Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama...You Had Best RETHINK Your Position on Illegal Aliens

Just in on CNN...Nancy Pelosi wants to stop immigration raids...let me be blunt...FUCK YOU NANCY Pelosi...10 Million Americans ARE OUT OF WORK, 10 Million ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE JOBS IN AMERICA...can you do the MATH BITCH? Yes, lets take off the politically correct gloves and have a brawl here...comments section is open.

Some facts, about the McCain/Pelosi/Obama AMNESTY BILL, for America's Main Street Citizens that should have you marching in the streets demanding deportation! We do not need IMMIGRATION REFORM, WE NEED IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT, and elected officials that have a SET OF BALLS that are not in their mouths!

1. Our taxes will give 15-25 Million Illegal Aliens and their 4.3 Million Anchor Babies Healthcare...that is right, WE WILL PAY THE COSTS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS TO HAVE HEALTH CARE!

2. Our taxes will give ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS access to our colleges at "IN STATE TUITION" rates while Americans from adjoining states would have to pay "OUT OF STATE TUITION!"

3. ILLEGAL ALIENS WILL BE GIVEN TAX AMNESTY...that is ILLEGAL ALIEN could have CHEATED ON THEIR TAXES for a decade! They get a FREE RIDE, do not have to pay those taxes, no fines, no interest, NOTHING...a COMPLETE FREE many Americans have paid IRS fines and interest? How many Americans have been sent to PRISON for tax evasion? Illegal Aliens use fake ID's, stolen ID's, work under the table, cheat our nation and they GET AMNESTY, while an American Mother down on her luck, out of work writes a bad check to put food on her children's plates and we send her to prison!

4. Legal American Citiznes with our taxes would have to pick up the ATTORNEYS FEES for EVERY ILLEGAL ALIEN...that is right, we get to pay for them to have an attorney represent their rights! We get to pick up the tab for them to fight their deportations!

5. The Obama AMNESTY would allow both convicted felons and Mexican GANG BANGERS to become US citizens! The Obama AMNESTY would let thieves, gang members, drug dealers, rapist and CHILD MOLESTERS stay in America, would let them become citizens!

6. Under the Obama Amnesty Bill that he wants RAMMED THROUGH CONGRESS, as Americans, we would have to pay Mexicans to STAY HOME...simply stated, while we have 10 Million unemployed Americans here, Obama wants us to use American TAX DOLLARS for Economic Renewal in Mexico. Meanwhile, Mexico's UBER RICH refuse to pay a tax rate that would actually CREATE JOBS and BUILD INFRASTRUCTURE in tax rate in Mexico for the UBER RICH is less than 10 percent!

Main Street America, you had best WAKE UP, and you had best get ready to fight or you are going to get FUCKED OUT OF YOUR AMERICAN DREAM as Corporate America, Our FEderal Government and President Elect Obama are ready to hand it over in a gift wrapped package to ILLEGAL ALIENS! What ever it takes, it is time we secure our Southern Border, with or without our Government, and it is time that we take what ever action is necessary to see that those here in America ILLEGALLY are DRIVEN OUT, DEPORTED BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.


Reagan said...

Well, at least the writer of the post can't be perceived as lacking passion...

Immigration raids should continue. I think Bush's plan, that Republicans refused to back him on, would've worked well, though - the guest worker program. It would've given undocumented workers a chance to register, which is always a good thing, and quite clearly the pragmatic thing.

While the liberal illuminati may not care to secure our borders, I do think it's important, but I also am too realistic to think that immigrations will ever track down all people here illegally. That being said, best to create a middle way that will get the ones already here documented, so they can both be held accountable but also be safe.

Royce Penstinger said...

Operation Wetback worked in the 50's, and would work again today...the similarities are uncanny. Couple that with a $5,000 bounty, and we would rid America of 90 percent of illegal aliens in less than a year as MILLIONS of illegal aliens would SELF DEPORT out of fear.

We need to take care of our own shit here in America, need to stop taking care of the rest of the world until we can take care of our own citizens...ILLEGAL ALIENS are not citizens, NOR SHOULD THEY BE.

Securing the border...bring our troops home from Iraq, put 50,000 of them on the Southern Border with the right to use DEADLY FORCE, and you will have secured our borders. Yes, I would authorize deadly force. May not be pretty, but drop a dozen border jumpers dead in their tracts, and again you would see illegal immigration via Mexico all but dissappear...Coyotes might like the money, but let a Marine Warhog take out one of their vans and see how EAGER they are to bring in another load of human cargo. Consider it TOUGH LOVE.