Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nuclear Submarine Accident...UPDATE....Read Between Lines

Rest EASY Comrades, we have Russian News sources telling us that everything is A OK on a as yet unidentified nuclear submarine, even though 1/5 of those on board were either KILLED or INJURED when the fire-extinguishing system of this antiquated nuclear submarine accidently LAUNCHED ITSELF...I am sure you believe every word DEAR COMRADES! Shaking head...folks, we need to READ BETWEEN THE LINES HERE. All is well, but:

1. The sea trials were HALTED.

2. Anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs and the rescue vessel Sayany are accompaning the submarine TO AN UNDISCLOSED TEMPORARY BASE.

3. First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Kolmakov and Navy commander-in-chief, Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky ARE RACING TO SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT for a first hand assessment of the unfolding situation.

Again, the Russian Navy spokesperson is INSISTING that the onboard reactor is SAFE! Then tell us where the accident is, let independent investigator onboard the submarine!

Has Russia Had Horrid Chernobyl Like Nuclear Submarine Accident

Just breaking in the news, and on the Green Nuclear Butterfly blog...seems that there has been a horrid accident on a Russian Nuclear Submarine with 20 confirmed dead sailors, and at least 21 others injured...Russia is being tight lipped on the accident, its location, and the name of the NUCLEAR POWERED submarine.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

In Worst Nuclear Accident Since Chernobyl At Least 20 Russian Sailors DIE HORRIBLE NUCLEAR DEATH

During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, John McCain routinely LIED about the safety of the Nuclear Navy, deliberately mislead Americans regarding the safety of nuclear energy...well, as we all sit safely in our homes tonight, Russia is hiding the location and name of a naval vessel where 20 sailors have died a horrible nuclear death, with at least 20 others severely injured, perhaps suffering from severe nuclear burns or sure to be FATAL over exposure to radioactive particulates...which raises the question, is the world in the middle of a Naval China Syndrome as a Russian sea going vessel spews its ruptured onboard reactor's nuclear particulates into the world's oceans? Is this the first example of what is to come as America's own aged and brittle reactors give up the ghost and explode when exposed to Thermal Shock? WE NEED DETAILS RUSSIA, NOT COVER UPS!

At least 20 die in accident on Russian nuclear sub

MOSCOW, Nov. 8, 2008 (Reuters) — At least 20 people died and 21 were injured in an accident on board a Russian nuclear-powered submarine, Russian news agencies said on Saturday. ... > full story

Soviet/Russian Nuclear Submarine Patrols 1981-2006

The annual number of patrols performed by Russian nuclear-powered submarines has plummeted from 235 in 1984 to less than 10 today. In 2002, the strategic submarine force did not manage to send a single boat on deterrent patrol. (click on graph to download PDF version)

Patrol Areas

During the Cold War, the patrol areas for Soviet ballistic missile submarines gradually changed as new capabilities were introduced. Most important was the range of the missile, which permitted the submarines to pull back into patrol areas ("bastions") closer to the Soviet Union.

Delta IV Class
Ballistic Missile Submarine

Russian nuclear submarines are spending most of their life at pier side.

The Obama Family Needs to Sell Their House

Barack Obama's House - Kenwood - Chicago by Mark 2400.
Just watched a video over on ABC, and the Obama needs to END THEIR SELFISHNESS and sell their home in Hyde Park area of Chicago. With all due respect to the future President, it is totally unfair to expect all the citizens living within FIVE BLOCKS of your home to be completely inconvenienced for the next 4-8 years. American citizens have RIGHTS, and it is patently unfair for you, your family, and the Secret Service to expect them to sacrifice those rights so that you can maintain your inner city residence in the Chicago area.

Winter coming, and citizens inconvenienced because the Secret Service decides their bus stop must be moved! Homeowners not allowed to FREELY drive their cars to and from their homes, park in front of their own houses because of the security risk THAT YOU POSE. Christmas coming, and families cannot have company over for dinner without some MAJOR example, guests have to park outside of the security zone, walk to the security zone, then be ESCORTED to your home for dinner.

When Bill and Hillary purchased their home in Chappaqua (about eight miles from here) at the end of a culdesack, there were some minor inconveniences, but nothing like what Barack Obama's neighbors are being forced to endure. These neighbors need to get themselves and attorney and seek a TRO against the Secret Service and Barack Obama...their full use and enjoyment of their property is being majorly impacted, and that amounts to a taking without due process of law.

Sorry Obama, but stop SCREWING YOUR NIEGHBORS that live within five blocks of your abode by moving out and selling the house.

In California, Blacks Make Gay's The New Nigger

Let us be BRUTALLY HONEST...on the same night we as a nation were supposedly healing a great racial divide, Blacks (and Hispanics) in California had no problem being bigoted and voting to make Gays the 21st Century Niggers, America's not quite human species. It is sad that the most oppressed among us at one point in our history has no problem oppressing others based on unrealistic homophobic fears and prejudices. Blacks overwhelmingly voted to deny equal rights to gays by a margin of 70-30 percent, while Hispanics were in support of Proposition 8 at a pace well over 50 percent.

When one Frederick K.C. Rice of the Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles said, "We shouldn't do anything to jeopardize the future of our family and our children," he should have perhaps said, "We don't take kindly to faggots, and don't want them having the right to get married." Let us put political correctness aside and call if you will, a spade a's a well known fact that the black community is prejudice against gays, generally has no toleration for FAGGOTS and QUEERS. It is time to take the Black Communities own prejudices and shove them back in their face want and demand equal rights, then you have to be willing to give equal rights, and the time has come for the Black Community to learn some TOLERANCE.

Friday, November 7, 2008

With 240,000 More Americans Out of Work, Obama Wants to Give Illegal Aliens AMNESTY?

Today the October Unemployment numbers came out, and another 240,000 Americans have been given their pink sheets as the unemployment rate hit its highest point since March of 1994. Over 1.2 million Americans have lost their jobs this year, yet Obama and Pelosi want to PUSH THROUGH AMNESTY FOR 25 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS. Sorry, but a pathway to citizenship, amnesty for illegal aliens is not good for America, and a disaster for America's lower and middle class CITIZENS and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. The time has come to implement a comprehensive Deportation Plan similiar to Dwight D. Eisenhowser's "Operation Wetback", time to restore America to a nation of laws, time to make American Citizenship an honor, rather than something easily stolen by those willing to ignore our laws and our borders.

On November 15th Washington, DC is holding a world summit on this failing economy, and oddly President Elect Barack Obama has opted to sit on the sidelines, meet behind closed doors with Pro-Illegal Alien lackeys to map out his plan to provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. He wants to wash away their criminal actions, wants to let them keep their jobs which they stole from American Citizens...that must not be allowed to happen, the time has come for America's lower and middle class too raise our voice in outrage, time for us to demand redress, time for us to demand the deportation of those here illegally. Time for us as LEGAL CITIZENS to demand the arrest of those who have and continue to hire illegal aliens, time for us to demand that our government arrest those, such as the Catholic Church who have been aiding and abetting illegal aliens in breaking our laws, in stealing the jobs of legal Americans. Where are the working man and woman's Union in calling for marches and protests? Where is FAIR and ALIPAC in organizing marches on our nation's capital? Illegal Aliens have been allowed to push and bully us for far too long, and the time has come TO PUSH BACK.

Barack Obama is already planning on abandoning every promise he has made to America's Middle and Lower Classes, rolling back promised tax cuts for us, putting Universal Health Care on hold, postponing or cancelling plans to help Americans afford college tuition, while at the same time wanting to PUSH THROUGH CONGRESS the Dream Act which would make college AFFORDABLE FOR ILLEGAL would be TREASON for him to stab America's lower and middle class in the back by granting AMNESTY, GRANTING CITIZENSHIP too 25 Million illegal alien criminal, would be a crime against humanity for this Democratic President and his Democratic Congress to give illegal aliens cheap access to our colleges while America families tell their children, "We are so sorry, but we cannot afford to send you to college."

We have seen the enemy, and the enemy is illegal aliens, and any government agency or politician that supports them in this OUR TIME OF NEED. I encourage every one reading this who is a legal citizen or legal immigrant to call, write and email your elected officials...demand that they ENFORCE our IMIGRATION LAWS as WRITTEN, demand they deport those here in American Illegally. Demand that they PUNISH those who hire or house illegal aliens...we want MORE RAIDS, not less, and we do not want congress creating a pathway to citizenship for criminals, and make no mistake, illegal aliens are criminals.

US jobless rate at 14-year high

Jobseekers at a jobs fair in California
Unemployment is likely to rise, say economists

The US jobless rate rose to 6.5% in October, official figures have shown, the highest rate since March 1994.

Figures from the US Labor Department showed US employers cut 240,000 jobs in October, the 10th month in a row that the economy has lost jobs.

The increase means that in the first 10 months of this year, 1.2 million people in the US have lost their jobs.

Some economists predict the jobless rate could climb to 8%, or possibly higher, next year.

In the 1980-1982 recession, the unemployment rate rose as high as 10.8% before coming down.

The Labor Department said 481,000 people in the US filed new claims for jobless benefits in the last week of October .

On Friday, car giant Ford announced plans for more job cuts after reporting third quarter losses of $129m.

The firm said 2,260 workers in its North American plants would lose their jobs - 10% of its North American salaried work force of 22,600.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Secret Service and You Tube Making Obama Videos Disappear?

Was on another one of my blogs this evening and a You Tube Obama family video piece had disappeared, so I went right to You Tube to check for it...when I pulled the video up, got a message saying it was NO LONGER checked two more videos that showed Barack with his family (wife and children) and they also WERE GONE. So the question is, do we have You Tube and the Secret Service beginning to erase things from the public arena even if those things were gathered and placed on You Tube LEGALLY, and if so, at who's request?

Roll Call Buying HILL ACCESS Through Free Access

While studying the official Transition web site this evening, I was surprised to see members of the Obama team (and other government employees) are given a list of press sites to check out, one of which is which turns out to be a publication filled with tons of POLITICAL NEWS that average citizens have to pay really BIG BUCKS to gain access to. In fact, a one year subscription to the online service fetches a pricey $295 price tag...UNLESS...yes, there is always and happen to work for the Federal Government, or are lucky enough to have a email address that goes through a .gov domain.

Simply stated, if you work for the government, or for one of our elected officials, or you are an elected official, Roll Call GIFTS YOU A MEMBERSHIP! I did some quick CHECKING, and am not finding anyone ADMITTING to these gifts from Roll Call. Correct me if I am wrong here, but aren't elected officials and staffers supposed to DISCLOSE gifts? Even more troubling, seems to me, that giving STAFFERS and ELECTED OFFICIALS free access to Roll Call creates and incestous relationship that gives the Roll Call UNFAIR access to information sources on Capital Hill.

Let us say for example that 10,000 government employees are accessing/using this FREE GIFT. That represents lobbying/favor buying on the part of Roll Call on Capital Hill of $2.75 Million dollars a year. Has the company registered as a lobbyist, reported this lobbying gift to the FEC or other government agency...even more disturbing, are they in any fashion successfully writing this GIFT off of their taxes when they file their IRS reports each year?

A GIFT IS A GIFT, and news sources should not be allowed to GAIN ACCESS OR FAVOR IN THE OFFICES OF POWER THROUGH THE GIFTING OF FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS. I would ask President Obama to instruct his staff NOT TO SUBSCRIBE to Roll Call unless they pay for their subscriptions, and I would further ask that the Inspector General, or perhaps the Attorney General's office open up and investigation of this issue, and if proper pursue charges against Roll Call and other publications that are giving gifts to officials...further, if officials and their staffers have been accepting these gifts, and not REPORTING THEM, charges should be brought against them as well.

I would suggest to Roll Call, that they either CHARGE EVERYONE for internet access to their publication including Washington DC staffers and politicians, or give everyone FREE ACCESS. This article will be followed with a formal letter requesting investigation of this issue. We want change, and change means halting FREEBIES given to elected officials and their staff as a means of BUYING SPECIAL ACCESS....SHAME ON YOU ROLL CALL.

Because you work in Congress, you are eligible for complimentary access (FREE GIFT) to several Roll Call Group services. Simply fill out the form below to access, then select whether you'd also like to receive CongressNow (What is the VALUE of this gift?) and Briefing Room (What is the VALUE of this gift?). If each of these publications, like carries a GIFT VALUE of $295. we have Roll Call giving every staffer on Capital Hill a gift worth almost $1,000 dollars. Have those gifts been properly disclosed by each staffer, and have these gifts been reported on their tax forms?

Roll Call is the first and only call for the people, politics and personality of Capitol Hill. Sign up today to get Roll Call delivered to your inbox and/or doorstep.

Disgusted With California's Black Homophobic Bigotry This Election Cycle

It is sadly ironic to learn that on Black America's greatest night, their own California Black Homophobic Bigotry played a crucial role in denying gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered citizens of California their equal rights. You see, blacks in California showed their homophobe mindset, their hatred of the gay community on Election Day by voting 70 to 30 percent in banning gay marriage, in supporting Prop 8. Where is Barack Obama in this discussion, where is he today in condemning his own black community's bigotry? Can someone explain to me how it is that the Black Community is fine in DEMANDING FAIR AND EQUAL TREATMENT FOR THEMSELVES, while they think nothing of spitting on the rights of gay Americans? You lose the right to cry racism when you yourself show the world you are a racist, homophobic bigot. Let's dragged the ugly baby out from under the living room rug...blacks seem to have a very serious problem with gay people, a problem with homosexuality.

Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks must be crying up heaven at the hypocrisy of California's Black Community. Marriage is not just between a man and woman, and has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION OR YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS...marriage is a right, and you either support LEGAL RIGHTS for all, or you are not deserving of the rights you have. Again, it is sad that California's Black Community has forever sullied and stained their greatest moment in history by showing themselves to be nothing more than hypocritical homophobic bigots.

Two Days In...Audacity of Hope Looking More Like I Hood Winked You Playa!

Two days into President Elect Barack Obama's reign, and his "Audacity of Hope" is looking more and more like "I lied to you playa!" Stumbling out of the starting gate on election night, the first thing we heard was MORE OF THE SAME as he asked us to give him a second term when he stated to the entire world:

The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America – I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you – we as a people will get there.

BOOM...right after his opening thanks, and promising his kids their dog he starts back peddling on his Audacity of hope, dampening our expectations, and preparing us for reneging on his agenda while also pitching the crowd for a second term. The climb is going to be steep can easily be translated into, "lets tamp down the enthusiasm and be realistic folks, as there is no way in hell we are going to get along if you hold me to all those promises I made out on the trail. Besides, if you recall, I ALWAYS gave myself an out by saying I did not know what we would find when I actually took office." Then the typical political hook while the crowd is on his side, "We may not get there in one year or even one term..." Translated, "Stay with me folks, and keep those monthly campaign donations coming in, as I am running for a second term." Say five million Americans continuing to toss in $20 bucks a month for the next four years, you all do the math.

Talk about politics as usual! Then yesterday after the dust settles America got its first look at Obama's change government, and it looks suspiciously like the same old tired SHIT SANDWICH we have been seeing and forced to eat for years. Cronism, it is there. Political machine mentality with a lot of the same old worn out is there with the early framework of an Obama presidency taking on a very Clinton like feel as Bill and Senator Dashle's team members are plugged into the mix. Government by and for rich people...OH YEAH, that is there in spades when you start looking at how many MILLIONAIRES are on his payroll, starting with his new Chief of Staff who has had his tens of millions safely tucked away in trust now for almost two decades while sucking off the public trust! Which might explain his pro-illegal stance, since rumors have it that he benefits from the CHEAP LABOR they provide.

Two days in and it is looking like America may have been hoodwinked...I would challenge Obama to step forward and prove me wrong, unless he is nothing more than a two faced lying yellow bellied chicken. Where is change Mr. Obama if you are building your team in the same corrupt fashion that every other president has built his team. Where is change when you are brining in the same rich and elite overlords to rule over the masses? For someone who sold himself as one of us, you are suddenly acting a whole lot LIKE THEM. Is your change just more of the same as the middle class gets chewed up and spit out by the Uber Rich on one side, and both illegal and legal immigrants on the other? Tell me Obama, did you just HOOD WINK AMERICA?

By the way, you are invited to track Obama's Reign over at my newest blog :
Mulatto White House

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Brown Noses Illegal Aliens, Bitch Slaps American Workers by Naming Rahm Emanuel His Chief of Staff

Lets face it, Barack Obama just bitch slapped the American Worker today when he named key AMNESTY SUPPORTER, champion of illegal aliens Rahm Emanuel, son of an Israeli Terrorist his chief of staff. Sorry, but I think brown nosing with the Pro Illegal Alien supporters is the WRONG SIGNAL TO SEND MAIN STREET on day one as the President Elect of the United States of America. I will remind President Elect Obama...illegal aliens are criminals, not citizens. You were elected TO REPRESENT AND GOVERN CITIZENS.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Tonque Sucks Anal Region of Pro Illegal Aliens By Naming Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) His Chief of Staff While Bitch Slapping Blue Collar Workers

Strike one, Obama flips bird at Main Street Americans, bitch slaps Blue Collar workers in throwing a bone to Illegal Aliens, naming Rep. Rahm Emanuel his chief of staff. Talk about tongue sucking the anal cavity of the Pro Illegal Alien could not throw them a bigger bone than coming out the morning after you are elected the President of the People(people being legal citizens)and naming Rahm Emanuel your Chief of Staff. Barack Obama might as well declare the White House a Safe Haven Community for Illegal Aliens. In one move, Barack Obama has sent a clear signal to America's Blue Collar, Main Street citizens that we take a back seat to Illegal Aliens. What is next, placing want ads in Calderon's monthly newsletter seeking White House lawn staff?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thoughts on Our First Mulatto President

Just watched John McCain deliver his concession speech out in Arizona, his wife and family by his side. Looking at the bottom of my TV screen, see the Electoral Vote currently stands at 338 for Obama and 155 for McCain with some yellow states (undecided) still not called. It is official that America has her first Mulatto President. Not trying to split hairs here, nor am I trying to detract from the importance that this moment represents for the Black Community...watching Reverend Jackson in Chicago, tears freely streaming down his face spoke volumes. However, it is important that we as a nation not make Obama a black president, it is important that we as a nation not make him the President of the Black Community. He is America's President, he is half White, half Black, and ALL AMERICAN.

Moving forward, we are a wounded nation, many wounds open, raw and bleeding. Look in almost any direction, and you find a divided populace, a divided nation, and divided neighborhoods as every faction guards against attack. The poor sent the rich, the rich distrust and dislike everyone else, most in the lower and middle class dislike or hate Illegal Aliens, and the Illegal Aliens hate them, while the rich and elite laugh at both as they take advantage of their labors to make themselves even richer than they are. Red states, blue states, conservatives hating liberals, and left hating right. We are a divided nation, and if any one thinks this election, Obama winning the White House has some how changed things, you are sadly mistaken.

How quickly will many of us turn on Obama if he tries to shove Amnesty for Illegal Aliens down our throats? How quickly will many of us Boomers turn on him, and his Congress if he or they try to steal away our Social is ours, WE HAVE PAID FOR IT, and many of us are willing to fight for what is rightfully ours, fight for our retirement, fight for the security in our Golden Years that Social Security is supposed to represent. Flip side of this quickly will the Latino community turn on Obama if he doesn't push for pathway to citizenship for some 15-25 million illegal aliens? How many Americans will turn against Obama if he does not step in and save millions of homeowners from foreclosure? How many of us will turn against him if he does step in and save those homes from foreclosure, while offering the rest of us who played by the rules NOTHING?

There is a certain justice in the fact that Barack Obama is half black, half white, the best of what both races have to offer, a man that has one foot hopefully planted firmly in both of these two separate and unique communities. His presidency will succeed or fail on his ability to be the leader of ALL OF AMERICAN...if he becomes the black peoples President, he will fail as president, and it is very possible that failure would also see us as a nation fail.

I Have A Dream! That Dream is Realized!

Live Election Results
Votes Needed to Win: 270
Electoral Votes283
Popular Vote51%
Electoral Votes145
Popular Vote48% » Full Election Results
Martin Luther King had a dream and Obama has brought it full circle. On the day he will be sworn into office, it will be the 100th Anniversary of the NAACP.

CNN Just Called It! Barack is President of The United States of America!

It is official...Barack Obama is the President Elect of the United States of America...CNN officially called the race at 11 PM when the West Coast polls officially closed!

Police Arrest Potential Obama Killer

Just in...Police in Rosemont arrested a man this afternoon in a possibly serious threat to President Elect Barack Obama...more on this breaking story as it becomes available.

Rosemont cops arrest man in connection with Obama threat

Rosemont police have taken someone into custody in connection with a possible threat to Barack Obama. The person, whom police did not identify, was taken into custody this afternoon after being pulled over in a car by Rosemont police, Sgt. Keith Kania said.

Police would not say what led to the driver being taken into custody. No charges have been filed. As part of the investigation, Rosemont enlisted the assistance of other law enforecement agencies, Kania said.

He declined further comment, saying it is an ongoing investigation. Check back to throughout the night for more information

In Other NEWS...

Popular vote is still VERY CLOSE.

CNN has now given Texas to McCain, but we had called that one over an hour ago. The Biltmore is a MORGUE! McCain is at Biltmore staying in the Goldwater appropriate for Mr. Loser!

Just In On CNN...New Mexico Goes Obama

New Mexico goes to Obama, and that puts him right on the official bubble of 200 as he sits at 199. Popular vote is almost a DEAD HEAT right now! Of course, when you plug in California for Barack, as well as Oregon, and Washington State, this is a BLOW OUT in the Electoral College. You look at the tight states that might tilt in Obama's favor on the East coast such as Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina, and we are talking a whole new Blue State, Red State Map.

Meanwhile, CNN has just made some more projections, and the night keeps getting uglier for John McCain. Obama wins Iowa! He is over 200 Electoral votes! McCain gets Utah and Kansas...he wins the Mormon vote.

Love watching the networks try to keep this interesting...they have themselves broadcasting until 2 AM, and we can all see this election IS OVER!

Big NEWS From CNN...

In BIG NEWS from CNN, they have just called Ohio for Obama! This is a Tsunami FOLKS. This is not just a win, this is a MAN DATE, and the Red States need to PAY A PRICE for their backing of George Bush and John McCain! Let's ABORT THEIR FUNDING!

Hold onto your seats! Obama coming on in Virginia! Has cut lead to less than one percent! Barack is going to pull this baby out! Obama holding lead in Florida!

In preparing a states to punish in new Obama Presidency list, Texas gets placed on top of the list as they gave McCain a BIG WIN THERE. Kentucky is another one that should get bitch slapped along with West Virginia. The time has come for some of these RED STATES to pay for their backward ideas and hateful ways. We got your prayers RIGHT HERE folks.

Networks Catching Up...Still Not Projecting Obama Our Next President!

CNN and other stations still not projecting Obama our next President, but THIS CONTEST is so seriously over, and it is rather amusing watching Solidad and others trying to make their broadcasts INTERESTING! CNN just gave Obama New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Rhode Island. Electoral Count on television right now is 174 for Obama, and 49 for McCain. Tomo Udal wins in New Mexico, and SHaheen wins in New Hampshire...a SUPER MAJORITY is starting to look VERY POSSIBLE!
I'll stay with CNN until 11, and then I am switching over to watch the "Daily Show".

Hagan Wins, the Religious Witch Dole Goes Down To Defeat!

OH YEAH....Elizabeth Dole just got flushed down the political toilet!

It Is An Obama Tsunami...Pennsylvania Goes To Barack!

Turning out the lights, the Obama Tsunami is ON! Pennsylvania just called for Obama on CNN, and the FAT LADY IS SINGING. Barack Obama is your next President, and Washington Scandal called it almost one hour ago!

The Obama Presidency-The Work Begins

This race is over, Washington Scandal calling it early for Barack Obama. Perhaps the advantage of being a blogger, is no one will care if I am wrong. I think, and have called Indiana and Florida for Obama, and think we may see Obama pulling out Pennsylvania and Ohio when the numbers come in, and have not given up yet on either Virginia or North Carolina.

CNN has more numbers after the break, and I find myself moving on, beginning to put thought into what an Obama Administration will be like, what changes we will see as a nation as he prepares to take up residence in the White House.

One change we have already started to see...more black faces in the news media. This is not a good or bad thing, but think the networks have to be careful in their selections. For example, find CNN's decision to have a comedic news show at best odd. If I want to watch Comedic News I turn to the Comedy Channel, want to watch The Daily Show, and Steven Colbert. I go to CNN for SERIOUS NEWS.

Another OUCH for McCain...New Hampshire and its four Electoral Votes will go to Barack Obama. I should not be laughing, but I am! So much for all his Townhall Meetings, and his relationship with the people of New Hampshire...maybe now we can start being fair, giving OTHER STATES a chance to GO FIRST come the next Presidential Election in 2012.

Look for an end, or the beginning of the end of Affirmative Action under a Barack Presidency. Oddly, look for a huge fight when Barack Obama tries to grant Amnesty to illegal aliens, and when he tries to include Illegal Aliens in a Universal Health Care plan.

On the world stage, Obama will go into office with a lot of nations ready to give him, and America a NEW LOOK. What he does with that opportunity remains to be seen. Look for early overtures to Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. YEs, Venezuela...we need peace in our section of the world, and we need Venezuela's oil, and they are a strategic nation to have on our side when both China and Russia decide to cause trouble in the Western Hemisphere which they will.

Iraq...I believe Obama will find his hands have been tied by George Bush, and that our troops are burdened down there through at least 2011, but I am guessing we are tied down there in some significant fashion through at least 2014.

O BAM A...The STEAM ROLLER is Coasting...Obama is Next President

The steam roller is moving, and everything is starting to turn Obama! Washington Scandal now calls both Indian and Florida for Obama. The night is young, but THIS RACE IS OVER! Obama already up by over 100,000 votes in Ohio. There is NO WAY McCain can snake out a win...still looking for the numbers from Pennsylvania, but with Indian and Florida in Obama's pocket, it no longer matters!

Your next President is Barack Obama!

BAM,,,Obama STeam Roller Coming On


Maine 3




District of Columbia



Obama is winning BIG TIME in Florida, and changing the Demographics! I am almost ready to call Florida for Obama!

South Carolina For McCain...Up 21-3 on Electoral Map!

So far, the rednecks are ruling the early poll results as McCain grabs early Electoral lead of 21-3! Sure almost every Democrat is holding their breath as we wait for the Pennsylvania results start to roll in!

Going out on a limb here, and I am going to call Indiana for Obama in a late night squeaker! No surprise, CNN has just called South Carolina for John McCain.

McCain Has 13 Electoral Votes Wins West Virginia

More breaking news...McCain is up 13-3 on the Electoral Map....

UGLY NIGHT SO FAR! McCain now up in North Carolina, has BIG early lead in Georgia, and Florida has tightened up! Indiana is still tight, and I think McCain has to be up by five percentage points before Gary comes in, or HE LOSES Indiana!

15 states closing soon! Ohio in that mix, as well as Pennsylvania! McCain has to win Pennsylvania, so that is a must watch set of poll numbers to see. Amazed that McCain is up in Virginia by such large numbers...again, is this the Bradley effect rearing its ugly head?

Good news so far in Florida, but we have seen late night games on the part of the Republicans in that state far too often.

First North Carolina Numbers IN!

Early Favorite is Obama with a very small lead. Florida is fixed, and Obama is LEADING. Obama is also leading the NATIONAL VOTE! In more good news, Obama is again tightening in Indiana! McCain's lead there trimmed from five to three percent! IF the Florida numbers as they now are stay contant, the RACE IS OVER.

Some More Updates...Virginia Trickling In

Well, the early results have to be discomforting...I know I am finding them so, though not worried. McCain has early lead in Virginia. (do hope we are not seeing the Bradley effect rearing its ugly head) McCain has increased his lead in Indiana to 3 percent. Good news...Obama's big numbers not in yet in Bloomington, Indianapolis and Gary. It is going to be a NAIL BITER! Already problems with Florida's reporting numbers!

In other news...just watched a brief video of Chicago as they let fans in to claim their space for Obama's speech later this evening. Mark my words...I think the scene is a tactical NIGHTMARE...look for serious trouble, even with an Obama win tonight...some major looting, perhaps even a small riot.

CNN Goes Star TREK, BEAMS JESSICA YELLIN into Situation Room!

CNN goes Star Trek on us and beams Jessica Yellin live into the New York newsroom from her location in Chicago! Nothing like a halogram on Election Night too win some extra rating points!

In more important news, McCain has a early lead in Florida, and his still hanging on in Indiana...right now, with Gary still sitting in the wings, I am very close to calling Indiana for Barack Obama.

First Projections Are IN! Obama Wins Vermont, McCain Wins Kentucky

CNN has just made its first projections, we have our first Electoral Votes assigned.

Obama wins Vermont

McCain wins Kentucky...interesting side is looking like Obama's coat tails might be just big enough to give Lunsford the Senate seat.

In Indiana, McCain has just moved ahead of Obama, but not by much...right now, Washington Scandal is leaning towards a Blue Indiana.

The Election Triangle to watch...PVI (Pennsylvania, Virginia and Indiana)

Mark Warner wins in Virginia! That is a Democratic pickup, and a GOOD SIGN for Obama!
MSNBC - U.S. - More Headlines
McCain wins Kentucky; Obama takes Vermont
Tue Nov 4, 2008 7:10 PM EST

McCain Leads Popular Vote...For Now...Obama Winning Indiana?

So the polls are closing, and the results are starting to come in, and for maybe the only time this night, McCain is leading the popular vote as early returns come in from Kentucky and Indiana. What is seriously bad news for John far, Obama is holding onto a very small lead in Indiana...that could be the beginning of disasterous news for McCain. As I stated in an earlier post, a Blue Indiana will spell a HUGE NIGHT for Obama, and McCain has to build a big lead there early to withstand the Gary precincts that will be big numbers for Obama. Right now, it is looking like Obama could be positioning himself for a win in Indiana.....80,000 plus votes in.

In BREAKING NEWS from Kentucky....Lunsford has JUST TAKEN THE LEAD in the race for the Senate.

Early State To Watch Is Indiana

The early state to watch this evening is Indiana! As the old expression goes, the Democrats have not carried this state in a coon's age, but this night, history could be made. Polling centers in most of Indiana close early (6 PM) with the one exception being Gary (a suberb of Chicago). If the early results have Obama and McCain in close to a dead heat, and if it stays that way until the Gary results come rolling in, Indiana will GO BLUE, and if Indiana goes BLUE, Obama is going to have a MONSTER NIGHT! Having grown up just outside of Jeffersonville, my eyes will be watching this state very closely.

Fun Things To Distract Yourself With On Election Day...!

A sign that I am a sick twisted person...under fun things to do on Election Day up the White House and ask for President Obama!

Contacting the White House

Mailing Address

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Phone Numbers

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461

McCain In Last Minute GO TV Efforts (humor)

In last minute get out the vote efforts (GO TV) McCain and LIEberman are rumored to have been seen pushing beer drinking members of local VFW to poll centers!

Let's Have Referendum Vote Here in America On Iraq!

In the latest news on the SOFA (Strength of Forces Agreement) that would keep American Troops in Iraq through 2011 is running into some snags as Iraq puts some unacceptable demands on the table. In the latest oddity, Iraq now wants to let the people of Iraq vote on the agreement via a Referendum Ballot Vote...I'm fine with that, but let us here in America TAKE OUR OWN REFERENDUM VOTE...let us here in America vote on Iraq, vote on the issue of bringing our troops home, or leaving them there for another three years!
BAGHDAD, Oct. 22, 2008 (Reuters) — Baghdad will demand changes to the wording of a pact allowing U.S. troops to stay in Iraq but will not seek to renegotiate the "backbone" of the agreement, Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari said on Wednesday.
BAGHDAD, Oct. 20, 2008 (Reuters) — A pact to allow U.S. troops to stay in Iraq for three more years is unlikely to win approval in Iraq's parliament before the U.S. presidential election on November 4, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari said.
BAGHDAD, Oct. 19, 2008 (Reuters) — A landmark pact to allow U.S. troops to stay in Iraq until 2011 hit its first major political snag on Sunday, with Iraq's ruling Shi'ite parties calling for changes just days after a "final draft" was unveiled.

Did Sarah Palin Vote For Barack Obama?

On election day reports always hoover around looking for a shot of the MAJOR players voting, hoping they will get to ask a question of two. Well, that scene unfolded in Wasilla Alaska, and we may have just witnessed the WEIRDEST Sarah Palin moment, one that makes you ask, "Did Sarah vote for Barack Obama?" Seriously, when a reporter asked the perfunctory question, "Who did you vote for?" Sarah Palin said she was exercising her right to PRIVACY! NOW THAT IS WEIRD!

Election Day is Here, About to Go Vote

Living in New York, there is not the BUZZ here that you see in many of the swing states, and I doubt there will be any kind of a line at my own voting station. I have to admit a certain relief knowing this election is almost OVER. I feel as if I, and the nation have run a two year marathon, have been rung out to dry in this endurance contest, and now that Election Day is here, there is no elation, but instead a rush to JUST GET IT OVER WITH.

I have reservations, but I am going to vote for Obama as the lesser of two evils. I don't like McCain, and any chance he would have ever had in getting my vote, or at least getting me to stay home vanished when he put Sarah Palin on the ballot. She may have rejuvenated the Republican Base, but she conversely fired up many of us on the Democratic Side, gave many of us that were not happy with Obama (I supported Hillary) reason to plug back in and take a stand...sorry, but the thought of that Alaskan Wacko being a breath away from the presidency is unacceptable.

Let me go vote, and I'll be back on to live blog the election later in the day.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Prayers Go Out to The Obama Family

Just in on CNN..,Barack OBama's grandmother (Madelyn Dunham age 86) has lost her brave fight with cancer, and has passed away on this the eve of the most important election in America's history. Our deepest condolences go out to the entire Obama family, and we ask all of our readers to keep them in your prayers. The family has asked those wishing to send flowers to instead make a small donation to any organization working toward a cure for cancer.

Stop STD's Get Your Palin Rubbers (They have them for OBama and McCain Fans Too)

Sticking with my concerns about Sarah Palin and Herpes, and having a bit of fun, protect yourselves from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) with the Sarah Palin soft as silk rubbers now available on a street corner near you.

A street vender sells McCain, Obama and Palin condoms in New York's Times Square, October 31, 2008. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Proposition Eight is Personal...Do The Right Thing

Some people do not understand me, say it is impossible for me to be a Conservative Liberal. Sure I can example, when it comes to illegal aliens, I would probably put myself strongly into the VERY RADICAL RIGHT WING of the Republican Party. They (illegal aliens) violated our laws, are criminals no matter who tries to say otherwise. They are lowering the wages of those in the lower and middle class, are stealing our jobs, and in some cases (mine included) have lowered the values of our homes, are destroying to some degree our neighborhoods. In short, my position on the issue SCREAMS conservative!

Then we have Proposition 8 out in California, and other similar efforts in states such as Colorado. How can any one morally or ethically defend their opposition of Gay Marriage? We are America, one of the core tenets of our constitution is EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL! Marriage is a legal right and responsibility with privileges and responsibilities governed BY LAWS, certified and recognized by a GOVERNMENT ISSUED Marriage License. The church has nothing what so ever to do with the Marriage License, or the legal contract that it represents. A church BLESSES a marriage. No one is FORCING CHURCHES to recognize or bless gay fact, the church's blessing and/or recognition is not necessary! Two people, regardless of their sexual orientation or sex identification should be allowed too be married to the person of their choice with the full LEGAL RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES that a marriage license represents.

Ask a abused child who grew up in a heterosexual Christian household if they would prefer living in a non abusive gay Christian household, and I'd be willing to bet that abused child would choose the gay household. That's not a completely intellectual an abuse survivor, wish I would have had such a choice as a child. I know first hand that being heterosexual does not guarantee a good marriage, does not defacto make two people great candidates for parenthood. My parents went to church on Sunday, prayed to their Jesus, were respected members of that community...Monday through Saturday was a different story. For that matter, how come none of those supposed Christians ever spoke up...surely they could see my bruises?

What happened to the parable we were taught in Bible School that preaches, "Let he without sin cast the first stone."? Never mind, being rhetorical's like a basic principle of Christianity says God gives us FREEDOM OF CHOICE, yet Christians in the name of God want to take that away when it comes to the Pro Life verse Pro Choice debate. Curious here...can you explain to me your reasoning...when I ask how God could let me be abused, I've been told by religious leaders that God gives us freedom of choice, and sometimes others make bad choices that see bad things happen to good people...should not that same arguement apply to abortion?Should it not be up to a woman to decide what she wants to do with her body, and what is inside of it? Again a rhetorical question...if Christians really believed in God and the messages of Jesus, they would respect the gift of Choice that God has given us, would let people use that freedom of choice in choosing their life partners.

Do the right thing California, and preserve a gay couples right to be LAWFULLY WEDDED. Vote NO on Prop 8!

Gay-marriage supporters work to make voters' choices on Proposition 8 personal ones

Nancy Ayllon, left, and Shawny Woodward kiss during a No on Proposition 8 rally Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008... Expand

As California voters prepare to decide Tuesday whether to eliminate the marriage rights same-sex couples won five months ago, gays and their allies have been encouraged to tell co-workers and neighbors why legalizing the unions matters to them.

Same-sex couples who have married since June knocked on doors in neighborhoods across the state on Sunday to share stories with the voters they hoped to persuade to defeat Proposition 8.

In recent weeks, other gay opponents of the ban, including a Roman Catholic priest, a former Republican mayor and a small-town newspaper editor, came out of the closet to show how the issue cuts across religious and social lines.

Proposition 8 has turned into this year's most expensive election question aside from the presidential race. Religious and civil rights groups have poured money and effort into the drive, making it one of the nation's most closely watched races.

During his 23 years as a priest in the San Joaquin Valley, the Rev. Geoffrey Farrow offered solace to a mother who did not know how to relate to her lesbian daughter and to an 11-year-old boy who thought he might be gay.

Yet it was not until some parishioners confided they were confused about how to vote on Proposition 8 that Farrow, 50, decided he had an obligation to minister to a bigger audience — even if it meant publicly disagreeing with his bishop and other church leaders.

"By asking all of the pastors of the Diocese of Fresno to promote Catholics to vote yes on Proposition 8, the bishop has placed me in a moral predicament," Farrow began a homily he gave Sunday, Oct. 5. "They are making a statement which has a direct, and damaging, effect on some of the people who may be sitting in the pews next to you today."

He asked his parishioners to consider that their votes "can cause other human beings untold happiness or sorrow for a lifetime." Then he concluded by observing that he was prepared for any consequences of his words.

What Will Tomorrow Bring? A Boomer Calls For Fairness

It's Sunday evening, November 2nd and we as a nation are rapidly approaching the end of what has been a far to long Presidential Campaign. If the rest of America is like I am, they are tired, exhausted, ready to have it all over with. No more pundits telling us what to think, no more maps, no more polls, no more senseless attack ads as our phones signal yet another Robo Call coming in. Bruce Springsteen (the Boss) sings about change as the Obama family takes the stage in Cleveland, Ohio. Most agree, most are anticipating a Barack win on Tuesday, are expecting Obama to be our President Elect come November 5th.

One thing is certain...we are on the precipice of change. The question is, what kind of a change are we about to see, and is it possible to get enough Americans on the same game page to make that change a positive experience for American families, a coming together of America as a nation as we move into even greater days ahead, or will those changes tear apart our nation at the seams as our divisions pull us even further apart. Red verse blue states, conservative verse liberal, lower and middle class against both the elite and illegals, the boomers declaring war on everyone that expects us once again to sacrifice in the name of everybody else.

Leave no doubt, America is a divided nation, a nation that has been infected by some horrid diseases such as greed, corruption, and even illegal immigration. No matter who is elected, one thing is certain...both Presidential candidates are expecting those who live on Main Street to make great sacrifices for a better tomorrow, and it is those sacrifices, how they are crafted, how they are presented that will unite us as a nation, or tear us apart.

I can only speak for myself, can only give voice to my own heart, can only address Barack Obama as one Boomer, but it is my belief that many across this once great land share my sentiments, my passions, and my angers. As one of 75 Million Boomers, as one person in what is the largest voting block America has even known, I am tired of being treated as a second class citizen who is always being the one doing the sacrificing, always being told it's not our turn. No longer am I willing to SACRIFICE so that the next generation, or illegal aliens, or people of color can have their opportunity...I want my turn, and more importantly, I want just what is due me, nothing more and nothing less. I don't want to pay for a Wall Street Bailout when Wall Street Trashed my 401K, and I don't want to Sacrifice my Social Security income to say Social Security for my children, and their children...I don't even have children, so why should I starve to save something for those I do not even know?

Let me try to put this seeming selfishness into proper perspective.

I was four years old when John F. Kennedy was elected president, I shook his hand in Louisville Kentucky. I grew up as a child with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Desegregation, LBJ, Robert Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and the Civil Rights Movement that brought with it Affirmative Action. These eyes have seen and lived a lot of history, watched assassinations of our leaders, watched protests as blacks demanded equal rights, watched protests as Americans demanded the end of a wrong war, and watched as my parents and their parents adjusted to a different world where words like nigger were no longer appropriate, a world where their children (me)went to school and shared classrooms with people of a different color.

In the 70's, and for part of the 80's I can remember first hand applying for jobs, being told they could not hire me because affirmative action required that good union jobs were being given to minorities...I was a young man, I'd had nothing to do with the sins of the past, but I and others like me were asked to pay the price to level the playing field. Not asking for a medal, but am asking for some honesty...many of us in the Boomer generation paid the tab for Affirmative Action, are in some ways still paying that bill.

In the 80's, we watched as Illegal Aliens swelled our ranks, lowered our wages, and stole our jobs. We listened to, and believed Ronald Reagan when he called for us to accept an Amnesty, took him and our Federal Government at their word when they promised us it would be the last such Amnesty. We accepted the cost of absorbing millions of illegals, then as now, many of them from various Latin countries.

We played by the rules, accepted without question the sacrifices we were asked to make in the name of a better America. We paid the price for Affirmative Action, we paid the price to absorb millions of illegal aliens into our economy, and we did as our elders and our leaders asked. We paid into the Social Security System, accepted a huge increase in what we had to pay into that system. We embraced the concept of 401K's and Individual Retirement Accounts, and faithfully invested our income into these vehicles as we invested in America while putting away for our own Golden Years.

The second tsunami of illegal aliens started in the Clinton years, and instead of protecting us, the American Worker, our government sided with Big Business, embraced the concept of a One World Economy, embraced the concept that cheap wages were a good thing for bottom line profits, and therefore good for America...they were and are wrong. Loans were made to people who could not afford them, and a recipe for disaster was mixed, and once again the crisis we as a nation now face, the cost of fixing it has to be born, and it is obvious that both McCain and Obama think we Boomers should once again tighten our belts, pull up our boots and suck it in for the good of the nation.

To quote OBama, "Not this time!" We are not willing to have our Federal Government force us to continue working for an extra three, four, even five years in the name of saving Social Security...HELL NO, it is time that our Federal Government PAY BACK THOSE IOU's in the Social Security cookie jar. If you can force taxpayers to pick up a one trillion dollar bill for the bailout of Wall Street, then you can repay what you as a government have stolen from us Baby Boomers.

You want to overhaul the health care system, want to have health care for all...NOT if you are intending on using our tax dollars to provide health insurance for those who are here in American Illegally. Half of those uninsured are illegal aliens and their children...WE WILL NOT SACRIFICE to give them benefits they do not deserve. Hell no, not this time!

World Class educations...where is OUR WORLD CLASS EDUCATION? Give us that same opportunity, let us teach in our Golden Years in exchange for that World Class Education we never had a shot at. Don't ask us to pay for something we ourselves are not going to be given access too! How many blacks and other minorities got a chance at a world class education thanks to Affirmative Action? How many whites were denied that same opportunity because (lets be honest) we were the wrong color, even though our family finances were no better. Many of us BOOMERS paid that price for affirmative action, and now we want OUR EQUAL RIGHTS, WANT OUR EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. We are not going to stand still while Big Business and our Federal Government once again steal our dream, this time giving it to illegal aliens...Hell no, NOT THIS TIME.

You speak of GOOD PAYING JOBS...what good are those jobs if you allow corporate America to SHIP IN WORKERS through A) the H1 Visa program, and B) through unchecked illegal immigration coupled with rampant hiring of illegal aliens. We are not willing to accept AMNESTY (a pathway to citizenship), are not willing to see our Federal Government provide AMNESTY for 12-25 million illegal alien criminals. The gravy train is over, and if we are going to accept the sacrifices you need us to accept in the name of saving our economy, and our nation, it is going to come with a cost and the first DEMAND WE HAVE, is the DEPORTATION OF ILLEGAL ALIENS, the imprisonment of all those who hire them, imprisonment of those who aid and abet them in remaining in America, such as the Catholic Church. If you want a NEW DEAL with Main Street Americans, then we get to be FIRST IN LINE, rather than always being the ones to sacrifice in the name of some other interest group.

Affirmative Action...NO MORE, that slate needs to be wiped clean, it is time to end reverse racism, time for all citizens of America to have equal opportunity, regardless of race, creed or color...Affirmative Action is a wrong sighted, racist system that must come to an end. Martin Luther King's dream is realized with Obama's presidency, and it is unfair to continue penalizing White's for the color of our skin. We want A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, and that reality can only be realized with the elimination of Affirmative Action.

Change is coming, and that change can be good or it can be bad. Good change will see America rise to new heights as we lead the world through the 21st century. Choose wrongly, continue to oppress and depress the middle class, continue to kowtow to illegal aliens, and you will see revolt in the streets, a civil war fought with modern days weapons in the streets of America as tens of millions are slaughtered on the altar of CHEAP WAGES and Corporate Profits. The time has come that we have a government that takes care of WE THE PEOPLE, the people being those people who are LEGAL CITIZENS AND IMMIGRANTS OF AMERICA. We the people means we put a moratorium on all immigration for a period of five-ten years while we retrain and re-employ our own citizens. If our government continues in its efforts to bankrupt and eliminate the middle class, we will see war here in America as brother kills brother and Main Street burns to the ground.

Tuesday Election...My 50 State Thoughts

Washington Scandal's state-by-state look at Election Day

State-by-state we look at the race for the White House, some key congressional and gubernatorial campaigns. (Electoral votes in parentheses.)

This is a McCain state, primarily because of Radical Right Wing Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Smart money says this is running mate Sarah Palin's state, so it is safe for McCain. Not so sure about that, and believe there is a slim chance this state turns blue. The GOP's two big players, convicted GOP Sen. Ted Stevens and Republican Rep. Don Young are in serious trouble, and the state's largest paper endorsed Barack Obama. Further, this state really cannot afford to back a loser in what has been a very contiguous campaign.

This McCain's home state but it is in play along the fringe...McCain wins it in a close one, but Democrats gain in the House.

This one goes for it the Good Old Boy/Huckabee factor.

Obama gets the big dog bone! Democrats have a shot at gaining House seat.

Obama has shot in red state...will not go Blue if Republicans get out their base in BIG NUMBERS. Rep. Mark Udall goes back to Washington.

Hands down Obama state...the real question...are his coattails big enough to help the Democrats finally get rid of Rep Chris Shays, a real DIRT BAG?

Blue state all the way! Joe Biden carries it, and gets re-elected to Senate...Jack Markell keeps Governor's office and will name his (Biden's) replacement.

Obama's Black Army delivers HUGE WIN!

Tough fight for Obama and McCain. Democrats in a close one as they get their long awaited revenge from the 2000 election.

McCain wins only if the Republican BASE comes out big on election day...big early voting turnout gives Obama hope.

Obama wins easily.

McCain wins.

Obama's home state is his. Sadly, scum bag Sen. Durbin wins new term. Democrats again will gain at least one seat in house in Illinois.

INDIANA (11) -- Obama might just steal this one.

IOWA (7)
Obama's the favorite. Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin goes back to Washington.

Easy win for McCain in this seriously red neck, good old boy state.

McCain. Democrats pick up one House seat.

LOUSIANA (9) -- McCain
Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu goes back to DC in a close one.

Obama wins easily...McCain will not get his one Electoral Vote, the whole TIE SCENARIO down the drain.

Obama territory. Democrats pick up seat in House.

Obama win. Sen. John Kerry gets new term.

McCain conceded state to Obama. Democratic Sen. Carl Levin wins easily.

Obama's base, wins easily. Al Franken wins on Obama Coattails...right place right time, or as they say, timing is everything.


Classic swing state that I am predicting goes BLUE in a close one. Democrat Jay Nixon's strong run for Governor may carry this one for Obama.

McCain. Obama's push for this state started to late! Plus, this is Cheney territory.

McCain. However, think Obama has a real shot at pealing off one Electoral Vote.

This one goes Blue...Latino vote puts Obama over the top.

NEW HAMPSHIRE (4) -- Obama wins.

Safe for Obama. Democrats pick up two seats in house on Obama coattails.

Obama in a close one...Democrats pick up another two house seats.

This state I think is going to ride on how people reach to Elizabeth Dole's egregious attack. If she wins, North Carolina goes Red, but if Dole goes down to defeat, North Carolina is an Obama Blue state.

Leaning McCain. This is almost certainly going to end up Red.

OHIO (20)
Obama ahead in a must win for McCain. I think this state goes blue with a strong turn out of the youth vote. Democrats pick up at least one House seat.


Obama easy winner.

Obama ahead in this state ends up may depend on Murtha being forgiven, or not being forgiven. The Ashley Todd situation may have helped give this to the Democrats when all is said and done.

Part of Obama base. Democratic Sen. Jack Reed sure bet.


McCain. Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson safe.

Easy win McCain.

TEXAS (34)
McCain...he can thank Bush for Texas.

UTAH (5)

Obama territory.

Obama ahead in traditionally Republican state. This would be where the Bradley effect could rear its ugly head. Democrats gain at least one seat in House.

Obama in cake walk.

The Economy could see Obama sneak in a win in a state that should go to McCain. West Virginia may vote with their pocket books, decide it is better to back a winner.

Obama. Democratic Rep. Steve Kagen could be in trouble.

McCain Red state all the way.

Presidential Campaign...Closing Hour Predictions

My first prediction...does not matter who wins, we are going to see some very UGLY things in the days after the election. Red Neck America will lash out of Barack Obama wins the election, and if John McCain steals the election through voter suppression, fraud and other criminal actions, look for MAJOR RIOTS across America.

I predict and Obama win on Election Night with him winning at least 340 Electorial votes.

As for the Senate...if it is a BIG NIGHT for Obama (over 350 Electorial Votes) look for a super majority of 61 seats in the Senate. Below 340, and look for the Democrats to have 58 seats in the Senate.

In the house...I am predicting at least a 25 seat gain.

Wednesday will get ugly anyway we slice it. When the shock really sits in, when the radical right wing of the Republican Party realizes they have lost everything, hold onto your seats...worse...look for Sarah Palin to be leading the radical fringe into battle as she beats the drums of hate and religious intolerance.

In closing...look for President Elect Obama to instantly start trying to lower public expectations as he starts back pedaling on campaign promises.