Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why Obama Can Stick Stimulus Bill Up His Ass

Hey Congress, Hey Obama...stick your supposed Stimulus right up your Un American, Anti American Worker asses! That's right...maybe the Huffington Post and Drudge Report are too politically correct to come right out and use the proverbial FUCK YOU language that lets someone know we are angry, but I am not. Fuck all of you who passed a bill that does more for Illegal Aliens than you were willing to do for our VETERANS, fuck all of you who passed a bill that took anything out of the bill that would assure stimulus jobs actually go to American Workers, legal citizens and legal immigrants. I want to hear Lou Dobbs tell Washington to stop their collective circle jerk of Mutual pleasure and get back to doing the peoples work, and I want Obama to apologize to the masses for LYING TO US when he claimed we would have a voice...he spent his entire time so far in Washington huddled with the likes of the Caterpillar President...HERE IS A CLUE OBAMA...THAT SELF SERVING ASS MUNCH IS NOT AN AVERAGE AMERICAN, DOES NOT HAVE OUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART. Simply stated, his business is a Global Business and he has a GLOBAL AGENDA...did you notice how he played you? Promised you he would rehire some folks if the STIMULUS BILL THE WAY HE WANTED IT WRITTEN WERE PASSED, THEN GAVE YOU A FUDGE PACKING RIGHT UP YOUR ASS by telling his workers that the Stimulus Bill WAS NOT ENOUGH TO SAVE THEIR JOBS, THAT HE WANTS CONGRESS TO PASS SOME STIMULUS BILLS THAT WOULD HELP OTHER NATIONS!

For those who do not get my seething ANGER, lets spell some of it out!

The final bill as approved conveniently changed the language so that ILLEGAL ALIENS who file taxes with a individual taxpayer identification number (a way of working in America without a Social Security Number...the IRS does care who you are, they just want their money)will still get that $800 FAMILY STIMULUS! Get a clue Washington DC! Illegal Aliens, scum fucking SCAB LABORERS are a big part of why Middle Class wages are depressed, a big reason why so many Americans are OUT OF WORK! Keep pushing us, and then wonder why there are suddenly riots in the street, and vigilantes out for their own brand of justice because you were too stupid and greedy to do your job and PROTECT AMERICAN WORKERS...yes, I predict it will come to that, and sadly the chance is sooner than later. American workers are tired of our government letting criminals have our jobs, and our dreams. Look at the studies assholes...Illegal Aliens on a yearly basis DEPRESS LOWER AND MIDDLE WORKER WAGES BY OVER $200 BILLION DOLLARS! That is a LOT OF FOOD STOLEN FROM OUR TABLES, STOLEN FROM OUR CHILDREN...GET IT?

A note to everyone in Congress, regardless of which side of the ILLEGAL ALIEN fight you are trying to squeeze yourself in on. The time for convenient nice and politically correct labels is OVER. To those that are supposedly against AMNESTY in the name of comprehensive immigration reform, the term IS NOT NON RESIDENT ALIENS, the term is ILLEGAL ALIENS, or if you are really bad like many of us on Main Street are, it is ILLEGAL FUCKING ALIEN. Stop trying to avoid the FACT THESE FUCK TURDS ARE CRIMINALS...should we start looking for new politically correct terms for other criminal elements in our society such as rapists and murderers? How about sexually deprived, hormonely challenged priest want too be for rapists? Maybe murderers are just Morticians frustrated at a slow down in business? Drug dealers could be undocumented or unlicensed pharmacists?

For the more Liberal types that want to open up their doors to these criminals (as nannies, landscapers, contractors and pool cleaners), the term is not undocumented immigrants, the term BY LAW IS ILLEGAL ALIEN. You see, we can be fellow Americans, and that means ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS, or you can BUY INTO THEIR ARGUMENT that says they can go anywhere they god dawm well please, and we all become just fellow citizens...sorry, but that is not something this American is buying into...ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS, ARE SCUM, SHOULD BE TREATED AS WHAT THEY ARE, and that is LAW BREAKERS. That goes for ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS, not just ones from Mexico, or just ones from Latin countries, but all illegal aliens. This is not a RACE ISSUE, it is a law issue, it is a BORDER ISSUE, IT IS A SOVEREINTY ISSUE, and it is a SECURITY ISSUE. So La Raza, take your race baiting bull shit and shove it up your ass, as it is nothing more than a Red Herring meant to cloud the issue.

Tell us House, Senate and President Obama how it is that you all went to such GREAT EXTREMES to protect the illegal alien, but deliberately did your collective best to FUCK OUR AMERICAN VETERANS? That's right, not once but FIVE TIMES things in the bill that would have done something for our Veterans were tossed to the proverbial cutting room floor along with any wording in the bill that would have DENIED JOBS TO ILLEGAL ALIEN TRASH.

1. Veteran Work Force Training was gutted from the bill...what, our young men and women can take your blood money in the form of a bonus to go over and risk their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they do not deserve special language in the Stimulus Bill that would give them some extra Work Force Training?

2. Small Business Loans for veterans were also shot down...curious here Washington, why is it that you have TONS OF SPECIAL SMALL BUSINESS LOANS FOR IMMIGRANTS AND FOR MINORITIES, but when one could have been put in this bill for just our Veterans you GUTTED IT OUT IN COMMITTEE?

3. Even a FREEBIE was gutted...tell America why language that would have named all our newly built bridges and buildings after those that gave their lives in Iraq was it more important for you ass fuckers to have the ability to name these edifices after YOURSELVES? Are we going to now have the Sherrod Brown Memorial Fucking Bridge to repay him for RUSHING BACK TO WASHINGTON ON A GOVERNMENT PLANE TO VOTE FOR THE BILL? You people are really SICK and do not even realize it!

4. You people even gutted language that would have given job training TO HOMELESS FEMALE VETERANS, and TO HOMELESS VETERANS WITH this your version of supporting the troops?

The Commerce Department demanded that E VErify be gutted from the bill, and Obama signed on to that flawed piece of thinking...the result is, that a program which is over 99 percent effective in keeping illegal aliens from getting our jobs is NOT IN THE BILL, was tossed out of the process because Senatorial cock sucking ass munchers looking out for their corporate owners never even bothered to include it in their version of this piece of shit called a Stimulus Bill, literally given American Workers the FUCK YOU FINGER of HATE.

For all those that will write me saying I would be more effective if I got rid of the foul language, you are wrong. FUCK SHIT FUCK SHIT FUCK SHIT, this is bogus assed raping of Americans in the Middle Class, the bill ignores our veterans, and rewards illegal aliens with as many as 300,000 NEW JOBS because E VErify was left out of the bill. We need to stop being POLITICALLY CORRECT, and start throwing out some obscentity over this God Forsaken, fucked from hell, shit fucking crap being visited upon us by the demon spawn ass munching, lobbyist sucking terd balls in Washington that are supposed to be looking out FOR OUR INTERESTS. I as one American DO GIVE A RATS ASS, and will scream from the roof tops how wrong it is that even ONE JOB created from this supposed Stimulus Bill goes to and ILLEGAL ALIEN, and any one that is a TRUE AMERICAN needs to do the same. Obama's wanting the E Verify out of this bill because it would cause to many illegal aliens to lose their jobs before Congress can address Comprehensive Immigration is the biggest KISS ON THE ASS CHEEKS OF A SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP ever done, and Obama did it for the entire nation to see, drew his OWN LINE IN THE SAND siding with illegal alien scum, telling us on Main STreet we can go FUCK OURSELVES...that friends is reality even if you want to pretend it is not!

Why should American Construction Workers have to fight Illegal Aliens for STimulus Jobs? Is it because the National Chamber of Commerce and the Association of General Contractors WANT ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THE WORK FORCE in the name of DEPRESSED WAGES and BETTER BOTTOM LINE is this fuck the nation, its all about me and my company mentality that has America on her knees you numb nuts!

That's right...go look at the websites for the National Chamber of Commerce and the Association of General Contractors (whose members stand to benefit GREATLY from this stimulus) and you will find TWO VERY INFLUENTIAL GROUPS IN WASHINGTON that are both pushing a PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN WORKER AGENDA. Americans should stop doing business with any company or business that is a Member of the Chamber of Commerce until such time as they DROP THEIR PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN AGENDA, and START LOOKING OUT FOR AMERICANS. That's right, it is BOYCOTT TIME...let the Chamber of Commerce's millions of small business men and women start feeling our wraith and trust me, they will drop their Pro Illegal Alien Agenda in a heartbeat! Same way with AGC...before you hire a contractor, make sure they are not a member of this organization until such time as they have gutted from their web site their Pro Illegal Alien Agenda.

By the way...Obama LIED when he said this bill contains no of the list is a tongue up the ass gift to Nancy Pelosi and her MICE in the San Francisco Bay...sounds like there is a song in that one. Obama himself tried to get TWO FUCKING BILLION DOLLARS for his home state to build and experimental clean goal plant, but then looked at us with a straight face and said this Stimulus Bill contained NO EAR MARKS...President Obama, you sir are a shit faced, lying mother fucker of an asshole! How stupid do you think we are here on Main Street? What, you think your sharp tongued Harvard Speak can pull the wool over our eyes, you think because you are the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, that you have the God Given Right to blow smoke up our collective asses....give us a GOD DAMN BREAK MOTHER FUCKER, give us some STRAIGHT TALK, some honest truth...where is THAT CHANGE you promised us?

We were not given the opportunity, as promised, to review this pork laden piece of shit Obama is calling a Stimulus Bill because he knew we would scream FOUL. It helps illegal aliens, hurts our veterans, fucks Middle Class Americans (AGAIN), while rewarding all the wrong people. If Obama has any balls at all, he would VETO HIS OWN BILL and start all over again...don't hold your breath for that one folks...turns out he is the same brand of scum we had in the White House for the past eight years, just a different flavor of the same old shit.

A WEAPON To Attack Companies Hiring Illegal Aliens Found In Stimulus Bill?

Could the House and Senate have screwed up, and inadvertantly given Main Street workers a tool we can use in attacking companies that criminally hire illegal aliens? Could it be used to shut down Catholic Charity groups helping Illegal Aliens that are recieving FEDERAL FUNDS? Do not want to give the Anti Illegal Alien camp false hope, but read this paragraph found in early on in the Stimulus Bill as is posted on CNN.

Now seems to me, that we could use this to keep a LOT OF Companies from getting loands, maybe even some banks if we approach it right (Bank of America?) Have a group track the process, and instantly file petitions objecting to the loan applications of any company we believe has hired or is hiring Illegal Aliens.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Good Reason To Boycott Starbucks...Dick Cheney

Sadly, going to have to stop drinking my Starbucks for awhile...I have no interest in supporting a company that seeks out FREE PRESS over the fact that the biggest sleeze bag prick in Politics, Doctor Evil himself Dick Cheney frequents one of their shops...who cares? The man is a scum bucket, and if Starbucks is PROUD TO CLAIM HIM AS A CUSTOMER, they are not the coffee shop for me, nor should they be the coffee shop for any good Liberal Democrat. Make a choice one is saying kick Cheney to the curb, but seeking out publicity by bragging he is a customer, sharing with us his choice of Latte...that is just disgusting.

Dick Cheney Loves Him Some Skim Latte

Former vice president Dick Cheney was in a wheelchair at President Obama's inauguration, after hurting his back while moving boxes to his new home in McLean, Va. *Here's to hoping he stays in a wheelchair.*

We've found one of Dick Cheney's new undisclosed locations: the Starbucks on Chain Bridge Road in McLean, Va.

Blackwater Name Change Plot Thickens...Shame on You Eric Prince!

Lets not kid ourselves...Eric Prince is a ego driven, evil man that will let nothing stand in his way of building a Mercenary driven fortune as he creates the largest PRIVATE ARMY on planet earth...when his beloved Blackwater took an serious image hit, fix that image WITH A NAME CHANGE! Brilliant and devious move, but WHAT IF THERE IS MORE TO IT, what if the United States Government is helping Blackwater rebrand itself for what they justify as American best interest when it comes to matters of National Security.

OH GAWD, call me a conspiracy nut, as I don't care. I think that the Pentagon, the State Department,and perhaps even the White House are helping to rebrand Blackwater so that they can IGNORE THE WISHES OF IRAQ, keep Blackwater as their security force that GUARDS STATE DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES. Iraq denied Blackwater the necessary permissions they need to operate in Iraq for using EXCESSIVE FORCE...can we say MURDER in carrying out their jobs. Simply stated, Blackwater is no longer allowed to operate within the borders of Iraq, which creates a bit of a problem for America and specifically the State Department, and a lot of private contractors who have employed the thugs at Blackwater to provide them protection.

No problem says the Pentagon...take your vehicles off the road for a few days, we'll change your logo, maybe even give your vehicles a new look, you change your name, apply for a license to operate inside of Iraq using a NEW COMPANY NAME.

Iraq bars Blackwater security firm in wake of deaths

By SINAN SALAHEDDIN Associated Press

Jan. 29, 2009, 11:00AM

BAGHDAD — Iraq said today it will bar Blackwater Worldwide from providing security protection for U.S. diplomats because its contractors used excessive force, sanctioning a company whose image was irrevocably tarnished by the 2007 killings of 17 Iraqi civilians.

The move will deprive American diplomats of their main protection force in Iraq.

The decision not to issue Blackwater an operating license was due to “improper conduct and excessive use of force,” said Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf.

As Senate Votes On Stimulus, I Wish The Bill Would Die

Obama has LIED to a nation, more importantly, he has lied and betrayed the Middle Class in pushing forward his so called Stimulus Package. Remember the 48 hours that we as citizens were supposed to have to read the FINAL BILL before it was voted on...GONE. In fact, Obama and the Democrats are so desperate to pass this bill before we on Main Street revolt that he is having a government plane fly to Ohio to bring Senator Sherrod Brown back to vote on the Stimulus Bill after he attends his mother's wake...HOW SICK IS THAT.

The Bill protects Illegal Aliens by stripping out of the bill the language that made E Verify mandatory for any one getting money from the stimulus.

The Bill reinstates the HIGH LIFE for Wall Street and Bank executives by stripping out the language that would have curtailed and limited their salaries and bonus money.

The Bill has gutted the Buy American language that would have guaranteed Americans were put back to work in this failing economy.

In short, this Bill is no longer a Stimulus Package for those on Main Street that so desperately need it, but has become a pork laden piece of shit that Obama should be ashamed to sign, but will. No offense to Senator Sherrod Brown, but being as he is the 60th vote, the vote needed to breath this travesty into law, I have to hope and pray that the plane picking him up, returning him to cast the final evil vote crashes somewhere along its route, thus keeping him from being in Washington to cast a vote that surely his mother would not want him making, keep him from casting a vote that once again rapes America's voters on Main Street in the name of those who wish to oppress us.

Odd Twist of Fate-9/11 Widow Perishes In Flight 3407 Crash

In an odd twist of fate, 9/11 widow Beverly Eckert who had met with President Obama this past Friday was on board fated flight 3407 last night as it crashed into home in the suburb's of Buffalo last night. She was in route to Buffalo to celebrate what would have been her husband's 59th birthday. Life sometimes has a habit of giving us bitter irony and this one is about as cruel as they come.

Word on the news is suggesting that the cause more than likely was ice on the wings, though no one will say so officially. Whatever happened, the crew did not even get a chance to send out a MayDay before plunging to earth, taking the planes passengers to their explosive and fiery deaths. Was the FAA's policy on Auto Pilot use to blame? Would they admit it if it was?

Another Blackwater CON GAME...Different Name, SAME POND SCUM

Remember disgraced Blackwater of Pentagon FAME? Seems that Pentagon Insiders, Military Cronies and the owners of Blackwater are trying to keep their LUCRATIVE MILITARY CONTRACTS with a CON GAME pulled on the American Tax Payer. They have CHANGED THEIR NAME! That is right, the same DIRTY, SKIVY, DISGUSTING and UNLAWFUL actions, but REBRANDED under a whole new corporate name in the hopes that their deplorable record as Blackwater will not follow them to their NEW DIGS in the same buildings and offices they have always had.

Blackwater and its PRIVATE CORPORATE ARMY is now Xe to be pronounced as the letter Z as in Zorro! How fucking appropriate for the men of dirty deeds in Black as in Blackwater. Their SECRETIVE TRAINING CENTER where you can be trained to be a MERCENARY or CORPORATE TERRORIST that was formally known as Blackwater Lodge & Training Center has been renamed U.S. Training Center Inc. How quaint! Do you offer Cookies and Milk with that machine gun?

Here is a CLUE for the Pentagon, Congress and Obama...we the American Tax Payers to not want our taxes going to paid thugs, rapist and murders, and Blackwater changing their name does not CHANGE WHO THEY ARE. In short, stop playing games, and pull their contracts, make them ineligible for any Federal contracts with the Pentagon, the STate Department, or any other arm of the AMerican Government...maybe Blackwater's shady driving force can pitch his services to Iran, and HAMAS seems to be in need of a helping murderous hand of late.
Blackwater dumps tarnished brand name

The parent company's new name is pronounced like the letter "z." Blackwater Lodge & Training Center — the subsidiary that conducts much of the company's overseas operations and domestic training — has been renamed U.S. Training Center Inc., the company said Friday.

The decision comes as part of an ongoing rebranding effort that grew more urgent following a September 2007 shooting in Iraq that left at least a dozen civilians dead. Blackwater president Gary Jackson said in a memo to employees the new name reflects the change in company focus away from the business of providing private security.

Axelrod BLOWS GASKET, Lashes Out At Bush Republicans

Always enjoy reading Chris Cilliza's "The Fix" column that I found by being on Twitter during the Presidential Election season...I envy him his access to the whores, sluts and money changers that are Washington Politics, no matter who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Doing an early morning read, it seems that David Axelrod, the BRAIN of Obama's march to victory has blown a gasket, and is LASHING OUT like a punk behind the bleachers at some of the Bush Republicans that have been tossing out insults from the peanut gallery. One thing is clear...the EGO of the Obama White House holds Rove in the same distain as I do...though, I think I hate and despise Cheney even more than I dislike Rove.

Of course, if Obama signs the Stimulus Bill after E Verify and Executive Pay Restrictions have been gutted out, he ceases to be my president, becomes just another scum bag like Bush in the stroke of a pen.

Axelrod To Bush Advisers: Butt Out

David Axelrod, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, had harsh words for some of former President Bush's closest advisers during an interview with the Post's Lois Romano yesterday, dismissing as "intramural stuff" the critiques offered by the former Administration.

Axelrod praised Bush for his handling of the transition while sharply criticizing some of the former president's advisers.

Axelrod said he was "disappointed" by former Vice President Dick Cheney's comments regarding the planned closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison and the suggestion that it would increase the likelihood of a terrorist attack; he described himself as "surprised" by former White House chief of staff Andy Card's remark that not wearing a jacket in the Oval Office was disrespectful.

Flight 3407 Information From Continental

9L 3407 Flight Information

Route: From (EWR) Newark, NJ, US to (BUF) Buffalo, NY, US
Duration: 3h 00m
Equipment: De Havilland DHC-8-400 Dash 8/8Q (Scheduled)
On-time Rating: 0.6 of 5 What's this?
Codeshares: This flight is marketed as a codeshare flight by the following carrier(s):
(CO) Continental Airlines 3407

Departure Information

Departure Status Details
Airport: (EWR) Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark, NJ, US
Scheduled: 7:10 PM - Thu Feb 12, 2009
Actual: 7:45 PM - Thu Feb 12, 2009
Departed gate 35 min later than scheduled
Gate: C70
Local Time: 12:46 AM - Fri Feb 13, 2009
Departure Time Detail
Published7:10 PM
Gate7:10 PM 7:45 PM
Runway7:31 PM 9:19 PM
Departure Flight Notes
  • Departure delay calculation based on comparing actual gate time with scheduled gate time.

Arrival Information

Arrival Status Details
Airport: (BUF) Buffalo Niagara International Airport
Buffalo, NY, US
Scheduled: 8:48 PM - Thu Feb 12, 2009
Actual: 10:45 PM - Thu Feb 12, 2009
Arrived at gate 117 min later than scheduled
Gate: 26
Local Time: 12:46 AM - Fri Feb 13, 2009
Arrival Time Detail
Published8:48 PM
Gate8:48 PM 10:45 PM
Runway8:38 PM 10:16 PM
Arrival Flight Notes
  • Arrival delay calculation based on comparing actual gate time with scheduled gate time.

FAA Delays

FlightStats attempts to match up airport delay information that we collect from the United States and Canada with the flights that may have been affected by the delay. This information (if available) is presented in this section.

Airport Delays
EWR D 31 45 D Weather:Wind 12/5:56 PM
EWR D 16 30 D Weather:Wind 12/7:01 PM

Flight Events

This section shows the various changes that were made to the information about the flight including the time the source was changed as well as the data source that caused the change. The date and time of the event are displayed in UTC time.
DateTimeSourceEventData Updated
Feb 09 8:41 AM Schedules RecordCreated
    Feb 12 12:16 AM FAA Time Adjustment
    • Scheduled Runway Departure Changed To 02/12/09 07:31 PM
    • Estimated Runway Departure Changed To 02/12/09 07:31 PM
    • Scheduled Runway Arrival Changed To 02/12/09 08:38 PM
    • Estimated Runway Arrival Changed To 02/12/09 08:38 PM
    Feb 12 8:46 PM Airline Time Adjustment
    • Estimated Gate Departure Changed To 02/12/09 07:10 PM
    • Estimated Gate Arrival Changed To 02/12/09 08:48 PM
    • Departure Gate Changed To C70
    • Arrival Gate Changed To 26
    Feb 12 11:31 PM FAA Time Adjustment
    • Estimated Runway Departure Changed From 02/12/09 07:31 PM To 02/12/09 07:34 PM
    • Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 02/12/09 08:38 PM To 02/12/09 08:45 PM
    Feb 12 11:47 PM Airline Time Adjustment
    • Estimated Gate Departure Changed From 02/12/09 07:10 PM To 02/12/09 07:20 PM
    • Estimated Gate Arrival Changed From 02/12/09 08:48 PM To 02/12/09 08:33 PM
    Feb 13 12:42 AM Airline Time Adjustment
    • Estimated Gate Departure Changed From 02/12/09 07:20 PM To 02/12/09 07:10 PM
    Feb 13 12:57 AM Airline STATUS-Active
    • Actual Gate Departure Changed To 02/12/09 07:45 PM
    • Status Changed From Scheduled To Active
    Feb 13 2:24 AM FAA Time Adjustment
    • Actual Runway Departure Changed To 02/12/09 09:19 PM
    • Estimated Runway Departure Changed From 02/12/09 07:34 PM To 02/12/09 09:20 PM
    • Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 02/12/09 08:45 PM To 02/12/09 10:13 PM
    Feb 13 2:25 AM FAA Time Adjustment
    • Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 02/12/09 10:13 PM To 02/12/09 10:06 PM
    Feb 13 2:41 AM Airline Time Adjustment
    • Estimated Gate Arrival Changed From 02/12/09 08:33 PM To 02/12/09 10:21 PM
    Feb 13 3:02 AM FAA Time Adjustment
    • Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 02/12/09 10:06 PM To 02/12/09 10:21 PM
    Feb 13 3:12 AM ATCSCC Linked Airport Delay(s)
    • Link(s) created using departure date 02/12/09 19:10
    Feb 13 3:23 AM ATCSCC Linked Airport Deicings(s)
    • Link(s) created using arrival date 02/12/09 20:48
    Feb 13 3:23 AM FAA Time Adjustment
    • Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 02/12/09 10:21 PM To 02/12/09 10:12 PM
    Feb 13 3:24 AM FAA STATUS-Wheels Down
    • Actual Runway Arrival Changed To 02/12/09 10:16 PM (CRASH 10:17)
    • Status Changed From Active To Landed
    Feb 13 4:42 AM Airline Time Adjustment
    • Actual Gate Arrival Changed To 02/12/09 10:45 PM

    Plane Crashed at EXACTLY 10:17 You Tube Video Included

    An eye witness report of the crash is reporting that the plane crashed at 10:17, and the plane was seen flying IN THE WRONG DIRECTION from the airport making a WEIRD OUT OF PLACE NOISE. 911 was immediately called. Plane continues to burn, and the Emergency First Responders have already said they are in RECOVER MODE, which means everyone on board is CONSIDERED DEAD.

    The next EOC (Emergency Operations Center) Press Meeting will occur at 4:00 AM this morning. Weather seems to be ruled out as a causal agent in this accident. There is video of this crash on You Tube.

    Daily Record Wants To Speak To Family Members of Those Killed on Flight 3407

    In a somewhat morbid approach to getting access to the news, seems that the Daily Record has put out a call on the Internet seeking names of those on the downed plane, and expressing a desire to speak with victims families. This gives a whole NEW DEFINITION to Ambulance chasing...I mean come on Jim, the plane is still in flames, and no one has been able yet to get to the plane! How about giving these families SOME SPACE to grieve, or that matter be officially notified. If you are in that big of a HURRY to scoop the competition, why not get in your car, or grab a flight to Buffalo and go to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that has been set...I understand that one of the victims brothers is there as I write this.

    Do you know anyone who was on Flight 3407?

    February 12, 2009

    The Daily Record is seeking any information about people with Morris-area ties who may have been on Continental Express Flight 3407 out of Newark, which crashed into a home in suburban Buffalo.

    The Daily Record is also seeking to hear from any Morris-area people who may have been near the scene of the crash or otherwise connected to the incident.

    Please e-mail Jim Namiotka at, or call him at 973-428-6653. Please leave your full name, phone number and any other contact information useful for reaching you.

    Colgan Air Plane CRASHES...All On Board Believed Dead

    Flight Information Available Online:

  • Track Flight Status for (9L) Colgan Air 3407

    Flight: (9L) Colgan Air 3407. Departure Date: Thu Feb 12, 2009. Status: Scheduled ... Airport: (EWR) Newark Liberty International Airport

  • For those wanted to review the companies records with FAA, here is a list of the planes that are listed to the Colgan Air page at the FAA,,,the plane was a Bombardier DHC-8-402.

    Serial Number
    Manufacturer Name


    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B












    SAAB 340B






    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B






    SAAB 340B






    SAAB 340B









    SAAB 340B






    SAAB 340B






    SAAB 340B












    SAAB 340B









    SAAB 340B






    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B



    SAAB 340B


    Flight 3407 From Newark Has Crashed in Buffalo New York

    CNN is now putting on the air that the crashed plane was flight 3407, a commuter flight from Newark, New Jersey that was two hours behind schedule....aircraft is STILL BURNING, and it is now official there are MULTIPLE FATALITIES. Investigators are on the scene, and it is a madhouse right now as Emergency Crews try to put out the flames. There was little communication/warning before the crash...people in the home that the plane crashed into were seriously further news, it has been announced THIS IS NOT A RESCUE EFFORT at this point in time.

    A Plane Has Crashed Into A House In Buffalo, New York...Where is a STatement FROM WHITE HOUSE?

    Just in on CNN....48 people on a plane are believed dead after said plane crashed into a house about five miles short of the runway in Buffalo, New York suberbs. Details are sketchy and still coming in...curious here...if I am up and recieving this news, where is Obama or his staff in making a statement to the media? Get off your lazy ass Obama and do what you are being paid to do...there is a crisis within our border, and so far you have not done a thing! How hard is it to make a statement to the press, to offer your sympathies to the families of those killed? Further, has Homeland Security been informed, do they have someone on the ground in Buffalo yet? Flight was in route from Newark. Unconfirmed...Fireman may have been injured. It was supposedly Continential flight from Newark to Buffalo in a Turbo Prop commuter plane...seating for 40 and two crew, but FFA is stating 48 were on board.

    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    Association of General Contractors...TRAITORS of America's LEGAL WORKING CLASS!

    I am sure that The Association of General Contractors of America will disagree with my classifying them as traitors to America and our LEGAL Working Class Citizens, but I would say their own words on their web site show they support CHEAP LABOR, and the use of Illegal Aliens on job sites...they just want Comprehensive Immigration Reform (AMNESTY) to legalize the portion of their work force that is now working on jobs sites all over America Illegally! If you are an out of work Legal American Citizen or Legal Immigrant tired of staying at home because an Illegal Alien has replaced you on the Contruction Job site, then you need to arrange PROTESTS at the offices of this organization, at their members job sites. I offer you as proof of their support of Illegal Aliens and CHEAP LABOR the following which is pasted directly from their own web site.

    Illegal Aliens. From their website:

    Immigration Reform

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needed (We all know that Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the Politically Correct Code Word for AMNESTY for Criminals. It is noted here, that while 5 million plus LEGAL AMERICANS have lost their jobs, some seven million plus ILLEGAL ALIENS REMAIN IN OUR WORK FORCE.)


    • Though comprehensive immigration reform died in the Senate in 2007, the issue has not gone away. The main focus in Congress rests on employee verification (E Verify which has proven NINETY NINE PERCENT EFFECTIVE in keeping illegal aliens out of the work force, off of construction sites.) and employer sanctions (E Verify works, and
    • agc knows it does...make the program mandatory, and their members LOSE THEIR EXCUSE for having Illegal Aliens on the payroll). Congress and many in the public have chosen to make businesses, all businesses, the scapegoat in the immigration debate. It is important to approach this issue rationally and to develop a fair system that does go after the bad actors, but does not seek to harm all businesses in the process. AGC is fighting against the excessive mandates and penalties being suggested on Capitol Hill. (We want our laws that EXCESSIVE? We want illegal aliens who are DEPRESSING OUR WAGES, STEALING OUR JOBS that excessive? We want employers who hire illegal aliens prosecuted and where appropriate imprisoned...if your members used E Verify, they would not have a worry now would they?)

    AGC Message:

    • Comprehensive Immigration Reform will Strengthen National Security. (Securing our borders, securing our points of entry, and ENFORCING OUR CURRENT IMMIGRATION LAWS would strengthen National Security. Giving AMNESTY TO 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens would WEAKEN SECURITY, and do nothing more than give scum companies that hire illegal aliens what they want...CHEAP LABOR.) A comprehensive approach to immigration reform would create better control over our borders and also provide for better interior enforcement against unscrupulous employers. (Any one...including politicians...who hires illegal aliens are unscrupulous.) Such efforts should be done at the same time as efforts to address both current and future labor needs.
    • Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needs to Address the Shortage of Construction Workers. (If your industry has a shortage of workers, it is because you have ROLLED BACK WAGES and BENEFITS as you have brought more Illegal Aliens into the industry in the name of Cheap Labor and higher profits, with the American Construction Worker a victim of these abuses.) The construction industry employs more than 7 million people today, and is projected to need an additional 180,000 net new jobs annually over the next ten years. The industry added more than 200,000 new workers in 2006. (How many of those employed in the industry ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS?)
    • To Legally Alleviate the Worker Shortage, AGC Advocates for the Creation of a New Guestworker Program. (Get THIS AMERICAN WORKERS...they want to replace even more of you with CHEAP LABOR from other countries under the guise of a Guest Worker Program...what's next, immigrant work trailers (slave camps) on the edge of large Construction Projects here in America, with shopping available at the company store?) The guestworker program should include the following:
      • Visas should be valid for a long enough timeframe to ensure that the training investment put forth is not lost. (How about TRAINING AMERICAN WORKERS?)
      • The visa should be renewable and there should be a way to sponsor employees for permanent residency while under the new visa process. (Sure, give our jobs to them forever without having to worry about them being citizens.)
      • If there is a cap, it should be flexible and based on the needs of the market place. (Over 5 million Americans are out of work right now, have lost their jobs...does your organization support a immigration and guest worker FREEZE until these people have been brought back into the work force?)
      • Individuals using the new visa should have to stay with the sponsoring employer for a certain amount of time (unless abuse of the employee is found) in order to actually address the needs of the employer. (CHEAP WAGE SCAM...freedom of movement here folks...instead, you want to have what amounts to SLAVE LABOR...we train you, and you work ONLY FOR US or leave. Better idea...leave them in their home countries and EMPLOY LEGAL AMERICANS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.)
      • All labor and employment laws should apply. (The law makes it ILLEGAL TO HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS...why not suggest to your members THEY OBEY THE LAWS, instead of pushing for Amnesty for 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens?)
    • Establish an Opportunity for Earned Legal Status of Undocumented Workers. (Read what you WROTE...These people are criminals, illegal aliens that have broken our laws...that does not bother you, but instead you are bothered that Congress has not given you a means by which to make your ILLEGAL WORKERS LEGAL! Further, E VErify gives EVERY EMPLOYER a means of making sure their employees ARE LEGAL, but you instead try to insist the only workable program is a program that makes Illegal Alien workers LEGAL Workers.) The only way to guarantee that employers can reliably recognize undocumented workers is a legal system that will establish a way for undocumented workers to gain a recognized legal status that gives them authentic documents that prove they are legally eligible for work. Amnesty is not an option, an earned legal status should include fines, proven work contribution (without fines for employers who had employed reasonable background checks) English proficiency and security checks.
    • The Employee Verification Process should be Simplified with Proven Programs that are Gradually Implemented to Ensure Accuracy in the Results. The new system should include the following:
      • A new easy-to-use verification process should be made available to employers and should apply to new hires only. (E Verify is such a program, and should apply TO ALL EMPLOYEES, not just new hires. This would assure that some 85 percent of the ILLEGAL ALIENS currently working in America would lose their jobs, and without ability to work LEGALLY, they would self deport, thus solving the problem, and more than likely putting many LEGAL AMERICANS back in the work force at a better pay rate...AHHHHHHH, that is the rub for you isn't? Why does cheap fucking bastard pop to my mind? Let me guess, you tend to like the Peanut Corporation of American approach to Federal Regulation and Laws...ignore what is inconvenient to you and your members until you get caught red handed in and ICE RAID?)
      • Participation should be phased in so that the system is not overloaded and that problems with new system can be fixed. (E Verify is up and working, the kinks have been worked out, and it is 99 percent effective in identifying ILLEGAL WORKERS, so why not ENDORSE IT, and have your members start using it IMMEDIATELY, unless of course you really do not support the concept of EMPLOYING LEGAL CITIZENS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHEN YOU CAN HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS AT A DISCOUNT.)
      • Need certainty – employers should not be left in legal limbo with tentative non-confirmations from any new verification system. (E Verify WORKS QUICKLY, and is AFFORDABLE for the Employer to use.) Employer should not have liability if an employee is given a non-confirmation by the government system and the employer has to terminate employment. (Sure the supporters of E Verify would accept this condition for those ACTUALLY USING E VERIFY!)
      • Clear definition should be made of “critical infrastructure.” (This is CODE that suggests you do not want most Federal Projects, or Projects supported with tax dollars to require the use of LEGAL AMERICAN UNION CONSTRUCTION WORKERS on the job site.
    • Employers Should not be the Immigration Police. Future legislation should provide the following:
      • An exemption from penalty for good faith violations (i.e when employers are victims of document fraud) E Verify is over 99 percent fool proof, so why does your organization OPPOSE ITS IMPLEMENTATION AND USE.
      • Any increase in fines should be reasonable and be capped What is REASONABLE when a company deliberately uses ILLEGAL ALIENS, thus denying American Citizens the ability to work, to earn a living wage? I would endorse the Death Penalty for any company owner deliberately hiring Illegal Aliens...from my way of thinking, that is REASONABLE, though sure you might have a different opinion on the matter.
      • A safe harbor for contractors should be provided if their subcontractor employs an undocumented immigrant (provided that the contractor did not know the employee was undocumented). You are responsible for those working under your different than if someone kills someone else while driving my car...I am going to get drug into court, likely going to have my life ruined...maybe companies would be a bit more CAREFUL about the sub contractors they hire if they are legally responsible for their a note here, for National Security Purposes, it is the duty of Nuclear Reactor Owners to run a SECURITY CLEARANCE AND BACKGROUND CHECK on ALL WORKERS COMING ONTO THE JOB SITE, INCLUDING THOSE OF SUB CONTRACTORS, so it is not like we are trying to single out your industry.
      • Debarment should not be expanded beyond current law. Efforts to change the procurement process and ignore current Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) procedures should not be part of any immigration bill. Efforts to do so distort the procurement process which was not set up to be an enforcement tool for the federal government. GET and the National Chamber of Commerce know that making it mandatory that all those bidding for Federal Contracts be required to use E Verify for ALL EMPLOYEES would end the Illegal Alien Scam that BIG BUSINESS and the likes of your organization have perpetrated on the American Worker now for decades. Congress should tack on E Verify requirements for every law they pass until those hiring illegal aliens GET A CLUE...FACT, if your members (some of them) were not hiring illegal aliens with your knowlege, you would not be lobbying for this particular item...the fact that you are tells an intelligent reader everything they need to know.

    AGC Letters:

    • 06/25/2007 - AGC Urges the Senate to vote for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (AGC Key Vote Letter)
    • 06/06/2007 - AGC Urges Senate to Support Bingaman-Obama Guest Worker Amendment
    • 05/23/2007 - Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    If Obama Signs Stimulus Bill Into Law, He Is NOT The People's President

    IF President Obama does not VETO the Stimulus Bill as it now exists, he is NOT THE PRESIDENT of the people...a bold and tragic truth, but one that Main Street America must hear. First, the president himself has LIED TO US when he falsely claimed in front of the cameras that the Stimulus Bill is free of EARMARKS...right off the top there is over $30 Million for Nancy Pelosi, and that is one of the smaller ones...another one would give billions to Obama's personal pals in Illinios for a Clean Coal power plant that cannot be built (currently zeroed out). Care to talk about the EARMARK for nuclear power that will rape our environment, and ruin certain American communities?

    Lets move on...Lou Dobbs made it official tonight that the Senate/House compromise stripped out the language that would have made it mandatory for ALL CONTRACTORS getting money from this Stimulus Bill to use the E Verify system that makes it all but impossible for ILLEGAL ALIENS to get employeement here in America. It was no accident that said language was striped out, and the blame lies squarely at the feet of President Obama and his butt buddies at the National Chamber of Commerce. That makes TWO STRIKES on this bill and two strikes on the President.

    The final straw, the one that has put this bill into position of defining President Obama as both a man, and as a politician is the last one, the proverbial strike three. The House Senate compromise today has eliminated any restrictions on EXECUTIVE PAY...that is right, as of this evening, any protections that would have kept Wall Street and Bank Industry Executives from rewarding themselves LAVISH AND OVERLY GENEROUS BONUS PACKAGES was removed from the Stimulus Package. It's business as usual in Washington DC, the K Street crooks are roaming the halls of Congress, and OBama is ass sucking with the President of Caterpillar International who OBJECTS TO ANYTHING THAT PROTECTS AMERICAN WORKERS, who wanted protectionist language removed from the Stimulus Bill...Ass munching Obama not only has given this Corporate Robber Baron a high profile position with direct assess to the White House, Obama has him flying in Air Force One.

    So Obama, what is it...BIG BUSINESS AND SCUM SUCKING ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS, or the American Blue Collar Worker, the citizens of Main Street America? Your choice, and you had best choose wisely, as the side you take in how you handle this stimulus bill will decide your presidency, and your place in American History...are you with us or against us? If you are with us, then you cannot sign the Stimulus Bill as it now exists into law. We want E Verify, we want executive pay restraints, and we want the pork for people like Nancy Pelosi taken out. You sign that law, and every American in the Middle Class should disown you, should tell you to go fuck yourself and demand that you leave us the hell alone as we will no longer want you knocking on our will be scum, nothing more than despicable demon slim that miraculously crawled up out of hell's sewers onto the political stage to become a more traitorous President than even George W. Bush.
    A Pro ILLEGAL ALIEN SITE LOBBIED NAncy Pelosi and President Obama to have E Verify removed from Stimulus Bill...organizations like this MUST BE STOPPED, their supporters kept from STEALING OUR JOBS. See their action advice cut and pasted below. Companies hiring illegal aliens are traitors to America, and should be hauled off to internment camps, and all Illegal Aliens must be deported from within the borders of the United States...contrary to the National Chamber of Commerce, THEY ARE NOT WELCOMED HERE...we do not like CRIMINALS.

    ACTION: Stimulus Bill Includes E-verify Requirement

    January 23, 2009 · 3 Comments

    The House Appropriations Committee made a serious mistake when it approved an amendment to the stimulus bill (the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) that would require all businesses and other public or private “entities” that contract to receive money from the stimulus package to use the flawed federal Basic Pilot/E-Verify program. This will not only delay use of stimulus funds, but will hurt millions of workers. It should be stripped from the bill.

    The E-Verify provision in the stimulus will:
    • Harm workers who are either falsely denied work or are targeted by employers abusing the E-verify program;
    • Create substantial new burdens for businesses, especially small businesses, at precisely the wrong time;
    • Send the wrong signal to new voters that the Congress prefers to play politics by enacting symbolic and ineffective immigration “enforcement” measures over serious and effective economic stimulus or serious immigration reform.

    Illegal Aliens. From their website:

    Improve and Strengthen Our Nation’s Workforce

    AGC is working to address the employment challenges employers face in the construction industry. Ensuring a strong and skilled workforce is important for the industry and is not possible without enacting a comprehensive national immigration reform policy... (This is industry CODE for AMNESTY. We also have reason to believe they OPPOSE E Verify.)

    Traitors to American Workers...found on AGC America web site doing a search for UNDOCUMENTED WORKER:

    1. Immigration Reform AGC - The Associated General Contractors of America
    ... Establish an Opportunity for Earned Legal Status of Undocumented Workers. The only way to guarantee that employers can reliably recognize undocumented workers is a legal system that will establish ... (3%)
    2. Immigration AGC - The Associated General Contractors of America
    ... Establish an Opportunity for Earned Legal Status of Undocumented Workers. The only way to guarantee that employers can reliably recognize undocumented workers is a legal system that will establish ... (3%)
    3. Microsoft PowerPoint - Employment Law Update Presentation July 2008 revised (2)
    ... � Gives NLRB authority to award backpay to undocumented workers. Fisher & Phillips. LLP. ATTORNEYS AT LAW Solutions at Work. �. Civil Rights Act of 2008. � Provides for private right of action to challenge ... (2%)
    4. 05-086-01.indd
    ... visa program, and establishing earned legalization for undocumented workers. AGC Leads Construction Employer Efforts to Modernize Multi-Employer Pension Plans AGC and the multi-employer ... (2%)
    ... new worker visa program, and (3) provide a viable way of dealing with the undocumented. Background The construction industry faces a shortage of workers while at the same time continuing as one ... (2%)

    Stimulus Bill To HELP CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS After E Verify Stripped Out of IT


    How dare you BASTARDS strip out of the Stimulus Bill the ONE THING that would have actually HELPED MIDDLE CLASS LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN WORKERS by stripping out during your compromise session E Verify! You are all a bunch of ass sucking, corporate ass munchers protecting your Campaign WAR CHEST, are out to DESTROY America's Middle Class in the name of Illegal Aliens and CORPORATE INTERESTS. Don't like my language...TOUGH FUCKING SHIT! With all DUE RESPECT BARACK OBAMA, you have shown yourself to be no better than the rest of THESE VERMIN...HOW DARE YOU FAIL TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN WORKER...and ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT AMERICAN WORKERS OR CITIZENS, and THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE!

    Wake up Middle Class Americans, like it or not, it is US OR THEM, and the time has come to take whatever steps, use whatever means is necessary to keep illegal aliens OUT OF OUR WORK FORCE. If our government, if our law enforcement agencies will not ENFORCE OUR LAWS AND DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS then we must take justice into our own hands, must do what is needed to see that our families COME FIRST.

    Our government has just turned its back on us, Barack Obama has turned his back on us. Over 7 MILLION illegal aliens ARE CURRENTLY IN OUR WORK FORCE while over FIVE MILLION LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE OUT OF WORK. If you have to organize protests, if you have to block the entrances of work places that are employing illegal aliens, the time has come to show the National Chamber of Commerce, our elected officials in Washinton DC (Nancy Pelosi) and our president that AMERICANS COME FIRST.

    The time has come for Americans to take steps to do the job our government refuses to do...enforce our laws, and deport illegal alien criminals. We need to take back our jobs, and take back our communities...the time to end the infestation IS NOW. Every illegal alien on American Soil who is working at ANY JOB is stealing your job, stealing FOOD FROM YOUR FAMILY TABLE...this can no longer be tolerated. If our government will not ENFORCE OUR LAWS AS WRITTEN, if OUR GOVERNMENT ELIMINATES PROGRAMS LIKE E VERIFY, then we MUST REBEL AGAINST OUR OPPRESSORS, and our oppressors ARE WASHINGTON, ARE THE NATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

    Obama...Where is My 30 Percent MORTGAGE DISCOUNT?

    In the latest news from the White House, it is being hinted at that millions of Americans who saw their homes slide into foreclosure could have the government (with our tax dollars) buy their homes back for them from the bank/lending institute at greatly discounted price (30 percent discount is being tossed around), and then negotiate out low interest 30 year loans so that these families can keep their homes. Now here is my question on this proposal.

    We have played by the rules, made all our house payments. Despite this playing by the rules, we have seen (because of the mortgage crisis) the value of our home plummet, and we are currently paying mortgage payments 2.5-3 points higher than the mortgage interest these people in foreclosure would be paying under Obama's new plan. Where is the fairness in that? Why should I and others like me have to keep paying a mortgage at full original price, and at a much higher rate of interest while those that caused its value to plummet get a greatly discounted deal courtesy of my taxes, and GET A GREATLY REDUCED INTEREST rate on top of it all that will be made possible because of my taxes.

    Does Obama really see this as fair? This takes those who were behind us in the proverbial food line if you will, and puts them WAY AHEAD OF US! Such a move makes us slaves to our now over valued homes and the mortgages on them, or forces us to just walk away from that what you want Mr. Obama?

    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Why Middle America Should Just Say No To Bailout and Stimulus Packages

    The more I see of Washington, the more I see of the Obama Bailout and Stimulus plans, the more I am convinced that President Obama and our National Government have no clue, the more I am convinced that they have no compassion for the average American who is being screwed royally as our economy crashes and burns. The more I see, the more I am convinced that the time has come for Middle Class American to take to the streets, the more I am convinced that we must use whatever force is necessary to take back our lives, our jobs and our American Dreams from those that are trying to steal them, and that includes every Politicians in Washington, DC and every illegal aliens residing/working within the borders of the United States of America.

    Perhaps someone from the White House can explain to me why it is that my taxes should be used to bailout banks bad investments, why I should support a plan that would buy up Wall Streets bad paper when it is thier actions that have cost my wife and I over $100,000 in lost equity in our home, thus leaving us in an upside down mortgage? Perhaps Obama could explain to me why it is that I and others in the Middle Class have to accept our share of a Federal Bailout to the tune of trillions of dollars when, through no fault of our own we have seen our own retirement plans and 401 K's drop hundreds of thousands of dollars in value because of illegal activity on the part of Wall Street, and America's banking system....where is our bailout, and where are the criminal prosecutions of these rich elitists who broke our laws, stole our dreams? Your PALTRY $1,000 tax deduction when it is the government's failure to regulate to do its job that has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars of our life nest egg is a REPUGNANT INSULT....take your rebates and tax breaks and stick them up your collective asses! Stop trying to march out before the people saying you are ON OUR are not on our side, and your desire to coddle ILLEGAL ALIEN SCUM proves that....who the fuck do you think you are when you intend of thwarting the will of the people in pursuing an Amnesty for 12 -25 million illegal alien criminals? Who do you think you are in supporting MORE H1 Visa's in the name of the National Chamber of Commerce and CHEAP WAGES?

    There is talk about screwing us Boomers out of our Social Security because the system is BROKEN....with all due respect, this year alone (counting the matching donation from our employer on our behalf) my wife and I have put more than $11,000 into the Social Security System, have done so for years...WHAT HAS WASHINGTON DONE WITH OUR MONEY, when is Washington going to REPAY the IOU's in the Social Security Account for money wrongfully borrowed and used for decades now?
    Don't tell us when we have paid into the system for over three decades now that we should be willing to accept the reality that Social Security will not be there for us, or if it is there for us, we will get less than half of what we are supposed to recieve in the name of preserving the system for future generations...SCREW YOUR TALK ABOUT FUTURE GENERATIONS....we have sacrificed our whole lives, and now you want us to live out our retirement years in abject poverty for FUTURE GENERATIONS...sorry, but FUCK YOU, FUCK THE DEMOCRATS, FUCK THE REPUBLICANS, and FUCK THE CORRUPTION THAT IS WASHINGTON DC, and FUCK THOSE FUTURE GENERATIONS...with Affirmative Action and various other Federal Mandates that always saw people like me asked to sacrifice for a larger societal goal, I am TIRED OF is my/our turn now, and all your talk of us pulling up our bootstraps and digging in so that those following in our footsteps can have a better life is HORSE SHIT. We played by the rules, even when those rules were NOT FAIR TO it is our turn, and the fact that you expect us to give it up is simply unacceptable.

    Tell me Mr. Obama why I and other Americans in the middle class, why almost 75 million Boomers close to retirement should be willing to sacrifice in the name of future generations when you and other fuck turds in Washington continue to let Illegal Aliens steal our jobs, depress our wages and ruin our neighborhoods? Tell us why is it you want to give them AMNESTY as it is the right thing to do (for who?) you know how OFFENSIVE THAT IS MR OBAMA...why the fuck does some CRIMINAL who broke at least four of our laws in being here deserve AMNESTY...they deserve a CRIMINAL RECORD AND DEPORTATION. If I as an American citizen broke the number of laws that an illegal alien breaks in being and working here in America illegally, I would be IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED, but in the name of the National Chamber of Commerce you and other scum like you want to look the other way, want to grant these scum AMNESTY. Tell me MR many children of ILLEGAL ALIENS got health insurance when you signed into law your new Health Care you really think that is fair? If you do, you are one dumb assed ignorant Harvard Graduate. We in the middle class are tired of the worn out lie...they are taking job we will not do...BULL SHIT! IF those hiring illegal aliens PAID A LIVING WAGE, hard working Americans WOULD TAKE THOSE JOBS IN A HEART BEAT.

    You promised change...where is it? You tell us to be patient...why should we be patient when every day we see you and your ilk continuing to bail out the rich and elite while fucking us over in the middle class.
    Lets have some STRAIGHT TALK here Mr. much do you expect US IN THE MIDDLE CLASS to suffer in the name of your dream of building a Socialist Nervana in which the rich and elite rule over a enslaved and meek serdom of broken middle class citizens? Can you give us a good reason Mr. Obama why we should not take to the streets in massive protests? Can you give us a reason why we should not take actions to protect our own jobs, to see that illegal aliens stop being allowed to work at jobs that are rightfully ours? Can you give us a good reason why we should not just walk away from our upside down mortgages, why we should not stop making payments on our credit cards and simply let the economy crash? If everyone but US IN THE MIDDLE CLASS are going to get a bailout while we are left holding the bag, why shouldn't we rebel against the injustice of it? You want to KEEP PEOPLE IN THEIR HOMES, but at WHAT COST TO THOSE OF US THAT PLAYED BY THE RULES? Their buying houses they could not afford, idiot banks lending them the money to do so have cost us EVERY PENNY OF EQUITY WE HAD IN OUR HOME, we are now in an upside down mortgage....yet, where is OUR FUCKING BAILOUT MR. PRESIDENT.
    You say you want to HEAR US, then try really listening, know the anger that is seething here in our middle class neighborhoods, under stand the bitter hatred we have of illegal aliens because they HAVE STOLEN OUR JOBS, HAVE DEPRESSED OUR WAGE BASES, HAVE IN MANY CASES RUINED OUR NEIGHBORHOODS while Washington looks the other way, tells us in 30 second sound bites that Amnesty is the right thing to do. Tell me MR AMNESTY you know what it is like to have 30-40 illegal aliens living in the house next door to you, and in the house across the you know what its like to have the local police DO NOTING ABOUT IT because our city acts as a Safe Haven for ILLEGAL ALIENS.
    Understand how close many of us are to saying to hell with it, as we walk away from our own debts and upside down mortgages convinced there is no other course since our government has decided it is us who have obeyed the rules that must bail out those that did not...A Nation of laws...BULL SHIT! In a nation of laws, 12-25 million illegal aliens would be deported, those that hire them prosecuted for their crimes. In a nation of laws, our banks would be nationalized, and entire management teams imprisoned for life. So far MR OBAMA, you have given people like me NO REASON to be patient, given us no reason to believe that you are on our side. Instead, we see more of the same as illegal aliens are coddled to, and the UBER RICH get bailed out at the expense of the middle class, while the National Chamber of Commerce uses their might to get you and the Congress to give them more and more bodies as they work to keep our wages depressed and bottomed out.

    I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that you Mr. Obama stop playing games, would suggest you come before the American people ASAP and explain what it is you are going to do to make those of us in the Middle Class who have played by the rules our entire lives WHOLE AGAIN. Explain to us why we should accept AMNESTY for 12-25 million illegal aliens, why we should respect your belief that they should be allowed to keep their jobs when 5 million of us have lost our jobs, explain to us why you are KILLING E VERIFY in the name of scum sucking criminal illegal alien scab laborers that have depressed our wage base here in the middle class, stolen jobs that belong to us and our children. Explain to us Mr. Obama why we enmasse should not simply turn our backs on a government in Washington that has betrayed us, crippled if not forever stolen our AMERICAN DREAM. last point...being against illegal aliens does not make myself or others racist...ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS regardless of their nationality or country of origin. As example, I want ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS DEPORTED...this includes all the ones from Mexico, but also includes (as example) all the ones from Ireland as well.