Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Is What's Wrong With America...Sissy's Get Their Own School

OK, not politically correct, but give us a break here...a school for those who have been BULLIED for everything from Buck Teeth to being fatter than a harvest pig...this is exactly what is wrong with America...a generation of Yuppies have raised a generation of PUSSIES! Big deal, you got made fun of! That's life, that is part of growing up...WAH, WAH, WAH...mommy, sue the school district, Jimmy said I got pimples on my ass...then stop showing Jimmy your ass! Stop coddling the next generation, let them get a few HARD KNOCKS while they are young. Sorry, but little Billy does not have what it takes to be on the T-Ball team, let alone good enough to take the field. Get over it, tell little Billy to take up cake decorating, or go out for track. Face it, little Susie is TOO FAT to make the cheerleading squad...stop feeding her fucking Twinkies and come back NEXT YEAR. We do not need a SPECIAL SCHOOL for kids that have been bullied...what's next, a school for teenagers that cannot get laid?

Victims of bullying may get their own school

Pressure about gay campus led Chicago planners to broaden focus

updated 2 hours, 33 minutes ago

CHICAGO - Planners of Pride Campus never shied away from touting their proposed high school as a haven for gay youth seeking refuge from sometimes hostile traditional classrooms.

But under mounting pressure from ministers and gay activists alike, the name has changed and the focus broadened to create a school that would be one of the nation's largest to serve students victimized by bullying and harassment.

If approved by the country's third-largest school district Wednesday, the Social Justice Solidarity High School would join several smaller U.S. campuses aimed at serving students who have been tormented for everything from their religious beliefs to their weight.

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