Monday, March 23, 2009

Open Letter To Campbell Brown...Stop Being Part of Obama Propaganda Machine!

Hello Campbell Brown:

Liars can Figure and Figures can lie, and I find it repugnant that you (and CNN) are now trying to get us to forget about the $165 Million in bonus money, trying to tell us to look at the BIG PICTURE. Big picture...

How about, for starters, $50 Billion or more of the money we gave AIG came in the front door, and went right out the back door to BANKS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES!
Big picture...lets talk about CV Starr-Starr International being set up to be the NEW AIG which has always been AIG...IE, seen how many AIG folks have been hired by Maurice Greenberg controlled companies?

Big Picture...$14 out of every $15 dollars to buy up TOXIC ASSETS is OUR MAIN STREET TAXES. You and CNN are trying to tell us, that in the long run we will or might see a return on our investment! Who are you trying to FOOL? Even if at some future date and time those investments break even or see a profit, WE WILL NEVER SEE A DIME OF IT.

Here is a CLUE...Main Street is tired of the games, and that includes the ones you people in the press are playing. come you and Rick Sanchez (as example) never do stories about the anger ON MAIN STREET at 7.5 million illegal aliens working while 12.5 million Americans are out of work. Trust me, we see Illegal Aliens as SCUM, not because they are of Latino descent, but because they are A) criminals and B) have stolen and are stealing food from our LEGAL AMERICAN FAMILIES.

How about you coming out and being honest Campbell a story on how Obama LIED TO US about the AIG Bonus money, about how the White House wants the Senate to drop the AIG Bonus issue, and wants the press to TAMP DOWN MAIN STREET ANGER. How about doing a story about Obama and E know, the one where he had Senator Reid kill E Verify as too many Illegal Aliens would lose their jobs before he and Congress could grant them AMNESTY!

How about a story telling Main Street Americans that we can kill the AIG Dragon by joining together and CANCELLING our business contracts with them in the form of insurance policies, by instructing our investment brokers to divest our 401 K's of anything directly or indirectly associated with AIG.

Start reporting like a reporter instead of acting as a mouth piece for the Obama Propaganda Machine. IT IS US OR THEM, and RIGHT NOW YOU ARE ACTING AND REPORTING LIKE A THEM.