Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama On 60 Minutes...Going To Let AIG Employees Keep Their Bonus Money!

If you listened closely to President Barrack Obama tonight, he announced he was AGAIN going to betray Main Street Americans by refusing to sign the Bill Passed through Congress this past week that would TAX BONUS MONEY 90 percent. He said he would not govern in anger, and has decided NOT TO SIGN THE LEGISLATION! OUTRAGE PEOPLE! We need ONE MILLION AMERICANS LIGHTING UP THE WHITE HOUSE SWITCHBOARDS FIRST THING IN THE AM! This is either A) a REVOLUUTION, or B) the beginning of the end of America.


Life Insurance Broker said...

Agreed, very sad news. Mr. Obama disappointed me a lot. I thought he was an honest man but I even he is corrupt. Obviously he is getting a piece of the action from those bonuses so why sign the tax on them. When will the world stop being so greedy all the time? Is there anyone in the world that is 100% honest? Probably not.

Take care, Lorne

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