Friday, February 13, 2009

A Good Reason To Boycott Starbucks...Dick Cheney

Sadly, going to have to stop drinking my Starbucks for awhile...I have no interest in supporting a company that seeks out FREE PRESS over the fact that the biggest sleeze bag prick in Politics, Doctor Evil himself Dick Cheney frequents one of their shops...who cares? The man is a scum bucket, and if Starbucks is PROUD TO CLAIM HIM AS A CUSTOMER, they are not the coffee shop for me, nor should they be the coffee shop for any good Liberal Democrat. Make a choice one is saying kick Cheney to the curb, but seeking out publicity by bragging he is a customer, sharing with us his choice of Latte...that is just disgusting.

Dick Cheney Loves Him Some Skim Latte

Former vice president Dick Cheney was in a wheelchair at President Obama's inauguration, after hurting his back while moving boxes to his new home in McLean, Va. *Here's to hoping he stays in a wheelchair.*

We've found one of Dick Cheney's new undisclosed locations: the Starbucks on Chain Bridge Road in McLean, Va.

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