Friday, February 13, 2009

A Plane Has Crashed Into A House In Buffalo, New York...Where is a STatement FROM WHITE HOUSE?

Just in on CNN....48 people on a plane are believed dead after said plane crashed into a house about five miles short of the runway in Buffalo, New York suberbs. Details are sketchy and still coming in...curious here...if I am up and recieving this news, where is Obama or his staff in making a statement to the media? Get off your lazy ass Obama and do what you are being paid to do...there is a crisis within our border, and so far you have not done a thing! How hard is it to make a statement to the press, to offer your sympathies to the families of those killed? Further, has Homeland Security been informed, do they have someone on the ground in Buffalo yet? Flight was in route from Newark. Unconfirmed...Fireman may have been injured. It was supposedly Continential flight from Newark to Buffalo in a Turbo Prop commuter plane...seating for 40 and two crew, but FFA is stating 48 were on board.

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