Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BluesChica Gets Her Panties in Knot Over Illegal Snagged In House Deal Gone Bad

Always enjoy it when a post I put up is still generating BUZZ a few days after it was posted, so glad my post on the Illegal Alien Scum who was caught when his house deal went bad is getting people to think, as I seriously believe we need to CRACK DOWN HARD on Illegal Aliens, those who hire them, and those that house them including the Catholic Church. A little prison time would do them all good, besides, the biggest violations of our border come about as a result of Mexico and it's inept government...time to send them back their low lifes, and let them start taking care of their own.

Today I got a comment from one Blueschica who said...

Maybe you and Nicole should get together eh.. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

She did not to be such a twerp and neither do you.

No kudos for you.

Since it was available, took a look at her blog, and her profile. Some interesting thing popped up, including Chica's need to state she IS A LEGAL CITIZEN...which begs the question Chica...are all your FAMILY MEMBERS and FRIENDS legal...never mind, it is a rhetorical question, we already know the answer. YOU are upset with Nicole because you are on the side of ILLEGAL ALIENS as your post in your blog shows from the title on. YOU don't even care that the homeseller broke the law in being ILLEGAL. You do not care that the homeseller/owner BROKE THE LAW getting his home loan in the name of a ONE YEAR OLD. You may be LEGAL CHICA, but you ARE NO REAL AMERICAN in your heart, as if you were, you would not be so condescending and all lovey dovey with a sleeze ball criminal...I hope this Illegal Alien loses the home, spends some time in prison, and IS THEN SHIPPED BACK TO MEXICO where he belongs.

Nicole Griffin - Revenge on an Illegal Citizen Homeseller after Aborted Sale.

(HEY Chica...here is a CLUE...he was not, is not an ILLEGAL CITIZEN, he is a scum bag, dirt fuck ILLEGAL ALIEN that has NO BUSINESS being in America...he got he JUST DESERT, and you should stop clouding the issue by calling him any kind of citizen...so sorry, but you LOSE THIS ONE.)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Name: Blueschica
Home: USA, United States http://crimesandjustice.blogspot.com/

Nicole Griffin.. you are one ruthless, evil, mean woman who went to all depths because you didn't get it your way. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for having destroyed a family like this. I hope you can sleep well at night.. and yes, I am a legal citizen.

You could have found any other house, but you went on a ruthless tirade cause you let emotions get entangled with business. I would dread the day to ever cross your path on a business relationship in any form or fashion much less a personal relationship.

You may feel revenged, but many people that read this story are scratching their heads and wondering why you would put so much energy into something when it's so obvious you did it because you did not gain what you wanted. Did you really expect to live rent free in a house for 3 months? THEN.. the uppercut swing... you go after the real estate agent. All this time and negative energy you have been exerting could have been put forth towards your children (single mom right?) or how about this.. FINDING A DIFFERENT HOUSE..

Now you live with your mamma... Good going Nicole...


Blueschica said...

Hmm.. I got my panties in a knot over the treatment of a HUMAN BEING. What Nicole Griffin did was callous and cruel. That cannot be denied. It simply is this.. how American are you to be so vicious and vile towards another human being regardless of his citizenship status? Picket his yard, ruin his property, tell his boss, etc..

She only invested heavily and extremely negatively into something that she wanted to gain for herself. It's called greed and callousness. Thanks for allowing me to be a centerpoint of your blogosphere today!

Royce Penstinger said...

Shaking head...yur PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN BIAS is showing Blueschica!

YOur PAL the Illegal Alien brought it all on himself...when said illegal was told it would take at least 90 EXTRA DAYS to close because he UNLAWFULLY got a loan using his daughter's Social Security Number, and FORGED her signature...facts that you in your down on your knees love affair with illegal aliens choose to ignore...wanted Nicole to continue PAYING RENT instead of making house payments.

Further, you chose to ignore that said ILLEGAL ALIEN's owhn attorney offered Nicole free rent for those three months as it was your illegal alien that created the delay. When he insisted she PAY HIM RENT the shit hit the fan...again, your ILLEGAL ALIEN is getting his just deserts.

What you are missing...illegal aliens break NUMEROUS LAWS in being in America, in working in America as Illegal Aliens...to be specific, they have broken at least four specific laws/statutes which MAKES THEM DEFAULT REPEAT OFFENDERS...good enough in states like California that have a three strikes law to put this illegal alien in prison for life if each offense were charged and convicted separately.

What kind of American am I...one willing to fight when some scum sucking low life illegal alien tries to STEAL MY AMERICAN DREAM.

Blueschica said...

I could think of a million things to say in response to your comment but your just not worthy of it. Your blog speaks for you.


No Kudos for you

Royce Penstinger said...

Blueschica...your silence on the number of your family members and or friends that are illegal aliens speaks volumes...may they all be caught and deported.