Monday, February 9, 2009

The Iron Dog Race is On

The Great Iron Dog Race is on, and found a picture of The First Dude With His Iron Bitch...pity the Alaskan Legislature chose to ignore Todd and Sarah's criminal actions in Troopergate...sure if she tries to run for President in 2012 we'll have a WHOLE LOT OF FUN at her expense with that one! Looking at all the radical right wing, pro-life, praise jesus pseudo conservatives trying to draft her into that job, can hardly wait. By the way...for all those Pro Sarah numbnuts that got their panties in a knot over my last post about her and the pipeline...Alaskans per person get more Federal Government subsidies than in any other state in America. Her pipeline has already cost Alaskans half a trillion dollars, and there is NO REASON why the other 49 states should bail out voted her into office, and we can speak to you about the pipeline when you vote her out of office...till then, any letters she writes to Obama should be flushed down the shitter. To the victor go the spoils, and like it or not, Alaska has to pay a price for Sarah's rhetoric.

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