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Us or Them...Tell Congress NO TO AMNESTY

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Some facts you as a LEGAL AMERICAN need to know about Illegal Aliens as they make a move to get AMNESTY during 2009 as American Citizens on Main Street suffer through the Second Great Depression.

First, Illegal Aliens and those that support them are going to push VERY HARD for Amnesty in 2009, as the Great Depression we are at the beginning of sees their window of opportunity closing fast as more and more Americans LOSE OUR JOBS, while Illegal Aliens keep theirs for the simple fact they are willing to work for CHEAPER WAGES. To accomplish their goal, they are planning to REFOCUS the argument/debate away from Us Verse Them. Illegal Aliens will try to convince the American Public that LONG TERM granting Amnesty to 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens makes since...if you are out of a job, if you cannot put food on the table, do you really care about what some Illegal Alien or his descendants MIGHT BE CONTRIBUTING to the American Economy 30-40 years from now? We are in a Great Depression, and while 11 plus (actual numbers) MILLION Americans are out of work, have lost their jobs, SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE STILL WORKING IN AMERICAN JOBS.

Fact...the real unemployment/under employment rate for American Legal Citizens is actually over fourteen percent. Deporting all Illegal Aliens, forcing those seven million Illegal Aliens out of OUR JOB MARKET would put at least FOUR MILLION AMERICANS BACK TO WORK WITH BENEFITS INCLUDING HEALTH CARE in what would become a WORKERS Job Market as the supply was rebalanced to meet demand. Deportation is the only answer for Main Street American as we fight this crucial Us or Them BATTLE for our livelyhoods!

Fact...the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE for LEGAL AMERICANS that do not have a College Degree is TWICE THAT OF ILLEGAL ALIENS WHO HAVE STOLEN YOUR is especially true for Non College Educated Americans that Illegal Aliens have been stealing your jobs, are working in your jobs while you and your families STARVE. Simply stated the focus of the Illegal Immigration Debate must remain on the one singular point of reality...IT IS YOU OR ILLEGAL ALIENS...Us or Them. The choice is yours, but only if you plug in, protest and start LOUDLY letting Washington, DC know that DEPORTATION IS THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE OPTION FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Fact...Illegal Aliens have driven down middle and lower income wages by an average of almost eight percent. This figure jumps to almost 14 percent in both the Legal Immigrant and Black communities. Illegal Aliens are literally stealing money out of your pockets and putting it in theirs. They may want to build a Middle Class, but it is THEIR Middle Class they want to build by STEALING YOURS...again, the fight in the Illegal Alien debate at this time in American History is US OR THEM.

Fact...Illegal Aliens depress American Wages by $230 BILLION dollars EACH AND EVERY YEAR. You want to stimulate your own economy, then get rid of these LEECHES that are literally stealing bread off of your table. US OR THEM...that is the debate. Remember, CHARITY STARTS at home, so let Americans take care of Americans, and Mexico can take care of its own. Us or them.

Fact...Obama and YOUR SENATORS Stripped E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill. Obama wanted it gone because, "E Verify will cause too many Illegal Aliens to lose their jobs before Congress can tackle Immigration Reform, GIVE THEM A PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP." Your president siding WITH THEM in a US or Them Fight FOR SURVIVAL. Is that the CHANGE YOU VOTED FOR...starving American Children in the name of Illegal Aliens? Us or them.

Fact...leaving E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill will see upwards of 300,000 jobs created by the Stimulus Bill GO TO ILLEGAL ALIENS in a Us or Them fight for Survival.

Obama has recently said that he wants to START MOVING on Immigration Reform...Main Street Americans, you have been given your warning. Much like when we fought for our Independence, we are being called to battle. Instead of "The British Are Coming", we have as many as TWENTY FIVE MILLION Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 Million Anchor Babies ALREADY HERE, and they are OUT TO STEAL EACH AND EVERY MAIN STREET Americans JOB, HAVE NO PROBLEM STEALING FOOD FROM YOUR CHILDREN'S LIPS TO FEED THEIR OWN. Us or them, and Congress has ALREADY BEEN BOUGHT OFF, is siding with the National Chamber of Commerce and Illegal Aliens in the name of winning the Latino Voting block in Elections yet to come.

This is our Boston Tea Party moment, the call to battle in a Us or Them fight for survival through this Second Great Depression. Americans for Americans and we need to lock arms and MARCH like we have never marched before. DEPORTATION IS THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE OPTION, imprisonment for ANY ONE HIRING ILLEGAL ALIENS. American Truckers, you are being called upon to organize a Drive In to our nation's capital. Show your Unity as Independent Truckers, put an end to the Super Corridor by turning Washington, DC into one huge parking lot. Out of work construction workers, Illegal Aliens have perhaps hurt you more than any other sector of our American Work Force, both stealing your jobs, and majorly driving down the wages of those lucky enough to still be working. Grab your families, your neighbors and Sparky the dog and march on Washington DC. I know that our PROUD AMERICAN UNION WORKERS CAN AMASS TEN MILLION LEGAL AMERICANS and put them in our AMERICAN CAPITAL. It is time Washington DC understands ONCE AND FOR ALL that Illegal Aliens are NOT WELCOME IN AMERICAN. Us or them, and the time has come to PUT AMERICANS BACK TO WORK.

It is US OR THEM, and pushing back is NOT ENOUGH...the time has come for some serious SHOVING as we TAKE BACK OUR JOBS AND OUR AMERICAN DREAM from Illegal Alien Usurpers and from members of Congress who are bent on committing TREASON in the name of the National Chamber of Commerce. Us or them, and I encourage every Main Street American to immediately start organizing and linking arms, as the outcome of this battle will be the difference between food on your American Table, and your children starving as you stand on a bread line.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog Launch...Americans For Americans

Washington Scandal is pleased to announce the launch of, "Americans For Americans". The premise is simple...Americans for Americans and all that entails.

The time has come for Americans to take care of our own, thus Americans for Americans. Illegal Aliens in our work force number in excess of seven million while over five million Americans have lost their jobs in the last is time for Illegal Aliens to go (as in DEPORTATION). It is time for every segment of our government to take legal actions against all companies and individuals hiring or helping illegal aliens, from the Homeland Security employee hiring a illegal alien housekeeper to the National Chamber of Commerce with their CHEAP WAGES, Pro Illegal Alien Lobbying of our elected officials, and even priests in the Catholic Church. Those that support or hire Illegal Aliens must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and SHUNNED by Legal Americans across America. W edo not need immigration reform, we need immigration enforcement. Americans for Americans is a place where average Americans can EXPOSE THE SCUM WHO EMPLOY and/or AID Illegal Aliens. A place where those who wrongfully push for AMNESTY in the guise of Earned Citizenship will be exposed (Association of General Contractors), clear up to and including President Barack Obama who has been making far too many promises of Amnesty to the Latino Special Interests groups such as La Raza and MALDEF who believe criminal illegal aliens are ENTITLED TO YOUR JOBS, ENTITLED TO STEAL YOUR AMERICAN DREAM.

Americans For Americans will track Stimulus Spending, will hold government and business accountable to PAGE 469 of the bill which stipulates Stimulus construction projects MUST BUY AMERICAN.

Americans For Americans will encourage Americans to STOP BUYING ALL ITEMS produced in China. For too long we have bought into the Walmart Falling Prices, Cheap IS A GOOD THING culture that has destroyed our American Manufacturing base, shipped our good paying jobs over seas. The train has come into the station, and the time has come to Buy American so that Americans can be PUT BACK TO WORK as manufacturing jobs return to our shores. Let Presiden Hu and Communist China learn to live without hundreds of Billions of US Dollars flowing into their bank accounts on a yearly basis. Don't kid yourselves...China has CHEATED FOR DECADES, does not deserve Most Favored Nation Trading Status, and they are now taking their CASH RESERVES and trying to corner the worlds natural resources market while everyone is BROKE so that they can hold us hostage. Continuing to buy goods made in China is a sure fire way to see your CHILDREN become slaves to Chinese Dictators who will own us through our debt. If the future you want for your children has them being endentured servants of Communist China, keep buying THEIR CHEAP PRODUCTS AND GOODS. We are better to live without certain items than to continue purchasing them from China...the time has come for America to again become SELF SUFFIENT.

Americans For Americans will promote ANY AMERICAN business that manufactures or sells AMERICAN GOODS and AMERICAN SERVICES. We will target and point out to our readers any companies or retail ocations identified as purchasing or selling Chinese Goods, employing illegal aliens.

You are invited to visit this new blog often as we work together to restore to Main Street Americans what they deserve...One Nation Under God, and American ruled by and for the people, instead of an America where the politicians have SOLD US OUT TO BIG BUSINESS and their World Trade Organization (one world order and economy) agenda.

Hey China...Protectionist BUY AMERICAN Actions Are Coming...DEAL WITH IT

The Editor of Chinaview, Mu Xuequan wrote a whiny Editorial (setting the stage for Hillary's visit) complaining about the Buy American language in the Stimulus Bill signed into law by President Obama. Of course, he fails to mention China's protectionist economic policies while bemoaning ours...get over it Mu, we Americans on Main Street have had enough, and trust me...once riled, once we raise our voices, our DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT (reluctantly sometimes) listens to us. That $787 Billion Stimulus is going to be paid for WITH OUR MONEY, so keep your grubby little paws where they BELONG....tell President Hu to go fuck himself if he thinks he is going to get a large piece of Stimulus pie for China. If some of us here in America have our say about matters, China is about to lose its "Most Favored Nation"trading status, and is about to find out what happens when we Americans send a clear signal to retail outlets that we do not want to see shit made in China littering store shelves...simply stated, all the trade agreements in the world ARE WORTHLESS if citizens start voting with their pocketbooks. We have the ability to break the back of China's Economy, and this American would love nothing better than to see CHINA BROKEN.
Commentary: Trade protectionism no spur for world economic recovery 2009-02-19 05:51:16 Print

by Ye Shuhong, Li Rong

BEIJING, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) -- The "Buy American" provisions in the 787-billion-U.S. dollar economic stimulus bill that U.S. President Barack Obama signed into law Tuesday, will deal a hard blow to world endeavors in saving the economy.

According to the legislation, the "Buy American" provision prohibits the purchase of foreign iron, steel and manufactured goods for any stimulus-funded infrastructure project.

The provisions, contradicting the principles of fair trade and posing potential hurt to developing economies, run against the general trend of intensified coordination and cooperation across the world community in efforts to tide over the economic crisis.

Most economists believe it is a better choice for world economies to simultaneously adopt expansive fiscal policies, enlarge government spending and save the global market via free trade, which they said would stimulate increasing returns to scale and result in a virtuous cycle for the global economy.

On the contrary, resorting to trade protectionism will only trigger a vicious cycle worldwide, they said.

However, for the ideal scenario of collective increasing returns to scale to be realized, the world's economies should enhance dialogue and cooperation on the basis of complete mutual trust.

The "Buy American" provisions in the U.S. package threaten to undermine the cooperation of trading partners based on mutual trust and will likely cause them to hesitate in implementing measures to save or open the market, or even force them to resort to trade barriers.

As a result, the effects of the ongoing crisis might linger longer or even expand in extreme cases.

Faced with the widespread global financial crisis, many countries have invested heavily in boosting their economies, or are at least preparing to do so. Enterprises in the United States also have their eyes focused on these stimulus packages, hoping to benefit from them.

However, the gigantic U.S. economic recovery package has virtually shut the door on developing countries, raising the possibility of tit-for-tat treatment from those economies.

According to The Washington Post, the major economies in Europe and Asia have all released their stimulus plans, which might benefit U.S. enterprises if they participate in them. However, the "Buy American" provisions in the plan are obviously geared toward protecting U.S. enterprises, which will hurt the feelings of other economies and raise the risk of similar treatment from them.

Developing economies, including the emerging ones, have become an important engine for world economic development, and no revival plan can do without their cooperation and support. It is thus unrealistic to exclude the many developing economies from any stimulus plan.

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled "(U.S.) Congress wants a trade war," Princeton University economics professor Burton Malkiel pointed out that, "Buy American provisions invite retaliation by other nations, and the spread of "beggar thy neighbor" policies throughout the world."

The steady growth of developing economies would offer more opportunities for developed economies to recover. Justin Yifu Lin, the World Bank's chief economist, recently repeated his call for a coordinated global stimulus to get the world economy out of deep recession.

Developed economies mired in downturns should not close their doors for self-protection, urged Lin. Rather, they should try to help emerging economies expand their domestic demand to speed up world economic recovery.

From that perspective, the "Buy American" provisions in the U.S. stimulus package are no doubt short-sighted.

Editor: Mu Xuequan

Sharpton and Spikes BLACK Protest of New York Post Resemble's Islamic Fundamentalist Protest Event Over Allah Cartoons

I have no problems with Sharpton being OFFENDED by a cartoon...I get offended by them on a regular basis. I do take exception to his, Spike Lee's, and seemingly the Black Community's belief that they get to be the THOUGHT POLICE censors concerning all things Obama, do not feel they are entitled to recieve apologies every time they feel insulted or offended. Some saw the cartoon in question one way, others another.

I am one of those that DID NOT see the cartoon as racist, did not even see it directed AT OBAMA. Even if the cartoon was aimed at Obama...WHO CARES...the Black Community were not up in arms when Bush was associated with a fact, I remember one cartoon wherein his face was incorporated into a chimp. Politicians have often been associated with, compared to, even refered to as chimps, idiot monkeys and the like. Obama is a politician, the cartoon was a political harm, no foul. The Black Community should not be allowed to be Social Commentary CENSORS, the Police out to protect Obama's public image...the man is a politician and public figure...HE IS FAIR GAME, get over it, and get a THICKER SKIN SHARPTON.

The Post apologized...they basically said, "Sorry, we did not see the cartoon as a characterization of Obama, did not publish it as a Obama cartoon, and apologized if some of you took offense. That should be GAME OVER, but instead, we have Sharpton and the Black Community saying the apology is NOT ENOUGH, threatening to ESCULATE THEIR PROTESTS....are we the Middle East, is Sharpton going to start handing down White House FATWAHS and declaring JIHAD on the press?

Gibbs GET A CLUE...The President's HOUSING PLAN Does SUCK

Gibbs, in a general sense CNBC'S Rick Santelli was right...the President's Housing Plan sucks, does NOTHING for most Americans that have PLAYED BY THE RULES. Stop your smoke and mirrors games. So what if the President's plan helps millions of home owners that, simply stated, cannot afford their homes, are behind in their mortgages. What does it do for those of us that have played by the rules, but now because of the Real Estate CRASH find ourselves in upside down mortgage. NOTHING! All those future things it is going to do for things like interest DO NOTHING FOR US, so stop the PRESIDENTIAL CON GAME.

I do not like smoke and mirrors, and that supposed $6,000 eventual gain in my home's value does NOT COME CLOSE to what I and others have lost in principal because of Wall Street and the banks CRIMES. By the way, where is our reduced interest is a clue...banks do not want to refinance us to LOWER INTEREST RATES because we are CURRENT, and they need the money. Where is our YEARLY REWARD for keeping our mortgages current? OH...WE DO NOT GET ONE...why not? Is it fair that those who have fallen behind in their mortgages get help, BUT THE REST OF US DO NOT, they get a BONUS for keeping current, but WE DO NOT?

Here is a CLUE Mr. GIBBS...Obama and Congress can help all of us, or several million of us are just going TO WALK AWAY FROM OUR UPSIDE DOWN HOMES, and if you think it is ugly now, wait till that happens. A more so than Obama telling America's Mayor's that he will CALL THEM OUT...tell the President TO FUCKING GROW UP...this is not some pick up basketball game he is playing. You should take the SAME ADVICE...instead of taking hard honest criticism, you decide to use your own White House podium to do some TRASH TALKING...keep your coffee, you probably are a lousy conversationalist.

True Justice...Acid His Entire Face, Not Just Eyes in Iranian Case of Blind Justice

Ameneh Bahrami wants ancient justice, and eye for and eye...this is upsetting many in the Human Rights movement...get over it. Have you seen this woman's face? Acid dropped into the eyes of Majid Movahedi (the spurned man who threw acid on her) does not seem harsh enough. He may end up blind, but not permanently scarred as his victim is. I salute Ameneh for demanding justice rather than accepting a small token pay off of some Blood Money. I think she is entitled to more justice than just acid in this mans eyes...she should be allowed to have him permanently disfigured. Those who are upset with the victim need to get a clue...maybe if we had some eye for an eye justice here in America we would have lower crime rates...we could start by chopping off the hands of every Wall Street executives and bankers that have robbed us blind, trashed our economy...that seems far more right than Bloomberg wanting to spend $45 Million of our tax dollars RETRAINING THEM.
By Reza Sayah
TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Ameneh Bahrami is certain that one day she'll meet someone, fall in love and get married. But when her wedding day comes, her husband won't see her eyes, and she won't see her husband. Bahrami is blind, the victim of an acid attack by a spurned suitor.
Ameneh Bahrami said her attacker pestered her with marriage demands.

Ameneh Bahrami said her attacker pestered her with marriage demands.

If she gets her way, her attacker will suffer the same fate. The 31-year-old Iranian is demanding the ancient punishment of "an eye for an eye," and, in accordance with Islamic law, she wants to blind Majid Movahedi, the man who blinded her.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attention American Citizens In All Southern Border States....Have You ARmed Yourself and Your Family?

Let us not kid ourselves...Civil War is breaking out in Mexico, and our government is not putting troops on our Southern Border to keep said war from spilling over into America. This means our citizens living in Border states ARE ON THEIR OWN when this Civil War (being fed by Mexico's warring Drug Lords) crosses into California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and starts costing American lives, shedding American blood. There is a real risk of entire American Border towns being lost, American land lost forever as Mexican citizens fleeing warring factions cross into America in numbers never seen before even during the Illegal Alien Tsuanimi we have been experiencing in the last ten years as a result of our politicians ignoring the problem, refusing to enforce our laws based on orders handed down to them from the United States Chamber of Commerce and other cheap labor, pro illegal alien organizations and lobbyist on K Street that represent them.

When you think of beheadings, murders and kidnapping that occur on a daily basis it would be natural to assume Afghanistan, Iraq, or perhaps the West Bank, but this is now the reality in EVERY STATE OF MEXICO. Running gun battles are almost daily occurances all along the Mexican border with America, and some small American communities are very alarmed as they watch drug lords coming into their towns, buying up houses with fist fulls of NARCO DOLLARS while our Federal Government, ICE, AFT, and the FBI do nothing. It is not a question of if but WHEN AMERICAN BLOOD IS SHED.

Calderon would more than likely already be in hiding, his Mexican Military over run if not for the fighting going on between the warring drug lords themselves...if these NARCO Criminals reach accord between themselves, it will be only a matter of weeks before it is the Drug Lords who are in complete control of Mexico, will have their NARCO ARMY perched on our Southern Border. This is the pending reality, but Obama's decision to send another 17,000 troops into Afghanistan has created a situation where the Pentagon will be unable to protect its own American Citizens, incapable of protecting entire swaths of the South West that could find themselves UNDER SEIGE...which begs the question for those living within 100 miles of the border with Mexico...have you armed yourself and your family. Do you have an adequate arsenal to protect your home from Mexican insurgents?

We have 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens within our borders right now...conservative numbers have 10 percent of Mexico's citizens illegally living inside the United States of America...their loyalty is NOT TO AMERICA, but to their homeland, perhaps to the very Drug Lords that could lead this invasion. This is not overly alarmist, it is a very real potential reality, and if you look at our troop committments in Iraq and Afghanistan, look at the equipment shortages already existing, and you suddenly realize that America's Southern State neighbors need to ban together, need to have a plan in place now for what might already be on the way, a Mexican Civil War spilling over into and involving every Southern State here in America as Mexican NARCO Armies carve out new territory. It is strongly suggested here that Americans in southern states liberally exercise their Second Amendment Rights...the gun (s) you buy today could very seriously SAVE YOUR LIFE SOONER THAN YOU THINK, and it is best to arm now while you can, as word on the Street has Obama doing everything he can through Eric Holder to restrict our Second Amendment rights sooner rather than later.

Some Facts:

5,630 Execution Style Murders in Mexico last year.
7,000 Mexicans have lost their lives in this Civil War.
2008 saw more Mexicans lose their lives to violence than died in both Afghanistan and Iraq combined.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

United Nations Wants To Force America To Pay Reparations For Slavery

First, the United Nations needs to STAY THE FUCK OUT OF OUR BUSINESS here in America. We are America, and it is time that America stops letting the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and others their attempts at dictating United States policy and politics. Reparations are NOT ON THE TABLE...END OF DISCUSSION, get over it. Maybe you can talk those that sold people into slavery to cough up some Reparations Money, or find someone still living that had slaves and SUE THEM FOR REPARATIONS. Furthermore, it is suggested here that the time has come for the United Nations to look for another home for their organization. The organization does not seem to be a real good match for New York from this writer's perspective. While we are at it, speaking on the topic of others interfering in our internal American business, President Obama and our Congress need to give serious consideration to pulling out of the WTO, and doing away with NAFTA and CAFTA. Barack's comments in Canada today are unacceptable...the man made a promise to Blue Collar Americans, and we EXPECT HIM TO KEEP IT. It's time for some home grown American Protectionist Policies. If China, Canada, Mexico and others do not like it, that is their beef, not ours. Lastly...Mexico is on the verge of Civil War....SECURE OUR BORDER with 50,000 troops...we do not need any more Illegal Aliens finding their way here from Mexico demanding suddenly political asylum.

U.S. Holds Firm on Reparations, Israel in U.N. Racism Talks

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, February 20, 2009; Page A10

UNITED NATIONS, Feb. 19 -- The Obama administration on Thursday concluded its first round of politically charged U.N. negotiations on racism, pressing foreign governments to drop reparation demands for slavery and to desist from singling out Israel for criticism in a draft declaration to be presented at a U.N. conference in April.

The United States is exploring whether it will participate in the conference, which will review progress on a declaration from the 2001 World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. The United States and Israel walked out of that meeting, held in Durban, South Africa.

U.N. officials have urged the Obama administration to participate in the review conference, saying that the election of the first African American president presents the United States with an opportunity to inspire other minorities around the world and to highlight U.S. progress in the years since slavery was abolished and blacks were granted civil rights.

Obama SCREWS AMERICAN WORKERS, Tells Canada That NAFTA Changes Can Wait

Here is a CLUE President Obama...American tax payers are NOT GOING TO TOLERATE our tax dollars being used to STIMULATE the World Economy, or for that matter Canada's Economy. Further, you cannot stop us here on Main Street in bringing forth our own PROTECTIONIST ACTIONS by leaving NON AMERICAN products and goods on STORE SHELVES across America. Fact...if we do not buy, if we DEMAND AMERICAN GOODS, retailers will have NO CHOICE but to abide by our demands as expressed with our wallets and pocketbooks.

To every American...the time has come to STOP BUYING ALL NON AMERICAN PRODUCED GOODS. We want our MANUFACTURING BASE BACK. That will not happen as long as we continue to buy GOODS AND SERVICES at Walmart, are always looking for the CHEAPEST PRICE, rather than paying a bit extra to KEEP OUR OWN EMPLOYED.

This blog is encouraging all Americans to BOYCOTT ALL NON AMERICAN PRODUCTS, and TO BOYCOTT ALL COMPANIES THAT HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS. It is time to TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS, and that means drawing the line in the sand. WE DO NOT WANT NAFTA, CAFTA or the North American Union. We do not want the Amero as our currency and we will NOT take orders from the WTO. Our debt to will be paid off when we make the necessary changes to return to AMerica what never should have left...our wealth, and our jobs in the manufacturing sector. The true...we rebuilt our manufacturing infrastructure, and take back what is rightfully ours, or we slide into being a third world nation. Screw China...if we stop buying from them, it will be THEM OWING US, it will be their economy that shrivels up and dies instead of ours.

WAKE UP AMERICA...our future is in our hands, in the buying decisions we make from today forward, in our ability if necessary to take to the streets to force Washington to END the free ride for Illegal Aliens, in forcing Congress to declare a moratorium ON ALL IMMIGRATION. You want a job, then stop BUYING SHIT MADE IN OTHER is THAT SIMPLE, and the WTO, CHINA and yes, NAFTA know this...they need us spending our dollars on their products...TOO BAD, it is America's turn to take care of AMERICANS.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

G7 Worried About Buy American Language Decries Protectionist Laws

HEY G7...GET OVER IT. Our money is ours, not the United States government's...though with all these bailouts recently you could debate that statement. Anyway, if we Americans want our stores to carry "Made In America" goods, if we as Americans do not wish to buy crap "Made In China", that is our choice. America is a country that is run (supposedly) by and for the people which means if we the people are sick and tired of the failed policies of the WTO and the failed concept of Open World Markets that always seem closed to American Goods for export purposes, then we have the right (even if you do not like it) to demand that our government abide by OUR WISHES, not the wishes of China, the WTO or for that matter the G7. Buy American is good for America, good for our Main Street families...GET OVER IT, and start taking care of your own financial house, instead of thinking you have the right to have American Consumers bail you out via our purchases at Walmart.
A general view of the Group of Seven (G7) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in Rome, Saturday, Feb. 14, 2009. Officials from the leading industrial nations will discuss new financial markets rules, concerns about protectionist measures in stimulus plans, and the effect of the crisis on poorer countries.

A general view of the Group of Seven (G7) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in Rome, Saturday, Feb. 14, 2009. Officials from the leading industrial nations will discuss new financial markets rules, concerns about protectionist measures in stimulus plans, and the effect of the crisis on poorer countries.

ROME, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Group of Seven (G7) finance ministers and central bank governors met in Rome on Friday and Saturday to discuss the global economic down-turn and identify possible solutions to ease the financial crisis.

In a final joint communiqué released Saturday, representatives from the world's leading industrialized nations -- the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Britain, and Canada -- rejected all sorts of protectionist measures, pledged to sustain employment and economic growth and, at the same time, strengthen the banking system.

The finance ministers and central bank governors stressed they will do all they can to fight recession and avoid distorting free trade.

Eric Holder, I Am No Coward...You Want To Talk Race, BRING IT ON

Black BIGOT Eric Holder should resign as Attorney General

First, for those wondering, yes I am outraged and insulted by Attorney General Eric Holder's words today...WHO THE FUCK does he think he is? His job is Attorney General of ALL THE PEOPLE, but to hear him speak today, he sounded like an ANGRY BLACK MAN with an AXE TO GRIND...OH, SO SORRY, is this White Boy being to FORWARD in my remarks? That said, I am NO COWARD, and am more than happy to give Eric Holder my own throughts on various topics, including race relations in America.

I am one American who is getting a bit tired of the Black Community acting as if Obama belongs ONLY TO THEM, and getting a bit upset that his election to the highest office in the land somehow has Black people acting as if they have now been given SPECIAL RIGHTS. I voted for vote was made as it always is...he was and is the LESSER OF TWO EVILS. That's politics...I did not vote for him as some kind of a mandate on race relations, do not believe politics should be about color. Sadly Mr. Holder, you seem to feel your high office gives you a platform to make politics about ARE WRONG. You want to play that dance card, go join La Raza or MALDEF and try to convince Republicans that being Anti Illegal Alien makes them prejudiced bigots. You are a law and order man, surely you know better than that?

I am a 53 year old white male raised in the Midwest. I can remember as a kid my own parents using the word nigger when speaking about people of color. I can remember the fear that gripped our communities when race riots were spilling out all over the place, and the fear in peoples voices when they spoke about the Black Panthers. Putting that into context, I can remember the beating I got when my parents found out my first girlfriend when I was in first grade was black. I remember Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and the Civil Rights Movement that lead to Affirmative Action. I am one of those WHITE MEN who has lost out on jobs, opportunities and had to suffer as a result of Affirmative Action, and at 53 I wonder how much longer we (White Folks) are supposed to Sacrifice in the name of Equal Rights. ENOUGH ALREADY! Why should a Black man or woman get a RACE BONUS when applying for a job...I would think over three decades later that the BONUS MENTALITY and SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT in the Black Community needs to end. I do not OWE YOU A DAMN THING, and you do not owe me a damn thing, and while we are on the subject, America DOES NOT OWE ILLEGAL ALIENS AMNESTY AND A PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP. Lets play the game of equal rights fairly and bring to an end a game that gives a black person a color bonus when they apply for a job, or try to get into a University. May the best man or woman win regardless of race, greed, religion or sexual orientation.

Seriously, Equal Rights seems to say that everyone gets a fair shake, that no group gets AN ADVANTAGE based on the color of their skin, or their sexual orientation. Can you explain to me then MR. Holder why it is that a Black Person should get an advantage in applying to a college simply because they are black? Where is the EQUAL in that? By the way, where is Equal Rights when Black People seem to have NO PROBLEMS being prejudiced against those in the Gay Community (Prop 8 in California)...or would you like to deny the FACT that Blacks seem to have serious problems where homosexuality is concerned? Are you Mr. Holder willing to admit that quite a few Black people are prejudice? Are you willing to admit that some in the Black Community (just like in any other community) do not even try to hide their DISLIKE OF WHITE PEOPLE, of Latin people, of Jewish people ? (Jeremiah Wright and Reverend Farrakhan) Why is that acceptable Mr. Holder? You want dialogue...then lets start by setting aside bullshit double standards that seem to be quite all right in the Black Communities if those Double Standards are in their favor.

If I don't like someone, it is because they are assholes, or because we hold completely different views on issues important to me, but it is never about the color of their skin. I can hate White people that have wronged me just as easily as I can hate people of other skin colors that have wronged me. I HATE illegal aliens...I do not care if they are Irish, Mexicans, Germans or Latins...if they are illegal, they are CRIMINAL SCUM, are instantly on my shit list. If a criminal is stealing my job, is lowering my wages, and by living 30-40 to a house are driving down the value of my home and running down my neighborhood, shouldn't I be allowed my hate...IT IS BASED ON GOOD REASONS AND BASED ON FACTS. I am NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, and am never going to be. Illegal Aliens (as example) are stealing the food off the plates of AMERICAN CITIZENS...from my perspective Legal American Citizens and Legal Immigrants should all be entitled to hate Illegal Aliens...I already know that you Mr. Holder and President Obama disagree with me, are prepared to abide by the wishes of your handlers at places like the National Chamber of Commerce where CHEAP WAGES mean more profits...shrug...that belief on your part is all the reason I need to hate you and what you stand for, has nothing to do with the color of your skin, but everything to do with your political beliefs where Illegal Aleins are concerned. ( you believe as I do that Dick Cheney truly hates Obama, would HATE any Democratic President that followed George Bush into the White House.)

FACT...a lot of us DO NOT TALK ABOUT RACE for a very good reason. DOUBLE STANDARDS. We WHITE FOLKS are well aware that BLACK FOLKS think our use of the word nigger is wrong, and I do not disagree with them. I think the word should not be used by any of us (White, Brown or Black)...that said, why is it that Blacks seem to think it is fine if they use BUZZ WORDS when talking to each other about WHITE FOLK...IE, Cracker, Whitey, HONKIE just to name off three quick ones. Latino's think it is fine for them to derogatorily refer to us Whites as GRINGOS. If the Black Community does not want us to use the word nigger, how about they stop using derogatory identifiers for us WHITES! Secondly, tell me when enough is enough? Seriously, I had NOTHING TO DO with long am I supposed to pay some price or make some sacrifice to square the ledger with the Black Community...GET OVER IT ALREADY! I was sexually abused...I had to get over it, had to LIVE MY LIFE. Shouldn't the Black Community do the same? Being serious here Mr. Holder...when is enough enough for you? I heard your VEILED THREAT TODAY, heard you promise WHITEY THAT YOU WOULD HAVE A VERY ACTIVE CIVIL RIGHTS that division going to be VERY ACTIVE seeing to it THAT ALL CITIZENS GET EQUAL RIGHTS, or is it going to be busy only for those of color, or only for those that are black? I want to know, and perhaps the Senate should have asked you that question BEFORE you were made Attorney General...a Black Bigot is just as bad as a White Bigot is....wouldn't you agree?

Lets talk Eric comments section is OPEN, and I am officially giving you the floor here in this want to TALK, LET US TALK.

Hypersensitive Roland Martin and Reverend Shaprton Need To Take Chill Pill...It Was Pelosi and Congress That WROTE THE STIMULUS BILL

Seems that Reverend Al Sharpton and self appointed School Guard Roland Martin are upset about a cartoon that appeared in the New York Post wherein the author of the Stimulus Bill is being shot to death (by uniformed men). Roland is jumping up and down, his jowls flopping like a rabid bulldog as he cries RACISM to anyone that cares to read his column over on CNN...stop being so HYPERSENSITIVE there Roland! Not every distasteful cartoon is a racist swipe at YOUR FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT...I say yours, as you seem to have nominated yourself keeper of the Obama flame of purity lately, grousing at any one or anything you feel is not giving him and the Black Community their rightful example, I site your opinion piece on the White House Press staff wherein you were upset that NOT ENOUGH BLACKS had been hired in key positions. Now you are jumping up and down swearing a cartoon is a racial swipe at OBama...hello, OBAMA DID NOT WRITE THE STIMULUS BILL, Pelosi and the Congress wrote that piece of GARBAGE!

There are numerous examples of Chimps, monkeys being used in cartoons and jokes when referring to the IDIOTS that inhabit Washington, DC...if anyone has a right to scream foul, it might be Pelosi as the Speaker of The House. Stop being the tempest in a teapot Roland...go back to whining about Valentine's Day. By the way...I seem to recall Bonzo Goes To Washington, and people thinking nothing of using that in reference to President Roland, you Reverend Sharpton need to take a few CHILL PILLS, need to stop seeing racial swipes at every turn in the road. Lastly Roland, here is a clue...the history of Blacks in America contrary to your article is a SMALL PART of a larger History, not the other way around...get used to it, as most Americans have no intentions of viewing the world and America through your eyes, through your own racially tinged glasses.

It is suggested here, that Roland Martin has lost his ability to be impartial, and that reality should have CNN reviewing their USE OF HIM on a News Show. Yes, I am suggesting they consider terminating his contract, should cease using a man that sees the world here in American through racially tinted lenses.

Michele Obama...There is More History To The White House Than Black History

Just watched a news piece on CNN on Michelle Obama wherein she was giving a history lesson to some kids on the history of the White House...with all due respect Ms. Obama, there is more to the history of the White House than Black gave severeal historical points to the kids in attendance, and EVERY ONE OF THEM REFERENCED Black History at the White House. How about remembering that the White House is THE PEOPLES HOUSE, not just the Black Peoples house. Yes, your husband (sort of) is the first Black President in American history, but he is SUPPOSED TO BE THE PEOPLES President. He will fail miserably in this task if all he is remembered for when he leaves office is being the first Black President.

Buffalo Man BEHEADS WIFE...Why Americans Tend To Hate Muslims

The man, Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan who did a Taliban, beheading his wife in Buffalo is lower than dirt, is a scum who should die a slow and painful death (castration and then hung up on a hook to drip to death works)...sadly, that is not allowed in civilized society. More importantly, it brings to the surface a perfect study of why many Americans do not trust Muslims, why many Americans HATE THEM, especially after 9/11. As more news of this tragedy makes it into print, we find out that this was more than likely a "Honor Killing" and act still practiced by some members of the Islamic Faith when they think they are dishonored by their wife. Any part of the Islamic Faith that condones this brutal murder of women should be banned, any Muslim who tries to justify it is a criminal. If Honor Killings are a part of Allah's Word, then Allah is a SCUM, a False God of Evil whose words should be erased from the history of the world.

LET US BE CLEAR...THERE IS NO HONOR IN KILLING YOUR WIFE, NO HONOR IN THIS KIND OF SENSELESS BRUTAL MURDER. No act a woman could do is deserving of, can justify Honor Killing. That said, where is the OUTRAGE in the Muslim community over this brutal murder? Where are your clerics and religious leaders in condemning this act on EVERY MAJOR NETWORK, in stating clearly to every follower of Islam that such outrageous acts of terror perpetrated upon women WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, ARE NOT A PART OF ALLAH's LAWS. Instead of outrage, there is silence, and even worse many in the Muslim community are quietly condoning the acts of this monster, believe his actions just based on the wife's desire to leave him because of his brutal temper.

If anyone finds this behavior acceptable, they are SICK AND TWISTED. If anyone wants to say Honor Killings are acceptable, they are sick and twisted. If any cleric or religious leader says such Honor Killings are legal under Islamic Law, then Islam SHOULD BE OUTLAWED in America, and around the world. Again, where are the supposed leaders of the Muslim community taking to the airwaves to CONDEMN this senseless act of brutality...their absense on major networks SPEAKS VOLUMES.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taking On Harvard Graduate, President Barack Obama...Illegal Immigration

Though Barack Obama strikes me as a stubborn man used to getting his way through stealth, deceit or trickery, he does not strike me as thick, nor stupid. He after all was Editor of the Harvard Law Review, graduated high in his class, and has shown himself to be a brilliant tactician. It is these traits that make some of his comments and views on Illegal Aliens completely unacceptable, why I am publically taking him to task in this an attorney, as the Editor of the Harvard Law Review he understands and knows what an illegal alien is, knows that Pro Illegal Alien Groups are trying to muddy the waters when they say America's Illegal Alien issue is and immigration issue. It is not, it is a criminal issue that needs to be dealt with as such.

In a debate at Saint Anselm College, in typical lawyering double speak Obama said, "We are a country of immigrants. We're also a country of laws. And the question is, how do we balance that appropriately? I am hopeful that we can solve this problem constructively."

DANG Mr. Obama, you must be related to both Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton, because that is a line that Slick Willy would have been proud to make, but stop trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Main Street Americans. Yes, we are a country of immigrants...LEGAL IMMIGRANTS of which illegal aliens ARE NOT. GET IT? By law (we are a nation of laws) those who enter and/or stay in America wrongfully, without permission are classified as ILLEGAL ALIENS. We have already balanced being a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. America has some of the most LIBERAL IMMIGRATION LAWS in the world Mr. Obama, and the means by which to enter into and live in America are codified into law. We do not need Immigration Reform, we need IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT.

We can solve this issue constructively...we can begin prosecuting those who hire Illegal Aliens, and we can make the use of E Verify mandatory FOR ALL EMPLOYERS for ALL EMPLOYEES, both past, current and future. These two CONSTRUCTIVE ACTIONS alone would see a huge part of the illegal alien problem dissappear. With Illegal Aliens no longer able to steal jobs from LEGAL AMERICANS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, most of them would self deport when they cannot work, and those remaining could be fairly easily rounded up by ICE and the Border Patrol. See how easy that is? Tell me Mr. Obama, with over 5 million Legal Americans OUT OF WORK, is it fair for 7.5 MILLION Illegal Aliens to be ILLEGALLY holding down jobs, working when Legal American citizens are not?

In the same debate, Mr. Obama you made another ODD QUOTE when you said, "We want to have a situation in which those who are already here, are playing by the rules..."

WHOA! Stop RIGHT THERE Mr. President. You are an attorney, you know what a repeat offender is. Every Illegal Alien who is living and working in America is guilty of no less than FOUR (COUNT THEM) crimes against SOCIETY, and in most cases far more than four crimes. Where in that reality do you come off with your statement that ILLEGAL ALIENS WHO ARE HERE, WHO ARE PLAYING BY THE RULES...what rules are they playing by Mr Obama? The ones that the National Chamber of Commerce and the Association of General Contractors wish they could get enacted into law?

I will never say another bad word about you Mr. Obama if you can show me IN THE LAW the RULES YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT that condone the illegal activities these Illegal Aliens are deliberately involved in...SHOW ME THE RULES! Come on Mr. HARVARD GRADUATE...I am just a dumb old Blue Collar worker, SO SHOW ME THE RULES that let illegal aliens unlawfully enter into our country, work under the table or use a fake ID to get a job that they are not entitled to, and still be playing by the rules of a LAWFUL SOCIETY. What rules are these ILLEGAL ALIENS PLAYING BY that entitle them, in your view, to AMNESTY, to your pathway to citizenship? What rules give them the right to STEAL MY AMERICAN DREAM MR. PRESIDENT? WHAT RULE GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO DEPRESS AMERICAN LOWER AND MIDDLECLASS WAGES BY OVER $200 BILLION A YEAR, ONLY TO HAVE OUR GOVERNMENT WANT TO GIVE THEM AMNESTY. What rule lets many of them who work under the table, not pay taxes, then if they get AMNESTY have those UNPAID TAXES EXCUSED IN A SECOND HIDDEN IRS/TAX AMNESTY? SHOW ME THE RULES OBAMA!

You made some promises to AMERICAN CITIZENS when you were running for the highest office in the land. In your haste to brown nose MALDEF, LA RAZA and other Pro-Illegal groups including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus you seem to have lost track of them, and others you made GO AGAINST OUR LAWS, and GO AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE MAJORITY...tell me Mr. Obama are we a nation of laws, are we a nation where our government rules BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE (as in CITIZENS)? You promised BORDER SECURITY that would stop the flow of illegal aliens and illegal drugs into America, yet you and your Democratic Congress are now wanting to TRASH THE FENCE and PUSH FOR AMNESTY...where is OUR BORDER SECURITY? Why didn't you tell President Calderon where to get off when he threaten you (and us as citizens) with an even LARGER FLOOD of his countries citizens...stop letting Mexico use America as their WELFARE need to take care of LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO ARE HURTING WHO ARE OUT OF WORK.

Further, you said EMPLOYERS HAVE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE...we agree, so how do you square this statement, this promise to the LEGAL AMERICAN WORKER with your specific reguest to Congress to ELIMINATE E Verify from your Stimulus Bill? E Verify is over 99 percent effective. E Verify included in this bill would have identified and located over 800,000 Illegal Aliens who are currently employed in jobs that ARE RIGHTFULLY AMERICAN JOBS FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Further, inclusion of E Verify would have kept illegal aliens from stealing 300,000 of the jobs this stimulus bill is supposed to create FOR AMERICANS. That is a turn around for the LEGAL AMERICAN WORK FORCE of 1.1 Million people...that puts 25 percent of those Americans now out of work back in a job, recieving a paycheck, paying tell me Mr. Obama how you justify E Verify not being included in your stimulus bill.

Calling a spade a spade Mr. Obama, what kind of a dispicable person are you to state E Verify would cause to many illegal aliens to lose their jobs before Congress had a chance to act on COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM and should therefore be LEFT OUT of a Stimulus Bill...that statement from you Mr. Obama MAKES YOU GUILTY OF TREASON, and there is no other way to slice it. You are aiding and abetting illegal aliens, are allowing foreign nationals to steal jobs away from American Citizens that you HAVE SWORN TO PROTECT, are winking at the National Chamber of Commerce and telling Corporate America, "BREAK OUR LAWS, HAVE YOUR CHEAP WAGES MY FRIENDS"! This is no longer a policy difference Mr. Obama, this is CAUSE FOR IMPEACHMENT!

Drunk Drivers have their driving priviledges suspended because they broke the law. That is the way it works...yet YOU Mr. Obama want to reward law breakers with a drivers license while you work to get them AMNESTY! Giving them a Drivers License makes it ALL THAT MUCH EASIER for them to STEAL OUR JOBS! Getting a drivers license makes it easier for them to open up a bank account, apply for credit cards, and hide their illegality as they BLEND IN to American Society. As an elitist who does not have to worry about them stealing your job you are fine with that reality...problem is, those of us who you are supposed to lead ARE OPPOSED TO AMNESTY, and OPPOSED TO ILLEGAL ALIENS BEING GIVEN DRIVERS LICENSES. We want our dreams back, and we want our neighborhoods back...simply stated, we want MASS ROUND UPS AND DEPORTATIONS. A $10,000 BOUNTY on the head of every illegal alien would stimulate the economy Mr. Obama, would put millions of Americans back to work as these criminals fled America back to their home countries. Time to DO THE RIGHT THING BY AMERICANS MR. OBAMA, not the right thing for Mexico, not for President Calderon, not for a voting block...this is not a race issue though La Raza would like to make it one, it is a law and order issue, and it is a humanitarian issue wherein the American People need you and Congress to do what is RIGHT FOR US, not what is right for criminals that have stolen our jobs, infested our communities.

You state Mr. Obama that your father came here from a small village in Africa...unless I am wrong, your father (unlike your Aunt who should be deported) came to America legally. You see Barack, your FATHER played by the rules, and you have been blessed as a result of his law abiding activities, while your Aunt did not play by the rules, which is why she is going to be deported (or should be) unless you wrongfully step in and allow her to stay because of nepatism. We are not AGAINST LEGAL IMMIGRATION Mr. Obama, we are against ILLEGAL Immigration, want criminals prosecuted and deported, not rewarded with citizenship through AMNESTY. You may not want to DRAW THAT LINE IN THE SAND Mr. Obama, but if you do not draw it, you are openly asking for another Civil War here in America. Desparate LEGAL CITIZENS are not going to sit by while ILLEGAL ALIENS STEAL THE FOOD FROM OUR TABLES, STEAL OUR JOBS, DEPRESS OUR WAGES when American is on the brink of another Great Depression, and if you and Congress think you can force such a reality on us through the passing of a AMNESTY FOR CRIMINALS you are naive and far stupider than I think you are.


Cruising around the Internet found a You Tube video from a Hispanic Station wherein they are insisting, and President Obama is saying that "Americans want a comprehensive solution to immigration that includes a pathway to citizenship for ILLEGAL ALIENS". Let me correct you Mr, Harvard Graduated President OBama, and set the record straight for this Hispanic Station.

Over FIVE MILLION LEGAL AMERICANS ARE OUT OF WORK. Illegal Aliens have depressed our wages and stolen our jobs for too long now as the National Chamber of Commerce lobbies Congress for CHEAP WAGES. Well, we are tired of these criminals being coddled, and we want EVERY STINKING ILLEGAL ALIEN VERMIN DEPORTED...they are criminals. So there is NO MISTAKE, THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE...we want ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS DEPORTED TO THEIR HOME COUNTRIES, be they German, Irish, Japanese OR MEXICAN! We want those illegal aliens that have broken our laws (that would be all of them) criminally prosecuted and instantly deported, we want those who have hired them to be prosecuted, and we want ALL FUNDING for Day Laborer Centers run by Catholic Charities to lose their grants.

Is that clear ENOUGH Mr. you understand the basic fast that we want these SCUM SCAB LABORERS DEPORTED, that we DO NOT WANT ANY KIND OF AMNESTY DISGUISED AS COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM. If your skull is so thick that you still do not get it, I will be more than happy to draw you a picture.

Illegal Alien Supporters SMACKED DOWN...RANCHER WINS Court Case

A jury today ruled that a Rancher DID NOT VIOLATE MEXICANS RIGHTS in detaining them for entering America ILLEGALLY, IN TRESPASSING ON AND OVER HIS LAND...DUH! Hurray for Roger Barnet, and a BIG FORK UP THE ASS to MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund) who tried to ruin this man's life...there is a SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL for every board member of organizations that try to give ILLEGAL ALIENS rights they are not entitled too! It is noted here for the anal retentive chimps at MALDEF who don't seem to get it, that ILLEGAL ALIENS wrongfully and illegally in America ARE NOT MEXICAN AMERICANS. This writer WELCOMES ALL MEXICAN AMERICANS WHO ARE RESIDING IN AMERICA LEGALLY, and will continue to do so. That said, Illegal Aliens are not, and NEVER SHOULD be Mexican Americans, they should be deported. WE congratulate Barnett on his win, and might suggest next time HE USE THAT GUN in keeping trespassers off his land, in keeping them from doing harm to him and his family as they have shown themselves capable of doing...YES MALDEF, I SUPPORT THE USE OF DEADLY FORCE IN STOPPING CRIMINALS FROM ENTERING AMERICA ILLEGALLY! A few dead Illegal Aliens in the desert sands of the South West might be a deterrent to those criminals tempted to follow in their footsteps...pity our President does not put about 50,000 troops on our border to stop this wrongful invasion.

Jury: Rancher did not violate Mexicans' rights

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Thousands of aliens have crossed my property," Roger Barnett has told The Washington Times. (AP Photo)

A federal jury on Tuesday ruled that an Arizona rancher did not violate the civil rights of 16 Mexican nationals he detained at gunpoint after they had snuck illegally into the United States in 2004, but the jury awarded $78,000 in actual and punitive damages to six of the illegal immigrants on claims of assault and infliction of emotional distress.

After a nine-day trial, the eight-person jury -- four men and four women -- returned the verdict Tuesday afternoon in U.S. District Court in Tucson, Ariz., after a day and a half of deliberation, also tossing charges of false imprisonment, battery and conspiracy against Douglas, Ariz., rancher Roger Barnett. Most of the award, about $60,000, was for punitive damages.

Mr. Barnett's attorney, David T. Hardy of Tucson, described the decision as an "80 percent victory," adding that he wished he and his client "would have gotten the other 20 percent." But he said he would appeal the decision, citing what he called "solid grounds." He also said U.S. District Judge John M. Roll had been "scrupulously fair" during the landmark trial.

Mr. Barnett owns the Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz., where he maintains cattle on 22,000 acres of private and leased land. A $32 million lawsuit, brought by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), sought damages for civil rights violations and the infliction of emotional distress. It also accuses Mr. Barnett of assault, battery and false imprisonment.

Also named were Mr. Barnett's wife, Barbara, and his brother, Donald, although the jury dismissed the allegations against both the wife and the brother.

The trial was based on a March 7, 2004, incident in which Mr. Barnett approached a group of illegal immigrants while carrying a gun and accompanied by his dog.

Border Agents FREED....Screw You President Calderon

Just has now been partially served...two American Hereos, two wrongfully convicted Border Patrol agents are free, once again reunited with their families. This is a big FUCK YOU to Mexico's President Calderon, and the Pro-Illegal Alien Agenda, but it is NOT ENOUGH. If our President is truly on the side of America's working men and women, start proving it by A) granting Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean a FULL PARDON, and restore their jobs with back pay...anything less is a miscarriage of justice. Give us a break, you do not convict members of Law Enforcement, two members of our Border Patrol on the word of a DRUG DEALER...may that maggot rot in hell. Further, I would call on the Union representing these two men to give them a job with the Union since their WRONGFUL conviction makes it all but impossible right now for them to seek GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT again, let alone get their jobs back with the Border Patrol.

Two former U.S. Border Patrol agents -- whose cases became flashpoints in the controversy over border security -- were released early from prison Tuesday, one of their attorneys and a congressman said.
An artist's sketch shows Ignacio Ramos, left, and Jose Compean.

An artist's sketch shows Ignacio Ramos, left, and Jose Compean.

The agents were WRONGFULLY convicted in 2006 of shooting and wounding an ALLEGEDLY unarmed illegal immigrant DRUG DEALER and then covering it up. (They rightfully shot a scum in his bum!)

President George W. Bush issued commutations for both men during his final days in office last month. Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean had WRONGFULLY received 11- and 12-year prison sentences, respectively.

After the commutation, their prison sentences were set to end March 20. Though our government is WRONGFULLY still trying to MUZZLE THEM, control what they say to the press.

Ramos was released on furlough to travel from prison in Phoenix, Arizona, to his home in El Paso, Texas, where he will serve the remaining portion of his sentence under house arrest, said his attorney, David L. Botsford of Austin, Texas.

After March 20, Ramos will be on "supervised release" -- similar to probation -- for up to three years, Botsford said.

Blackwater Murderers Trying to Get Off On Technicality

The Blackwater Staff who participated in the Nisoor Square Massacre in Iraq lost round one in their bid to get away with their egregious actions when a judge refused to toss the case on a technicality that they were WORKING FOR THE MILITARY by proxy because of a contract between Blackwater and the State Department. FACT...the Pentagon (thus the military) is a completely SEPARATE branch of the United States government that is NOT ASSOCIATED with the State Department. Further, this fact has been hammered home by the Pentagons own General Petrayus when he says it is impossible to get a military victory in Iraq, that we need a Diplomatic Solution. Simply stated, there are numerous examples of our government drawing a VERY FINITE LINE between military actions and diplomatic actions....face it, lets convict the bastard and put them behind bars where they deserve to be. One question...what were these mens ORDERS/INSTRUCTIONS from Blackwater higher management including Eric Prince? Should Mr. Darkness himself be facing MURDER CHARGES?

Judge Upholds Charges Against Blackwater Guards

Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, February 17, 2009; 3:04 PM

A federal judge today refused to toss out charges against five U.S. security contractors accused of killing 14 Iraqi civilians in a busy Baghdad square in 2007.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Ricardo M. Urbina came in an early legal challenge brought by defense attorneys representing the guards, who worked at the time for Blackwater Worldwide. The guards' attorneys had argued the government didn't have jurisdiction to bring the charges.

The guards were indicted in December on charges of voluntary manslaughter, attempted manslaughter and using a firearm in a crime of violence in the controversial shooting in bustling Nisoor Square in September 2007. The government says the guards killed 14 Iraqi civilians and wounded 20 others in a salvo of bullets and grenade explosions. Prosecutors have said the guards unleashed an unprovoked attack on the civilians.

The charges were brought under the Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act (MEJA) of 2000, which allows U.S. prosecutors to charge American service members, their family members and those employed by the military for illegal acts committed overseas.

A 2004 amendment expanded MEJA to cover those working "in support" of Defense Department missions, a provision that prosecutors argue covers security contractors, such as Blackwater, working for the State Department in Iraq.

Pro Illegal Members of Congress...End The Debate...Send These Members of Congress Down To Defeat In 2010

Yes, I have an AGENDA...I do not care if you are Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative...what I care about, is you are against granting Amnesty to Illegal Aliens who are CRIMINALS. This is not a race issue, it is a law and order issue, it is about doing what is right FOR AMERICANS...plain and simple. The time has come to RID OUR CONGRESS of any member of congress that supports a Pathway To Citizenship for ILLEGAL ALIENS who are stealing our jobs, depressing our wages, and taking food off the tables of Americans. If you are a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, you are encourage to do all in your power to defeat these members of Congress in 2010 by organizing today. All members of Congress who support AMNESTY, support a pathway to citizenship, who are voting to go easy on ILLEGAL ALIENS in any fashion must be RUN OUT OF OFFICE. Here is the first hit list of Congression Members to target...more will follow. These members of Congress MUST NOT WIN RE-ELECTION IN 2010...ORGANIZE NOW, start putting up attack ads on You Tube now...early attacks will deplete their war chests, and give those running against them a better chance to defeat them.
Stop Illegal Alien Congressional Agenda Target List Congresswoman Velazquez Congressman Gonzalez Congresswoman Solis Congressman Salazar Congressman Baca Congressman Becerra Congressman Cardoza Congressman Costa Congressman Cuellar Congressman Grijalva

China's Soft Power About To Become Gone Power As Buy American Sentiments Threaten To Topple Their Economy

President Hu of China is worried about Main Street America's growing demand for Buy America, our calls for protection of our jobs here in America. You see, a major shift in Main Street America's shopping habits away from mass produced, cheap and in some cases inferior Chinese goods will cripple their economy, and in short haste wipe out the gains they have made on the world political stage during the Bush Years. He knows trade agreements aimed at opening up the World's markets are worthless if the end line customers send a clear message that they will not buy products that were made, grown, or manufactured in China. Simply stated, China's perch on the world stage is suddenly a perilous one, their seeming dominance a fleeting illusion, a taste of what could be if they would fully embrace Democratic and Capitalistic ways, instead of trying to morph them into a uniquely Communist China hybrid that only benefits their Central government and those who run it. In short, President Hu is now terrified that his paper dragon is about to crumble, China recognized for what it truly is...a backwater third world Communist Country with a population to large to manage, and too large to control.
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  • 'Buy American' meets formidable challenge --

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    16 Feb 2009 ... However, amid strong pressure from the international society, the formidable challenge for Obama now is to strike a balance between ensuring ... - 35k - 网页快照 - 类似网页
  • 'Buy American' Meets Formidable Challenge -- Beijing Review

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    17 Feb 2009 ... 'Buy American' Meets Formidable Challenge. The mammoth 787-billion-U.S. dollar stimulus package was finally passed by the U.S. Congress last ... - 14小时前 - 类似网页
  • "Buy American" Meets Formidable Challenge

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    16 Feb 2009 ... The asserted benefit of the bill, however, was overshadowed by the "Buy American" provisions it included, which barred the use of foreign ... - 55k - 网页快照 - 类似网页
  • "Buy American" meets formidable challenge--CQNEWS

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    "Buy American" meets formidable challenge. 2009-02-17 09:07:44. BEIJING, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) -- The mammoth 787-billion-U.S. dollar stimulus package was ... - 15小时前 - 类似网页
  • `Buy American` meets formidable challenge

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    16 Feb 2009 ... Buy American` has become particularly sensitive in a time that the world is facing sagging economy and slumping trade. - 类似网页
  • "Buy American" meets formidable challenge(1)

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    "Buy American" meets formidable challenge(1). Updated: 2009-02-17 12:26:52. Special Report: Global Financial Crisis The 787-bln-U.S. dollar stimulus package ...,b9c52b,1912_6577.html - 11小时前 - 类似网页

  • 'Buy American' meets formidable challenge_Americas--China Economic Net

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    'Buy American' meets formidable challenge · China shares hit 5 1/2-month high · Foreign investment in China plunges in January ... - 16小时前 - 类似网页
  • "Buy American" meets formidable challenge

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    "Buy American" meets formidable challenge. published less than 1 hour ago. The asserted benefit of the 787-billion-U.S. dollar stimulus bill was ... - 13小时前 - 类似网页
  • "Buy American" meets formidable challenge - Daylife

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    16 Feb 2009 ... A new way to explore the world's news. Millions of high-quality photos, stories, blog posts, major quotes and more, covering every topic. - 类似网页
  • `Buy American` meets formidable challenge :: Directorul Feed-uri ...

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    `Buy American` meets formidable challenge `Buy American` has become particularly sensitive in a time that the world is facing sagging economy and slumping ... - 17小时前 - 类似网页
  • "Buy American" meets formidable challenge - at Simplenewz your ...

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    16 Feb 2009 ... The mammoth 787-billion-US dollar stimulus package was finally passed by the US Congress last Friday, a crucial step forward in Washington's ... - 类似网页
  • "Buy American" meets formidable challenge - Business News - SINA ...

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    16 Feb 2009 ... "Buy American" meets formidable challenge. 2009-02-16 12:38:41 GMT2009-02-16 20:38:41 (Beijing Time) Xinhua English. BEIJING, Feb. ... - 类似网页
  • 'Buy American' Meets Formidable Challenge -

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    17 Feb 2009 ... 'Buy American' Meets Formidable Challenge. Adjust font size:. 视频播放位置. 下载安装Flash播放器. China, that also adopted massive stimulus ... - 13小时前 - 类似网页
  • CCTV International

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    17 Feb 2009 ... "Buy American" meets formidable challenge ... was overshadowed by the "Buy American" provisions it included, which barred the use of foreign ... - 6小时前 - 类似网页
  • Roundup: "Buy American" meets formidable challenge

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    Roundup: "Buy American" meets formidable challenge. BEIJING, Feb 16, 2009 (Xinhua via COMTEX) --. by Xinhua writer Dan Ran. The mammoth 787-billion-U.S. ... - 29k - 网页快照 - 类似网页
  • "Buy American" meets formidable challenge

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    17 Feb 2009 ... "Buy American" meets formidable challenge. Martedì 17 Febbraio 2009 04:34. E-mail · Stampa · PDF. Special Report: Global Financial Crisis ... - 10小时前 - 类似网页