding...McCain-Palin Would be Four More Years of Bush

McCain, Sarah Palin and the PREGNANT ONE.
For shit and giggles, watched the Republican Convention last night, and got a WHOLE LOT of giggles. Who are the McCain's and Palin's trying to fool here? For starters, lets start with many know she SMOKED POT up through at least 2006? Don't get me wrong, I think marijuana should be legalized, but for someone claiming to be a BORN AGAIN, HOLIER THAN THOU CHRISTIAN, smoking pot seems just a bit hypocritical...but then, George Bush was Pro-Life dispite rumors that have him paying for his girlfriend's abortion back in his college days.

Next we have Cindy McCain, she of the wonderful video last night about ALL THE GOOD she has done with her the $300,000 outfit she was wearing up on stage? I am sure she SO RELATES to the average American! Found it rather odd that she mentioned the charity she started, but failed to mention the FBI investigation of her for STEALING drugs from her own charity and sneaking them (smuggling) back into the country. She also has failed to tell us what strings her Senate husband pulled to have those charges DROPPED. In short, she was not only using drugs, she was a drug addict committing FELONIES to feed her about FAMILY VALUES.

Then we have John McCain and his own affairs...after all, he was known as a boozer and a womanizer in the Navy, which is why he never attained the military success his father did. Funny how in the video about him they mention two of his planes crashes while leaving out the other two where he just crashed for NO APPARENT REASON...could it be he'd been flying after an all night BENDER?

Of course, the biggest laugh of the night, and of the convention is the McCain/Palin Energy policy, or the lack thereof. Drilling is not the answer. Even if we started drilling tomorrow we are looking at 5-7 years before seeing anything coming out of the ground in Alaska, and close to that time frame if doing off shore drilling. Where is the HELP right now in that? McCain and Palin are calling for the building of 40 new nuclear reactors by is a FACT...that is an unattainable goal even if you do support nuclear power (which I do not). Simply stated, McCain's energy policy is the same failed Pro Oil industry agenda that was carried out under eight years of George W. Bush. Perhaps Sarah Palin can take the turd out of her mouth long enough to explain where she intends to STORE THE WASTE from 40 new nuclear power plants, and McCain can tell us how he intends to find the qualified employees to man those 40 new plants even if he could GET THEM UP AND RUNNING.

Everywhere one looks there seems to be poor judgement, disgusting family values, and criminal activity in the McCain/Palin Republican that the best the Republican Party and their ultra conservative, rabidly religious right wing can offer up? If it is, it is no wonder why their party is in such disarray. Don't kid yourself America...when McCain calls us his friends, you need to put your hand over your wallet, and be leary of losing more civil liberties in the name of National Security.

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