Saturday, November 22, 2008

Killing of Immigrant on Long Island a Symbol of The Boiling Anger on Main Street America

There is never a justification for taking the life of another human being...that being said, I can understand the underlying anger that perhaps contributed to, or caused the death of the suspected Illegal Alien on Long Island here in New some ways, it is vigilante justice, citizens taking the law into their own hands when our government refuses to enforce our laws...the law of the land holds a bold appeal...especially in times of economic depressession. You do not steal the food off the plate of someone else, do not steal the dreams of others just because you want hard times, such actions can and will get you killed. Just because big business and our government are willing to look the other way, do not expect individuals too.

Illegal aliens are soceital leeches, taking what isn't thiers to take, stealing not from the wealthy and elite, but from poor and average income Americans. They steal our jobs, taint our communities, lower our property values, and bring down student performance in our schools while bringing additional crime into our communities. When we say ENOUGH, when we call the local police to enforce our laws, we are told, "Sorry, it's a federal issue." The murder on Long Island shows it is a LOCAL ISSUE, and if anyone thinks it is the last such murder, they are naive. Our economy is going to get much worse, and WE WANT OUR JOBS BACK. Millions of Americans have suffered at the hands of illegal aliens, been victims of their crimes...that reality is creating a seething caldron waiting to bubble over.

Over 10 million Americans are out of work, cannot afford to feed their families...the National Chamber of Commerce, our elected officials including Barack Obama are trying to dictate to us an Amnesty for criminals, for 15-25 million illegal aliens that have broken our laws, stolen our jobs, in many cases depreciated the value of our homes, brought crime and civil unrest to our once calm and peaceful blue collar streets. We don't have to take it, and pushed, society does reach a point where it strikes back...the murder in Long Island is society striking back, and it will get worse if our government at all levels continues to ignore the illegal alien plight in our communities...upper middle and high class communities do not pay the cost of unchecked immigration, will not pay the price for a wrong Amnesty.

We here on Main Street will pay that price, and the simple truth is many Americans in the lower and middle class are not willing to pay the price Amnesty will inflict upon them, and having no other choice, no other attractive option, they will exact is human nature. Though my heart goes out to Marcelo Lucero and his family, he paid the ultimate price for our governments failure to harshly deal with illegal aliens, a price that I am afraid many illegal aliens are going to pay if our government continues down a path to giving criminals, giving illegal aliens Amnesty...with 10 million Americans out of work, it is the WRONG THING TO DO, and Barack Obama knows it.

I may not justify the murder of illegal aliens, but I understand it, and would not convict a man who had been put out of a job by an illegal alien if he exacted retribution...its the way of the land. If those sworn to protect us will not do so, will not enforce our laws, we are left with no choice but to take matters into our own hands. about this dealth FAILS to identify Marcelo Lucero for what he was...a criminal illegal alien.

Immigrant's killing shows tensions on Long Island

Published: Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008

The flowers have wilted and the candles are burned out at a makeshift memorial where an immigrant from Ecuador was stabbed to death in what police say was a hate crime carried out by marauding teenagers.

Marcelo Lucero's death Nov. 8 has drawn the attention of officials in Ecuador and forced the Suffolk County executive, the co-founder of a national group against illegal immigration, to apologize for belittling the importance of the case.

Seven Patchogue-Medford High School students have been charged, one of them with murder. And the case has once again highlighted the extraordinary amount of tension between white Long Island residents and the booming Hispanic population.

At a funeral last week in the victim's hometown in Ecuador, the Rev. Jorge Moreno called Lucero's death "a product of a feeling of xenophobia that makes some people believe they are worth more than others." Ecuador's ambassador to the United States, Luis Gallegos, described it as a lynching.

A grand jury indictment and comments by police and prosecutors paint a picture of a group of bored high school students who regularly found enjoyment in what they called "beaner-jumping," a derogatory euphemism for attacking Hispanics.

"To them, it was a sport," Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota said.

Immigrants on Long Island say they are often harassed, but are reluctant to go to police for fear they might be deported.

"Spanish people think the police department is the monster, you can't talk to them," said Jose Bonilla, who runs a grocery store and deli and was friendly with Lucero. "People were scared. They thought they would be asked for immigration papers, that's why they don't call."

The 37-year-old Lucero, who came to the U.S. 16 years ago and worked at a dry-cleaners, was with a friend Nov. 8 when they were surrounded near the Patchogue train station.

Lucero's friend escaped but Lucero tried desperately to fight back, smacking one of the teens with his belt, authorities said. One of the boys, 17-year-old Jeffrey Conroy, is accused of plunging a knife into Lucero's chest before running away. The prosecutor says the other six were unaware of the stabbing until Conroy told them.


Anonymous said...

I am opposed to any amnesty for illegal aliens, but this site seems to be concerned with the racial make up of President-elect Obama. His position on amnesty is just like his lillywhite opponent, John McCain. So it appear something other than race is behind the push for massive immigration; I suggest it is money and power, as it always is. Stop the race baiting and work together with any and everyone who is opposed to amnesty

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