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Association of General Contractors...TRAITORS of America's LEGAL WORKING CLASS!

I am sure that The Association of General Contractors of America will disagree with my classifying them as traitors to America and our LEGAL Working Class Citizens, but I would say their own words on their web site show they support CHEAP LABOR, and the use of Illegal Aliens on job sites...they just want Comprehensive Immigration Reform (AMNESTY) to legalize the portion of their work force that is now working on jobs sites all over America Illegally! If you are an out of work Legal American Citizen or Legal Immigrant tired of staying at home because an Illegal Alien has replaced you on the Contruction Job site, then you need to arrange PROTESTS at the offices of this organization, at their members job sites. I offer you as proof of their support of Illegal Aliens and CHEAP LABOR the following which is pasted directly from their own web site.

Illegal Aliens. From their website:

Immigration Reform

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needed (We all know that Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the Politically Correct Code Word for AMNESTY for Criminals. It is noted here, that while 5 million plus LEGAL AMERICANS have lost their jobs, some seven million plus ILLEGAL ALIENS REMAIN IN OUR WORK FORCE.)


  • Though comprehensive immigration reform died in the Senate in 2007, the issue has not gone away. The main focus in Congress rests on employee verification (E Verify which has proven NINETY NINE PERCENT EFFECTIVE in keeping illegal aliens out of the work force, off of construction sites.) and employer sanctions (E Verify works, and
  • agc knows it does...make the program mandatory, and their members LOSE THEIR EXCUSE for having Illegal Aliens on the payroll). Congress and many in the public have chosen to make businesses, all businesses, the scapegoat in the immigration debate. It is important to approach this issue rationally and to develop a fair system that does go after the bad actors, but does not seek to harm all businesses in the process. AGC is fighting against the excessive mandates and penalties being suggested on Capitol Hill. (We want our laws that EXCESSIVE? We want illegal aliens who are DEPRESSING OUR WAGES, STEALING OUR JOBS that excessive? We want employers who hire illegal aliens prosecuted and where appropriate imprisoned...if your members used E Verify, they would not have a worry now would they?)

AGC Message:

  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform will Strengthen National Security. (Securing our borders, securing our points of entry, and ENFORCING OUR CURRENT IMMIGRATION LAWS would strengthen National Security. Giving AMNESTY TO 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens would WEAKEN SECURITY, and do nothing more than give scum companies that hire illegal aliens what they want...CHEAP LABOR.) A comprehensive approach to immigration reform would create better control over our borders and also provide for better interior enforcement against unscrupulous employers. (Any one...including politicians...who hires illegal aliens are unscrupulous.) Such efforts should be done at the same time as efforts to address both current and future labor needs.
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needs to Address the Shortage of Construction Workers. (If your industry has a shortage of workers, it is because you have ROLLED BACK WAGES and BENEFITS as you have brought more Illegal Aliens into the industry in the name of Cheap Labor and higher profits, with the American Construction Worker a victim of these abuses.) The construction industry employs more than 7 million people today, and is projected to need an additional 180,000 net new jobs annually over the next ten years. The industry added more than 200,000 new workers in 2006. (How many of those employed in the industry ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS?)
  • To Legally Alleviate the Worker Shortage, AGC Advocates for the Creation of a New Guestworker Program. (Get THIS AMERICAN WORKERS...they want to replace even more of you with CHEAP LABOR from other countries under the guise of a Guest Worker Program...what's next, immigrant work trailers (slave camps) on the edge of large Construction Projects here in America, with shopping available at the company store?) The guestworker program should include the following:
    • Visas should be valid for a long enough timeframe to ensure that the training investment put forth is not lost. (How about TRAINING AMERICAN WORKERS?)
    • The visa should be renewable and there should be a way to sponsor employees for permanent residency while under the new visa process. (Sure, give our jobs to them forever without having to worry about them being citizens.)
    • If there is a cap, it should be flexible and based on the needs of the market place. (Over 5 million Americans are out of work right now, have lost their jobs...does your organization support a immigration and guest worker FREEZE until these people have been brought back into the work force?)
    • Individuals using the new visa should have to stay with the sponsoring employer for a certain amount of time (unless abuse of the employee is found) in order to actually address the needs of the employer. (CHEAP WAGE SCAM...freedom of movement here folks...instead, you want to have what amounts to SLAVE LABOR...we train you, and you work ONLY FOR US or leave. Better idea...leave them in their home countries and EMPLOY LEGAL AMERICANS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.)
    • All labor and employment laws should apply. (The law makes it ILLEGAL TO HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS...why not suggest to your members THEY OBEY THE LAWS, instead of pushing for Amnesty for 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens?)
  • Establish an Opportunity for Earned Legal Status of Undocumented Workers. (Read what you WROTE...These people are criminals, illegal aliens that have broken our laws...that does not bother you, but instead you are bothered that Congress has not given you a means by which to make your ILLEGAL WORKERS LEGAL! Further, E VErify gives EVERY EMPLOYER a means of making sure their employees ARE LEGAL, but you instead try to insist the only workable program is a program that makes Illegal Alien workers LEGAL Workers.) The only way to guarantee that employers can reliably recognize undocumented workers is a legal system that will establish a way for undocumented workers to gain a recognized legal status that gives them authentic documents that prove they are legally eligible for work. Amnesty is not an option, an earned legal status should include fines, proven work contribution (without fines for employers who had employed reasonable background checks) English proficiency and security checks.
  • The Employee Verification Process should be Simplified with Proven Programs that are Gradually Implemented to Ensure Accuracy in the Results. The new system should include the following:
    • A new easy-to-use verification process should be made available to employers and should apply to new hires only. (E Verify is such a program, and should apply TO ALL EMPLOYEES, not just new hires. This would assure that some 85 percent of the ILLEGAL ALIENS currently working in America would lose their jobs, and without ability to work LEGALLY, they would self deport, thus solving the problem, and more than likely putting many LEGAL AMERICANS back in the work force at a better pay rate...AHHHHHHH, that is the rub for you isn't? Why does cheap fucking bastard pop to my mind? Let me guess, you tend to like the Peanut Corporation of American approach to Federal Regulation and Laws...ignore what is inconvenient to you and your members until you get caught red handed in and ICE RAID?)
    • Participation should be phased in so that the system is not overloaded and that problems with new system can be fixed. (E Verify is up and working, the kinks have been worked out, and it is 99 percent effective in identifying ILLEGAL WORKERS, so why not ENDORSE IT, and have your members start using it IMMEDIATELY, unless of course you really do not support the concept of EMPLOYING LEGAL CITIZENS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHEN YOU CAN HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS AT A DISCOUNT.)
    • Need certainty – employers should not be left in legal limbo with tentative non-confirmations from any new verification system. (E Verify WORKS QUICKLY, and is AFFORDABLE for the Employer to use.) Employer should not have liability if an employee is given a non-confirmation by the government system and the employer has to terminate employment. (Sure the supporters of E Verify would accept this condition for those ACTUALLY USING E VERIFY!)
    • Clear definition should be made of “critical infrastructure.” (This is CODE that suggests you do not want most Federal Projects, or Projects supported with tax dollars to require the use of LEGAL AMERICAN UNION CONSTRUCTION WORKERS on the job site.
  • Employers Should not be the Immigration Police. Future legislation should provide the following:
    • An exemption from penalty for good faith violations (i.e when employers are victims of document fraud) E Verify is over 99 percent fool proof, so why does your organization OPPOSE ITS IMPLEMENTATION AND USE.
    • Any increase in fines should be reasonable and be capped What is REASONABLE when a company deliberately uses ILLEGAL ALIENS, thus denying American Citizens the ability to work, to earn a living wage? I would endorse the Death Penalty for any company owner deliberately hiring Illegal Aliens...from my way of thinking, that is REASONABLE, though sure you might have a different opinion on the matter.
    • A safe harbor for contractors should be provided if their subcontractor employs an undocumented immigrant (provided that the contractor did not know the employee was undocumented). You are responsible for those working under your different than if someone kills someone else while driving my car...I am going to get drug into court, likely going to have my life ruined...maybe companies would be a bit more CAREFUL about the sub contractors they hire if they are legally responsible for their a note here, for National Security Purposes, it is the duty of Nuclear Reactor Owners to run a SECURITY CLEARANCE AND BACKGROUND CHECK on ALL WORKERS COMING ONTO THE JOB SITE, INCLUDING THOSE OF SUB CONTRACTORS, so it is not like we are trying to single out your industry.
    • Debarment should not be expanded beyond current law. Efforts to change the procurement process and ignore current Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) procedures should not be part of any immigration bill. Efforts to do so distort the procurement process which was not set up to be an enforcement tool for the federal government. GET and the National Chamber of Commerce know that making it mandatory that all those bidding for Federal Contracts be required to use E Verify for ALL EMPLOYEES would end the Illegal Alien Scam that BIG BUSINESS and the likes of your organization have perpetrated on the American Worker now for decades. Congress should tack on E Verify requirements for every law they pass until those hiring illegal aliens GET A CLUE...FACT, if your members (some of them) were not hiring illegal aliens with your knowlege, you would not be lobbying for this particular item...the fact that you are tells an intelligent reader everything they need to know.

AGC Letters:

  • 06/25/2007 - AGC Urges the Senate to vote for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (AGC Key Vote Letter)
  • 06/06/2007 - AGC Urges Senate to Support Bingaman-Obama Guest Worker Amendment
  • 05/23/2007 - Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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