Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why Middle America Should Just Say No To Bailout and Stimulus Packages

The more I see of Washington, the more I see of the Obama Bailout and Stimulus plans, the more I am convinced that President Obama and our National Government have no clue, the more I am convinced that they have no compassion for the average American who is being screwed royally as our economy crashes and burns. The more I see, the more I am convinced that the time has come for Middle Class American to take to the streets, the more I am convinced that we must use whatever force is necessary to take back our lives, our jobs and our American Dreams from those that are trying to steal them, and that includes every Politicians in Washington, DC and every illegal aliens residing/working within the borders of the United States of America.

Perhaps someone from the White House can explain to me why it is that my taxes should be used to bailout banks bad investments, why I should support a plan that would buy up Wall Streets bad paper when it is thier actions that have cost my wife and I over $100,000 in lost equity in our home, thus leaving us in an upside down mortgage? Perhaps Obama could explain to me why it is that I and others in the Middle Class have to accept our share of a Federal Bailout to the tune of trillions of dollars when, through no fault of our own we have seen our own retirement plans and 401 K's drop hundreds of thousands of dollars in value because of illegal activity on the part of Wall Street, and America's banking system....where is our bailout, and where are the criminal prosecutions of these rich elitists who broke our laws, stole our dreams? Your PALTRY $1,000 tax deduction when it is the government's failure to regulate to do its job that has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars of our life nest egg is a REPUGNANT INSULT....take your rebates and tax breaks and stick them up your collective asses! Stop trying to march out before the people saying you are ON OUR are not on our side, and your desire to coddle ILLEGAL ALIEN SCUM proves that....who the fuck do you think you are when you intend of thwarting the will of the people in pursuing an Amnesty for 12 -25 million illegal alien criminals? Who do you think you are in supporting MORE H1 Visa's in the name of the National Chamber of Commerce and CHEAP WAGES?

There is talk about screwing us Boomers out of our Social Security because the system is BROKEN....with all due respect, this year alone (counting the matching donation from our employer on our behalf) my wife and I have put more than $11,000 into the Social Security System, have done so for years...WHAT HAS WASHINGTON DONE WITH OUR MONEY, when is Washington going to REPAY the IOU's in the Social Security Account for money wrongfully borrowed and used for decades now?
Don't tell us when we have paid into the system for over three decades now that we should be willing to accept the reality that Social Security will not be there for us, or if it is there for us, we will get less than half of what we are supposed to recieve in the name of preserving the system for future generations...SCREW YOUR TALK ABOUT FUTURE GENERATIONS....we have sacrificed our whole lives, and now you want us to live out our retirement years in abject poverty for FUTURE GENERATIONS...sorry, but FUCK YOU, FUCK THE DEMOCRATS, FUCK THE REPUBLICANS, and FUCK THE CORRUPTION THAT IS WASHINGTON DC, and FUCK THOSE FUTURE GENERATIONS...with Affirmative Action and various other Federal Mandates that always saw people like me asked to sacrifice for a larger societal goal, I am TIRED OF is my/our turn now, and all your talk of us pulling up our bootstraps and digging in so that those following in our footsteps can have a better life is HORSE SHIT. We played by the rules, even when those rules were NOT FAIR TO it is our turn, and the fact that you expect us to give it up is simply unacceptable.

Tell me Mr. Obama why I and other Americans in the middle class, why almost 75 million Boomers close to retirement should be willing to sacrifice in the name of future generations when you and other fuck turds in Washington continue to let Illegal Aliens steal our jobs, depress our wages and ruin our neighborhoods? Tell us why is it you want to give them AMNESTY as it is the right thing to do (for who?) you know how OFFENSIVE THAT IS MR OBAMA...why the fuck does some CRIMINAL who broke at least four of our laws in being here deserve AMNESTY...they deserve a CRIMINAL RECORD AND DEPORTATION. If I as an American citizen broke the number of laws that an illegal alien breaks in being and working here in America illegally, I would be IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED, but in the name of the National Chamber of Commerce you and other scum like you want to look the other way, want to grant these scum AMNESTY. Tell me MR many children of ILLEGAL ALIENS got health insurance when you signed into law your new Health Care you really think that is fair? If you do, you are one dumb assed ignorant Harvard Graduate. We in the middle class are tired of the worn out lie...they are taking job we will not do...BULL SHIT! IF those hiring illegal aliens PAID A LIVING WAGE, hard working Americans WOULD TAKE THOSE JOBS IN A HEART BEAT.

You promised change...where is it? You tell us to be patient...why should we be patient when every day we see you and your ilk continuing to bail out the rich and elite while fucking us over in the middle class.
Lets have some STRAIGHT TALK here Mr. much do you expect US IN THE MIDDLE CLASS to suffer in the name of your dream of building a Socialist Nervana in which the rich and elite rule over a enslaved and meek serdom of broken middle class citizens? Can you give us a good reason Mr. Obama why we should not take to the streets in massive protests? Can you give us a reason why we should not take actions to protect our own jobs, to see that illegal aliens stop being allowed to work at jobs that are rightfully ours? Can you give us a good reason why we should not just walk away from our upside down mortgages, why we should not stop making payments on our credit cards and simply let the economy crash? If everyone but US IN THE MIDDLE CLASS are going to get a bailout while we are left holding the bag, why shouldn't we rebel against the injustice of it? You want to KEEP PEOPLE IN THEIR HOMES, but at WHAT COST TO THOSE OF US THAT PLAYED BY THE RULES? Their buying houses they could not afford, idiot banks lending them the money to do so have cost us EVERY PENNY OF EQUITY WE HAD IN OUR HOME, we are now in an upside down mortgage....yet, where is OUR FUCKING BAILOUT MR. PRESIDENT.
You say you want to HEAR US, then try really listening, know the anger that is seething here in our middle class neighborhoods, under stand the bitter hatred we have of illegal aliens because they HAVE STOLEN OUR JOBS, HAVE DEPRESSED OUR WAGE BASES, HAVE IN MANY CASES RUINED OUR NEIGHBORHOODS while Washington looks the other way, tells us in 30 second sound bites that Amnesty is the right thing to do. Tell me MR AMNESTY you know what it is like to have 30-40 illegal aliens living in the house next door to you, and in the house across the you know what its like to have the local police DO NOTING ABOUT IT because our city acts as a Safe Haven for ILLEGAL ALIENS.
Understand how close many of us are to saying to hell with it, as we walk away from our own debts and upside down mortgages convinced there is no other course since our government has decided it is us who have obeyed the rules that must bail out those that did not...A Nation of laws...BULL SHIT! In a nation of laws, 12-25 million illegal aliens would be deported, those that hire them prosecuted for their crimes. In a nation of laws, our banks would be nationalized, and entire management teams imprisoned for life. So far MR OBAMA, you have given people like me NO REASON to be patient, given us no reason to believe that you are on our side. Instead, we see more of the same as illegal aliens are coddled to, and the UBER RICH get bailed out at the expense of the middle class, while the National Chamber of Commerce uses their might to get you and the Congress to give them more and more bodies as they work to keep our wages depressed and bottomed out.

I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that you Mr. Obama stop playing games, would suggest you come before the American people ASAP and explain what it is you are going to do to make those of us in the Middle Class who have played by the rules our entire lives WHOLE AGAIN. Explain to us why we should accept AMNESTY for 12-25 million illegal aliens, why we should respect your belief that they should be allowed to keep their jobs when 5 million of us have lost our jobs, explain to us why you are KILLING E VERIFY in the name of scum sucking criminal illegal alien scab laborers that have depressed our wage base here in the middle class, stolen jobs that belong to us and our children. Explain to us Mr. Obama why we enmasse should not simply turn our backs on a government in Washington that has betrayed us, crippled if not forever stolen our AMERICAN DREAM. last point...being against illegal aliens does not make myself or others racist...ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS regardless of their nationality or country of origin. As example, I want ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS DEPORTED...this includes all the ones from Mexico, but also includes (as example) all the ones from Ireland as well.

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