Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stimulus Bill To HELP CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS After E Verify Stripped Out of IT


How dare you BASTARDS strip out of the Stimulus Bill the ONE THING that would have actually HELPED MIDDLE CLASS LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN WORKERS by stripping out during your compromise session E Verify! You are all a bunch of ass sucking, corporate ass munchers protecting your Campaign WAR CHEST, are out to DESTROY America's Middle Class in the name of Illegal Aliens and CORPORATE INTERESTS. Don't like my language...TOUGH FUCKING SHIT! With all DUE RESPECT BARACK OBAMA, you have shown yourself to be no better than the rest of THESE VERMIN...HOW DARE YOU FAIL TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN WORKER...and ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT AMERICAN WORKERS OR CITIZENS, and THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE!

Wake up Middle Class Americans, like it or not, it is US OR THEM, and the time has come to take whatever steps, use whatever means is necessary to keep illegal aliens OUT OF OUR WORK FORCE. If our government, if our law enforcement agencies will not ENFORCE OUR LAWS AND DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS then we must take justice into our own hands, must do what is needed to see that our families COME FIRST.

Our government has just turned its back on us, Barack Obama has turned his back on us. Over 7 MILLION illegal aliens ARE CURRENTLY IN OUR WORK FORCE while over FIVE MILLION LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE OUT OF WORK. If you have to organize protests, if you have to block the entrances of work places that are employing illegal aliens, the time has come to show the National Chamber of Commerce, our elected officials in Washinton DC (Nancy Pelosi) and our president that AMERICANS COME FIRST.

The time has come for Americans to take steps to do the job our government refuses to do...enforce our laws, and deport illegal alien criminals. We need to take back our jobs, and take back our communities...the time to end the infestation IS NOW. Every illegal alien on American Soil who is working at ANY JOB is stealing your job, stealing FOOD FROM YOUR FAMILY TABLE...this can no longer be tolerated. If our government will not ENFORCE OUR LAWS AS WRITTEN, if OUR GOVERNMENT ELIMINATES PROGRAMS LIKE E VERIFY, then we MUST REBEL AGAINST OUR OPPRESSORS, and our oppressors ARE WASHINGTON, ARE THE NATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.


Imee said...

Wow, I did not know that. If even half of that is true, maaaan we're all screwed.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Another bit stripped out was the Sanders/Grassley language that would have prevented banks from firing Americans and hiring immigrants, albeit legal ones.

My 49 yr old son works in commercial construction, has had 2-3 weeks work in the last 2 months here in NC. We have a huge illegal problem. I believe part of the housing bubble problem which led to all this was the ignoring of the hordes of illegals crossing the border to beef up, with cheap labor, the housing market and ensure huge profits. My son says up to 80% of job sites were filled with illegals here in NC, even govt projects. We only make out because I'm living with him, contributing my SS check to expenses, or he would lose his home.

Some illegals are leaving this area, going back to their home countries to houses built there with money they remitted out of the US while many of us who had to put up with this shit are losing our homes. My whole neighborhood is changing from people who were at least surviving, to people who have no hope and losing everything. I'm worried about them, their children, their futures. We've had textile, furniture and other jobs shipped to China. There's not much left here unless you want to work retail (good luck with that since grandparents are fighting with their own kids and grandkids over them). All the jobs around here have either been shipped out, or taken by illegals.

Thanks a lot, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama. Change, my ass.

Royce Penstinger said...

I am old enough to remember the Reagan Amnesty, and the promises made to us in the Middle Class back 20 plus years ago. Now here we are in 2009 in the same boat, listening to the same lies from our government and our president.

We are having our jobs stolen from illegal aliens, we are having our wages devastated by illegal aliens, and contrary to what our government wants us to believe, WE DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE IT.

The Illegal Aliens and those who support them have gotten the attention they have because they have ORGANIZED and HAVE PROTESTED in large numbers. In short, intimadation of Washington DC has worked to some degree.

Well, the time has come for the proverbial sleeping giant that is Americans Working FOLK to wake up and be me, if millions of our out of work LEGAL CITIZENS marched in the streets demanding ENFORCEMENT OF OUR LAWS, AND THE DEPORTATION OF ILLEGAL ALIENS, the Government, National Chamber of Commerce, and BIG BUSINESS would take serious notice.

IF out of work construction crews organize protests at sites hiring ILLEGAL ALIENS, if they CALL THE PRESS, if they start getting loud and proud, those illegal aliens WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS.

People do not like the vulgarity in some of my latest posts...I do not like the vulgarity being visited upon the Average American Worker living/surviving on Main Street. I see Illegal Alien scum for what they are...CRIMINALS who are depressing our wages, stealing our jobs, and taking our dreams because they think it is their right, and sadly our government is letting them RAPE is time we end this travesty.

Larry19611961 said...

Mr.Penstinger; If we protest in mass we will be labeled RACISTS..

Anonymous said...

im not a illegal mexican immagrant but im still brazilian which makes me latino. i understand why most people could get angry but its still kind of racist. i mean americans are always saying their proud to be americans and that there country is the best, so most illegals such as some poor mexicans come hoping for a better life. And no one should be this mean. if only you would put yourself in there shoes. and you all also say that they take your jobs. well they dont! they work small time jobs such as construction, cleaning houses, cutting trees, mowing your lawn and being a janitors and stuff like that. jobs none of you rich white people would want! so stop being racist and open your eyes for once! My family became legal one year after we came here to the united satets and my mom married my step dad. he is a white guy.... but before that it was tough and we lived in a crappy apartment so all of you should just shut the fuck up!