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Joseph Ruzich, Illegal Aliens Are NOT Immigrants, DO NOT DESERVE American SYMPATHY

Looking at some of freelance journalist Joseph Ruzich's article online, resisting the urge here to use the term BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL. Instead, I will concentrate on his article in the Chicago Tribune titled, "Struggling Illegal Immigrants Yearn For Reform". First MR RUZICH, Illegal Aliens by definition and FEDERAL LAW are not immigrants. They are illegal aliens, they are criminals, they are illegal alien criminals, they are scab laborers stealing American jobs and lowering American wages, but they ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS, are not undocumented immigrants, are not undocumented workers, are not citizens without documents. Simply stated and in the purest legal sense they are simply Illegal Aliens...learn to use the proper terminology in your writing, or admit your Pro Illegal Alien AMNESTY FOR CRIMINALS BIAS.

First, isn't Cicero the city/town in the burbs of Chicago that THINKS IT IS FINE TO FLY THE MEXICAN FLAG since the towns populationo is 80 percent Latino, a large portion of that Latino population IN AMERICA ILLEGALLY? I bring this up since this is not the first PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY styled piece you have written that has been picked up by the Chicago Tribune. Now you are back with the compelling story of SAL, a poor fellow that just wants his American pull at or heart strings as you point out the fact he has TWO AMERICAN CHILDREN.

STOP RIGHT THERE. You see Joseph, you are not quite as slick as you would like to think yourself. Sal came to America 20 years ago on a SIX MONTH WORK 20 years later he is upset that his quest for citizenship has come to a halt because he LOST HIS JOB. 20 years...six month work visa, 20 years...six month work visa. You have conveniently LEFT OUT SOME OF THE STORY there Joseph...if 20 years ago in 1988 Joseph came to America on a six month work visa, and is still here in 2008, what happened? Did for instance HE MAKE A DELIBERATE DECISION TO BREAK AMERICAN LAWS AND STAY HERE IN AMERICA INSTEAD OF RETURNING HOME?

Now this CRIMINAL stay here for quite a few years ILLEGALLY before finding someone, falling in love and having kids...isn't that right Mr. Ruzich? Lets do the math there Mr. Ruzich. Sal's oldest son is nine years old. Add to that nine months for the pregnancy and we'll round it off to ten years. A man on a six month WORK VISA was ILLEGALLY IN AMERICA, ILLEGALLY WORKING IN AMERICA before ANY CHILDREN were in the picture FOR THIS CRIMINAL. He knew he was breaking the law! He WILLINGLY lived a CRIMINAL LIFE, made a self conscious decision to break America's immigration laws BEFORE FAMILY AND CHILDREN were an issue. Simply stated, Sal was and is a criminal, and MADE A DECISION TO HAVE A FAMILY even though he was living a criminal lifestyle. Now he wants to use those children as SHIELDS in some sick and twisted attempt to force America to give him citizenship?

When crimials are sent to prison for their crimes, the judge does not wave their sentences, forgive them their crimes BECAUSE DOING OTHERWISE WOULD HURT THE CHILDREN. Your SAL should have thought about that before he unzipped his pants, before he started making babies...after all, he had TEN YEARS to DO THE RIGHT THING, return to Mexico, and LEGALLY APPLY to be a United States citizens...isn't that correct Joseph? But you, Mr. HONORABLE JOURNALIST want to hide this criminals identification from your readers, from law enforcement officials all while painting a picture of a man deserving of our sir DISGUST ME.

This go attempt to perpetuate a lie being spread by groups like ACORN, La Raza and MALDEF that Obama PROMISED IMMIGRATION REFORM (AMNESTY). That is not exactly true now is it Joseph. What he said, was that Immigration was an issue that needed to be dealt with. Well, with 11 million LEGAL AMERICANS OUT OF WORK while SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS HAVE JOBS, it seems to me President Obama was right...IMMIGRATION, or more specifically ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION does need to be dealt with, and we can do it with three simple words. E-Verify, Enforcement, DEPORTATION. See how easy it could be Mr. Ruzich!

As to your concern that a family might be SPLIT UP...don't do the crime if you cannot do the time, and a reality of crime is that the criminal's own family DOES HAVE TO PAY A PRICE FOR THEIR CRIMES. Sal should have only two choices.

1. Take his family (including his children) back to Mexico and reapply for American Citizenship in ten years. (His American born children can return to America as American citizens if they so choose when they are legal adults (18).

2. Sal can make arrangements to leave his LEGAL AMERICAN CHILDREN here in America (even if that means giving them up for adoption) and returning to Mexico alone, as without them...harsh...Sal should have thought about this reality before he broke the law, or once he had broken the law, before he unzipped his pants and starting shooting live ammo.

By the way, reading your article, get the feeling that Sal's wife or woman is ALSO AND ILLEGAL ALIEN? If I am correct in my assumptions, care to tell your readers HOW MUCH GOVERNMENT HELP this Illegal Alien couple is getting in say the form of FOOD STAMPS, healthcare, welfare, free school? While you are at it, care to tell your readers how our own government HIDES THE TRUE COST OF ILLEGAL ALIENS TO AMERICANS by claiming those benefits just mentioned are going to Legal American Citizens via this illegal alien criminal couples ANCHOR BABIES...and yes, I hope your two children find this artile in GOOGLE...they deserve to know THE WHOLE TRUTH.

Struggling illegal immigrants yearn for reform

Sal didn't just get laid off from his factory job in 2001; the Cicero resident also lost out on a chance to become an American citizen. (He lost his job in 2001, has been here in America ILLEGALLY since 1988, and you now want to write and article in 2009 that might get him some sympathy?)

At that time, Sal and his wife—who both came from Mexico 20 years ago—were being sponsored for citizenship by his employer. But when the plant closed, his wish of living in America without the constant fear of being deported evaporated. (Assuming here, that Sal's WIFE IS ALSO AN ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL SCUM? OUCH, too harsh for you even if true? They broke the law, continued to break the law, as criminals went ahead and started popping out babies, but we should feel sorry for them....PLEASE....get real!)

"The entire [citizenship application] process was stopped," said Sal, 39, who entered the U.S. with a work visa that was good for only six months. "It was very frustrating for us," he said. "We really thought we would finally become citizens." (The PROCESS should have not even have started...they were here illegally. Freely and knowingly choose to break the law by refusing to LEAVE THE COUNTRY WHEN THEIR VISA the way, did the illegal alien wife even have a visa to enter America? You leave that important point out of your story.)

Sal, who has two American-born children, a 9-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son, said he plans to apply for citizenship again but added that doing so is very expensive. (So we should wave the costs, pay for his attorney fees because this criminal HAS KIDS? Where is this couples PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? Further, LEGAL AMERICANS need to realize that people like you want us to have a SPIRIT OF GENEROUSITY for what....12 MILLION OTHER ILLEGAL ALIEN COUPLES and their 4.5 MILLION ANCHOR BABIES?)

"It will cost me $10,000 just to get a lawyer," said Sal, who has been able to find only temporary work since losing his factory job. "I'm saving for it. I have no choice. We can't move back to Mexico. I don't even know anyone there." (Again, who is to blame for this?...seriously, any job this man DOES HAVE even part time makes him GUILTY OF MORE CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. He, his illegal alien criminal wife and their kids should be loaded on a bus and deported back to their home country of Mexico...let their government, their welfare system pick up the tab for these two criminals and their two anchor babies.)

Sal and about 80 other mostly Hispanic immigrants (odd you do not tell us THEIR STATUS...I hope ICE takes note of the church and does a google search for the address. For those Legal Americans wanting to protest...Church Angel 1321 S Austin Blvd Cicero, IL 60804 708-863-6305) , along with faith leaders, held a prayer vigil Saturday at Vida Abundante Church in Cicero for the protection of (Illegal Alien) immigrant families and to call on President Barack Obama and Congress to enact humane Immigration reform. The vigil was part of a nationwide movement—Prayer, Renewal and Action on Immigration—taking place in more than 100 cities across the United States in February. Deporation is not cruel and inhumane, it is the dictated means of dealing with those illegal alien criminal who have broken our laws. Further, why should SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS STILL HAVE JOBS when 11 million LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS are out of work? Immigration Reform is just another way of saying AMNESTY FOR CRIMINALS.

At Vida Abundante, 1321 S. Austin Blvd., a church rock band kicked off the vigil, singing songs about immigrant rights and asking God to shed his grace on the country's new president. Those attending the event sang along and waved their hands toward the ceiling.

"This is the year of reform," (How about THE YEAR OF ENFORCEMENT...E Verify anyone?)Pastor Andres Gallardo said in Spanish (This is America, we SPEAK ENGLISH...LEARN IT!) to the crowd. "Obama won with the help of the Latino vote (NOT the math!). He has promised Immigration reform this year. (Actually, he said Immigration was a serious issue that needed to be dealt with in a responsible manner...DEPORTATION IS RESPONSIBLE.)I hope it will finally come. We are so focused on the bad economy and the war that we forget about helping out our brothers and sisters." (Illegal Alien Criminals ARE NOT MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and they ARE NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS WAITING ON AMNESTY.)

Pastor Ismael Vargas said Immigration is a human rights issue. LEGAL IMMIGRATION is a human rights issue, and America has the most liberal Immigration Laws in the world. Illegal Immigration is a law and order issue with ENFORCEMENT and DEPORTATION the answer the problem of dealing with criminal vermin that are infesting our cities and towns.

"Families are being separated," Vargas said. "Parents are being arrested in front of their American-born children. What kind of future will those children have? The CRIMINAL Illegal Aliens should have thought of these things before they had UNPROTECTED SEX...they knew they were breaking the law, and now they (and their children) have to pay the price. Should we let drug dealers go free because putting them in prison might hurt their kids? Should we not exercise arrest warrants because someone's children might see their parent arrested for murder.

"This is a country of liberty. We are a country of immigrants. We want our message to be heard all the way to Washington, D.C.," he said to a cheering audience. We are a country of JUSTICE, a country of LAWS, and we should be a country where SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIEN SCUM ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE WORKING when 11 million Americans are OUT OF WORK.

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the United States has tightened its borders in an attempt to keep terrorists from entering the country. Don't make us LAUGH...where is our FENCE!

Deportations also have been on the rise. As they should be, and if we make E Verify the law, if we INCREASE work site and NEIGHBORHOOD Enforcement Actions, DEPORTATIONS WILL BE SERIOUSLY ON THE RISE, as millions of CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS UNABLE TO FIND WORK START SELF DEPORTING.

According to Gail Montenegro, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 367,000 people in the U.S., including 11,500 in the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Kansas and Missouri), were sent back to their home countries in 2008. Those numbers have increased compared with 2007, when 290,600 people throughout the United States, including 9,000 from the Midwest, were deported. 367,000 Illegal Alien Criminals down, and 12-25 million more to go...LETS PUT THIS IN PROPER PERSPECTIVE.

"As a result of 9/11, [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] was created to address any vulnerability that exists in our nation," Montenegro said. "We are mandated to enforce the law, and we do so aggressively." No aggressive enough if E Verify does not become the law, no aggressive enough if Enforcement RAIDS are decreased in number or scope.

But Immigration advocates argue that by increasing deportations, the government too often breaks up families. No one is keeping these illegal alien criminals from taking their families with fact, some of us Americans will even hold a fund raiser to buy the bus tickets.

Obama pledged in his campaign to increase the number of legal immigrants to keep families together and meet the demand for jobs that employers cannot fill. (That argument does not hold water....FACT....while over 11 Million LEGAL AMERICANS are out of work, we have seven million illegal aliens and another 14 million LEGAL IMMIGRANTS still holding jobs in the American Economy.) He called the current Immigration system "dysfunctional" but also said borders should be more secure and the government should crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants. The system is only disfunctinal because the laws as written are not being enforced...put a few dozen BIG EMPLOYERS (Like Tyson) in prison for hiring illegal aliens, make E Verify the law, and watch how well our Immigration System works.

On their campaign Web site, Obama and running mate Joe Biden called for "a system that requires undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens." Entering America illegally is a FELONY, taking a job as an illegal alien is a crime, using a fake ID to get a job or open up bank accounts is a crime for EACH SEPARATE USE. Simply stated, there is not one single illegal alien working in America that is IN GOOD STANDING without AMNESTY for their CRIMES.

The federal government estimates that there are 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. All of whom could be deported in 24 months with proper Enforcement and E Verify.

Sal said he doesn't know if Obama will follow through with his promises. AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS will cause a civil war in America.

"There are a lot of other problems going on [in the U.S.] right now," he said. "But this is a major issue. What would happen to my kids if I wasn't here for them? This is their country now. This is my country now." You are million illegal alien criminals working when eleven million American workers are unemployed IS CRIMINAL....LET THE DEPORTATIONS BEGIN.

Obama Ready To Take On Lobbyist...Does That Include Pro Illegal Alien Lobby Mr. President?

In his weekly radio show Obama says:

"The system we have now might work for the powerful and well-connected interests that have run Washington for far too long," Mr. Obama said in his weekly radio and video address. "But I don't. I work for the American people."

Does that include the Pro Illegal Alien Lobby Mr. President? Are you prepared now to make E Verify the law of the land? After all, illegal aliens ARE NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Are you prepared Mr. President to ignore MALDEF, La Raza, National Chamber of Commerce and other organizations that routinely lobby FOR ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS, and instead to whatever is necessary to remove seven million illegal alien criminals from the jobs they have stolen from Americans?

Mr. President, here is a partial list of those who wrongfully Lobby Congress with a Pro Illegal Alien Agenda. Are you ready to STOP LISTENING TO THEM Mr. President? After all, you WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE...12-25 Million Illegal Aliens are criminals, not American People, and those that hire illegal aliens are also criminals. Which is it Mr. President? Do you work for us, the American People, or do you consort with criminals?

Accenture LLP default.htm OUT SOURCING! Curious here, why does it appear that this firm that supports Illegal Aliens, supports AMNESTY, supports OUT SOURCING OF AMERICAN JOBS seem to have a CONTRACT with Department of Homeland Security?

AFL-CIO If you are a Union Member who is out of work because Illegal Aliens are on your JOB SITE, you might want to be asking the AFL-CIO why it is they are lobbying for COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM (AMNESTY)

Altri Corporate Services Inc

American Assn of Community Colleges

American Assn of Intensive English Programs

American Council of Education

American Electronics Assn.

American Horse Counsil

American Hotel & Lodging Assn.
American Hotel & Lodging Assn $1,400,000

American Immigration Lawyers Assn.

American Jewish Committee

American Legion

American Nursery and Landscape Assn.

American Nurses Assn.

American Rental Assn.

American Society of Travel Agents

American Symphony Orchestra League

Americans for Tax Reform

Americans for the Arts

America's Voice (Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform CCIR)

Anheuser-Busch (Think Cindy McCain)

Anti-Defamation League

Applied Materials Inc

Arkansas Farm Bureau

Americans Can and MUST Crash China Economy!

If Americans want to know what the silver lining is as our economy runs through the rapids of despair and agony, look to China. As orders from America plummet, China's economy and thus their power is crashing. 20,000 textile factories, many of them once located here in America, that were pumping out clothes to fill orders from GAP, Walmart and other retailers have shuttered their doors, seeking bankruptcy protection as 20 Million Chinese hit the unemployment lines. By crashing the Chinese economy, America is providing the pathway to rebuilding our own country, reclaiming our manufacturing infrastructure as China loses theirs. Yes, I am talking deliberate Main Street economic warfare against the sweat shops and slave labor that have build China's might.

If it says Made in China, put it back on the shelves. Clothing, electronics, food, furniture, anything and everything that is associated with Communist China should be off your shopping list...we have the opportunity here while times are tough to use our wallets, our pocketbooks to effect social change. For too long our tax dollars were used to send our manufacturing base to foreign lands, too often to the shores of China where human sweat shops flourished under the regime of President Hu. Despite cruel treatment of its citizens, known horrid human rights abuses, and other atrocities, China was given "Most Favored Nation" status with America because the United States Chamber of Commerce pushed for it, lobbied Congress on behalf of those pushing us towards a Global Economy that we now see DOES NOT WORK FOR AMERICA.

China's recent gains in both military and political might around the world have been built and predicated upon their ability to FLOOD AMERICAN MARKETS with their CHEAP, POORLY MADE GOODS. Our government allowed China to steal our American Prosperity in much the same way they are letting Illegal Aliens steal our jobs. Well, enough is enough...BOYCOTT all thinks Chinese as a wave of Patriotic Buy American protectionism brings our nation back from the brink while we kick China off a steep cliff, sending their economy into a hell from which it should not recover until such time as their horrid human rights abuses are ended, their citizens set free, and Tibet given its independence.

Some Scary Facts on China:

The regime still allows a prisoner to be asphyxiated by the fumes from his own uncollected excrement, turns the family members of imprisoned human rights campaigners out on the streets, forces young women to undergo sterilization and abortion.

China may not use little boys as chimney sweeps, but the textile and garment industries work children 14 hours a day, seven days a week, and often they sleep by their looms. If you lose your arm in the loom, you're fired.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hispanic Congress Using Our Taxes and God To Push Illegal Alien Amnesty Agenda

Just in from Americans For Americans blog...seems that MALDEF, LA Raza, and the Hispanic Caucus are tying to use our taxes and God to GUILT us into giving 12-25 Illegal Alien Criminals AMNESTY.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Your Taxes and God Being Used To Guilt You Into Supporting Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

Over 11 Million Legal American Citizens have lost their jobs, their children starving, while seven million illegal aliens have jobs in our American Economy. As Main Street Americans suffer, as American Children go without food on their tables, Rep. Nydia Velazquez of New York, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (real estate SCAM ARTIST), D-Ill. and The Congressional Hispanic Caucus have decided to use our Federal Tax Dollars and God to guilt Americans into accepting Amnesty for those same Illegal Aliens that have stolen our jobs. It is us or them America, and all those liberals and Democrats wanting to support AMNESTY under the quise of Earned Citizenship need to look into the eyes of those SEVEN MILLION UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS, LOOK INTO THE EYES OF THOSE AMERICANS CHILDREN, and TELL THEM WHY THEY MUST SUFFER, PERHAPS EVEN DIE ON THE CROSS OF AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS...would REAL CHRISTIANS NATIONWIDE GIVE US A PRAISE JESUS, MAY WE COLLECTIVELY REBUKE CONGRESSWOMAN Velazquez and CONGRESSMAN GUTIERREZ for doing the work of SATAN.

That's right, with our tax dollars, these vile demon spawn are doing the work of the seems Velazquez and Gutierrez in their demented and twisted dillusional minds think it is fine that Main Street American families suffer so that Illegal Alien Criminals can have their jobs, their American Dreams. These two political misfits with the help of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and OTHER EVIL creatures of the underworld (Think US Chamber of Commerce) would have us believe God Wants us to throw our families to the wolves of this Great Depression of 2009 so that Illegal Aliens can get Amnesty, bring thier own families to America, and keep OUR JOBS so that they may prosper while we unemployed and hungry slide into poverty. The devil is afoot in the land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave, is seeking to grant CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS AMNESTY in the name of Earned Citizenship, under the guise of Immigration not be FOOLED Main Street Americans...your lives, your bounty is on the line, and 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens and the societal monsters that support them are out to make your American Dream theirs. These two members of Congress is fine with your children starving, with you being out of work if it means Criminal Illegal Aliens can be granted AMNESTY with a stroke of Obama's pen.

With our Main Street Tax Dollars, these two treasonous members of Congress have launched the (ILLEGAL ALIEN) National Family Unity Campaign under the guise of putting a (Illegal Alien) face to our (supposedly) broken Immigration System. Notice how they avoid using the term AMNESTY in this sinister tour meant to beguile and fool you, choosing instead to GUILT LEGAL CITIZENS with lies, smoke and mirrors meant to fool you into supporting AMNESTY FOR CRIMINALS, thus paving the way for your own family's demise? They will try to guilt us saying the Illegal Alien men and women they are putting before us are suffering because WE WANT OUR JOBS BACK, we want OUR CHILDREN TO EAT. Perhaps their slogan for this misquided Amnesty Tour should be, "Let Your Children Starve so that Illegals Can Eat" or "Amnesty...Earned Citizenship Means Americans Being Out of Jobs So that Illegals Can Work".

EARNED CITIZENSHIP LETS SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL HAVE JOBS WHILE ELEVEN MILLION AMERICANS ARE OUT OF WORK. Us or them, and JESUS would want you to take care of your own family, your own citizens before turning your thoughts outward to the world and its problems. Let nations like Mexico take care of their own as we take care of ours. Let family REUNIFICATION TAKE PLACE by SENDING ILLEGAL ALIENS BACK HOME TO THEIR FAMILIES, INSTEAD OF BRINGING THEIR FAMILIES HERE TO AMERICAN when so many of our own citizens are in pain and need of a helping hand. This is what JESUS WOULD WANT YOU TO DO...reach out to your elected officials, pray for them, let them know that GOD OPPOSES AMNESTY IN THE NAME OF EARNED CITIZENSHIP....can we get an AMEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

If you are reading this post, are and out of work American, if your LEGAL AMERICAN FAMILY is doing without because an Illegal Alien has your job, please email me at so that we can put American Faces out there, put American Stories out there, show Americans why AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS IS WRONG, show Americans that ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE STEALING JOBS FROM AMERICANS, and IN DOING SO ARE STEALING FOOD FROM THE MOUTHS OF AMERICAN CHILDREN. What would JESUS DO...he would punish those that are disobeying his commandment, "Thou hall not steal!", and trust me, ILLEGAL ALIEN VERMIN ARE STEALING FROM EACH OF YOU, and FROM AMERICA AS A NATION.

Latino lawmakers rev up a new strategy for easing the path for an immigration reform bill (ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Latino lawmakers and (Pro Illegal Alien) advocates are taking a new approach to the push for changes in U.S. immigration policy (AMNESTY) , making a dishonest and unhumanitarian appeal to Americans to support fellow citizens who have relatives living in fear of detention and deportation. It is NOTED HERE, that these fellow citizens freely got involved with Illegal Aliens, often times helping them in BREAKING AMERICAN LAWS. They do not DESERVE YOUR SUPPORT.

First up: community meetings at churches in 17 cities, with the first set for Friday in Providence, R.I. May GOD SMITE THOSE who bring shame and sham into the house of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

"We are going to focus on families and put this in a biblical, moral perspective," said Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., who created the model for the campaign with meetings in Chicago and New York. BIBLICAL? MORAL? God wants people illegally entering a foreign country, stealing or buying FALSE ID's so that they can STEAL JOBS THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO, GET CREDIT THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO OR QUALIFIED FOR. God wants ILLEGAL ALIENS TO HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX IN THEIR HOME COUNTRY AND THEN MAKE A RUN FOR THE UNITED STATES BORDER? What kind of a sick and twisted God are you praying to there Luis Gutierrez? I would suggest that your God is a FALSE GOD, a GOD OF LIES AND EVIL INTENT who wants to rape innocent American Citizens on Main Street in the name of AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS, CRIMINALS WHO HAVE BROKEN OUR LAWS.


Before the presidential election campaign, the debate over immigration focused more on enforcement — building barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border, conducting raids and expanding detention — than proposals to create a path for citizenship for the estimated 12 million immigrants in the nation illegally. ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT CITIZENS. ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS. While 11 Million LEGAL AMERICANS are without jobs, SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS ARE WORKING HERE IN AMERICA AT JOBS THAT SHOULD BE OURS. They do not deserve citizenship, nor should they be rewarded citizenship (AMNESTY) for their crimes.

The stepped-up enforcement has led to stories like that of Diego Lino, a U.S. citizen, and his wife, Francisca Lino, who entered the country illegally. Their four children, including twin daughters who suffer medical problems, are U.S. citizens. THEY BROKE OUR LAWS...DO NOT DO THE CRIME IF YOU CAN'T DO THE TIME...they knew they were breaking the laws of America, just as a Drug Dealer knows he is breaking the law when he sells CRACK on a school grounds. They deserve to pay for their crimes WITH DEPORTATION....NO ONE IS KEEPING THEM FROM TAKING THEIR CHILDREN WITH THEM BACK TO THEIR HOME COUNTRY...what do you think Americans do if they have to relocate to another city because some scum illegal aliens took their job?

Francisca Lino was arrested when she went to an immigration interview for legal residency, available through a Clinton administration program for illegal immigrants married to U.S. citizens. She is scheduled to be deported to Mexico on March 15, according to Gutierrez's office. How about TELLING THE WHOLE STORY MS PROFESSIONAL are showing your BIAS!

Gutierrez and other lawmakers hope the public will realize that the immigration policies of recent years have not just affected immigrants but American citizens as well. Many U.S. families include people of mixed status, where only one parent is a citizen or has legal residency, or the children are citizens and parents are in the country illegally. How about telling the story of the American Families raped or murdered by Illegal Aliens? How about telling the story of seven million AMERICANS out of work, out of jobs while SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS HAVE JOBS. How about telling the story of how American Wages are depressed on a YEARLY BASIS by over $230 Billion Dollars because of SEVBEN MILLION CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS IN OUR WORK FORCE. How about telling the readers about the millions of Americans who have had their credit ruined because some ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS STOLE AND USED THEIR IDENTIFICATION.

They hope to draw in other minority lawmakers by pointing out that the family separations are happening to immigrants, documented and undocumented, and their U.S. citizen families, who may be black, Asian, Irish or of other national origins. Other MINORITY LAW say Black ones? Maybe the Black Caucus should look at the 24 percent unemployment rate for young black men between 16-29 that is DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTED TO THE SEVEN MILLION CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THE WORK FORCE HERE IN AMERICA!

"When we finish this 17-city tour, you will hear testimonies from across this nation from American citizens. Our goal is to raise the banner of comprehensive immigration reform," Gutierrez said. BANNER of Comprehensive Immigration Reform? Tell the truth, you want to RAISE THE BANNER OF AMNESTY FOR CRIMINALS.

Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Calif., offered his own tragic stories to parry the pro-immigration arguments.

"I have rescued illegals when they were drowning and rescued the bodies on the highways," he said. "When they go to the churches, why don't they go see what's happening on the border and then go to Latin America and see what's happening to the towns there? No one is talking about the way illegal immigration is breaking families apart to start with." Congress seems fine ignoring American FAMILIES WHO ARE BEING TORN APART BY ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THEIR CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, and the reporter who wrote this article seems no better.

Bilbray said the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is addressing a symptom of immigration policies when it should be ensuring employers are not hiring illegal workers. CAN WE SAY MAKE E Verify MANDATORY for every American Business, Company or firm?


On the Net:

Congressional Hispanic Caucus:

Immigration Reform Caucus:

Bronze Sculptures Sold, China Throws HISSY FIT

As they should have, Christie's sold off at auction two Chinese Bronze Sculptures from the 18th century. China is having a HISSY FIT screaming foul. GET OVER CHINA. Let's look at two facts:

1. China could have BID ON THE Sculptures, could have been the top bidder and thus brought these two art objects back home. Problem is, they wanted too buy the pieces AT SUPER DISCOUNTED PRICES (typical), instead of putting a real offer on the table.

2. China claims these two items to be HISTORICAL TREASURES of China...uhhh curious there President many of your nation's treasures have you callously buried under trillions of gallons of water as you forced people and history out of the way for your beloved DAM? So artifacts are only valuable to you AFTER they leave the country, but not when you have to give your own citizens adequate time to get them out of their own governments way?

BEIJING, China (CNN) -- When Christie's announced its plans to auction off two 18th-century bronze sculptures, the Chinese flatly said "no."

A Beijing news stand shows a report about the sale of the two bronze artifacts.

A Beijing news stand shows a report about the sale of the two bronze artifacts.

At the center of the dispute are two bronze sculptures, part of the late Yves Saint Laurent's private collection of arts and antiquities. The two 18th-century pieces -- fountainheads of a rabbit and a rat -- disappeared when French and British Allied forces pillaged Beijing's Old Summer Palace during the second Opium War in 1860.

China says the relics are part of its cultural heritage and should be returned.

Christie's, saying that legal ownership of the two pieces had been "clearly confirmed," defied Chinese objections. At a three-day auction in Paris, it sold the two sculptures for €14 million (US$17.92 million) each to two anonymous phone bidders.

The sale of the lost treasures has whipped up nationalistic passion among Chinese in and outside China.

Luo Zhewen, chairman of the Chinese Heritage Society said, "The biggest value of the bronze heads is that they are evidence of the crime committed by imperialists who invaded China. The despicable part the auction is not that it has breached international agreements, but that it is trading criminal evidence for a massive profit."

Movie star Jackie Chan agrees.

"It has broken the hearts of the 1.3 billion people of China," he said. "All these national treasures should be returned to their home countries. In future, these fountainheads will not belong to anybody and they should all be returned to the Summer Palace."

Iraq Troops Coming Home, War Over...NOT EXACTLY

GEEZE....Obama is such a lying scum bag pig....he is on television right now from Camp LeJeune claiming the Iraq Combat Mission will come to an end in 2010, that our troops WILL BE COMING HOME. Who the hell is President Obama kidding? Leaving 30-50,000 troops in Iraq IS NOT BRINGING OUR TROOPS HOME. Saying those 30-50,000 troops will still be conducting Anti Terrorists missions in Iraq means Obama is trying to play a White House version of a Street Corner Con Man's three card monty....which card are the troops under? Card One (Afghanistan), Card Two (Fighting The Taliban), and Card Three (Anti Terrorist Missions in Iraq). A warning to our fine young men and women who are struggling during these hard economic times here in America. Enlisting into our currently CORRUPT MILITARY is not the answer. You can be PUT TO WORK, can earn money for college without risking your lives. How you ask? If Obama and Congress make E Verify the law of the land, if ICE and Homeland Security use strong Interior Enforcement to hunt down Illegal Aliens and those that hire them, SEVEN MILLION AMERICANS CAN BE PUT BACK TO WORK. Couple that with the 3 million jobs Obama is promising with the Stimulus, and America's unemployment rate would drop to under TWO PERCENT. Just SAY NO to those lying recruiters, and instead start contacting your elected officials in Washington, start demanding the DEPORTATION OF 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens that are STEALING YOUR FUTURES.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Obama has approved a plan to pull most troops out of Iraq by the end of August 2010, two senior administration officials said Friday.

President Obama says he plans to keep up to 50,000 support troops in Iraq after combat troops leave in 2010.

President Obama says he plans to keep up to 50,000 support troops in Iraq after combat troops leave in 2010.

The plan also calls for a force of 35,000 to 50,000 U.S. troops to remain on the ground in Iraq.

"Let me say this as plainly as I can: By August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end," Obama is expected to say Friday in a speech at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, the senior officials said.

Obama's trip to Camp Lejeune is his first trip to a military base since being sworn in.

Administration officials, who briefed reporters on the plan, said the remaining troops would take on an advisory role in training and equipping Iraqi forces, supporting civilian operations in Iraq and conducting targeted counterterrorism missions, which would include some combat. Watch an ex-general survey the strategy Video

The remaining troops would be gradually withdrawn until all U.S. forces are out of Iraq by December 31, 2011 -- the deadline set under an agreement the Bush administration signed with the Iraqi government last year.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Open Letter To Obama

It always amuses me that the White House lets us leave them Email which they NEVER get around to answering...unless of course you are one of the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE that has access to Obama's personal Blackberry. (by the way, how many of you knew Clinton had his own private ZIP CODE!...sorry OBama, but that trumps your way cool Blackberry) Anyway, since the president thinks he can ignore letters to him that never see the light of day until long after he is out of office, have decided I will share my diatribes, my letters to the man in the oval office here on this, here is my first letter shared that was left over on for President Obama and it deals with ILLEGAL ALIENS.


Look Mr. President...YOU TOOK AN OATH...

As an OUT OF WORK AMERICAN, I do not like the fact that SEVEN MILLION CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN SCUM still have jobs. If you think that sentiment makes me racist, I can live with that! Care to have your moronic Attorney General tell me I am wrong in saying ILLEGAL ALIEN SCUM ARE CRIMINALS...I am fine with that, would expect he would be happy to do so since he has already claimed I am a Coward when it comes to having a talk about race. I invited him to have that talk on but I guess he is too chicken to have a REAL DEBATE...shrug. You sir, and your administration seem to think it is OK to sell out Main Street Americans.

People like you want to grant AMNESTY to these scum Illegal Aliens. Do me a favor Mr. President...explain to this DUMB OLD BOY who cannot afford to go to college why it is that Illegal Aliens have a right to steal jobs from Americans, explain to me why it is that the ICE Agents who carried out a successful work place enforcement action today are not being applauded. Explain to me why it is that Janet thinks she has a right to instruct Law Enforcement to ignore Employers who ARE VIOLATING THE LAW unless they are ABUSING ILLEGAL ALIEN WORKERS...her words sir. Come on Obama, you have not had one REAL CONVERSATION WITH A REAL AMERICAN, and I am giving you the chance RIGHT NOW. Seven million illegal aliens have jobs while ELEVEN MILLION LEGAL AMERICANS are out of work. How can you justify AMNESTY for these criminals, how to you explain to us LEGAL AMERICANS why it is fair they get AMNESTY, get to steal the food from OUR MOUTHS.

Yes, I am pissed off, and so are millions more like me...further, we are not impressed with YOUR SOCIALIST AGENDA. Tell me the truth Mr. President...does your new comprehensive health coverage carry over to ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL SCUM? Inquiring minds want to know! Tell us the truth sir. Also, as a Boomer approaching retirement, I'd like to know what your plans are for solving the financial problems of the Social Security it true you intend to cut the benefits of BOOMERS and force us to work longer before we can collect. You say the system is broke...WHERE DID THE MONEY GO that 75 million boomers have paid into the system...what about those IOU's?

I am sure you will do with this letter what White House staff always will be preserved in some little black folder reserved for rude letters written by rude Americans. You will not respond to it, will not give me an audience to AIR MY COMPLAINTS because I am not Black, nor am I one of America's BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE...I am fine with that. Since I know the drill, going to take the liberty of posting this letter to you on my blog.

Illegal Aliens Panties in Knot Over LEGAL IMMIGRATION RAID

Ms. Napolitano has shown herself once again to be a Illegal Alien loving, screw the American Worker world class BITCH (and ugly enough for any Beer Drinking American's dart board)...ICE did their job, raided a work place where the employer was wrongfully and unlawfully employing CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS. Janet (dog face) Napolitano says she is livid that the raid took place at all, is ANGRY THAT LAW ABIDING Illegal Aliens were detained. She is going to be opening up a FULL INVESTIGATION OF ICE and Homeland Security because they did their job. You see, by Ms Napolitano's way of thinking, unless the Illegal Aliens are being ABUSED in the work place, she is fine with companies hiring Illegal Aliens, does not want ICE bothering them, or detaining Illegal Aliens at those kinds of work places.

As to Obama's promise to Illegal Alien supporters, he would be very wise to rethink it. We OPPOSE AMNESTY Mr. Obama, and you can dress it up any way you want, try to tell us it is Earned Citizenship, and we know you are lying to us...IT IS AMNESTY and we oppose it. Contrary to your lies Mr. Obama, we CAN DEPORT TWELVE MILLION VERMIN...YES, I SAID VERMIN as in CRIMINAL SCUM, as in law breaking Illegal Aliens that are stealing food from the mouths of American Citizens AND OUR CHILDREN...if you do not like that BOLD TRUTH MR. PRESIDENT, that's your personal issue. You need to get a pulse on the RIPENING ANGER that is sweeping across America...we are growing weary of Illegal Aliens and their crimes being ignored. Either they are criminals, are we should all start ignoring the law, ignoring those who are supposed to enforce those want a lawless society Mr. Obama, then force AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens down the throats of OUT OF WORK LEGAL CITIZENS. No, not a threat, just my own feelings on the pulse of work a day America...the one you would never know about Mr. Obama because you are not a sit in a REAL BAR WITH REAL MEN DRINKING A BEER kind of a disrespect there Mr. Obama, but you are more of a glass of wine with your pinky extended out kind of a guy, even if you do fancy yourself a basketball player...I watched you bowl.

Illegals raid dismays Obama backers (GET OVER IT)
Rights groups see broken 'commitment' on illegals policy (Obama made and UNLAWFUL promise when he said he would STOP ENFORCING LAWS)
Stephen Dinan (Contact)

Immigrant rights groups blasted President Obama on Wednesday for breaking what they called his "personal commitment" to change Bush-era immigration raids after U.S. authorities raided an engine machine shop in Washington state and detained illegal immigrants. (Eleven Million out of work Americans want the SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIEN SCAB LABORERS DEPORTED, which means we want MORE RAIDS.)

The Obama administration itself seemed taken aback by the raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano vowing to Congress that she would "get to the bottom of this." (GET TO THE BOTTOM OF WHAT? ICE agents ACTUALLY DOING THEIR JOBS? Janet Napolitano needs IMPEACHED if she is not willing to do her job, which IS ENFORCING OUR LAWS AS WRITTEN, AND SECURING OUR BORDER WITH MEXICO...can you do that Janet?)

"The secretary is not happy and this is not her policy," a Homeland Security official said Wednesday evening, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the secretary's review is ongoing. (What is her policy on ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS?...AMNESTY FOR CRIMINALS? Sucking the nads of President Calderon as his citizens invade our nation and steal our jobs?)

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said "these raids are not a long-term solution." (Actually Nick, these raids in much larger numbers and on a more frequent basis ARE THE SOLUTION if combined with immediate MANDATORY USE OF E pigs make me sick. I would make a CHIMP reference, but Al Sharpton might run to my blog and accuse me of being racist for using a MONKEY as an analogy for stupidity in motion.

TWT RELATED STORY: Homeland security: Help needed on U.S. border (Put those 17,000 troops that Obama WRONGFULLY wants to send to Afghanistan on the SOUTHERN BORDER, and give them the right to use whatever force is necessary.)

"Secretary Napolitano is conducting a thorough review of ICE, including enforcement," Mr. Shapiro said. "The president believes we must respect due process and our best values as we enforce the law. The real answer to our broken immigration system is to fix it. The president has said that we will start the immigration reform debate this year, and this continues to be the plan." HERE IS A CLUE NUMB NUTS...YES YOU OBAMA...E VERIFY COMBINED WITH RAIDS will work as most Illegal Aliens WILL SELF DEPORT when we deny them a job...GOT IT MR HARVARD GRADUATE?

The raid in Bellingham, Wash., was the first major workplace enforcement action since Mr. Obama took office, but the second time a law enforcement action has angered the White House. TOO attorney, our president who HAS SWORN UNDER OATH ON LINCOLN's BIBLE T UPHOLD THE LAW is upset that LAw Enforcement Officers ACTUALLY DID THEIR JOBS!

A similar backlash ensued earlier this month when the Drug Enforcement Administration raided medical marijuana dispensaries in California, despite Mr. Obama's campaign pledges not to interfere with state laws on the matter. In that instance, the White House said Mr. Obama hadn't put his people in place. (I support the legalization of Marijuana Mr. President, but until such time as it is legalized, it is still a want to change the LAW, go for it. That said, you do not get to PICK AND CHOOSE WHICH LAWS WILL BE ENFORCED...deport the scum illegal aliens, implement E Verify.)

Homeland Security stepped up high-profile immigration work-site raids and took steps to improve border security after Congress in 2007 rejected President Bush´s immigration bill, which would have legalized illegal immigrants and rewritten the rules on future legal immigration. We defeated the Illegal Aliens in many millions of Americans have lost their jobs since then Mr. President. You think you can force AMNESTY down our throats for Illegal Aliens when seven million ILLEGAL ALIENS are in jobs that rightfully and LEGALLY belong to ELEVEN MILLION LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS who are out of work, their unemployment running out. As the old expression goes Mr. President, "Wouldn't be prudent." Your popularity could go right into the toilet OVER NIGHT.

During last year's presidential campaign, Mr. Obama criticized immigration work-site raids as "ineffective" and said the focus instead should be on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Curious there Hussein...if you believe that Immigration Focus shoudl be on EMPLOYERS, why did you INSTRUCT CONGRESS TO LEAVE E VERIFY OUT OF YOUR STIMULUS?

Immigrant rights groups said this week's raid seemed to go against that. GET OVER are standing up for CRIMINAL SCUM that are wrongfully working when ELEVEN MILLION LEGAL AMERICANS ARE OUT OF WORK. "This was a fixture of our conversations and demands (NON CITIZEN ILLEGAL SCUM HAVE NO BUSINESS MAKING DEMANDS) with him during the campaign. It has always been one that there would be a hold on the raids or a stop to the raids until there was a through review of its effectiveness and whether it has been a fiscally responsible course of action," said Cynthia Buiza, director of policy and advocacy at the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. "This is all about holding public officials accountable to the things they promised during the campaign." UHHHH...can we say E VERIFY? Can we say RULE OF LAW. CAN WE SAY BORDER FENCE? Can we SAY TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ IN 16 MONTHS...uhhh....make that 15.

The National Council of La Raza urged supporters to call the White House and demand Mr. Obama lay out his immigration policy, while the National Immigration Forum said the raid was an unwelcome continuation of Bush administration policies. You people need to be CAREFUL MAKING THAT KIND OF DEMAND...SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS HOLD JOBS BELONGING TO ELEVEN MILLION OUT OF WORK LEGAL would be political suicide for Obama to come out right now and EMBRACE ILLEGAL ALIENS, TO EMBRACE AMNESTY...that could be the match that ignites a powder key on Main Street America, and it is assumed that Mr. Harvard Graduate is smart enough TO GET THAT.

"What are Latino and immigrant voters to think? They turn out in massive numbers and vote for change and yet 'change we can believe in' turns out to be 'business as usual,' " said Ali Noorani, executive director of the forum. ILLEGAL ALIENS DO NOT HAVE A VOTE...furthermore, it was NOT THE LATINO VOTE that put Obama in the White House...take away the WHITE VOTE, and he loses, take away the Black Vote and he loses...GET IT YOU DUMB SHITS?

He called for a halt to the raids while Homeland Security conducts its review of immigration policies. We want our laws enforced, want 12-25 million illegal alien criminals rounded up in work place, neighborhood and home raids and deported to their home countries.

In a statement, ICE said the raid was the result of a gang investigation. ICE, you did your JOB...real and LEGAL CITIZENS applaud you.

"Information derived from two gang members previously arrested in an ICE gang operation led to the initiation of the work-site investigation at Yamato Engine Specialists," said press secretary Kelly Nantel. "Follow-up investigation uncovered a potentially large number of illegally employed workers. ICE conducted the operation in order to identify and if appropriate, apprehend any unauthorized workers and to further determine potential criminal activity." So tell us Janet...what is to investigate? Are you upset that some of your BELOVED ILLEGAL ALIEN SCUM CRIMINALS GOT APPREHENDED....are you a LAW AND ORDER PERSON, a PERSON THAT KEEPS HER OATH OF OFFICE, or are you going to side with CRIMINALS? Go ahead, I beg you Janet TO SAY PUBLICALLY THAT BEING AND ILLEGAL ALIEN IS NOT A CRIMINAL OFFICE.

Mr. Noorani said "ankle chains and helicopters" were both used in the raid, but Ms. Napolitano denied in her testimony to the House Homeland Security Committee that helicopters were used. Use chains, helicopters, dogs, whatever it takes that helps you in your efforts to apprehend and deport ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS.

She said she had been briefed on the raid, but still has many questions. WHAT QUESTIONS? Do you want to decide WHO SHOULD GET A BLUE RIBBON, MAYBE A MEDAL?

"I want to get to the bottom of this as well, so I've already issued those directives to ICE to get me some answers," she said. They did their jobs, La Raza and other groups that support ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS have their panties in a knot...THERE IS THE BOTTOM OF IT.

She is still getting her key people in place. Mr. Obama nominated John Morton, a Justice Department official, to head ICE earlier this week. By KEY PEOPLE, DO YOU MEAN PEOPLE THAT INTEND ON IGNORING OUR LAWS, PEOPLE THAT WILL TURN THE OTHER WAY AND LET ILLEGAL ALIENS CONTINUE TO STEAL OUR JOBS?

Ms. Napolitano said she expects ICE actions at work sites to focus on employers "who intentionally and knowingly exploit the illegal labor market." CURIOUS THERE BITCH...yes, I said BITCH....WHAT ABOUT ILLEGAL ALIEN WORKERS WHO ARE EXPLOITING AMERICAN WORKERS, DEPRESSING OUR WAGES, STEALING OUR JOBS? YOU make me SICK YOU SKANKY BITCH....and yes, anyone that lets Illegal Aliens walk after she took an OATH TO UPHOLD OUR LAWS is a SKANKY BITCH...the dirtiest kind of treasonous politician in the world.

"That has impacts on American workers, it has impacts on wage levels, often has undue impacts on the illegal workers themselves, and our ICE efforts should be focused on those sorts of things and we should really have thought through the prosecutions that are going to result and the deportations that will result after any sort of work-force action," she said. Illegal Alien holding a job IMPACTS OUT OF WORK AMERICAN WORKERS....GET IT? Who gives a rats ass if some CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN gets prosecuted and deported? Or are you saying to the national press that you believe in UNEQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW, ARE YOU SAYING YOU BELIEVE THAT CERTAIN CRIMINALS SHOULD BE IGNORED? ARE YOU SAYING IT IS OK FOR SOME EMPLOYERS TO HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS, BUT NOT OK FOR OTHERS TO HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS...TELL US JANET.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, the California Democrat who questioned Miss Napolitano on the raids, said the laws need to be enforced but said raids, including Tuesday's, have swept up legal residents and citizens as well. TELL US WHO WAS SWEPT UP AND DEPORTED Representative Zoe? So what if some employees were temporarily detained...LEGAL AMERICANS were detained when the tainted Peanut Factory was raided too....and those that deserved to be were very quickly let go.

"There is concern that Americans have repeatedly, in the past years, been held in some cases for 10 and 11 hours against their will, and it does not seem to comport with the requirements of the law or the Constitution," she said, asking the secretary to address that issue in her review. WAH WAH WAH....get over it many CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS WERE ARRESTED IN THIS RAID?

RED ALERT! Our Freedom of Speech Is Under Attack On Floor of Senate Right Now

It is bad enough when the United Nations tries to usurp our American Freedom of Speech through a Binding Resolution, but when Senator Durbin tries to do a SNEAK ATTACK, and end around on our Freedom of Speech right on the Senate Floor, it is the worst kinds of dastardly deed, the worst kind of attack on our freedoms by the Illegal Aliens and those that support them. This just in from the fine folks at ALIPAC...please contact your Senators NOW, as in right this minute....this is an INSTANT RED ALERT CALL TO ACTION.


Friends of ALIPAC,

Friends of ALIPAC,

Please access our ALIPAC Directory for the US Senate and start with calls to your own two Senators. Then proceed to call and e-mail as many others as quickly as possible!

We just received word that the US Senate may vote TODAY on an amendment by Senator Durbin that would reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine" that will regulate free speech on talk radio and the web!

We just received this news from FOX.

Please call, e-mail or Fax as many senators as you can to say.

"How dare the Senate take up rapid consideration of an amendment by Senator Durbin that could hinder free speech in America! I want Senator _____ to vote AGAINST the DURBIN Amendment and against the Fairness Doctrine. Please ask Senator ______ to vote FOR Senator DeMint's amendment instead, which would protect free speech in America!"

The supporters of illegal immigration and AMNESTY are supporting this sneak attack on free speech to try and prevent debate before they try to push Amnesty again soon.

Please spread the word as fast as you can!



Prelude to Amnesty

Senator Durbin Pushes To Silence Free Speech In America!

We are sharing new info, comments and questions on this rapid response operation at this link....


Illegal Alien Gangs...Are Not These Hate Groups

A story broken yesterday by the folks over at ALIPAC made it into today's Washington Post deals with Illegal Alien gangs targeting members of Law Enforcement as a part of Gang Initiation. In light of the article I just put up on the increasing number of Hate Groups here in America, wanted to again reprint the story, but also to make a couple of points.

1. For the record, Illegal Alien gangs are hate groups.

2. Illegal know, those people that Obama wants to give Amnesty too, those same illegal aliens stealing your American Dreams.

Illegals targeted sheriff as part of gang initiation

The attempted assassination of a South Carolina deputy sheriff was a gang initiation carried out by three illegal immigrants including a 15-year-old boy who was supposed to "kill a cop" in order to be admitted as a member, according to a confidential Department of Homeland Security advisory.

Lexington County, S.C., Deputy Sheriff Ted Xanthakis and his K-9 police dog, Arcos, were attacked by the three illegals armed with a 12-gauge shotgun during a Feb. 8 incident in West Columbia, S.C., shortly after 3 a.m. The deputy and his dog survived.

Two of the men were identified in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) report as members of the Surenos gang, or SUR-13, a collection of Mexican-American street gangs with origins in the oldest barrios of Southern California.

Subjects: Illegal Immigration, South Carolina, gang initiation, attempted assassination, deputy sheriff, Department of Homeland Security, Sheriff Ted Xanthakis, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Surenos, SUR-13, California, smuggling, drugs, Carlos Alfredo Diaz De Leon, Lucino Guzman Guttierrez, assault, Sheriff James R. Metts, Mexico, Americans for Legal Immigration, ALIPAC, deportations, armed robbery, William Gheen, secure border, enforce immigration laws, enforcement needed

February 26, 2009
Jerry Seper
The Washington Times

Hundreds of SUR-13 gangs operate in California and have spread to many other parts of the country. The paramilitary organization has been described by federal law enforcement agencies as actively involved in illegal-immigrant and drug smuggling.

According to the ICE report, the attack occurred as the deputy responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle.

The 15-year-old and two others, Carlos Alfredo Diaz De Leon, 17, and Lucino Guzman Guttierrez, 20, were later arrested by sheriff's deputies and members of the U.S. Marshals Service. Diaz De Leon and Guzman Guttierrez were charged with assault and battery with intent to kill.

Deputy Xanthakis and his dog were in a marked patrol car at the time of the shooting.

The 15-year-old was taken to a pre-trial detention facility, where he was awaiting a hearing in family court. Prosecutors said they would recommend that the boy be prosecuted in family court on a charge of assault and battery with intent to kill.

Under state law, law enforcement officials cannot identify the boy because he is a juvenile.

Lexington County Sheriff James R. Metts told reporters that Diaz De Leon, Guzman Guttierrez and the 15-year-old illegally entered the United States from Mexico. He said Diaz De Leon and Guzman Guttierrez were living in West Columbia and a search of their house netted items thought to have been stolen in vehicle break-ins in Lexington County, including a Global Positioning System devices and car stereo systems.

The sheriff also said that deputies recovered the shotgun that was used to shoot at Deputy Sheriff Xanthakis.

ICE detainers have been lodged against the adults.

The ICE report, made public Wednesday by the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), said interviews determined that the 15-year-old was the shooter and the incident was a gang initiation. It said gangs "have long posed a threat to public safety and law enforcement but the threat is now increasing in scope. ... Never before have the street gangs in South Carolina actively targeted law enforcement officers for gang initiation."

ICE agents, as part of a nationwide crackdown on gangs, have arrested members of SUR-13 in Tennessee and Georgia on charges ranging from felony theft and illegal re-entry after deportation to murder, attempted murder, carjacking, armed robbery and drug dealing.

William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, described the attack as the "beginning of America's nightmarish future as we descend into the type of anarchy found in Mexico.

"In Mexico, things have deteriorated so much that police are demoralized and are being killed by these gangs of a weekly basis," he said. "That's what happens when your nation loses respect for the rule of law as we see with the effect of millions of illegal aliens in America."

He said the U.S. needs to secure its border and enforce its immigration laws "or we will begin to lose more officers and as we loose officers, gang rule will replace the rule of law."

Rightfully So, Hate Groups Are On Rise In America

They just had a story on CNN about a new report which shows hate groups are on the rise. Well DUH...let me explain to you why this should not be surprising.

Dwindling Opportunity + Illegal Aliens Stealing Opportunity = HATE GROUPS

In fact, the story itself was insulting, and contributes to MORE HATE GROUPS. They talked about how many undocumented Latino Immigrants are the victims of Hate Groups. First, Illegal Aliens are NOT undocumented immigrants, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Secondly, the race of the Illegal Alien at best is secondary. If Ireland were accounting for the majority of Illegal Aliens that are stealing our jobs our dreams, the anger of these hate groups would be aimed at Illegal Irish is the ILLEGAL PART that is feeding the anger.

Why shoudn't these people HATE? We have a Government that has ignored Illegal Aliens for two decades because of Corporate America and the Business Community's desire to have cheap wages to help drive their profits, to make them supposedly profitable, social responsibility be damned. Simply stated, this culture of corruption on the part of our government and business encouraged Illegal Aliens to come, and come in LARGE NUMBERS, encouraged Illegal Aliens to have their American Dream Lite. The fact that Illegal Aliens having their American Dream Lite meant Americans on the lowest rungs of our American Society would lose their American Dream was of no concern to them...Business and Government got addicted to this cheap labor source, and the problem got out of hand as we suddenly had 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 Million Anchor Babies here stealing the jobs, dreams and food from Legal American citizens.

Intelligence says Deport those here Illegally along with their anchor babies. Problem is, the Latino population knows loosing these illegal aliens means they lose a lot of their newly found political clout, so they are pushing for Amnesty, and political astuteness combined with a certain amount of quilt has Washington DC looking at AMNESTY all dressed up as Earned Citizenship.

Again, go back to the basic equation.

Dwindling Opportunity + Illegal Aliens That Stole Our Jobs Given Citizenship = HATE, and a group of people now angry enough to begin exacting retribution.

Let me shoot it straight here Big Business, Government, and soft hearted wealthy liberals that have or are using Illegal Aliens in some fashion either as Day Laborers, Landscapers, Nannies and construction help. Not everyone can afford college, not every one should attend college. Some people are meant to be landscapers, construction workers and the like. For two decades you idiots have looked down your noses at your own citizens while hiring Illegal Aliens to save a few bucks so you can afford a second Beamer, or another home. Now because of your own shared GUILT, you want to further penalize those you put on unemployment lines by granting AMNESTY to Illegal Aliens. Now you want to act ALL SURPRISED and SHOCKED, while still being upset at the VICTIMS who are forming these HATE GROUPS.

If you let one group (Illegal Aliens) oppress another group (Legal Americans on the lower rungs of economic ladder) by stealing their jobs, by depressing their wages, HATE IS THE ONLY BY PRODUCT that will come out of that equation. Why shouldn't these people hate, and why shouldn't they take what ever actions are necessary to target their oppressors? If your job, your dignity is being wrongfully stolen, if those in a position of power are willingly letting that crime be visited upon you, don't you have the MORAL RIGHT TO EXACT REVENGE? Sure, it might be legally wrong, but I am talking MORALLY. This stupidity on the part of the so called enlightened is what creates terrorists.

Some of you may not like it, but reining in HATE GROUPS is going to require you to get back to the task of being a LAWFUL GOVERNMENT that ENFORCES ALL OF OUR LAWS instead of changing our laws to suit yourselves and your greedy goals. If our government grants Illegal Aliens Amnesty instead of deporting them, you will have Civil War, you will have riots in our streets, and you will having roving mobs in wealthy communities exacting retribution. Look at what your own greed, your own use of Illegal Aliens has visited upon America...ADMIT IT...ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE A HUGE PART OF WHY OUR ECONOMY IS IN A SHAMBLES. ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE THE ROOT CAUSE OF THESE NEW HATE GROUPS.

God how I hate stupidity on the part of those that are supposed to be America's Intellectuals. By the way CNN, you should be ASHAMED at your presentation of this story, ashamed at your own disgusting attempt to get EVEN MORE SYMPATHY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS...they are not undocumented immigrants, they are CRIMINALS, and I understand the plight of these Americans that is driving their hate...if someone routinely stole your job, depressed your wages, and stole food from your table and took your prosparity as their own, you HAVE A MORAL RIGHT TO YOUR HATE. In fact, in too many cases all you have left is your hate, as Big Business and a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT have stolen everything else from you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Main Street America...Time For Us To Brand The Traitors

In last night's dissappointing speech by Barack Obama, he made one point that I felt held merit, one that the media has hardly touched upon. He spoke to the younger generation, told them that dropping out, quiting school was also quiting on America. TOUCHE, a great point that deserved more attention than it has recieved. A Congressman has stated that any American not supporting Buy American in this our nation's time of need is committing treason against America, and he is correct.

We need some protectionist policies right now, and those who oppose them need to be prosecuted for Treason. Buy American IS NOT ENOUGH though, we have got to draw the line in the proverbial sand in several areas, join together in seeing that those lines are not crossed. Our government might not like people like me talking protectionism, and quite frankly I do not care. I and millions like me have given up enough for our governments FAILED POLICIES, for our governments inability to regulate those they are supposed to be watchdog over.

1. China is the most unfair Trading Partner in the entire world, and is guilty of some of the worst kinds of Human Rights violations. The time has come to stop buying ANYTHING that is made in China, and BOYCOTTING any store that insists on carrying goods made in China. (This includes Walmart.) Further, the time has come for Congress and our President to take away China's undeserved, "Most Favorite Nation Trading" status. Main Street America has the ability with our wallets TO DRIVE WASHINGTON POLICY...let us USE IT.

2. Hiring an illegal makes you DEFACTO guilty of treason. If you are hiring an Illegal Alien you are denying an American Citizen a job, taking the food out of the mouths of an American Family. Congress needs to pass a law that makes E Verify mandatory for every American, every American Business or Company that hires people, and if you are guilty of hiring an Illegal Alien, you (or the entire management team-including corporation officers) will have to serve a mandatory ten year prison sentence for A FIRST OFFENSE. Trust me, watch how many of the priviledged class fire their household help and nannies when this becomes law!

3. Illegal Aliens should be rounded up (work place, neighborhood and home enforcement actions) and deported after giving all illegals as a group a 90 grace period where they can self deport themselves. A $5,000 reward should be paid to any one that identifies an illegal alien that is successfully deported back to their home country after this grace period expires. Even thinking about AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens is TREASON...any politician at all levels of government that introduces a Pro Illegal Alien statute, law or proclamation should immediately be detained without bail and tried for treason.

4. While 11 Million Americans have lost jobs, we have 14 million Legal Immigrants still in the work force. There should be a ten year moratorium on all Legal Immigration. It is suggested that our Congress hold a SPECIAL ELECTION so that the people can vote on this issue, rather than letting Corporate America's Lobbyist buy their votes. Further, if necessary, with no CRAP TRAP LIES (Pathway to citizenship.) we can have a national vote on Amnesty...straight up or down vote, with one word on the ballot, that word being AMNESTY.

Yes, I am calling on all Americans to only Buy American, to embrace protectionist views and practices, as it is US OR THEM...if we put all our efforts into doing what is right for America and her citizens, we can pull out of this Depression in the next couple of years. However, if we follow down the road that Congress is now paving for us, if we are forced to SAVE THE WORLD ECONOMY while we save our own, Americans in the lower and middleclass are looking at 10 years of BRUTAL HELL, as it will be us who pay the tab for saving the world, will be us who pay the tab for Obama's AMNESTY for 12-25 Million Illegal Alien Criminals. Your choice Americans in the lower and middle class...US or THEM....are you willing to stand on bread lines for ten years while criminals, illegal aliens get ahead? Are you willing to live in poverty for ten years to SAVE CHINA's ECONOMY?

Sub note...Gary Locke should not be made Secretary of Commerce...all you have to do is look at his extended family's ties to China, look at the lobbying done by himself and the firm he works for, and it is clear THIS MAN IS THE WRONG MAN FOR THE JOB.

What Kind of Fatwah, Monkey Assed, Moronic Horse Dung World Are We Living In?

First, right off the top...just finished watching Lou Dobbs, and my head is spinning out of control! We have the United Nations and the RADICAL ISLAMIC FRINGE trying to take away our American Freedom of Speech in the name of protecting the image of Allah.

For the record, that child molesting, people killing false prophet and his followers of hate can kiss MY ASS! That said, if your Allah is one that teaches love, forgiveness and tolerance of others, their beliefs and their HUMAN RIGHTS, then I am not talking to you, or talking about your God or your Allah. I am talking about the Allah and the various and assorted clerics that teach hatred of anything not theirs and their beliefs, I am talking about the Allah and Clerics that teach followers that they have 71 Ugly Ass ed Virgins waiting for them in Heaven if they visit a suicide bomb upon innocent victims.

To the United Nations and morons that want to pass a binding resolution forbidding Blasphemy against Allah...why don't you take your stupid ass ed binding resolution and your organization and GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMERICA, HOME OF THE are not even going to take away our freedom of speech, and if you think you are, then WE DO NOT WANT YOUR ORGANIZATION ON US SOIL. That's right, take your staff, take your flags from EVERY NATION and GO...maybe Switzerland will have you, or Iran! Sure China would gladly bulldoze down citizen housing to make a United Nations Compound for you. If Hillary Clinton has any balls at all, she will see to it that said resolution is TRASHED, or sees America cancelling our membership in what would be a RACIST organization helping to spread the hate speech and terrorist activities of a Rogue Religion.

Oh YEAH, I am super pissed off here, because it gets worse...forget Reverend Al Sharpton's disgusting behaviors as he continues his own Cartoonish Jihad against the New York Post because they did not come up with some Blood Money with their apology...his feeble attempts to say his taking Murdock before the FCC is not related to the Cartoon Scandal that HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH OBAMA, WAS NOT RACIST is a bunch of Snot Ass ed BULL SHIT! However, do find it funny that the next thing that got me upset centers on Mr. (Americans Are Cowards) Eric The Black Bigot Holder. I would say "MONKEY FUCK SON OF A BITCH I AM SO PISSED OFF", but sure if I did, I would be accused of portraying Holder as an Ape when in reality I was VENTING, blowing off steam at the stupidity of all of this.

Seems Eric Holder took a trip to Guantanimo this week and BANNED THE PRESS! Tell me Mr. Americans Are Cowards, didn't Obama promise us a transparent administration? Are you hiding something where Guantanimo is concerned, or do you just not want to FACE THE MUSIC from your disgustingly inappropriate remarks? Now folks, I would be willing to let this one slide, but seems Mr. Holder was really looking to butt fuck Americans and our Civil Rights...he is suggesting a ban on Semi Automatic Rifles (GET THIS) to help MEXICO! You know, that Mexico, the same Mexico that has TEN PERCENT OF THEIR CITIZENS ILLEGALLY LIVING IN AMERICA! The same Mexico who has their citizens STEALING YOUR JOBS, TAKING FOOD OUT OF YOUR Children's MOUTHS! I can't make this stuff up...we should give up some of our Second Amendment Rights to HELP MEXICO! Seriously Eric Holder, you are a numbnut that should tenure your resignation effective immediately. Are you even aware of how much damage Illegal Aliens are doing to the at risk segment of YOUR Black Community? Do YOU OR OBAMA EVEN CARE? A fair question when you both want to grant AMNESTY TO CRIMINALS, WANT TO DEGRADE OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO HELP A NATION THAT IS INVADING OUR COUNTRY.

I wish this were the end of it, but it gets better! Seems there was a case heard at the Supreme Court is the skinny....Illegal Alien (Mexican) uses a STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY CARD to get a job, so forth and so on. He pleaded guilty on two charges, but not guilty on the charge of Aggravated Identification Theft. Got it...this Illegal Alien (there is ONE FELONY) is in possession of a Identification that IS NOT HIS. Is using this ID (another crime) to get a job (another crime), open up accounts(yet another crime), GET CREDIT (and another), then when he is charged with Aggravated Identification Theft (and ruining someone else's life and credit) he PLEADS NOT GUILTY...MALDEF is defending him...their argument (that has made its way to the Supreme Court) is that this man did not know the ID belonged to ANYONE! What, he thought the Social Security Number belonged to Sparky the dog...WHO THE FUCK ARE WE TRYING TO KID HERE, and what is wrong with the Supreme Court when they didn't hand down a ruling right from the bench, tell MALDEF and the Illegal Alien to both GO FUCK THEMSELVES! Seriously, sometimes a good bitch slapping is in order, even if doing so is politically incorrect. Someone needs to tell MALDEF to get a CLUE!

Our government, our Law Enforcement want to know what they are not respected like they used to be, there it is...WE ARE A NATION OF ass we are. Obama wants to grant CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS who are guilty of no less than FOUR CRIMES AMNESTY! Two thirds of the Legal Americans now in prison are guilty of fewer and less serious crimes than these scum bag Illegal Aliens are! Where is THEIR AMNESTY? By the way, for those who are interested, if you read the court ruling on the Arizona Farmer who detained illegal aliens, WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE CITIZENS ARRESTS OF ILLEGAL is strongly suggested WE ALL START EXERCISING THAT RIGHT, coupled with our Second Amendment Rights! The job you save in exercising your right to make a Citizens Arrest might be your own!

How about if our elected officials all start taking some Commonsense pills. Tell the United Nations to keep their BINDING RESOLUTIONS to themselves, to stop trying to take away our God given rights as American Citizens. Tell MALDEF, Mexico and BIG BUSINESS that we are tired of America being used as the dumping station for their weak, impoverished, out of work criminal masses. Enforce our immigration and hiring laws AS WRITTEN, and take whatever steps are necessary to begin MASS NATIONWIDE ROUND UPS AND DEPORTATIONS OF ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS....stop lying when you say it cannot be done...Operation Wetback in the 50's shows us it can be done! As for keeping families together...send the 4.5 million Anchor Babies back home with their ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS...if they want to exercise their supposed American Citizenship, they can do it when they turn 18.

As to morons like Eric him and get it over with. Anyone that thinks we should degrade American Citizen's right to bear arms in the name of helping Mexico deserves to get a one way Greyhound Bus ticket back home.

Obama's Illegal Aliens Attempted To Kill Police Officer As PArt of Gang Initiation

So your mayor, or other politicians want you to IGNORE Illegal Aliens, want you as and officer of the law to ignore the law so that the community you are sworn to protect can act as a Safe Harbor/Haven for Criminal Illegal Aliens who after all are just wanting to work, just wanting to live the American Dream...even misguided and ignorant President Barack Obama wants to grant these scums AMNESTY under the guise of Earned Citizenship. Meanwhile Mr. Law Enforcement Officer, this approach to Illegal Aliens is putting YOUR LIFE IN DANGER, and in fact Department of Homeland Security has just issued a warning, advising Law Enforcement that Illegal Aliens are using ATTACKS ON LAW ENFORCEMENT as a means of Gang Initiation. Do yourselves a favor...DEMAND PROPER ID, and approach suspected Illegal Aliens with your weapons drawn and at the ready.

On February 8, 2009, three undocumented Mexican nationals (ILLEGAL ALIENS) attempted to kill a Lexington County Sheriff's Deputy as he was responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle. The three opened fire on the Deputy's marked patrol car as he was approaching. The three shooters, ages 15, 18, and 20, are members of the Surenos (SUR-13) street gang. The adults have been charged with assault and battery with intent to kill. The 15-year-old is being prosecuted in family court for assault and battery with intent to kill. ICE detainers have been lodged on the adults. (But not the 15 year old Illegal Alien Shooter? WTF)


Interviews have determined that the 15-year-old was the shooter and this was a "gang initiation." The juvenile was suppose to "Kill a Cop" in order to get into the gang. Gangs (And Illegal Aliens) have long posed a threat to public safety and law enforcement but the threat is now increasing in scope. Never before have the ILLEGAL ALIEN street gangs in South Carolina actively targeted law enforcement officers for gang initiation.

Kenneth R. Burkhart
Resident Agent in Charge
Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Office of Investigations
1835 Assembly Street, Suite 358
Columbia, SC 29201
Office (803) 748-8932
Fax (803) 765-5437

Arthur K. Wynn, Jr.
Office of the Maryland Attorney General
Criminal Division-Gang Unit
200 Saint Paul Place
Baltimore, Maryland 21212
Cell: 443-602-4272