Friday, September 19, 2008

If You Don't Like Work Place Rules, Work Some Place Else

Work is work, NOT A CHURCH...simply stated, if a Muslim does not like the rules that ALL EMPLOYEES must abide by, then they need to go work somewhere else, as this is NOT THE MIDDLE EAST, the work day DOES NOT STOP so that you can pray to fucking MECCA. That is what churches, temples and your homes are. We do not, nor should we make accomadations for someone's religion! I don't want to hear a call to prayer in my neighborhood, and if I have employees, I expect them to put in eight hours of work for eight hours of pay, and NO THERE IS NO TIME TO STOP THE PROCESS SO YOU CAN PRAY TO FUCKING ALLAH! Give us a break, a job is WORK, pray on your own time, regardless of your religious beliefs or your religious denomination.

Muslim leader: 150 workers fired over prayer dispute in Neb.
OMAHA (AP) — About 150 Muslims were fired from a Grand Island, Neb., meatpacking plant that has been embroiled in a prayer dispute, a Somali-American leader said Friday.

Mohamed Rage, who leads the Omaha Somali-American Community Organization, said 80 workers were thrown out after an altercation late Thursday. He says when they tried to return for their shift Friday, they were fired, along with 70 others.

Police said were called to the plant late Thursday amid reports of a riot or serious fight. But when officers arrived, the situation had calmed, said police Chief Steve Lamken.

Muslim workers have been asking for accommodations with break times to allow prayer at sunset. The issue led to walkouts this week — not only from Muslims but from non-Muslims who protested such accommodations as preferential treatment.

Larry King, Control Your Guests

Most nights will find me playing on my laptop while watching CNN, including the Larry King Show which I almost always enjoy. Tonight though, watching Larry King has been like watching an episode of Springer. Seriously Larry, we love you, but if you cannot control your quests better than you did this evening, maybe you should get off of CNN, and be on a talk show paired up with a Shock Jock on satellite radio.

Is So Called Victory In Iraq Worth Destroying America Over?

To listen to John McCain, we are winning in Iraq...SO WHAT? At what cost to America and its citizens back home? We are caught in a MEAT GRINDER in the Middle East. We are bringing our troops from the surge home...for what? To send them over to Afghanistan to die fighting on a different front in the same failed war while things heat back up in Iraq? We were winning the war in Afghanistan, then we took our eyes off the ball and sent our fine fighting troops into Iraq where over 4,000 soldiers have died, and tens of thousands more have been maimed for life. We are being told the surge is working, and that we are reducing the number of troops in Iraq, bringing them home, but they are NOT STAYING HOME. Further, lets not forget the price tag just in REAL TIME DOLLARS...the actual cost of the war including retooling, and the medical, disability costs over the next 20 years runs well over $10 trillion dollars, and is growing each day as we finance the war on credit.

Bring the troops home, put them on our Southern Border with Mexico, use them to forciably deport those here illegally. It's time we start rebuilding our own nation, restoring our nation to its former glory, rather than wasting our wealth and our honor in the desert sands of an unappreciative nation in the Middle East.

Palin Crumbling Like Paper Tiger

Even when interviewed by UBER Republican Right Winger Sean Hannity Sarah Palin could not cut the mustard, seemed like a deer in headlights incapable of giving a well reasoned articulate answer. I had to laugh when she suggested using John McCain's own words, his own stupidity to attack him was out of place! In short, she can saber rattle, threaten Iran, but don't let any one attack her or her running mate, the doddering John McSame...poor Meghan McCain, her career as a budding blogger is about to come crumbing down. Not that it matters, the little chubette has a platinum spoon up her ass as one of the hier apparent of her mother's fortune.

With each passing day, with each new scandal surrounding her Palin is fading, and fading fast! If, as she claims, she is so innocent in the Trooper Gate scandal, why is she refusing to let ANY ONE on her staff, her husband and herself testify on the issue, why not cooperate? After all, if she were as innocent as she claims, why HIDE, why not speak your truth. Let the First Dude testify! Sadly, we see who wears the pants in Palin's family, and I find myself wondering if she is nothing ore than another chick with a dick.

Where Is OUR Middleclass BAILOUT?

For starters, McCain's rhetoric this week has been disgusting inadequate. The foundations of our economy are stable...who does he think he is kidding? He was against bailouts before he was before them! Today, he wants to plant Obama squarely in the center of Washington corruption? Funny, until recently McCain was not the Maverick, not the man of change, but the MAN OF EXPERIENCE, some 26 years of inside the Beltway experience, leading the Commerce Committee for seven of those years, the man urging Washington to stay out of the regulation business, let the free market rein. The man is a two face, say anything liar that was do anything, say anything to put him and his elitist wife in the White House.

Now today, we are being told that our government is going to stablize the National Economy with a UBER RICH BAILOUT of Wall Street, is going to take on all those bad mortgages, and make the ultra rich and their corporations whole. OK, where is our Middle Class buyout, and where are the steps to STOP OUR BLEEDING?

Using myself as an example, I've lost the $100,000 I had in my home equity not because I did anything wrong, not because I made bad financial decisions, but because the banking industry, people on Wall Street lent a but load of people who were HIGH RISK. Those people bought homes in my neighborhood that are now in foreclosure...eventually, the government will put those houses on the market at BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES, further eroding the value of my home, thus making it worth less than what I even paid for it. Where is my bailout?

Americans have lost over 600,000 jobs this year alone. Our wages are either stagnant or depressed. Let's be honest here...our stagnant and depressed wages are a direct result of Illegal Aliens in the job market, are a direct result of SPECIAL INTEREST LOBBYIST out to keep our wages depressed by seeking Amnesty for these illegal aliens, and in doing so guaranteeing themselves a cheap source of American Labor, assuring themselves the ability to reduce employee benefits like Health Insurance. Shame on the National Chamber of Commerce, shame on our elected officials in Washington, DC who have REFUSED to deal with criminals that our stealing our jobs, depressing our wages by over 250 Billion dollars a year, while sending another $200 Billion in American assets out of the country in the name of remittances back to their home countries.

If there is going to be a bailout, where is our bailout, where is comprehensive Immigration Reform that treams illegal aliens as the criminals that they are? Where is comprehensive Immigration Reform that demands a mandatory prison sentence for ANY ONE, ANY COMPANY employing an illegal alien. Where is the comprehensive immigration reform that DEPORTS ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS, and THEIR ANCHOR BABIES?

Stop the bleeding...fine, let's bring our troops home and stop the $100 Billion dollar a month (PLUS INTEREST) drain on our American Economy.

Bailout...where as a part of this bailout new rules that CAP CREDIT CARD INTEREST AT FIFTEEN PERCENT?

BAILOUT...where as a part of this bailout is the home protection during bankrupcy that is afforded to the UBER RICH on their 2, 3, 4 or in McCain's case ninth home?

Sorry, but I'd rather see us slide into another Great Depression than see private corporate debt absored by the government, and paid for with our taxes, especially if there is no bailout for US, the average Middle Class Americans!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The HACKED Emails of Sarah Palin

The hacked emails of Sarah Palin are now out in the public, in the interest of keeping everyone on the same game page, thought I might as well post them here for my readers. If you want more details, CNN was nice enough to give anyone that wants it a road map to everything, including the below evidence that the Secret Service is using to conduct an investigation, yet again wasting more taxpayer money on frivilious bullshit. By the way, if the Secret Service comes to your house, just tell them you are refusing to cooperate with the investigation...FUCK, it's good enough for Palin, should be good enough for the rest of us!

Here are the screenshots of the emails saved before the account went dark, along with the contact list. It's newsworthy and we will not be taking it down!


Beth Leschper (Beth Leschper SOA) [Edit]
Blanche Kallstrom (Blanche) [Edit]
Bristol Palin (Bristol) [Edit]
Chuck Heath (Chuck) [Edit] (Todd) [Edit] (Frank) [Edit]
Heather Bruce (Heather) [Edit] (Ivy SOA) [Edit] (Ivy Personal) [Edit]
Judy Patrick (Judy Patrick) [Edit] (Kris Perry SOA) [Edit] (Kris Personal) [Edit] (Molly) [Edit]
Roseanne Hughes (Roseanne Hughes SOA) [Edit]
Sally Heath (Mom) [Edit]
Sean Parnell (Sean Personal) [Edit]
Sharon Leighow (Sharon SOA) [Edit] (Sharon Leighow Personal) [Edit]
Track Palin (Track) [Edit]

OMGawd! McCain's Panties In Knot...Palin's Emails Have Been Hacked!

Talk about an UGLY PINK OUTFIT!
Oh My GAWD...just in on CNN...Sarah Palin's email has been hacked, and McCain's campaign is PISSED OFF. In fact, they already have the Secret Service and the FBI conducting a DRAGNET investigation to find teh CULPRIT. Well, here is a clue...I did a 5 second internet search and came up with what someone perports to be Sarah Palin's email address, and that of one of her political croonies.

Now I am sure someone with far more knowledge than this simple blogger could verify these email addresses, even look at materials generated from them. What is the BIG DEAL...UNLESS...does Sarah Palin have something to hide? Such as her REAL INVOLVEMENTS in TROOPERGATE? By the way, if that really is Sarah Palin's email address, maybe news reporters could send their questions there! Might not get any answers, but it couldn't hurt!

John McCain, Phil Gramm, AIG-Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The Economy Needs FIXIN, and John McCain is Just The Man To Do It
Oh the wicked evil web one does weave...seems that John McCain in some ways is seriously tied up in the AIG failure, and George Bush's bailout of the beast. Lets follow the proverbial yellow brick road, connect the dots that tie John McCain, Mr. Reformer to the almost 100 BILLION dollar bailout of AIG.

Just how is Reformer McCain connected to the technically bankrupt AIG you ask?

After the Stock Market Crash of 1929 styled drop on Wall Street yesterday, and a rocky morning today (yesterday actually), there was a remarkable rally with the market ending up almost 150 points...WHY? Seems word on the street was AIG was going to get a Federal Bailout...first, talk about insider trading, and secondly WHY THE BAIL OUT when they had already been told NO? We common folks got the word on the evening news, Anderson Cooper verifying it at ten PM on his 360 show. AIG would be getting somewhere between $75-90 BILLION dollars in the form of a bridge loan...if they fail to pay it back, the federal government will own 80 percent of the company. (Think USEC from back in the Bush I days.) Why no to Lehman, but yes to AIG...could it be AIG's ties to John McCain, could it be Bush knew the White House was/is gone for the Republicans if AIG fails? Could it be that this bridge loan will keep AIG afloat until just after the election?

How many remember Phil know, the guy that called us middleclass Americans WHINERS! The guy who until he made that remark was John McCain's CHIEF FINANCIAL ADVISOR, the same man who headed up John McCain's FAILED 2000 bid for the presidency?

OK, follow me here. AIG you see insured most of the Sub Prime mortgages that are being held by various banks and lending institutions. AIG goes belly up, and these other HIGH FLYING crooks insurance policies on these WORTHLESS Sub Prime loans go short, they are left HOLDING THE BAG, are going to have to suck it up and pay the cost of their own bad business decisions. To be specific, Housing Wire reports that AIG is holding CDS protection on $441 Billion dollars worth of fixed assets including (drum roll please) $57.8 billion in subprime mortgage assets! That's right folks, while our equity goes down the toilet, the AIG bailout is basically going to see us picking up the tab for bad business decisions on the part of Wall Street! Now, lets go back to John McCain and his butt hole buddy Phil Gramm.

When one Brooksley Born, of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), tried to bring these market segments (deriatives) under governmental control, the move was SHOOT DOWN by a group of (lobbyist funded) government officials lead by Senate Banking Committee chairman Phil Gramm. John McCain's chief financial advisor until just months ago, who described the move to avoid regulation of deriatives thusly:

Avoiding getting involed ensures that neither the SEC nor the Commodity Futures Trading Commission will get into the business of regulating newfangled financial products called swaps and would thus "protect financial institutions from overregulation" and "position our financial services industries to be world leaders into the new century."

So, who should be blamed for America's middleclass having to foot the bill to bail out could easily be argued that John McCain's CHIEF FINANCIAL ADVISOR, the man who ran John McCain's failed bid for the presidency back in the year 2000, one Phil Gramm should share the lions share of the blame for this mess! So my good friends, there you have it. John McCain's trusted confident and close political ally is costing us $90 Billion dollars on just this one bailout, but he wants us to believe he can get us out of the Economic Malstrom we now find ourselves in. Start SEEING THE TRUTH America...John McCain is not our friend, nor is he a reformer. He's a doddering old fool who does not have a clue when it comes to the economy.

By the way...remember that last BIG BANKING SCANDAL? You know, the Savings and Loan failures...John McCain was at the center of it...can we say KEATING?

Sarah Palin on Lobbying and Conflicts of Interests

So, Sarah Palin wants to be vice president of the United States of America...well, this blogger wants to make a few points, and ask her a few questions.

First Sarah Palin, you claim you are a reformer, want to STOP earmarks, are against special interest lobbying for them. If my homework is correct, you hired a Jack Abramoff acolite to lobby on your town's behalf while you were major, and further, you yourself as mayor made a YEARLY LOBBYING trip to Washington, DC where you would lobby for your own pet projects. Based on these facts, how can you honestly state to the American people that you are against lobbying and earmarks?

Let's move said one of your jobs as Vice President would include being in charge of energy security. In light of Dick Cheney's intimate relationship with certain oil and energy companies, I am leary of your being in charge of our nation's energy security. Again, if my own sources are correct, you as governor of Alaska want to drill on the North Slope. Further, sources tell me your husband works on the North Slope, and more importantly works for BP. Don't you see just a wee bit of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST existing here in light of your stands as Governor? In fact, when you were running for Governor, hadn't your First Dick...I mean first dude stated to the press that he would quit his job with BP should you get elected? last keep portraying yourself as one of us, just a good old small town girl with down home values. How much is your and your husbands net worth, and can you explain how it is that a couple with five kids HAS NO DEBT IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN YOUR MORTGAGE?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cindy McCain John's Point Guard For Arizona Earmarks?

I am just a simple man living in a simple house, and living a simple life...that being said, something occurred to me this evening. One of John McCain's BIG CLAIMS TO FAME is that he has NEVER asked for an earmark for his own homestate...what if he doesn't have to? What if his wife, who owns one of the largest companies in Arizona, owns one of the largest Budweiser Beer Distributorships in America does his asking for him? What if all along, the earmarks he has wanted for his own voters have simply been gotten THROUGH BACK CHANNELS? Surely with his wife's own connections, she has the ability to be his earmarks point quard, his GO TO WOMAN as it were? After all, doesn't she owe him a great deal of gratitude for using his connections to get her felony drug charges to dissappear?

Tax Payers FUCKED AGAIN? Fed To Bail Out AIG, McCain Approves!

Ready to get fucked up the ass again by George W. Bush and his administration? In breaking news, seems that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is about to offer AIG a $650 Billion dollar bailout! You can lose your homes, you can lose your equity in a home you still have because of greed on Wall Street, and tough shit. However, let corporate giants fumble the ball, and we not they get fucked again, as it is our taxes being used to bail them out! Here is a wake up call...if the government wants to END THE HOUSING CRISIS, bail out the homeowners (not speculators who bought rentals).

Illegal Alien SMACKDOWN--California Appelate Court Says NO To Giving Illegals In State Tuition

In a MAJOR DEFEAT for illegal aliens and their supporters, the California Appelate Courts have rightfully reinstated a lawsuit that seeks to make California Colleges and Universities stop giving instate tuition to illegal aliens while at the same time making out of state (but legal US citizens) pay out of state tuition! It's ABOUT TIME! California needs to turn the names and addresses of the 17,000 Illegal Aliens recieving in state tuition over to ICE so they can begin DEPORTATION preceedings against these criminals. a year when American citizens have lost over 600,000 jobs, another one million illegal aliens have come to America, and worse, some 12 million illegal aliens hold jobs that rightfully BELONG TO AMERICANS.

John McCain Proposes a Pabst Blue Ribbon Commission to Deal With Economy and Wall Stree Crime

Let's PASS THE BUCK! John McCain who is married to the Budweiser Bitch has suggested a Pabst Blue Ribbon Commission to solve America's financial woes, and to restore Wall Street morals. Sure, lets form a commission and wait 18-24 months for them to make recommendations while we continue with BUSINESS AS USUAL! What a forking moron this man is!

McCain's Real Life Words Contradict His Commercials

How many remember McCain admitting the economy was not/is not one of his STRONG SUITS? He admitted he really doesn't know much about economics...well, look at one of his latest advertisements, and then ask yourself, "How can a man who admits to knowing little about the economy, cannot even remember how many houses he owns keep us safe in hard economic times?" Couple that with former Hewlett Packard president today admitting that Palin is INCAPABLE of running a corportion, and you have a Republican Presidential ticket with no clue what so ever about economic issues...maybe that explains why Palin's jet that she put on EBay was sold for a loss.

John McCain Invented The Blackberry!

Holy Shit Batman!

John McCain who admits he can hardly operate a computer invented the BLACKBERRY! It came to him one night in a Budweiser induced alcoholic haze as he grilled Porterhouse steaks out on the grill in the back yard of one of his NINE HOUSES! WOW, what if we took the key components of a computer and miniturized know, like a small handheld communications device for the masses! We could do text messaging, use it to arrange torrid sexual liasons with our HOTTIES!

Men, Stop Looking At Palin's Tits and See The Dishonest Viper That She Is!

Come on men, wake up and stop looking at Sarah Palin's tits! Sure she looks good, is the stuff of late night jack off sessions when the wife is in bed, but does that make her a good Vice Presidential choice? Everything we are hearing in the news should have us questioning everything she says, every lie she speaks.

First, if you listen to her carefully, she is very patronizing, talking down to us the voters, like some librarian telling children to hush up and listen as she drones on. Secondly, look at all the lies and half truths that she has spoken. The plane she put on EBay never sold on EBay, and was eventually sold privately at a huge loss. She was for the bridge before she was against the bridge, and though she says she is against earmarks, her citizens get more dollars per person in EARMARKS than in any other state in the nation.

Lastly, we have Troopergate...if, as she and John McCain claim, she has nothing to hide, and did nothing wrong, why is she refusing to cooperate with the investigation? Is she is truly lily white, why not cooperate, why not send her husband to give and deposition, and GET THE TRUTH OUT TO AMERICAN VOTERS.

Now, lets look at some of her EXTREME views. If your wife, daughter, or sister were violently raped, Sarah Palin wants to force her to have the child. In fact, while mayor she made rape victims PAY FOR THEIR RAPE KITS! She wants to teach creationism in our classrooms, wants sex education replaced with teaching abstinence. She wants to rape our environment, and has actually authorized the hunting of Artic Wolves by airplane! What's next, state sanctioned clubbing of baby seals?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just in From The "Daily Show"-What Kind Of Demon Spawn is Sarah Palin?


OK, I have called Sarah Palin a bitch and a cunt...turns out she is FAR WORSE THAN is bad enough that she left the town she was mayor of some 22 million dollars in debt...but, in my mind what is totally UNFORGIVABLE...she made sure when a woman was raped that she was CHARGED FOR HER RAPE KIT!

What Americans Want To Hear This Presidential Election

So, both McSame and Obama want our votes, both of them promising us the moon and stars if we put them in office. Well, as an average middle class White Man, here is some of what I want to know is going to happen if one of these two men is chosen president.

1. I want to know that K Street is going to be CLOSED DOWN, and BOARDED UP. Make lobbying congress on behalf of corporations a felony punishable by DEATH.

2. With the crash and burning of American's key lenders, such as Fannie Mae, with our government stepping in to bail them out, it is time to take the middle man out of home is only fair since our taxes are paying for the bailout. Let Americans get our mortgages DIRECTLY FROM OUR GOVERNMENT at the same interest rates that banks have been getting...cut out the PROFIT TAKERS.

3. FUCK ILLEGAL ALIENS and their supporters (National Chamber of Commerce and the Catholic Church). We want and executive order that A) builds the fence, B) puts armed military soldiers ON THE BORDER with orders to shoot, and C) authorizes mass raids on work places, and immediate deportation of all illegals that have stolen our jobs, and lowered our wages.

4. Repay the money WRONGFULLY borrowed/stolen from our Social Security Fund.

5. Stop NATION BUILDING in Iraq, and bring our troops home for NATION SAVING operations, such as securing our borders, and rounding up illegal aliens. Victory in Iraq is worthless if we DESTROY AMERICA in trying to win it.

If McCain Does Not Want To Own Republican Party Record, He Should Have Run as Independent

John McCain wants to run as the reformer, wants to denouce the Republican Record, while running as a Republican with 26 years in Washington, DC...what's wrong with this picture? Sorry McSame, but if you want to run as a Republican, you OWN THE RECORD. If you wanted to distance yourself from it, perhaps you should have chosen Joe LIEberman as your VP and the two of you could have run as independents.

In other news concerning the Republican Robber Barons, if Sarah Palin is everything that John McCain and his handlers want us to believe she is, why not let her FACE THE PRESS in a fully opened press conference...let's get real, going on three weeks now, and the cunt has not even taken a question from the voters, let alone and unbised unvetted member of the press...what is she, and the Republican Party afraid of?