Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin a Disturbing Snarky Bitch?

Have just finished watching the fireworks on CNN, and have to say that Sarah Palin is a nasty shrill bitch. So, after an absense from this blog for well over a year, seems time that I resurrect the Washington Scandal Blog and get involved with the Presidential Election cycle for 2008. To that end, I share with you a post from the Green Nuclear Butterfly. Stop by often to enjoy my rather rabidly liberal conservative views on American Politics and other news of a political nature.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pro Nuclear Demeaning Bitch Sarah Palin Mouth's Off

So we all got to listen to Sarah Palin tonight as she introduced herself to the citizens of America, and around the first reaction...what a SNARKY nasty venomous BITCH! My second dare she DEMEAN community activists and organizers! Let's be honest, if the C word fits, then the woman's a bitch, and trust me, the C word does indeed fit Sarah (potty mouth) Palin. I'm not impressed, and would suggest the people of Alaska put little Ms. Baracuda on a leash as she is an embarrassment to herself, and to the citizens of Alaska. Maybe we'll get lucky and Alaska's Eskimo's will harpoon her ambitions by voting for Obama. Putin of Russian might light her...he has a reputation for liking fiery women.

Meanwhile, lets tick off some of her numerous SHORTCOMINGS:

1. Preaches family values, yet has a knocked up teenaged daughter. Maybe she should have had the SEX TALK with her out of wedlock preggo daughter.

2. Says parents of disabled children will have a champion in the White House, yet is willing to let others deal with her own disabled child while she runs off to play politician. Perhaps if Sarah had spent more time mothering, and less time away from home her oldest daughter would not be KNOCKED UP RIGHT NOW. Let's be serious, she has basically DUMPED her mothering duties off on her husband completely in the name of self glory.

3. She wants to drill in protected wilderness preserves, and off of our oceans, while also supporting McCain's desire to build up to 50 new nuclear reactors by the year 2030. In short, she is NO FRIEND of the environment, even if she fancies herself a great hunter.

4. She failed to seriously promote ALTERNATIVE ENERGY and CONSERVATION as a means to get off of our foreign oil dependence, but instead like Bush and Cheney wants to continue lining the pockets of folks like Exxon.

5. Preaches family values, yet her husband was convicted of DUI...but then, so was George Bush! Let's not forget her own hot headed approach to her sister's former husband.

6. She touted the same old George Bush, Republican Party line of helping Americans by telling them they can help themselves.

By the way, were she and her husband SMOKING POT when they named their children? Can only imagine the thought process used in deciding on those names, and it scares me to think what kind of a thought process she would bring to Washington when she was not off on some TIRADE, foaming at the mouth at those who do not embrace her rabid religious beliefs...seriously, the woman wants to teach creationism and abstinance in our schools. You would think a woman who loves sex enough to have had five kids would know teaching children about SAFE SEX has a much better chance of success...her own pregnant teenage daughter makes my point. I'll close with this thought...if Sarah (potty mouth) Palin and the Republican Party feel her children should be OFF LIMITS, then she and they need to stop using them at every chance for photo ops! By the the father of the child OVER 18? If he is, isn't that STATUTORY RAPE?

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