Friday, September 5, 2008

Unemployment Figures Go Up...Only Half The Truth

If you watched the Republican Convention this week, you did not see them talking much about Health Care, did not see them using the word Middleclass in talking to the voters of America, heard nothing about the housing crisis, the devastated stock market, or the millions of Americans out of work. After last nights Change Propaganda on the part of John McCain, we saw the unemployment statistics, and they are NOT PRETTY. For the year we have lost some 600,000 jobs, and millions of Americans are out of work, some of them so devastated they have stopped even looking.

Why are so many Americans out of two words, though some may disagree, illegal aliens. There are between 15-25 million illegal aliens in the country, at least half of them holding down jobs that would otherwise be held by lawful American citizens, or immigrants that are here LEGALLY. Deport these illegal aliens, and you, to a great degree, put those Americans that want to work back to work. Yet, McCain, Mr. Amnesty himself has been mute on the subject of immigration reform and securing our borders this entire year as he has made his political comeback.

Don't kid yourselves folks...well over 8 million illegal aliens made their way into America during the George Bush presidency because he promised them Amnesty, was friendly to illegal aliens because of family ties, coupled with the Chamber of Commerce's desire for CHEAP the meantime, it is us the middleclass worker who has paid the price, and will continue to pay that price if we do not secure our Southern Border with Mexico and taken the necessary actions to deport those who are here and working illegally. Think about it, 6.1 percent of our citizens of working age are now unemployed, and it is going to get worse before it gets better...we are in a recession, perhaps heading to a depression all because politicians like John McCain refuse to do the right thing when it comes to immigration reform.

Reform is SO SIMPLE...enforce the laws we have on the books, secure our borders and other points of entry. You want to put hard working Americans back to work, then deport those who are here illegally, those who unlawfully have taken our jobs and by doing so depressed our wages. This is a presidential election year, many Senators and every Congressman/woman is up for re-election. Go to the public appearances and debates and ask the question. "What Mr. Politician are you going to do to secure our border with Mexico, and send back to where they belong those who are stealing OUR AMERICAN DREAM for their own by working as illegal aliens. Think about it, is it fair that an illegal alien is working, buying a home while you are unemployed and losing your house? Where I come from, that is stealing our dream because they want it for it what you want, I call that criminal activity, and our Federal Laws as written agree with me.

Sarah Palin insinuated that Obama was afraid a terrorist meranda rights were being violated, and shrugged it off. I would like to know if she takes the same cavalier attitude towards illegal aliens that are stealing our American way of life? If as she claims, she is working for us, what is HER STAND ON ILLEGAL ALIENS?

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