Saturday, November 1, 2008

National Chamber of Commerce Be Warned...Main Street Will Not Accept AMNESTY

Agriprocessors needs to serve as a HARSH warning to the National Chamber of Commerce and any of its members that HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS. Main Street America does not want scum illegal aliens in our work force, we will not accept AMNESTY (Pathway to citizenship) for CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS who have stolen our jobs, and lowered our wages. We will continue to raise our voices, we will continue to keep the heat on Congress, and we will see to it that ICE and DHS do their jobs, conduct more raids, deport more illegals, fine more companies, and put more company officials in prison. We in the lower and middle class have been cheated LONG ENOUGH, and the days of H1 Visa's and illegal aliens run amok must come to an end. Ending the H1 Visa program, securing our borders, and DEPORTING THOSE HERE ILLEGALLY will put those 800,000 Americans who have lost their jobs back to work, will JUMP START OUR AMERICAN ECONOMY BY EMPLOYING AMERICANS...the time to end Illegal Alien domination of our work force must end, Illegal Aliens must no longer be allowed TO STEAL OUR AMERICAN DREAM. Agriprocessors is the EXAMPLE! The raid on their plant, the deportation of those working there illegally, the ARREST of Sholom Rubashkin, the former chief executive, in Iowa on federal charges of conspiring to harbor illegal immigrants is a signal that Main Street is restless, that Main Street wants Wall Street Villians and Corporate Criminals held accountable, imprisoned for life if necessary! Let the 111th Congress, and President elect Barack Obama take notice...America's Main Street does not want illegal alien criminals given a pathway to citizenship, does not want them being granted Amnesty. LEt the 111th Congress and President Elect Obama take not that we do not want illegal aliens given access to Social Security, we do not want illegal aliens given Universal Health Care, and we do not want our government enabling illegal aliens in their quest to steal OUR DREAM for their families! AMERICANS FIRST!
Troubled Iowa Meatpacker Defaulted on Loan, Bank Says
Published: November 1, 2008

A federal judge has appointed a temporary receiver for a kosher meatpacking company in Iowa after a bank said that the company had defaulted on a $35 million loan and that it had written $1.4 million in bad checks.

The loan foreclosure against the company, Agriprocessors Inc., was the latest in a cascade of troubles that have come after nearly 400 illegal immigrant workers were arrested in a raid in May at its plant in Postville, Iowa. On Thursday, Sholom Rubashkin, the former chief executive, was arrested in Iowa on federal charges of conspiring to harbor illegal immigrants.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Cedar Rapids, First Bank Business Capital of St. Louis claimed that Agriprocessors had failed to maintain enough cash in designated bank accounts to stay current on the revolving loan it took out in 1999. The lawsuit was first reported Friday on the Web site of The Forward, a Jewish newspaper.

The suit also claims that Agriprocessors violated the loan terms by diverting nearly $1.4 million from First Bank accounts to another bank to issue payroll checks on Oct. 24. First Bank learned that those checks were returned for insufficient funds, the lawsuit says.

The suit says Agriprocessors had begun to fall behind on the revolving loan during the quarter that ended March 31, suggesting that its financial woes predated the raid, which decimated its workforce.

Barack Make The Tough Call...Ask ICE To Deport Your Aunt

Dear Barack Obama:

Being president requires a candidate to make TOUCH CHOICES. In the past 48 hours America has learned that your Aunt is living in America as an Illegal Alien. It is my belief that America is a nation of laws, it is my belief that our immigration laws as written should be obeyed if our Constitution and Bill of Right hold any real value to us as citizens of the United States of America. It is no accident that you have been given this test in the closing hours of this election, are being asked to show your metal as a leader. Your Aunt is here in America as an Illegal Alien, and I am calling on you now to formally ask ICE to deport her immediately. In this fashion, you have the chance to win over undecided voters, have the chance to sway many Republican voters to your cause by taking a stand against illegal aliens, against those that break our laws, against those that willfully choose to ignore our sovereign borders. Show us as Main Street Americans that you are a President who believes our laws mean something by publically asking ICE to take your Aunt into custody, by asking the courts and ICE to deport her from America.

Barack Obama's Aunt Must Be Deported Immediately

We are a nation of laws...Barack Obama's Aunt is here illegally, and therefore MUST BE DEPORTED immediately, and further, denied re-entry for a period of ten years. I am voting for Obama, but have also been VERY CLEAR where I stand on illegal aliens...every single one of them is in some fashion A CRIMINAL, and they should be either A) immediately deported, or B) imprisoned for their crimes, and then immediately deported after they have served their time. The law should be enforced equally and evenly across the board, including Barack Obama's Aunt. is a NON-CITIZEN who has already been denied asylum living in Government Subsidized Housing? If she is living in said housing in violation of our laws, she should immediately be detained, arrested, tried and convicted.

Get it Right...Illegal Alien, Not Migrant

I always find it offensive when news organization try to rewrite reality in feeble attempts to get public sympathy for someone undeserving of it. One such case is found in an Associated Press piece from Tucson. Apparently an illegal alien woman was separated from her illegal alien daughter when she injured her ankle. The author/journalist went to a great deal of trouble to avoid using the PROPER LEGAL TERM of ILLEGAL ALIEN in the title of the piece, as well as in the body of the article.

Migrant girl rescued from Ariz. desert

ACCURATE TITLE: Illegal Alien Girl Captured In Ariz. Desert, Reunited With Her Illegal Alien Mother.

The Associated Press

TUCSON - U.S. Border Patrol agents say they have rescued(captured)a 12-year-old (illegal alien) Guatemalan girl who had been left behind in the southern Arizona desert by a smuggler.

Supervisory agent Esmeralda Marroquin says the (illegal alien) girl was with her (illegal alien) mother, several other (illegal aliens...delete word migrants) migrants and a smuggler crossing the desert about 40 miles southwest of Tucson near Arivaca on Wednesday evening. The (illegal alien) mother hurt her leg and couldn't keep up with the group.

Marroquin says the (illegal alien) mother asked the smuggler to leave her (illegal alien) daughter with her but the smuggler refused. Agents found the (illegal alien) mother overnight and began searching for the (illegal alien) daughter.

Searchers found the (illegal alien) girl alone in the desert at about 8 a.m. on Thursday about two miles from where her (illegal alien) mother was found. The smuggler and the other (illegal aliens...delete word migrants) migrants were not located.

Hey MEDIA! Give Politicians Some Private Space

OK, I am reporters really need to give the politicians some space on occassion. This election has had its share of family crisis moments, and the press have been good at giving politicians time to grieve, time to deal with private personal moments. Problem is, the press BLEW IT LAST NIGHT when they hounded Obama on Halloween. One of the great things about both Barack and Michelle Obama, is their steadfast attention to their parental duties. It is nice to know that Obama finds the time to call his daughters each night from the road, and does it in a timely fashion so that their bed time is not impinged upon. It is refreshing to see Michelle do everything within her power to keep her daughters lives as close to normal as can be expected when your father is a superstar candidate for President, is more than likely the next President of the United States.

Last night Obama scheduled a few hours of free time to be with his family on Halloween. He made sure the media got their where was the media's respect, where was the media doing the right thing in BACKING OFF and giving Obama a bit of private time to spend with his daughters? HELLO MEDIA...Barack is a FATHER! This was Halloween! Was it too much to ask you to give him a couple hours without you shadowing his every move?

I would love to have ACCESS, but I don't...oh well, such is life. However, if I did have access, I would hope I would be respectful in how I used it. There are certain times when the press needs to back off. For instance, I am of the belief that the Obama family should be able to take their girls to the mall for some Christmas Shopping without being diluged with a bevy of news reporters...sadly, that is not going to happen. Where is a give and take between the press and our president, for that matter, the press and our movie stars? Don't these people deserve some time to be just people, some time that is private, a chance to go grocery shopping, or for a walk in the park without being hounded by people trying to get a photograph, or asking for a quote?

If Obama is elected President, shouldn't he be able to tell the press, "Sunday I am taking the day off to be with my family, we're going on a picnic, so I'll see you all on Monday." If he delivers that message, shouldn't the press respect him enough to give him that space to be a family man, to be a father to his daughters?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Like a Pedophile In A Candy Store, George Bush Goes Wild Trying to Rape Consumers and Environment

Like a "Pedophile Gone Wild" inside a candy store, George W. Bush is running wild in his attempts to rape both consumers and the environment in the closing weeks of his failed administration. George W. Bush is trying to deregulate certain industry, remove safety constraints (IE, Nuclear Industry) meant to protect both Human Health and the Environment. If he is successful, these changes will be almost, if not impossible to fix once the new President takes office in January. To stop this senseless abuse of power, Pelosi needs to convene Congress the day ofter the elections, and immediately begin Impeachment of George W. Bush.
Many of the new rules would weaken consumer and environmental protections and could be difficult for McCain or Obama to undo.
By R. Jeffrey Smith
October 31, 2008
Reporting from Washington -- The White House is working to enact an array of federal regulations, many of which would weaken rules aimed at protecting consumers and the environment, before President Bush leaves office in January.

The new rules would be among the most controversial deregulatory steps of the Bush era and could be difficult for his successor to undo. Some would ease or lift existing constraints on private industry, including power plants, mines and farms.

Those and other regulations would help clear obstacles to some commercial ocean-fishing activities, ease controls on pollutants that contribute to global warming, relax drinking-water standards and lift a key restriction on mountaintop coal mining.

Obama Dumps Major Media Off Plane To Make Room For BLACK MEDIA?

When I first read the story on FOX News about certain papers who had endorsed McCain being dumped from the plane, did not think it much of a story...UNTIL I READ these MAJOR PAPERS (Washington Times) were supposedly dumped from the plane's last few days of travel to make room, according to the Drudge Report, for Corporate Big Wigs and reporters for two black publications, Essence and Jet. According to the article on the FOX News site, mainstream media is being DUMPED FROM THE PLANE to give unfair access to Chicago Journalists, and publications aimed only at the black population of America. The Obama Campaign says some tough decisions were made to help them reach more SWING VOTERS...with all due respect, do not think putting journalists from Essence and Jet on the plane are going to help Obama reach SWING VOTERS, do not think putting more Chicago area journalists on the plane is going to help Obama reach more swing voters.

No offense, but isn't Barack Obama supposed to be everyone's candidate, and if elected, everyone's president? Not saying this report is true, and in fact the Obama Campaign's New York press office is categorically denying it, has said that all these news sources are represented on the plane and that the story is NOT TRUE. I just want the would not be surprising to see The Drudge Report or Fox News spread untruths, and if this is the case, they should be called on it. On the other hand, if the story is true, it does raise some very troubling questions. I don't think any one wants a White House that is going to grant special access to a group of people based on the color of their skin, do not think any one is interested in four years of reverse racism hidden under a carefully crafted Veneer as the Obama White House denies whites access to our government, and to our President. It is for this reason, that Obama needs to address this story that has leaked out into mainstream media, needs to nip it in the bud by coming forth with the truth. Pushing the story aside with a flimsy excuse that does not pass the smell test is not adequate. Have reporters from major papers that endorced McCain been removed from the Obama Campaign Plane, and their seats given to reporters from Essense and Jet Magazine? Let's rephrase that...were reporters seats on the Obama plane taken away, and if so were those reporters from Press/News sites/publications that endorsed McCain? Secondly, were additional seats or new seats given to Chicago news reporters, and staff/journalists from Essence and/or Jet (Ebony Jet) magazines?

Friday, 2008-31-305

Journalists from three major newspapers that endorsed John McCain have been booted from Barack Obama's campaign plane for the final leg of the presidential race.

The Washington Times reported Friday that it was notified of the Obama campaign's decision Thursday evening -- even though the paper has covered Obama from the start.

Executive Editor John Solomon told that the Obama campaign said it didn't have enough seats on the plane, but "I don't think the explanation makes sense to us."

"We've been traveling since 2007 with him. ... We're a relevant newspaper -- every day we break news," Solomon said. "And to suddenly be kicked off the plane for people who haven't covered it as aggressively or thoroughly as we are ... it sort of feels unfair."

He said the newspaper protested but was turned down again by the campaign.

"I can only hope that the candidate who describes himself as wanting to unite the nation doesn't have some sort of litmus test for who he decides gets to cover the campaign," Solomon said, noting that the Obama campaign's decision came just two days after the paper endorsed McCain.

The New York Post and Dallas Morning News also have been kicked off Obama's plane.

According to the Web site The Drudge Report, the three newspapers' reporters were told to find alternative transportation by Sunday so that the plane could accommodate "network bigwigs" and reporters from two black magazines, Essence and Jet.

Also joining up with the Obama campaign are the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times. According to the campaign, the decision to shuffle around reporters was made because they did not want to add a second plane.

"Unfortunately, demand for seats on the plane during this final weekend has far exceeded supply, and because of logistical issues we made the decision not to add a second plane. This means we've had to make hard and unpleasant for all concerned decisions about limiting some news organizations and in some cases not being in a position to offer space to news organizations altogether," Obama senior adviser Anita Dunn said in a written statement.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

VBlog-President Barack Obama and Illegal Aliens

Welcome to my first VBlog...pardon the lack of finesse in the video...if any one has suggestions, or things I can do to improve on the technical and artistic aspects, your thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Hoping here to upload my version of breaking news, share my own political views at least 3 times a week moving forward. This first video shares my belief that Barack Obama is destined to be our next President of the United States. Further, feel he would do a grave injustice to America's lower and middleclass citizens if he goes ahead with his desire and campaign promise to grant Amnesty to the 12-25 Million Illegal Alien criminals here in America. Leave no doubt, "A pathway to citizenship is AMNESTY." America's law abiding citizens in the lower and middleclass must, if necessary, march on Washington to oppose Amnesty to illegal alien criminals...the time has come to deport those who have wrongfully depressed our wages and stolen our jobs.

George W. Bush's Osama Bin Laden Endorsing McCain

Can hear right wing Republicans screaming foul over that title, but it's a serious question. Even as enemy number one, Osama Bin Laden's family and the Bush Clan go way back with each other, and many people believe it was Bin Laden's tape just before election day in 2004 that threw the election to George Bush. Now it seems intelligence sources are expecting a new Bin Laden message to appear just days, even hours before the polls open on Tuesday...who cares? Osama (shemale in a cave) Bin Laden is a HAS BEEN. Bring your message of hate on you backwards thinking does not matter, America's voters are not going to be fooled this time around, are no longer going to live in fear that you might stick your ugly ass ed face out of the sand to deliver a Halloween BOO FEST.

U.S. Intel Expects Bin Laden Message Near Election

Is there time left for an October Surprise?

Senior government officials tell ABC's Pierre Thomas that the intelligence community is anticipating a message from Osama Bin Laden before -- or just after -- Tuesday's election.

Osama Bin Laden" src="" width=320>
Will Osama bin Laden manage to make an appearance in this presidential election?

More Photos

At this point, there is no hard evidence that a message is coming. But a number of intelligence analysts are expecting a message because they think it is critical for al Qaeda's top leader to be seen, or heard from, if only for P.R. purposes.

Those analysts believe that if bin Laden is not heard from, he runs the risk of being considered irrelevant or impotent. Read more here: LINK

If Bin Laden is heard from before Tuesday, it would be the second post-9/11 presidential election in which he has reared his head.

In 2004, bin Laden released a message in the days just before the election.

Following his defeat, John Kerry said the tape's release effectively erased any hope he had of victory against Bush.

"It was that Osama tape -- it scared them [the American people]," Kerry told Geraldo Rivera.

During an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press" in January of 2005, Kerry elaborated.

"I believe that 9/11 was the central deciding issue in this race," said Kerry. "And the tape -- we were rising in the polls up until the last day when the tape appeared. We flat-lined the day the tape appeared and went down on Monday."

China Out To Kill American Children on Halloween

Free Trade? With a nation that wants to KILL OUR CHILDREN...I don't think so! Last year at Christmas we had to live in fear that certain toys purchased as Christmas Gifts that had been made in China were tainted with lead and other carcinogens. Now it seems that China wants to KILL OUR CHILDREN in a ghoulishly dangerous plot involving Melamine! Not only Melamine, but lethal scrap Melamine, left overs mix with GOD knows what, ready to destroy your child's kidneys. The time has come to revoke China's most favored nation trading status, time to close our doors to Garbage Made in China.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prime Time Obama...Here We Go!

In Six Days, Many of Us Are Still Broke, In Six Days Many of Us Are Still Going To Be Unemployed Because Illegal Aliens Hold Our Jobs, Have Depressed Our Wages! IN SIX DAYS WE WILL STILL BE BROKE BECAUSE OF WALL STREET GREED, AND GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION...WHERE IS OUR BAILOUT?

The desk setting is a bit OVER KILL! The chair a tacky one.

Bit hard to have sympathy for someone that seems incapable of keeping the size of her family down where she and her husband can afford it. Sorry, but if you have 6, 8, or more kids, don't bitch about your ECONOMIC PROBLEMS. Get your tubes tied! It is unfair to make the rest of American Society contribute to your LARGE FAMILY.

So now the tax break is only for those earning under $200K. Putting a 90 day stop on foreclosures IS NO HELP AT ALL to those losing their homes. Let's be honest.

Living wage, finding a job...we COULD FIND JOBS THAT PAY LIVING WAGES if we deport all those here illegally. Be HONEST OBAMA, illegal aliens are hurting the very people you claim you want to help! Yet in Colorado this week, you touted what amounts to AMNESTY when you said you would provide illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship.

On medical honest least half of those who do not have medical coverage are illegal aliens! I want to know, does your Comprehensive/Universal Health Care give coverage to Illegal Aliens?

Tax credits for fuel efficient cars amounts to a GIVE AWAY to the rich and elite...most lower and middle class Americans cannot afford to buy new cars, but instead buy used ones.

Moral Obligation to give every child a world class education...curious here Barack Obama...what about those children that are now adults who are held back because that promise was never kept...are we included in your plan to provide that world class education, or are we once again being left out, being asked to sacrifice for those who follow in our footsteps?

This is our moment...tell me Obama...tell this Boomer how this is our moment. The equity in my home is GONE, our retirement account has lost $160,000 in the past eight months, and illegal aliens brought a pricing structure to the landscaping industry that saw me close my business and give up my license. Tell me Obama, how is this OUR MOMENT? All I have heard from both you and John McCain are empty promises, and expectations about what I should give up for those who will follow in my footsteps. Curious...does OUR TURN ever come? As a White 53 year old Boomer, I lost jobs for Affirmative Action. In 1986, people like me grinned and boar it when Reagan granted Amnesty. For the past eight years under Bush I watched Illegal Aliens lowering wages, stealing American jobs, and now you want me to vote for you so that you can grant 12-25 million illegal aliens AMNESTY? Is that what you call involving me and others like me in our government? Sacrifice so that others can own, have and steal MY AMERICAN DREAM? Sacrifice for those that follow behind offense, but many of us have been SACRIFICING NOW OUR WHOLE LIFE for one group or another...WHEN IS IT OUR TURN, and speaking of turns, WHERE IS THE SOCIAL SECURITY WE PAID FOR?

Obama Goes Prime Time

We have about 20 minutes before Obama goes Prime Time...have to decide which channel to watch him on since CNN begged off carrying the speech. Doubting here that I will get the answers that I want from Obama, but does not really matter, since I live in one of those forgetten states (New York) where we and our votes are simply TAKEN FOR GRANTED. I want to know why Obama is willing to grant Amnesty to 12-25 Million illegal alien criminals. We do have a choice, and that choice is called DEPORTATION. I also want to know if he plans on giving Universal Health Care to ILLEGAL ALIENS.

America's lower and middle classes have paid a high enough price, and granting amnesty to scum criminals would be adding insult to not tell me such talk is racist, as it is not. Illegal Aliens are criminals, have broken at least four of our laws if they are working in this country as illegal aliens. That puts them on par with murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers and other criminal elements that should be dealt with harshly. Make an example of a few Catholic Priests and Corporate Presidents by throwing them in prison for five years and watch how fast the Jobs/Services magnets dissappear.

Uhhhh....What Happened To Palin's Health Records? Still Betting on Herpes!

As we get ready for Barack Obama's Primetime address to the nation, find myself wondering what happened with Sarah Palin's release of health records that she promised would occur early this week.

McCain Buys Ad Time Just Before, Immediately After Obama Speech

Just in from FOX News...apparently John McCain has purchased a 30 second ad spot immediately before, and immediately after Barack Obama's half hour special so that the first thing and last thing we will see is actually John McCain hitting on Obama's inexperience. Dinner is almost ready, and getting myself ready to live blog this odd political event.

George W. Bush...Start Pulling American Troops Out Now

For those of you following the Security Agreement fight between Iraq and our government that would see our troops staying in Iraq through at least 2011, it is obvious that the Iraq's ARE NOT OUR, FUCK THEM, fuck their country. The time has come to bring our troops home and let Iraq stand or fall on its own...we, as I have pointed out before, could always put troops in Northern Iraq, and support the Turks push for an independent Kurdistan. First, we have Iraq demanding more control over OUR TROOPS. Secondly, they want to tie our troops hands by denying them the right to attack terrorists and other nations when they are sending troops into Iraq to attack us. This second point is huge in light of Turkey's recent aerial attacks into Iraq...we have an obligation to protect the Kurds. Lastly, they want our troops subject to Iraq law whenever they are not on duty...sorry, but that last point alone should be enough to allow our troops the right to refuse duty in Iraq. We do not deny our citizens due process, and WE MUST NOT DENY OUR TROOPS DUE PROCESS. Iraq wants to play games...fine, lets pull the plug on this social experiment gone bad, and bring our troops home.

Iraq Outlines Changes It Wants in Pact With U.S.

The Associated Press
Wednesday, October 29, 2008; 11:07 AM

BAGHDAD -- Iraq wants a security agreement with the U.S. to include a clear ban on U.S. troops using Iraqi territory to attack Iraq's neighbors, the government spokesman said Wednesday, three days after a dramatic U.S. raid on Syria.

Also Wednesday, the country's most influential Shiite cleric expressed concerned that Iraqi sovereignty be protected in the pact. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani wields vast influence among the Shiite majority and his explicit opposition could scuttle the deal.

Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said the ban was among four proposed amendments to the draft agreement approved by the Cabinet this week and forwarded to the U.S.

White House press secretary Dana Perino said U.S. negotiators in Iraq are closely reviewing the new amendments from the Iraqis to see if they are acceptable to the administration.

Al-Dabbagh said the Iraqis want the right to declare the agreement null and void if the U.S. unilaterally attacks one of Iraq's neighbors.

U.S. troops launched a daring daylight attack Sunday a few miles into Syrian territory against what U.S. officials said was a key figure in al-Qaida's operation that moves foreign fighters and weapons into Iraq.

A senior U.S. official said the al-Qaida figure, an Iraqi known as Abu Ghadiyah, was killed. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the raid was classified. Syria says eight civilians died and has demanded an apology.

For nearly two weeks, Iraqi politicians have been considering the draft security agreement, which would keep U.S. troops in Iraq through 2011 unless both sides agree that they could stay longer.

The pact would also give the Iraqis a greater role in supervising U.S. military operations and allow Iraqi courts to try U.S. soldiers and contractors accused of major crimes off duty and off base.

But critics say the current version, reached after months of tough negotiations, does not go far enough in protecting Iraqi sovereignty, and key Shiite politicians argue it stands little chance of approval in Iraq's fractious parliament in its current form.

Another Police Officers Gone Wild Tragedy Story

Washington Scandal caught some slack when we suggested private citizens Arm themselves as the economy goes into a tailspin. We got in deeper water when we suggested private citizens and protesters arm themselves with Stun Guns because too many police have gotten out of hand, are ignoring procedures and the law in running rough shod over law abiding citizens. Seems several law enforcement officers were not happy with the fact that I would use a stun gun if confronted by a Police Officer Gone Wild, confronted with a police officer wrongfully attempting to deny me my rights...if they can shoot now and ask questions later, I am going to stun now and let the courts straighten shit out least then I am alive to hear the verdict. Well today, it brings me no joy to share with my readers another story of Police Gone Wild, a perfect example of their SHOOT NOW, and ASK QUESTIONS LATER mentality. It is more important now than at any time before that Americans exercise their right to take up and bear life may depend on your ability to defend it.

ANAHEIM, Calif. — A newlywed killed by police after he stepped outside his home to confront suspected burglars was shot in a case of mistaken identity, police said.

Julian Alexander died after being shot twice in the chest by a police officer who was chasing four burglary suspects early Tuesday morning.

Police Chief John Welter said the officer ran into Alexander, mistook him for one of the four juvenile suspects and shot him.

"The last thing we ever want to do, No. 1, (is) take somebody's life," he said. "And we certainly don't want to take the life of someone who is mistakenly believed to be involved in some criminal activity."

"He was a good kid, trying to protect his house," said Alexander's mother-in-law Michelle Mooney. "And the police, instead of asking questions, they just shot first. Somebody has to be held responsible for this."

Welter would not release the officer's name, but said he was a 10-year veteran of the department. The officer was placed on paid leave pending an investigation.

"It's mistaken identity, but that doesn't bring my son back," said Alexander's father Jerry.

Live Blogging Obama Speech This Evening

Washington Scandal will be live blogging during Barack Obama's live speech this evening on almost every network. Anyone else going to be live blogging or twittering? Let me know so we can try to link up. Should be interesting to hear Obama's pre election state of the Union Address. I want to hear his justification for Illegal Alien Amnesty when over 800,000 Americans have lost their jobs just in the last year. Want him to explain to me why we should give Health Coverage to 25 Million Illegal Aliens. I will NOT vote for McCain, but I am not sure I can vote for Obama either.

Test For New President...Death of Kim Jong-II?

Reported last night on this blog my own belief that North Korea's evil dictator was either dead, or seriously, those predictions are born out to be true as Kim Jong II's health has taken a serious turn for the worse. Which raises the question...will the test our next president faces be dealing with a North Korea devoid of Kim Jong II? What desparate steps will a rudderless decaying North Korea take in the days and weeks after the death of thier leader?

After stroke, brain surgery, leader is re-hospitalized, S. Korea says

SEOUL, South Korea - New South Korean intelligence indicates that ailing North Korean leader Kim Jong Il suffered a serious setback in his recovery from a stroke and has been hospitalized, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

The report in the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper cited an unnamed government official in saying intelligence obtained Sunday suggested "a serious problem" with Kim's health. The report did not elaborate, and South Korea's National Intelligence Service and Unification Ministry said Wednesday they could not confirm it.

Kim, 66, reportedly suffered a stroke and underwent brain surgery in August. A Japanese TV station says his eldest son went to Paris to recruit a neurosurgeon who was flown back to Asia to treat Kim.

Palin Embraces Nuclear Abortion...

Just in from two of Washington Scandal's Sister Blogs...Sarah Palin, the radical right wing pro life Christian Vice Presidential Candidate embraces and endorses Nuclear Abortions!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pro Life Sarah Palin Embraces Nuclear Abortion Machines

Living within 50 miles of a Nuclear Reactor INCREASES YOUR CHANCES OF GIVING BIRTH TO A STILLBORN please Sarah Palin, explain how you, a Pro Life Christian woman can embrace and endorse the building of 45 new NUCLEAR ABORTION MACHINES?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Is Energy Nut Case-Calls For Socialized Energy

CNN just carried Sarah Palin's speech from Toledo Ohio on Energy...the lady is a religious nut case with no firm grasp on the topic of Energy. She touts experience that is not there, and with every word out of her mouth, it becomes obvious that she is without a clue. First, her drill baby drill is offensive, and shows zero respect for the environment. This should not be a surprise as she has filed two law suits objecting to the Federal Government's placement of animals onto the endangered species list...why you might ask...because having. as example. Polar Bears on the list interferes with some of her own pet projects. Putting whales on the endangered species list in Alaska endangers her own SECOND BRIDGE TO NOWHERE, a $600 Million dollar bridge to serve the 7,000 residents of Wasilla, Alaska.

Her beloved pipeline might not even be built, and even if it makes it from the drawing board into reality, it represents a drop in the bucket, not a solution. When you put it into perspective, when you realize we would not see a cubic foot of gas from said pipeline before 2025, she is blowing smoke up our collective asses.

She goes on to say that she and John McCain will see to it that America will build 45 New nuclear reactors by 2030...sorry, but it cannot be done, and even if the obstacles could be overcome, are we prepared for Socialized Energy that rapes the American Taxpayer, and the American energy consumer, while ruining our environment, bringing cancers and birth defects to our doorsteps?

1. There is a horrific manpower shortage in the nuclear industry, and it will take at least one decade to address that shortage. The reality is simple...there are not enough qualified and trained employees to build, manage and operate 45 new reactors by 2030.

2. Even if the manpower issues were resolved, there is not enough manufacturing base to get the necessary parts to meet Sarah Palin's timeline for 45 new reactors. Further, the NEI, the NRC and our government is wrongfully assuming that American Communities will welcome these new reactors with open arms, assumes they can simply force communities already hosting old, outdated and problematic reactors into accepting FURTHER RISKS.

3. Wall Street will not fund 45 new reactors, which is why the nuclear industry wants our tax dollars to build those nuclear reactors, even though they will be owned and operated by private for profit companies. What is wrong with this picture? With our taxes, we build the reactors, but our government gives them over to private companies that will then BILL US FOR OUR ENERGY, energy being supplied because we built the about a redistribution of wealth. Additionally, if Nuclear Energy is so SAFE, VITAL and SECURE, end the Price Anderson Act that keeps every American from getting nuclear accident insurance to protect their own assets, their own homes, their own health!

Further, nuclear cannot exist as a viable industry unless it remains always a socialized industry subsidized with our taxes in a never ending bailout. GNEP (the Global Nuclear Energy Program) asks the American Taxpayer to underwrite a $1.5 -$5 Trillion dollar nuclear reprocessing plant that might not even work. Further, and very important...the fuel that would be created if the process does work cannot be used in the 45 AP1000 Nuclear Reactors that John McCain wants to build! Even more deplorable, GNEP makes America the nuclear waste dump for the entire world's nuclear energy programs and reactors. Are you as a citizen prepared to have China, Russia, North Korea and other rogue nations wastes being shipped across the world's oceans to the doorsteps of America? Are you willing to risk your child, your wife, your husband, your mother having CANCER in the name of reprocessing fuel for a country that abuses human rights, oppresses the people of Tibet, imprisons their populations, putting them into forced labor camps, using them in the name of Capitalizing China?

Are you, your children and their children's children prepared to pay the costs that this international socialized Energy Program will bring about? With every new reactor comes more breast cancer, more childhood leukemia, more birth defects, more stillborn children. Nuclear Energy is AN ABORTION MACHINE that every Pro-Life American should be up in arms about. Sarah Palin is a hypocrite to claim she is Pro Life will endorsing a Energy Program that puts the unborn child at a far greater risk than abortion ever has or will. GNEP will make America the world's Nuclear Waste Dump, and with that new global responsibility, we are inviting a Holocaust into America of proportions that will far outstrip those visited upon the Jews with Germany's NAZI Death Camps.

Palin The Pit Bull Talks Oil

Scary, Sarah Palin is talking oil, and it is so obvious that she really does not have any clue in the world, is just too far out there religiously.

First, America's oil supplies are not that good. Secondly, scares the hell out of me when anyone is up there on stage, televsion cameras sending their image all around the world talking about how God has blessed us as a nation with so much oil. Thirdly, we need to GET AWAY FROM OIL as a energy supply, and we need to learn the concept that LESS IS MORE. Perhaps Sarah Palin's down home folksy simplicity works for Alaskan's, and a handful of radical right wing women who have no clue, but she does not, and NEVER SHOULD work for, nor speak America.

On Nuclear Energy, she just promised 45 New Reactors by 2030...first, it cannot be done. We do not have the staff to man 45 new reactors, do not have the expertise to build 45 new reactors by 2030. Even if those obstacles can be overcome, there are not enough parts and manufacturing plants to allow that many to be built by the year 2030. Further, even without cost overruns, you are talking 15 Billion a nuclear reactor...guess who the nuclear industry wants paying the bill? US, as in the American Taxpayer. Now, if we are going to be asked to pay for it, WHERE IS OUR OWNERSHIP? It is NOT THERE. We would pay the build the infrastructure that is supply us our electricity, then turn around and have to PAY FOR THE ELECTRICITY that is being produced...isn't that transfer of wealth, isn't that Socialized Energy?
Lastly...CARBON CREDITS...that is just a way of making the middle class pay a pass through fee FOR is a con game, a shell game where BIG BUSINESS trades carbon offsets under the guise of being Green, with you and I picking up the tab.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

North Korean Kim Jong-il is Dying Or DEAD

I am sure that someone in North Korea is able to read the internet, sometimes has the ability to cruise a few blogs in the free world. On the off chance that one of those lucky few stumbles upon this blog, here is a NEWS FLASH...the mealy mouth mini me midget, Kim Jong-il is either DEAD, or is dying!

The Pyongyang Times can stop with their propaganda campaign, as we are NOT BUYING. We know the little whack job is incapcitated, and in fact some in the Free World believe he has already died, kicked the bucket, been given a one way ticket on the Straight Talk Express Bus to Hell. The people of North Korea should break their shackles of slavery, should invite the world to come in and save them. Three Cheers, tip a mug in honor, the midget had died, and his sons are not worthy of the crown.

North Korean paper says Kim Jong-il had busy summer

PYONGYANG, Oct. 28, 2008 (Reuters) — North Korean leader Kim Jong-il had an exceptionally busy time in the hot summer months of July and August, a North Korean weekly reported, as the outside world wondered if he was recovering from a stroke.

U.S. and South Korean officials said the reclusive Kim likely suffered a stroke in August but was still firmly in control of Asia's only communist dynasty, which has vexed the region through its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

"It is not a memory of the sizzling heat. It is the remembrances of inspection tours leader Kim Jong-il had made to army units and industrial sectors in mid-summer," The Pyongyang Times, an English-language weekly, said in its latest edition released at the weekend.

Other Stories About the DEAD LEADER of North Korea:

TOKYO, Oct. 28, 2008 (Reuters) — North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is probably in hospital but is unlikely to be completely unable to make decisions, Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso said on Tuesday, citing intelligence sources in various countries.

SEOUL, Oct. 20, 2008 (Reuters) — South Korea's ministry responsible for ties with the North said on Monday no unusual activity was observed in North Korea on the day media said Pyongyang might make an important announcement.

SEOUL, Oct. 13, 2008 (Reuters) — Pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il issued by the communist state may be several months old and possibly taken before his reported illness, South Korean media said on Monday, raising more questions about his health.

SEOUL, Oct. 11, 2008 (Reuters) — North Korean state TV broadcast pictures of Kim Jong-il on Saturday as the reclusive country stepped up its campaign to show its leader was healthy after reports surfaced last month he may have suffered a stroke.

ICE, Please Raid Immigrants Rights Encampment at La Placita

Dear ICE, DHS (Homeland Security) and George W. Bush: (This blog entry emailed to appropriate law enforcement agencies, and the White House)

As a Legal Citizen of America, as a Main Street citizen hard hit by the scandals and greed on Wall Street, as a citizen hurt by our declining economy, and the mortgage crisis that is cripping the real estate industry, I am tired of Illegal Aliens stealing our jobs, and depressing our wages while our government stands by and does NOTHING to enforce OUR LAWS...further, I am tired of ICE and the Department of Homeland Security failing to act swiftly on actionable intelligence, moving swiftly to surround, arrest and deport those here legally. With this post, you now have actionable intelligence, proof that ILLEGAL ALIENS are congregating in a specific location in Los is time for RAIDS. For this reason, I am using this blog to make public a perfect opportunity for ICE to act in the best interests of Main Street America, in the best interest of LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS and members of America's LEGAL WORKING CLASS CITIZENS. I am publically alleging that illegal aliens are congregating at, and can be found at the Fast for Our Future Immigrants Rights Encampment at La Placita in downtown Los Angeles, and requesting that ICE investigate the location, the event, and where appropriate detain those who could be illegally inside the borders of our nations, and where necessary make immediate arrests.

With brazen AUDACITY, illegal aliens and their supporters are gathering in Los Angeles at the downtown La Placita for a hunger strike scheduled to last through next Tuesday, November 4th, 2008. They (sponsors) freely admit that day laborers (CODE FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS working in America ILLEGALLY) are included in those camping out and fasting for immigrants is pointed out here, that Immigrants have a HOST OF RIGHTS, but ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS. We as citizens, you as our enforcement agencies of the federal government are SWORN TO UPHOLD OUR LAWS now know where these illegal aliens are congregating. It is hereby reguested that ICE Officers, members of the the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the Los Angeles Police Department cordin off the area of this event, and detain all those who are in America illegally. It is further requested that DAILY RAIDS of this event be conducted between now and Election Day, November 4th, 2008. Further, if they are reading this entry, I would encourage all Anti Illegal Alien Organizations and Groups to immediately mobilize and counter protest this event. It is time for Americans to send a CLEAR MESSAGE TO OUR GOVERNMENT that we will tolerate Illegal Alien Criminals being allowed to live in America as if they ARE ABOVE THE is time we DEMAND OUR GOVERMENT ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS AS WRITTEN.

It is time that those here in America illegally, those stealing our jobs, depressing our wages be shown the door, and told to exit our nation, either of their own accord, or with the help of ICE officers, and all other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Safe Harbor/haven communities need penalized, Catholic Churches and their priests organizing aid for illegal aliens need imprisoned, and companies hiring illegal aliens need their business licenses revoked. It is time that our government protect the citizens of America from this scourge of criminals, it is time that our jobs, our communities are protected from these criminal elements, it is time that ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS BE DEPORTED FROM AMERICA.
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Fast for Our Future: Immigrants Rights Encampment at La Placita
LOS ANGELES October 15, 2008 – Members of the Los Angeles area immigrant (illegal aliens ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS, but ILLEGAL ALIENS) community began a fast for their rights Wednesday downtown at La Placita. (Legal Immigrants have and deserve rights, but ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS that deserve time behind bars, and deporation). A diverse group of students, service workers, day laborers (Usually Code for ILLEGAL ALIEN day laborers who are working under the table, not paying taxes), and supporters have set up camp just south of the plaza. About 70 people have committed to the fast, there are currently about 25 tents in the encampment with room for up to 100. The fast plans to run from now until election day, a 20 day fast. Coming together with the organization, Rise, immigrants (These groups are not coming together for IMMIGRANTS, they are coming together demanding rights for ILLEGAL ALIENS, for common criminals...and yes, ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS) and their supporters are fasting to urge people to sign a pledge to vote or take some kind of action for immigrants rights (Sure we can arrange ONE WAY BUS TICKETS FOR EVERY ILLEGAL ALIEN YOU IDENTIFY TO THE ICE Officers).

The fasters are demanding an immediate end to the ICE raids (Are used to locate and round up those in America illegally, and should continue) that are terrorizing (Illegal alien criminal segments of the) immigrant communities and tearing families (that include illegal alien criminals) apart (because certain members of the family deliberately choose to BREAK THE LAW, persue a CRIMINAL PATHWAY into America. Children of immigrant parents who are US born citizens are being separated from their mothers and fathers by the raids and forced deportations. (Those parents should have thought about that BEFORE THEY BROKER THE LAW AND BECAME CRIMINALS...further, they are welcome to take their Anchor Babies back home with them, thus keeping the family intact. Supporters are welcome to visit or join the encampment and it is expected that the camp will grow as word spreads.
From the Newswire: Fast for Our Future: Immigrants Rights Encampment at La Placita MP3 Audio – Interview with a Faster: Frank Romero-Crockett, at La Placita Encampment Hunger Strike for Immigrant Rights! VIDEO: Video from Day One of the Fast for our Future by Fatima Mojaddidy Video Day One & Day Five by A Live audio from the camp: Radio Ayuno

Day Six: 1,000,000 Signs Of Hope, Latino Immigrant Rights Activists Stage 27 Days Of Hunger by David Lee Frater

Your commitment can help re-ignite
the Immigrant Rights Movement.

Over 100 people are engaging in a hunger strike to mobilize 1,000,000 people to sign the Pledge to vote and take action for immigrant rights.

On October 15th, 21 days before the 2008 election, immigrants, movement leaders, day laborers, faith leaders, student leaders, grassroots organizers, musicians and artists, and people of conscience will rise out of fear and begin one of the largest hunger strikes in American history.

“The Fast for our Future” will set up a permanent encampment at La Placita Olvera (or Olvera Street Plaza), the historic heart of Los Angeles, for the duration of the hunger strike. In the same spirit as César Chávez and Mohandas K. Gandhi, our shared sacrifice and commitment to the Immigrant Rights Movement will inspire a historic mobilization of Latino, immigrant, and pro-immigrant rights voters. We must remember the I.C.E. raids, those detained and deported, the families torn apart, the dreams deferred. We must remember the marches, the walkouts, the boycotts, and the promise we made: “Hoy Marchamos, Manana Votamos.”

In 2006 we marched in millions for our rights.

On November 4th we will vote in unprecedented numbers.

Please sign the Pledge today. Be 1 of 1,000,000 to vote and take action for immigrant rights.



Video Presentation Downloads
Original 8-minute YouTube video in English (Quicktime .m4v)Original 10-minute YouTube video in Spanish (Quicktime .m4v)
Audio Presentation Downloads
8-minute presentation in English (.mp3)10-minute presentation in Spanish (.mp3)English presentation transcript (.pdf)Spanish presentation transcript (.pdf)
Promotional Materials Downloads
Color Call to Action Flyer in English (.pdf)B&W Call to Action Flyer in English (.pdf)Color Call to Action Flyer in Spanish (.pdf)B&W Call to Action Flyer in Spanish (.pdf)Color Pledge Forms 2x1 English and Spanish (.pdf)B&W Pledge Forms 2x1 English and Spanish (.pdf)Fist/Torch Poster in English (.pdf)Fist/Torch Poster in Spanish (.pdf)
Stencil Downloads
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Informational Material Downloads
Media Press and Organizing Nationwide Packet (.pdf)Fasting Preparation and Expectations (.pdf)Fasting Preparation PowerPoint presentation (.pdf)Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf)Immigration Fact Sheet (.pdf)Know Your Rights training material in English (.pdf)Know Your Rights training material in Spanish (.pdf)Know Your Rights - CA training material in English (.pdf)Know Your Rights - CA training material in Spanish (.pdf)Know Your Rights - CA training material in Chinese (.pdf)Getting the Message Across: How to Handle the Media? (.pdf)
Voter Registration Links
United States Government SiteLeague of Women VotersRock the Vote!

To all Anti Illegal Alien Groups...Perhaps you should Volunteer to HOST a FAST EVENT, and then invite ICE to attend.

If you would like to coordinate an action or event regionally or nationally with the “Fast For Our Future” campaign, please email .

Olvera Street is an historic monument and plaza known as "the birthplace of the City of Los Angeles” and is part of the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Park. Many Spanish-speakers refer to Olvera Street as “La Placita Olvera.”

The following web sites/organizations seem more than willing to give America's Main Street Citizens jobs, communities, and legal protections away to ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS, are supporting the Illegal Alien AMNESTY ENCAMPMENT in Los Angeles:

How Stupid is The Joe Plumber Voter?

As John McCain, and Sarah (viper tongue) Palin beat the Joe the Plumber drums of war, I am sitting here wondering just how STUPID those Joe the Plumber voters really are. How many of those Joe the Plumber, Joe the Sheet Rocker, Joe the Landscaper are earning ANY WHERE NEAR $250,000 a year? Records show us that Joe the Plumber from Ohio is earning less than $60,000 per year...NO TAX INCREASE THERE! Wake up and smell the roses folks...John McCain and Sarah Palin are both MILLIONAIRES, both of them are greedy money whoring FUCK TURDS that are out to protect themselves, and those like them...MILLIONAIRES!

For eight years now, we have watched George Bush tax cuts make the rich richer as we in the middle class have watched our riches and our security disappear. Do you really want four more years of that? Do you want over 90 percent of the tax breaks being doled out to the richest ten percent of our nation? Do you really think it is fair that the millionaires and billionaires are getting the tax breaks? Redistribution of wealth...curious here Middle Class Americans...who made those people rich? Who is it that toiled day in and day out working for the man that made them who they are, gave them that FANCY CAR, and the seven homes that people like John McCain own? How many BIG BUSINESS OWNERS are rich because they will not pay their workers a LIVING WAGE, will not give their workers Health Insurance....THE RICH ARE RICH BECAUSE YOU MADE THEM RICH AMERICA! It is time for the lower and middle class to get their due, either through JUST GOVERNMENT, or through use of brute force as America's Main Street takes it's war out into the streets of America in demanding accountability. It is time for FAIR WAGES, it is time to DEPORT illegal aliens, rather than reward them with pathways to citizenship. It is time that those hiring illegal aliens be held accountable, be imprisoned for thier sins against humanity. It is time for the Senator Stevens of the world to pay the highest price, rather than being rewarded with a pension of over $120,000 a year!

Wake up Joe the Plumber...if you are earning less than $250,000 a year, you are going to BE WORSE OFF during a John McCain presidency! If you are so stupid as to buy into John McCain's false rhetoric, stupid enough to vote for another four years of George Bush politics, then you deserve the ass fucking you will get under the dictatorship of John McCain.

US Troops Should Be Allowed To Refuse Deployment To Iraq

First, Iraq needs to get a have no right to dictate terms to America when it comes to our STAYING in Iraq, and putting US Troops in a position of having to be subject to your whacked out, full of shit laws, and fatally flawed courts is not going to work...simply stated, you have NO DUE PROCESS. We don't have time for your games, you Mr. Maliki need to tell you congress that the deal is not going to be renegotiated...which brings me to the point of this post. If the Pentagon is negotiating a deal that places our troops in danger of being held to Iraqi standards of justice, rather than American Standards of justice, then our troops MUST HAVE RIGHT OF OPTING OUT of serving in Iraq. Further, if Iraq and fuck turds like Sadr want to play hard ball, that is fine with us...we'll start our troop withdraw IMMEDIATELY.

Iraq cabinet to send proposed deal changes to U.S.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq's cabinet will send proposed amendments to a long-awaited security pact with the United States to U.S. negotiators, the Iraqi government spokesman said on Tuesday.

Ali al-Dabbagh said that the proposed changes, agreed upon by cabinet members on Tuesday, addressed both 'wording' and 'content. The security pact will govern the U.S. troop presence after a United Nations mandate expires at the end of the year.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Palin Calls On Stevens To Do Right Thing...Win n November, Then Resign So I Can Put Another Republican In Your Place

The press seems surprised that Sarah Palin has not spelled out just what she meant in telling Senator Stevens to do the right thing. Come on, we all know what the right thing is! She wants him to stay in the race, and if by some miracle he gets re-elected, she wants him to resign after its official so she can name a Republican to replace him for his term, rather than having him removed through a ugly Senate Procedure when the 111th Congress comes to power in January and Democrats have a 60 seat majority. (In unrelated news...just watched Campbell Brown on "The Daily Show", and officially pronounce her to be a HOTTIE!")

Palin: 'Do the right thing'

Posted: Monday, October 27, 2008 6:38 PM by Mark Murray
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From NBC/NJ's Matthew E. Berger
ROANOKE, Va. -- Calling it a sad day for her state, Palin today called on Sen. Ted Stevens (R) to "do the right thing," after the Alaska senator was convicted in his federal corruption trial.

After waiting more than an hour for Palin to emerge from an airport lounge and board her plane at the Richmond airport, a podium was set up in the rain. The governor disembarked from the bus and gave brief remarks, ignoring questions.

"The verdict shines a light though on the corrupting influence of the big oil service company up there in Alaska that was allowed to control too much of our state," she said. "And that control was part of the culture of corruption that I was elected to fight. And that fight must always move forward regardless of party affiliation or seniority or even past service.

Palin said she would monitor the situation and would "take any appropriate action as needed." She called on Alaskans to respect the workings of the judicial system. "And I'm confident that Sen. Stevens, from this point on, will do the right thing for the state of Alaska," she said.

With Stevens on the ballot next week, the remaining question is whether Palin will vote for him, or has already done so by absentee ballot, which she suggested earlier this month might be how she casts her vote.

Palin ignored repeated questions on whether she would vote for Stevens as she boarded the plane.

Love Watching The Republican Pundits Screeching Like Scalded Naked Apes

As Democrats we have had to suffer the likes of Michelle Malkin and Ann (potty mouthed) Coulter for going on 14 years, with the worst of it coming during the George W. Bush presidency. So pardon me if I take a certain glee in watching the Republican Party self destruct on National Television, pardon me while I laugh hysterically at these Republican Shrieking Shrews who are desperately trying to paint the Annihilation of the Republican party as nothing more than a temporary set back caused by a liberal press. The radical rabid religious right wing of the party is watching everything they worked for fall short of its mark...THEY WILL NOT OWN THE SUPREME COURT! The witch hunt is coming to an end, the holy rollers are being corralled as American comes to its short, Roe Verse Wade is SAVED, the Republicans are being sent out into the desert, and at best, we will not see them have any real power until at least 2016, and perhaps far beyond that. If I were not afraid of Sarah Palin filing a law suit to oppose it, would suggest we consider placing Republicans on the Endangered Species List.

From White House Briefing...Ms. Perino Has No Comment On Bush's McCain Attack Into Syria

So, in the name of saving the John McCain Presidential Bid, George W. Bush invaded Syria, there is video on You Tube that confirms that invasion, but Ms. Perino refuses to comment on the big Elephant in the room. Tell us Mr. Bush, why did you invade Syrai in the name of saving the John McCain run for the presidency?

Q What is the likelihood of more raids into Syria like the one we saw this weekend? Good question...depends on McCain's poll numbers.

MS. PERINO: The United States government has not commented on reports about that and I'm not able to here, either. Notice Ms. Perino's carefully chosen words...I'm NOT ABLE TO HERE, as in she is UNDER ORDERS to stay mum on the attack WE ALL KNOW ABOUT. Have you no pride Ms. Perino? Don't you have enough guts to resign as a protest you spinless twit?

Q So we've talked about Pakistan, the raids into Pakistan, whether by ground or by air. And there's been some acknowledgment by U.S. officials that those are happening. We're now seeing this sort of thing spread to other countries. Can you not -- you can't shed any light on why, when, where, how, whether we're going to --

MS. PERINO: I can't comment on it at all, no. Again, the I CAN'T COMMENT ON IT AT ALL, no...under whose orders, and why were those orders given? We know the attack occurred, we know there are DEAD CIVILIANS, but the White House who ordered the attack, and it's spokesperson HAVE NO COMMENT? Come on Ms. Perino, surely you can do better than that, surely you have SOME PRIDE?

Q Have you heard anything about whether the target was successful, that it hit the target? The press wants, needs and deserves answers, are pushing which is a good thing.

MS. PERINO: I'm not going to comment in any way on this; I'm not able to comment on that. Come on, spill the beans...Bush silenced you, didn't he? This attack was POLITICALLY motivated, wasn't it? Bush ordered this attack in an attempt to John McCain's presidential campaign, didn't he?

Q You're not even able to say that there has been some decision taken by the administration that "if you guys can't clean up your act we will clean it up for you"?

MS. PERINO: I'm not going to comment on the reports about this, no, I'm not. Anybody else? Is this where you hold your breath till your face turns purple?

Q Can you comment on Syria's protest? LOL....good strategy, approach this subject from a different perspective.

MS. PERINO: I'm not going to comment on it at all. This could be a really short briefing. (Laughter.) We are NOT LAUGHING, we are ENTITLED TO ANSWERS, we want to know why the White House, why George W. Bush invaded Syria?

Q Has anybody from the White House spoken to anybody from Syria? Again, a good question, keep the pressure on.

MS. PERINO: I don't know. I don't know. That is a BOLD FACED LIE Ms. Perino, and I challenge you on do know, and would be willing to bet White House records would show that YOU DO KNOW.

Q Let me ask you this one: You have another government making claims. At some point, you either have to confirm or deny the claims they're making, no?

MS. PERINO: Jim, all I can tell you is that I am not able to comment on reports about this reported incident, and I'm not going to do so. You can come up here and try to beat it out of me, but I will not be commenting on this in any way, shape or form today. Or tomorrow -- comment today, or tomorrow...let me quess, the White House has NO COMMENT on the White House authorized INVASION OF SYRIA until after Election Day has come and gone?

Q What about another agency, nobody -- if it comes, it's going to come from here, and so it's not going to -- nothing is going to come out of this?

MS. PERINO: I don't believe anybody is commenting on this at all.


Q Dana, why can't you comment? Is it a reason for national security, or is it political? I mean, why -- RIGHT TO THE MEAT of the issue, and we ALL KNOW IT IS POLITICAL!

MS. PERINO: To give you an answer to that would be commenting in some way on it, and I'm not going to do it.

Q But, I mean, Dana, you can't give us anything? I mean, this is a major issue --

MS. PERINO: Nothing.

Q This is a major issue --

MS. PERINO: I understand the reports are serious, but it's not something I'm going to comment on in any way.

Go ahead, Lambros.

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