Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama's Planned Thursday Chat With Main Street Americans...My Questions To Him and Some Commentary.

If you visit the White House Propaganda Site you will find President Obama is suppsoedly giving us NORMAL Main Street Americans a chance to have him answer our question...can any one say CHERRY PICKING? Some interesting points about what he is doing...noticably absent from the subjects we could ask questions about were A) Illegal Aliens and Immigration, B) Homeland Security (specifically our Southern Border with Mexico) and C) the Iraq War. Anyway, below are ten of the questions I submitted, as well as some of my own thoughts on his bullshit Q&A with reporters this evening.

My Questions to the President:

"Your supposed Green Jobs initiative seems more like Green Washing what with your wrongful support of Nuclear Energy, funding of USEC's dangerous fuel processing plant. What steps will you take to create REAL GREEN JOBS?"

"Your Home Mortgage Bailout plan lets two million Illegal Aliens refinance their homes at the expense of the American Taxpayer...as someone who has played by the rules, why am I having to help bailout illegal alien criminals in saving their homes?"

"Why not wave 401K restrictions, penalties and taxes on BOOMER accounts if we use that money to pay down our own debt, save our own mortgages so that we can reposition after these devastating loses we have suffered as a result of Wall Street Crime?"

"Small Business as it is currently defined by our Federal Government is nothing more than a Pig Trough for BIG BUSINESS. (500 Employees is not small.) When will you redefine small business to mean businesses under 100 employees? Please...STOP THE PORK"

"Mr. Reich testifying said Stimulus jobs should not go to WHITE MEN. Your stripping E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill allows illegal aliens to get 300,000 Stimulus Jobs. How do your justify this bigoted reverse racism against White People by you?"

"12 Million Americans out of work, having trouble feeding their children, losing their homes, moving into tent cities...that is reality. Based on that reality, how do you justify 7.5 Million criminal Illegal Aliens having jobs in our Economy?"

"Medicare/Social Security (Entitlements) and us 75 Million Boomers. We have paid our dues. This year with employer matching contribution, we paid in $14,000 to these two programs. Why are you stealing our benefits? Why your Boomer Genocide Agenda?"

My Comments on Presidents' Q&A

First, who comes up with these questions the press asks the President? How about asking him why it is ok for 7.5 million Illegal Alien Criminals to have jobs while 12.5 million Americans are out of work?

What too do….I give the Illegal Aliens and those that support them credit for ONE THING…they know how to mobilize, are willing to do whatever it takes to organize and hold MASSIVE RALLIES…meanwhile those of us who are citizens, those of us with rights stand around like sheep waiting to be abused by government and the National Chamber of Commerce.

Where is that DRIVE, THAT DESIRE on the part of Americans, on the part of 75 Million Boomers…seriously, we the Boomers are being set up for a HUGE RAPE….how many listened CAREFULLY to this evenings speech?

Here is the skinny…right, wrong, or confused, OBama (and most of those that support him) have their VISION set on some tomorrow over the horizon, one that 75 Million Boomers cannot see, and will not live to see. They freely admit to get there MEANS GREAT SACRIFICE, and GETTING THERE MEANS NOT SADDLING THEM WITH OUR DEBT….can you read between the lines folks?

Obama’s BIGGEST TARGET is what?

ENTITLEMENTS…Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security…he’s not publicly said it yet, but do some snooping and you will find that Obama wants to push back WHEN we can collect our Social Security….64 will become 68 and the 67 of today is going to be 72! Obama feels this is a FAIR PRICE FOR BOOMERS to pay for his AMERICA OF TOMORROW where Blacks, Browns and White people (notice where white people are in this equation?)are all one big happy multinational Socialist America.

Rationing our SENIOR CARE in Obama’s mind is a fair price for we Boomers to pay for his better tomorrow, his health care for all, better schools and blah, blah, blah….
Here is the problem…why should we BOOMERS give up our Golden Years for a better tomorrow? Why should we die undignified deaths, why should we be forced to eat catfood in our waning years, why should we see our health care reduced to comfort care as Obama pushes us to an early grave in the name of personal sacrifice for a GREATER CAUSE THAN OURSELVES, for HIS VISION OF THE AMREICA OF TOMORROW he wants to leave to his daughters?

Yes, I have some problems with hsi plans.

First, entitlements…WE BOOMERS HAVE ALRADY PAID FOR THEM…the fact that the government stole our money, desparately wants to escape the fact that THEY OWE US is not our problem, and we must not let OBama make it our problem. WE BOOMERS NEED TO GET REAL LOUD REAL QUICK.

I did our taxes today. IF I look at Social Security and factor in our employers matching share, we put $12,648.00 into the system this year. If we retire at 64, we will have paid into the system for 48 years….start doing some quick math, and you quicly realize that THE YOUNGER GENERATION IS NOT GIVING ME/US ANYTHING I/WE HAVE NOT ALREADY PAID FOR! Stop acting like us BOOMERS are the albatross around the necks of those under 35 who are WANTING THEIR TURN YESTERDAY, who feel they OWE US NOTHING but a kick into the coffin.

Medicaid/Medicare…PAY FORWARD…that was the original intent…we put into the system today, and the money properly invested will be there waiting for us in our Senior Years. Again today I paid my taxes….$1546 given over to Medicare/Medicaid that I have not used yet, will not use for at least another 11 years if God’s willing and the creek don’t rise. Like it or not, WE PAID OUR DUES.

In short, Entitlements ARE OUT OF HAND because the government has mismanaged the funds, the government has WRONGFULLY given benefits to those that do not deserve them (IE, Illegal aliens and 4.5 million anchor babies).

I know, jump up and down and scream and yell about me being a racist, but LOOK AT THE FACTS! Medicare/Medicaid was NEVER INTENDED for those people (US OR THEM), but it has been used for THOSE PEOPLE, and now that the system is on the verge of insolvency, the younger generation wants to make us BOOMERS THOSE PEOPLE, wants to paint us out as the SELFISH ORGERS standing in the way of Obama’s Utopian Tomorrow.
What bothers me, is much like the Jews in Hitler’s Germany we Boomers seem to be meekly accepting our fate, wrongfully believing that the government and the youth will WAKE UP TO OUR PLIGHT, will DO RIGHT BY US, will not march us off to internment camps (nursing homes) to die. Don’t kid yourselves folks…look at the writing on the wall, take a GOOD LOOK AROUND and you know i AM RIGHT….IN THE NAME OF OBAMA’s DREAM, in the name of a better tomorrow, in the name of giving those under 35 what they need in the way of health care, better schools, access to college, so forth and so on, WE BOOMERS WILL BE WAREHOUSED in cinder block prisons as the youth impatiently WAIT FOR US TO DIE.


Anonymous said...

“First, entitlements…WE BOOMERS HAVE ALRADY PAID FOR THEM…the fact that the government stole our money, desparately wants to escape the fact that THEY OWE US is not our problem, and we must not let OBama make it our problem. WE BOOMERS NEED TO GET REAL LOUD REAL QUICK.”

Do you and your generational cohorts understand the concept of accepting responsibility AT ALL?!?! YOU are the government…ya know…representational democracy and all?!?!? Who was it that elected every politician since the day I was born? BOOMERS. You all managed to spend the budget, the SS/Medicare money you put in AND STILL run up a huge deficit on what? Services for boomers.

“Medicaid/Medicare…PAY FORWARD…that was the original intent…we put into the system today, and the money properly invested will be there waiting for us in our Senior Years.”

That’s just plain WRONG. The way that Medicare and SS work is that the current generation pays for the prev generation. The problem is that YOU didn’t have enough kids to support you in old age. Recognizing that the Boomers were larger than the coming generation and it would be impossible for them to pay for the Boomers’ old age, the SS withholding was increased in the early 80’s to build a fund. HOWEVER, BOOMER elected representatives spent that money and more on services for who? The very BOOMERS that elected them. It’s gone and it was already spent on YOU by YOU and YOU need to come to grips with that. You also need to come to grips with the fact that you can’t push your failures on to future generations. We’re going to be stuck with paying back debts you incurred. There’s nothing we can do to change that. BUT…we don’t need to send you a check every month while we do it.


WE OF THE YOUNGER GENERATIONS NEED TO GET REAL LOUD REAL QUICK….before the Boomers steal the rug from underneath us.

Don’t like the tone of this post? Tough luck. I’m a black lesbian immigrant from Africa. Ageism sucks, but so does racism.

Royce Penstinger said...

Do your homework WHIPPER SNAPPER....it was actually the Greatest Generation our taxes have supported...they all ended up LIVING LONGER than Uncle Sam planned on...call it an inconvenient truth.

Anonymous said...

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