Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Updates

Greetings Readers:

Do apologize for the absense, but Thanksgiving is one of my/our favorite holidays, and as upsetting as the terrorists attacks in India were, was not about to intrude on family time to blog about it. My approach to terrorists and terrorism is (to quote Mr. Natural) plain and to the point...I hold moderate Muslims accountable, believe they are failing to police their own, so I would bomb a Mosque every time Radical Islamic Muslim terrorists strike anywhere in the world...call it TOUGH LOVE, but I believe it would not take long for the supposed moderates to bring their own radical fringe into line.
As to Obama and his transition efforts...WHERE IS THE CHANGE? Further, am more than a bit upset with his Pro-BIG BUSINESS, Pro Illegal Alien, Anti American Middle Class Cabinet that he is putting together...if he thinks Main Street Americans will take AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens, he is sadly mistaken.
On the Chambliss win...WHO CARES? The pundits are acting as if America has now sent Obama a message to govern from the center...HORSE FUCKING SHIT...Georgia, a redneck, rabid right wing Southern Red state did what they usually do...send a Republican to the Senate. That is not a message from America for Obama to govern from the center.
The up, down and sideways stockmarket...screw the day traders and money whores, and jump in while the bargains abound...in five years you will be glad you did, as the market over the long haul is ALWAYS a winner...to those Boomers who were right on the verge on retiring...WHOOPS, you got caught by the short hairs. To those in the 65 and over AARP group that are whining...get over it, it was/is your GREED that kept us from salvaging Social Security affordably because you were unwilling to share equally in the bailout...I have no sympathy for any of you, only anger and resentment that you have been spending MY GENERATIONS payments into the fund.