Sunday, November 16, 2008

Illegal Alien Lorenzo Jimenez: Stop YOur Whining and Take Your Sorry Criminal ASS Back To Mexico

First, a wave out to Univision...I hope enough illegal aliens are deported that I don't have to have your channel included as a part of my basic cable package...this is America, if people want Spanish/Latin stations, let them pay a premium for them! Yes, I am aware of your visits to my blog.

To Lorenzo Jimenez..YOU GOT WHAT YOU are scum, you are a criminal, you broke the if you, and the Los Angeles Times expect Main Street America to feel sorry for you, you are out of luck. You broke the law, then you SNUBBED YOUR NOSE AT IT by buying a house...I hope that your LEGAL FEES cost you everything, and that when it is over you are sent back to Mexico where you belong. As the expression says, don't do the crime if you can't do the time!

I would ENCOURAGE every American to OUT THEIR ILLEGAL ALIEN NEIGHBORS! Post signs, call up ICE, contact your elected officials, and if necessary, threaten your local government with LEGAL ACTION if they do not take action to rid your community of the pestilence that is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. BIG BUSINESS and THE CATHOLIC CHURCH might want Illegal Aliens, but the average lower and middle class American workers does not want them here, wants our ELECTED OFFICIALS and LAW ENFORCEMENT TO DO THEIR JOBS.

To President Elect OBama, and our elected officials in Washington, DC...if you do not address Illegal Immigration BY ENFORCING OUR LAWS, by imprisoning those who hire illegal aliens, and those who aide and abet them in remaining in America (Catholic Priests)then YOU ARE SCUM, YOU ARE TRAITORS TO AMERICA, and AVERAGE MAIN STREET AMERICANS...we (the majority) do not want Illegal Aliens given Amnesty (pathway to citizenship), do not want our taxes used to give Illegal Aliens Healthcare, nor do we want Illegal Aliens given in state tuition to attend college. Further, it is repugnant to think our government would give ILLEGAL ALIEN SCUM A TAX AMNESTY, GIVE THEM A FREE RIDE for UNPAID BACK TAXES. Tax evasion IS A FELONY! ENFORCE OUR LAWS, imprison the scum, then when they have paid their debt to society, DEPORT THE BASTARDS back to their home country.

Get a clue OBAMA...we have 10 million illegal aliens WORKING IN AMERICA...we have TEN MILLION AMERICANS OUT OF WORK...we want our FUCKING JOBS BACK, and granting Amnesty is lighting the fuse on a civil war, as America's average lower and middle class citizens take to the streets to fight for our dream, fight to repel foreign invaders in the guise of ILLEGAL ALIENS. If you, our elected officials are not going to hold Catholic Priests, Corporate America and Illegal Aliens accountable under the RED LETTER OF THE LAW, then we the average citizens have NO REASON to OBEY YOUR LAWS, and have every reason to become a lawless society where anarchy is the rule of the day, where survival of the fittiest is determined at the business end of a gun.

By the way...if ICE is reading this blog...I would suggest you ask A&P on Route 6 in Cortland Manor why they are employing ILLEGAL ALIENS. It should be noted, that ILLEGAL ALIENS have been seen at all the A&P's in our area at various times and dates...where is ENFORCEMENT? For those that want to call me a bigot or a racist...SAVE IT for someone that cares. I am fine with ALL LEGAL IMMIGRATION, even that which I do not necessarily agree with...I am not fine with Illegal Immigration, am not fine with Criminal Illegal Aliens and their backers trying to change the game by changing the tags.

A & P Food Store
3131 E Main StMohegan Lake, NY 10547

When house sale sours, buyer outs seller as illegal immigrant; he loses job, faces deportation

By KATE BRUMBACK, Associated Press Writer
11:08 AM PST, November 16, 2008
ROSWELL, Ga. (AP) _ Like all illegal immigrants, Lorenzo Jimenez knew the knock on the door from immigration agents could come at any time.

Still, he had enough faith in the American dream to buy a house in this Atlanta suburb, even though signing the papers meant raising the risk: He put his 2-year-old, American-born daughter's name and Social Security number on the title.

And it worked, for a while. Jimenez and his family lived happily enough for several years alongside "regular" citizens.

Nicole Griffin's mom lived a few doors away, and when Griffin visited, she said, her kids played with the Jimenez children. When Jimenez put his four-bedroom, two-bathroom home up for sale last spring, wanting more space, Griffin was immediately interested.

A contract was negotiated but when the sale appeared to go sour, Griffin raised a new issue: that she was a citizen and Jimenez wasn't. She told local media, immigration officials, his boss and others that he was here illegally. She even put signs in the yard of the house exposing his residency status.

As a result, agents came knocking last month, and now Jimenez is fighting to keep from being deported. He also lost his job.

"I'm very sad and very worried," said Jimenez, 32. "I can't sleep because I'm thinking about my family. What's going to happen? I don't know."

Griffin insists her intent was to buy the house, nothing else. The 28-year-old single mother of two maintains she was wronged first, so she acted to protect her interests. She has no regrets.

"At the end, do I feel bad the family got in trouble? No, not at all," she said.

Those who enter the U.S. illegally often say they're just striving for the same things that most American citizens want out of life — a good job, home ownership, maybe a chance to get a little bit ahead. But the ambitions of citizens and non-citizens can collide and, as the painful entanglement between Jimenez and Griffin shows, both sides can wind up feeling like victims.


Anonymous said...

You do realize this man was paying income taxes the whole time, while never planning on reaping the social benefits (social security, etc.)??

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am sick of illegal aliens coming into this country and not paying taxes. Not to mention other crimes. however, this man was paying taxes and contributing to society. Yes he did break the law by being here illegally.

However, this Griffin woman sounds like the free-loader to me. She tried to get free rent because she couldn't get a loan. Ids your credit bad lady? Well that is YOUR fault. Quit trying to ruin someone else's life because you are trash. I bet you would have turned a blind eye to his status if you got what you wanted.

Anonymous said...

Not only is he living here illegally-, he used his 2 year old daughter's SSN to purchase a house-for a better interest rate!!!
Paying taxes, contributing to society-who cares-ILLEGAL IS STILL ILLEGAL.

Instead of losing sleep about if/when INS knocking would be knocking on his door, he should have been losing sleep guilt-ridden from fraudulently using his daughter! That is wrong.
The person who advised him to do such a thing should have their license revoked immediately.

There are steps to take to become an American Citizen if you come to America from another country to "live the American Dream". Take these actions and you won't have to worry about INS knocking on your door to deport you. It's that simple. Don't come to America, have babies just so they can be "citizens"-I fully believe that is wrong as well- and expect us to take pity upon you and your situation. As was said, don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

He is getting what he deserves and hopefully him and his illegal family will be deported.

Royce Penstinger said...

He was GAMING the system...he worked for a restaurant...most restaurants DO NOT hire Independent Contractors, yet his Federal Tax number would lead one to believe he was being paid as such...that raises some questions of legality for not only him, but the place that hired him. Was he collecting tips...if so, did he pay taxes on said tips?

Simply stated, the taxes are NOT the issue...he was and is an illegal alien, and like it or not, WE DO NOT WANT HIM HERE. I'll make this simple...if I were president, I would sign a presidential degree my first day in office putting a BOUNTY on the head of every illegal alien. I would further sign a second Presidential Degree eliminating access to all public services for illegal aliens, and their Anchor Babies. (read the 14th Amendment, and you will see it does NOT give them citizenship.)

The Griffin woman...get your facts STRAIGHT...the first delay was with her securing the INTEREST RATE SHE WANTED...the second LONGER delay was because this scum illegal alien criminal had wrongfully used his (then) one year old daugher to game the system and get a loan he was not entitled to. Her name being on the title meant the closing could not move forward without said child being represented BY HER OWN LEGAL COUNSEL...simply stated, he tried to GAME THE SYSTEM, and it tripped him up...deport the BASTARD and be done with it.

Next case....

Anonymous said...

anyone who takes the time to write garbage blogs like this one needs to elevate their way of thinking. you are a dinasour. your life would be worthless without the blood sweat and tears of immigrants. grow up you whining/complaining ingrate.

Royce Penstinger said...


STOP WITH THE RED HERRING...we are NOT talking about immigrants here, BUT ILLEGAL ALIENS. You want to carry on a conversation, do so, but don't think you can CLOUD the issue by claiming the tag immigrant for illegal alien...and yes, they are LEGALLY illegal aliens, scum criminals lower than snake bellies who need to be ROUNDED UP, imprisoned where appropriate, and then sent back to sender...which in the majority of cases is Mexico.

Illegal aliens, not undocumented workers. Illegal aliens, not undocumented immigrant. Illegal aliens, not document challenged citizens. In this blog, not going to let you or anyone else take a skunk and try to convince me it is a rabbit because you renamed said skunk odor challenged rabbit wannabe...they are ILLEGAL ALIENS, THEY ARE CRIMINALS. I hope that Lorenzo Jimenez is deported, but not until after some judge THROWS THE BOOK AT HIM! A few years being someone's cell bitch might teach him a lesson.

Blueschica said...

Maybe you and Nicole should get together eh.. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

She did not to be such a twerp and neither do you.

No kudos for you.

Anonymous said...


Michael said...

Griffin is scum. Jimenez *is* paying taxes.

Griffin wasn't being a good citizen by informing on Jimenez, she was doing that to punish him for not giving her free rent for a delay in closing the house, which she had already delayed herself! She did what she did to hurt Jimenez, to hurt his family.

Why don't you put yourself in his shoes? What if you were selling a house and a deadbeat wouldn't pay the rent and wouldn't move out and then started trying to get you fired, humilating you in the neighborhood and keeping you from being able to sell your house that you are STILL having to pay the house payment on!

What kind of filth are you that you condone someone's wrong actions simply because a person is in this country illegally? Do two wrongs make a right? It's not like this guy was a pedophile or a murderer. If this woman had done this to a legal citizen would you still be cheer leading for this Griffin trash?

If your daughter had been driving without a license, would it be ok for a licensed driver to plow into her and kill her? If he hit her, totaled her car and severely injured your daughter, would it be okay for him to justify his actions by pointing out that your daughter was driving without a license? If he started putting up signs that she didn't have a license and demanded that she pay for the damages to his car, would you be cheering him on? Think about it.

What is wrong, is wrong. Griffin is a free-loading, vindictive scum and did what she did for one reason only, to get out of paying rent for a house she couldn't afford. If she did this to you, I bet your blog would be saying something VERY different.

Anonymous said...

Funny....the guy is is here illegally owned a house before the bigoted American bitch.

Yes, the man came here illegally. This stupid piece of white trash thought she can outsmart him by exploiting his situation.

His paperwork may not be in order, but at least he isn't a deadbeat like Griffin.

Silent Observer said...

So the fuck what if he was there illegally? He spend a decade intent on one thing; making a life for his family in a country which always promotes itself as a great place to live, but slaps down immigrants when they come knocking on the door. That Griffin woman was a bitch; she couldn't get what she wanted, so she decided to take it out on Jimenez. Put this in perspective; if you shoot a criminal to save a life, it's still a crime. But chances are, you won't be charged. The public would applaud the shooter's bravery, newspapers would launder him a hero.

Jimenez did something illegal to save his family, so they could have life that he didn't have at their age. What more could a parent give to their children, what more could a spouse give to their significant other? While all of you 'legal' immigrants (yes, you're an immigrant too, we all are) sit around on your asses infront of a computer, typing out how disgusted you are with Jimenez, he's in the fight of his life, a fight that you'll never have to face. A fight that you should be grateful you don't have to go through. What does Jimenez being in the country have to do with you anyways? If he stays or go, what does it matter to you? Nothing, that's the answer. You won't live a happier life if he's gone, hell, you wouldn't even have known his name if it wasn't blazoned across newspapers.

We should applaud the guy for risking everything to give his family a better life, not slander his name. Yes, he was here "illegally". So the fuck what? If everyone was punished every time they did something illegal, you'd all be in debt from speeding tickets. Your speeding can take away lives. What Jimenez tried to do was to give lives. Are your heads stuck so far up your snotty superior asses that you can't see the bigger picture here?

Either support the guy for doing what you wouldn't have the guts to do, or shut the fuck up.

Larry19611961 said...

To the dumb asses here. Entering this country without proper documentation is illegal. Falsifying documents loan/mortgage/SS# is illegal. There are thousands of legal citizens in prison for these same crimes. Ever have your insurance premiums go up dummies ? Why do you suppose that is ? Illegal aliens use our welfare,emergency care,prisons,natural resources,over burden our schools,and get free college tuition as better qualified citizens pay full price or can not get in at all. Are you too stupid to realize you are paying for all these things ? And just wait untill they catch up to the civil rights violation lawsuits. The lawyers will be lining up to defend them as they do now with minority folks because it will be money in the bank...YOUR MONEY DUMMIES !!! Contractors and small businesses are underbid by competitors who employ (ILLEGAL ALIENS) Result; Underbid contractors must likewise hire illegals to be competitive. Result; several million unemployed AMERICAN workers. We are being bamboozled by our government and the media. They tell us there are 12-15 million illegals here who just want to work and only take jobs AMERICANS will not do. You can bet that number is intentionally uderestimated. Tell that to the roofer,framer,sheetrocker, here on the east coast who can't even get work for $10 an hour to feed their family..The illegals will do the work for $7.oo When you can't get work at any wage,your job is outsourced, or your company closes because it can't compete in the disaster our economy has become because of free trade, Then you will have all day long to sit and complain on these blogs..DUMMIES !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wat the fuck is this all about... to who ever is reading this ...
im tired of all you people dissing on illegals/mexican...
yes...i aslo agree they shouldnt be here illegaly...but they work there ass harder than some americans...they do jobs that not all americans are planning to do.....hobos for example...they have papers..and all that shit...but are they working ?NO!!!they beg for money...and illegals come here to work not tired of all the fucking shit said by you people...and yes they are here without no right ...but they do work and most of them do pay taxes...and not all are fuck Griffin...that fucking fatass ....leave the man alone ...all he was trying to do is give his family a better life...and like someone said in there comment That griffin just wanted free rent...i agree...get a life...and for all those who said disses on latinos ...IM SAYING FUCK YOU...

Anonymous said...

Not trying to be blunt by calling some of you racist because everyone has their opinion. Yes he might have broken the law, but many "Americans" break the law as well, how many times have u ever been given a speeding ticket or something else that's considered a "minor felony" either way your breaking the law and every one does it. If the man used his daughters social security to provide her with a home and a better life in a better neighborhood than as his daughter I would proudly thank him. The man payed takes and from the looks of it he made a positive contribution, no one gets hurt from having and "illegal" person living next door, and if you say they are just here to live off of " tax paying Americans" I hate to burst your bubble because your wrong. There are many illegal aliens who still pay taxes and are paying healthcare exactly the same way Americans do only with the exception that they don't have a green card to prove to your stupid asses that they are paying taxes. If you want all illegal aliens to pay taxes than the one thing you can argue is for them to start getting payed an average salary instead of having people take advantage of their residency status to make an excuse to pay the less. Oh and many of you have probably heard this before, but just to make sure, as a reminder, this country happens to be originated from immigrants. And as for the whole " taking our jobs back" it is impossible to take back a job you never had! Face it not every one has the balls to be in the middle of a hot ass sun picking tomatoes for people who don't even appreciate it and all they do is complain. And if you really want your taxes to be used in a contributing manner, why don't you try telling the government to stop wasting it on useless walls, because like it or not, they find a way to get here and people like me will stand to help them out. America is suppose to be a country of opportunity, not a country where they judge you based on ethnicity. Check the poles hinny, their are many more immigrants from canada than there are from Mexico, just because you can't physically see them duznt mean it's not the same thing, so don't be arguing that it's not racism.

Anonymous said...

It's the same shit... Illegal immigrants to immigrants, have you checked the standards lately? It's kinda hard to be an immigrant without being here illegally first du ass, so FUCK YOU (Royce pestinger)