Monday, November 24, 2008

Under Who Cares...Mexico Social Welfare System Collapsing With Deportations

Under who cares...seems that Mexico's Senate is getting worried that their Social Welfare system is collapsing...why it is collapsing? Between deportations and a shrinking job market for illegal aliens here in America it seems that remittances from illegal aliens in America are rapidly shrinking. Now I am curious I the only one that finds it disturbing that Mexico factors into their Social Safety Net for their most unfortunate citizens remittances from their illegal aliens here in America? President Calderon really needs to get a V-8, and Mexico needs to learn that America is not their FEDERAL WELFARE PROGRAM. We need more deportations, and Calderon needs to take care of his own citizens, rather than using America as his nation's dumping ground. Help put and American back to work...deport and illegal alien today.

If you suspect illegal aliens are living in a home near you, send us their address...we also accept the names of companies hiring illegal aliens. It's time to drop a dime on illegal aliens, and those that hire them.

Mexico's Social Welfare System Threatened from US Deportation Rate
November 4, 2008

Drop in remittances from Mexicans living in the United States threatens Mexico's social welfare in some areas
El Universal (Mexico City) 11/1/08
[The increasing return of its migrants from the US is beginning to catch Mexico's media attention.]
- According to the Mexican National Institute of Migration, between the beginning of 2006 and August, 2008, some 1.5 million of their countrymen were deported from the US.

Contributing to this trend, the total for 2008 could reach 600,000. In addition to these numbers, many are returning because of the financial and employment situation in the US. Those remaining are sending less money home. Mexico's social welfare is threatened by the drop in remittances received in economically marginal areas according to elected officials who call for a "rescue fund" of 1.8 billion pesos to be included in the 2009 budget.

The decrease in income from their US migrants "can convulse half the country," warned one of the representatives. Another pointed out that the recovery program would provide support for those who remain in the US where whatever they might have there would be more than what they would find in their home communities. The state and federal governments are not coordinated to face the wave of migrants remaining unemployed in the US and there is no plan in place, according to the Mexican Senate's head of the revenue commission. "The situation is worrisome because, at the moment, we haven't established an emergency program regarding people who are returning," he stated.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Obama to Name Pro Illegal Alien Governor Bill Richardson to His AMNESTY Cabinet

In another example of Barack Amnesty Obama selling out the American worker, he intends to name Governor Bill (Never met an illegal alien I did not like) Richardson to his Pro Illegal Alien Cabinet. America's Main Street wrokers to to be screaming outrage from their rooftops as it is obvious that Barack (Calderon's Butt Buddy) Obama plans on making Amnesty for 12-25 million illegal alien criminals a priority. We need 10 Million Main Street Americans traveling to the inauguration, standing on the Mall raising their voices in unison, letting Obama know that we will not tolerate AMNESTY under the guise of a pathway to citizenship.

Mexico's Calderon Threatens Obama With Tsuanmi of Illegal Aliens...Time To Militarize Our Southern Border?

Mexican President Calderon has threatened President Elect Obama while at the APEC event. He came right out and said America will face a flood of Illegal Aliens if Obama messes with trade, tries to change NAFTA. WTF? When are we going to spit in the face of this buffoon and show him we mean business by putting 20,000 or so military troops on our Southern Border to shut down the illegal drug trade, and stop Illegal Immigration from Mexico once and for had best learn Mr. Calderon that you are treading on thin water...many Americans would have no problems massing our troops on the border with Mexico, giving said troops the right to use whatever it takes to stop both drug dealers, and illegal aliens, and if that means deadly force, so be it. Who the fuck do you think you are threatening an incoming president?

Calderon's Threat:

And Mexican President Felipe Calderon, in an impassioned speech to delegates at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum on Saturday, warned Obama that any tightening of trade restrictions would send a flood of illegal immigrants into the United States.

"The next U.S. administration must assume leadership in a very firm manner--not just for Americans but for the whole world," Calderon said.

The stern words for Obama came during an annual APEC gathering dominated by fears over the ongoing financial crisis, and underscored the difficult balance that Obama must strike if he intends to forge a new economic path for the United States.

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12-25 Million Illegal Aliens in America, hundreds of millions of Illegal Drugs coming into America via our Southern Border, Mexican Gangs and Drug Lords walking the streets of America, and we have various security types checking out what I am up to here on Washington Scandal...get a clue folks! I report the news, and hand out my jaded middle class views on is called exercising my Freedom of Speech.

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Is Obama Repaying Bloomberg with Cabinet Pick of Adolfo Carrion Jr.?

Just in from Mulatto White House...Adolfo Carrion Jr. is being tabbed for a Obama Cabinet position. Question is, why this nomination, and is it Barack repaying Mr. Bloomberg by getting competition for the MAyor's position out of town in 2009?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

All Politics Is Local...Adolfo Carrión Jr. A Member of President Obama's Cabinet

Well well well...seems that Obama is picking someone local, someone I know something about as a member of his Adolfo Carrión Jr. of the Bronx. I know him as much as your average Joe can know any politician. From my position, Carrion is a man that likes being important...we'll leave it at that. He's a pick that La Raza would endorse...again, we'll leave it at that. He's a man that would be very supportive of the rights of illegal aliens...again, we'll leave it at that. In short, this is not a pick I would endorse, and from my perspective, Obama seems bent on pushing an AMNESTY driven agenda, and in that I believe he might throw America into civil war fought on the streets of Blue Collar America in a us verse them battle for the American Dream. (one note...have to wonder if this is not a Bloomberg encouraged pick to keep Carrion from running for Mayor in 2009.)

President Of Bronx Could Get Cabinet Post

Published: November 23, 2008

Adolfo Carrión Jr. is being considered for a senior position in the Obama administration, possibly as secreta ry of housing and urban development, people involved in the transition said.

Carrion on the issues

School Reform

"The initiatives that the mayor took and the idea of accountability through mayoral control is the right direction. I don't however agree [with having] a rubber stamp panel for education policy. If you asked for accountability, you should ask for somebody to check your authority by challenging your ideas and vetting them."


"What we've done is we've really focused our efforts on education and prevention. You're not going to fix entirely a lifetime worth of damage… but the shift in behavior to wellness requires information and education."

Mayor Bloomberg's Congestion Pricing Plan

"The fact that we can reduce millions of tons of particulate matter from the environment, and reduce the heat effect that we create and get more people to live healthy… is a good thing… It's the objective that's more important than the inconvenience."

Police Brutality

"There needs to be an environment of respect created in our city for the police and police officers and their authority, but that standard is upheld and created by a standard of respect toward the community."

Development and Housing

"I think the mayor's effort to plan for the future of the city is right on target."

Manhattan Train Link to JFK

"Access to Manhattan and the business center has to be absolutely accessible for people who come in by airport. That's why this whole notion of a train to the plane is so important."