Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why Obama Can Stick Stimulus Bill Up His Ass

Hey Congress, Hey Obama...stick your supposed Stimulus right up your Un American, Anti American Worker asses! That's right...maybe the Huffington Post and Drudge Report are too politically correct to come right out and use the proverbial FUCK YOU language that lets someone know we are angry, but I am not. Fuck all of you who passed a bill that does more for Illegal Aliens than you were willing to do for our VETERANS, fuck all of you who passed a bill that took anything out of the bill that would assure stimulus jobs actually go to American Workers, legal citizens and legal immigrants. I want to hear Lou Dobbs tell Washington to stop their collective circle jerk of Mutual pleasure and get back to doing the peoples work, and I want Obama to apologize to the masses for LYING TO US when he claimed we would have a voice...he spent his entire time so far in Washington huddled with the likes of the Caterpillar President...HERE IS A CLUE OBAMA...THAT SELF SERVING ASS MUNCH IS NOT AN AVERAGE AMERICAN, DOES NOT HAVE OUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART. Simply stated, his business is a Global Business and he has a GLOBAL AGENDA...did you notice how he played you? Promised you he would rehire some folks if the STIMULUS BILL THE WAY HE WANTED IT WRITTEN WERE PASSED, THEN GAVE YOU A FUDGE PACKING RIGHT UP YOUR ASS by telling his workers that the Stimulus Bill WAS NOT ENOUGH TO SAVE THEIR JOBS, THAT HE WANTS CONGRESS TO PASS SOME STIMULUS BILLS THAT WOULD HELP OTHER NATIONS!

For those who do not get my seething ANGER, lets spell some of it out!

The final bill as approved conveniently changed the language so that ILLEGAL ALIENS who file taxes with a individual taxpayer identification number (a way of working in America without a Social Security Number...the IRS does care who you are, they just want their money)will still get that $800 FAMILY STIMULUS! Get a clue Washington DC! Illegal Aliens, scum fucking SCAB LABORERS are a big part of why Middle Class wages are depressed, a big reason why so many Americans are OUT OF WORK! Keep pushing us, and then wonder why there are suddenly riots in the street, and vigilantes out for their own brand of justice because you were too stupid and greedy to do your job and PROTECT AMERICAN WORKERS...yes, I predict it will come to that, and sadly the chance is sooner than later. American workers are tired of our government letting criminals have our jobs, and our dreams. Look at the studies assholes...Illegal Aliens on a yearly basis DEPRESS LOWER AND MIDDLE WORKER WAGES BY OVER $200 BILLION DOLLARS! That is a LOT OF FOOD STOLEN FROM OUR TABLES, STOLEN FROM OUR CHILDREN...GET IT?

A note to everyone in Congress, regardless of which side of the ILLEGAL ALIEN fight you are trying to squeeze yourself in on. The time for convenient nice and politically correct labels is OVER. To those that are supposedly against AMNESTY in the name of comprehensive immigration reform, the term IS NOT NON RESIDENT ALIENS, the term is ILLEGAL ALIENS, or if you are really bad like many of us on Main Street are, it is ILLEGAL FUCKING ALIEN. Stop trying to avoid the FACT THESE FUCK TURDS ARE CRIMINALS...should we start looking for new politically correct terms for other criminal elements in our society such as rapists and murderers? How about sexually deprived, hormonely challenged priest want too be for rapists? Maybe murderers are just Morticians frustrated at a slow down in business? Drug dealers could be undocumented or unlicensed pharmacists?

For the more Liberal types that want to open up their doors to these criminals (as nannies, landscapers, contractors and pool cleaners), the term is not undocumented immigrants, the term BY LAW IS ILLEGAL ALIEN. You see, we can be fellow Americans, and that means ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS, or you can BUY INTO THEIR ARGUMENT that says they can go anywhere they god dawm well please, and we all become just fellow citizens...sorry, but that is not something this American is buying into...ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS, ARE SCUM, SHOULD BE TREATED AS WHAT THEY ARE, and that is LAW BREAKERS. That goes for ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS, not just ones from Mexico, or just ones from Latin countries, but all illegal aliens. This is not a RACE ISSUE, it is a law issue, it is a BORDER ISSUE, IT IS A SOVEREINTY ISSUE, and it is a SECURITY ISSUE. So La Raza, take your race baiting bull shit and shove it up your ass, as it is nothing more than a Red Herring meant to cloud the issue.

Tell us House, Senate and President Obama how it is that you all went to such GREAT EXTREMES to protect the illegal alien, but deliberately did your collective best to FUCK OUR AMERICAN VETERANS? That's right, not once but FIVE TIMES things in the bill that would have done something for our Veterans were tossed to the proverbial cutting room floor along with any wording in the bill that would have DENIED JOBS TO ILLEGAL ALIEN TRASH.

1. Veteran Work Force Training was gutted from the bill...what, our young men and women can take your blood money in the form of a bonus to go over and risk their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they do not deserve special language in the Stimulus Bill that would give them some extra Work Force Training?

2. Small Business Loans for veterans were also shot down...curious here Washington, why is it that you have TONS OF SPECIAL SMALL BUSINESS LOANS FOR IMMIGRANTS AND FOR MINORITIES, but when one could have been put in this bill for just our Veterans you GUTTED IT OUT IN COMMITTEE?

3. Even a FREEBIE was gutted...tell America why language that would have named all our newly built bridges and buildings after those that gave their lives in Iraq was it more important for you ass fuckers to have the ability to name these edifices after YOURSELVES? Are we going to now have the Sherrod Brown Memorial Fucking Bridge to repay him for RUSHING BACK TO WASHINGTON ON A GOVERNMENT PLANE TO VOTE FOR THE BILL? You people are really SICK and do not even realize it!

4. You people even gutted language that would have given job training TO HOMELESS FEMALE VETERANS, and TO HOMELESS VETERANS WITH this your version of supporting the troops?

The Commerce Department demanded that E VErify be gutted from the bill, and Obama signed on to that flawed piece of thinking...the result is, that a program which is over 99 percent effective in keeping illegal aliens from getting our jobs is NOT IN THE BILL, was tossed out of the process because Senatorial cock sucking ass munchers looking out for their corporate owners never even bothered to include it in their version of this piece of shit called a Stimulus Bill, literally given American Workers the FUCK YOU FINGER of HATE.

For all those that will write me saying I would be more effective if I got rid of the foul language, you are wrong. FUCK SHIT FUCK SHIT FUCK SHIT, this is bogus assed raping of Americans in the Middle Class, the bill ignores our veterans, and rewards illegal aliens with as many as 300,000 NEW JOBS because E VErify was left out of the bill. We need to stop being POLITICALLY CORRECT, and start throwing out some obscentity over this God Forsaken, fucked from hell, shit fucking crap being visited upon us by the demon spawn ass munching, lobbyist sucking terd balls in Washington that are supposed to be looking out FOR OUR INTERESTS. I as one American DO GIVE A RATS ASS, and will scream from the roof tops how wrong it is that even ONE JOB created from this supposed Stimulus Bill goes to and ILLEGAL ALIEN, and any one that is a TRUE AMERICAN needs to do the same. Obama's wanting the E Verify out of this bill because it would cause to many illegal aliens to lose their jobs before Congress can address Comprehensive Immigration is the biggest KISS ON THE ASS CHEEKS OF A SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP ever done, and Obama did it for the entire nation to see, drew his OWN LINE IN THE SAND siding with illegal alien scum, telling us on Main STreet we can go FUCK OURSELVES...that friends is reality even if you want to pretend it is not!

Why should American Construction Workers have to fight Illegal Aliens for STimulus Jobs? Is it because the National Chamber of Commerce and the Association of General Contractors WANT ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THE WORK FORCE in the name of DEPRESSED WAGES and BETTER BOTTOM LINE is this fuck the nation, its all about me and my company mentality that has America on her knees you numb nuts!

That's right...go look at the websites for the National Chamber of Commerce and the Association of General Contractors (whose members stand to benefit GREATLY from this stimulus) and you will find TWO VERY INFLUENTIAL GROUPS IN WASHINGTON that are both pushing a PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN WORKER AGENDA. Americans should stop doing business with any company or business that is a Member of the Chamber of Commerce until such time as they DROP THEIR PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN AGENDA, and START LOOKING OUT FOR AMERICANS. That's right, it is BOYCOTT TIME...let the Chamber of Commerce's millions of small business men and women start feeling our wraith and trust me, they will drop their Pro Illegal Alien Agenda in a heartbeat! Same way with AGC...before you hire a contractor, make sure they are not a member of this organization until such time as they have gutted from their web site their Pro Illegal Alien Agenda.

By the way...Obama LIED when he said this bill contains no of the list is a tongue up the ass gift to Nancy Pelosi and her MICE in the San Francisco Bay...sounds like there is a song in that one. Obama himself tried to get TWO FUCKING BILLION DOLLARS for his home state to build and experimental clean goal plant, but then looked at us with a straight face and said this Stimulus Bill contained NO EAR MARKS...President Obama, you sir are a shit faced, lying mother fucker of an asshole! How stupid do you think we are here on Main Street? What, you think your sharp tongued Harvard Speak can pull the wool over our eyes, you think because you are the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, that you have the God Given Right to blow smoke up our collective asses....give us a GOD DAMN BREAK MOTHER FUCKER, give us some STRAIGHT TALK, some honest truth...where is THAT CHANGE you promised us?

We were not given the opportunity, as promised, to review this pork laden piece of shit Obama is calling a Stimulus Bill because he knew we would scream FOUL. It helps illegal aliens, hurts our veterans, fucks Middle Class Americans (AGAIN), while rewarding all the wrong people. If Obama has any balls at all, he would VETO HIS OWN BILL and start all over again...don't hold your breath for that one folks...turns out he is the same brand of scum we had in the White House for the past eight years, just a different flavor of the same old shit.

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