Friday, February 13, 2009

As Senate Votes On Stimulus, I Wish The Bill Would Die

Obama has LIED to a nation, more importantly, he has lied and betrayed the Middle Class in pushing forward his so called Stimulus Package. Remember the 48 hours that we as citizens were supposed to have to read the FINAL BILL before it was voted on...GONE. In fact, Obama and the Democrats are so desperate to pass this bill before we on Main Street revolt that he is having a government plane fly to Ohio to bring Senator Sherrod Brown back to vote on the Stimulus Bill after he attends his mother's wake...HOW SICK IS THAT.

The Bill protects Illegal Aliens by stripping out of the bill the language that made E Verify mandatory for any one getting money from the stimulus.

The Bill reinstates the HIGH LIFE for Wall Street and Bank executives by stripping out the language that would have curtailed and limited their salaries and bonus money.

The Bill has gutted the Buy American language that would have guaranteed Americans were put back to work in this failing economy.

In short, this Bill is no longer a Stimulus Package for those on Main Street that so desperately need it, but has become a pork laden piece of shit that Obama should be ashamed to sign, but will. No offense to Senator Sherrod Brown, but being as he is the 60th vote, the vote needed to breath this travesty into law, I have to hope and pray that the plane picking him up, returning him to cast the final evil vote crashes somewhere along its route, thus keeping him from being in Washington to cast a vote that surely his mother would not want him making, keep him from casting a vote that once again rapes America's voters on Main Street in the name of those who wish to oppress us.

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