Saturday, February 7, 2009

Taliban Cuts Off Head of Hostage...Wants Their Own Prisoners Released

The Taliban heheaded a Polish Hostage and is refusing to release the body until some of their comrades are released...sounds FAIR ENOUGH...take the prisoners they want released into a room, CUT THEIR FUCKING HEADS OFF and send them to the Taliban...maybe then they will get a FUCKING CLUE? OH, OH, OH, let me guess, a lot of you will say this is not politically correct! Who cares, lets set aside the whole PC thing, and start busting some fucking heads. Trust me, you send a wagon load of headless Taliban back to the Taliban, you will shake them up, you will have their attention.

Taliban say behead Polish hostage in Pakistan

KOHAT, Pakistan, Feb. 7, 2009 (Reuters) — Taliban fighters beheaded a Polish hostage in Pakistan Saturday, according to a spokesman for the militants who said the body wouldn't be handed over until some captured Taliban were released. ... > full story

Communist and Chief?

So, Mr. Obama and his family are feeling a bit of cabin fever after two weeks in the White House, have decided to get onto Marine One and flit over to Camp David for the weekend because they feel CLOSED IN living in a 55,000 ssquare foot home on 15 acres of land in Washington, DC! What is wrong with this picture...meanwhile, Glenn Beck did a very good job of reminding us that Mr. Obama seems to be leading us down a bit of a side road towards socialism that could at any minute make a left hand turn onto Communist Avenue.


President Obama With Chief of Staff, Mr AssMunch
So, we have Mr. Green President taking a heliocopter ride to his plane to fly to Williamsburg to speak with Democrats for half of one hour before he flys back to the Whitehouse. This weekend we have Mr. Obama putting his family on same heliocopter to fly 45 minutes to use a SECOND HOME at his disposal for a night and a day. Upon return to Washington and the White House he will again take a heliocopter to his plane where he will fly to three different states next week, spending part of his time in a third house, his home in Chicago. Is this Mr. Obama's idea of sacrificing for a cleaner environment, his idea of learning to live greener...OH, did we forget to mention his TURNING THE HEAT UP in the Oval Office so he and his staff could wear short sleeves? Here is a CLUE Mr. FAKE GREEN not ask us as Americans to sacrifice, to turn down our thermostats, to drive less when you cannot curtail such egregiously NON GREEN ACTIVITIES for yourself and your family while living in the White House.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama's Scam of an Economic Recovery Advisory Board

Wading right into the fray, lets attack Barack Obama for his scam on the American Public in his so called Economic Recovery Advisory Board that is littered with an array of scum buckets who contributed greatly to the current disaster we find ourselves in the middle of! His Economic Recovery Advisory Board is a perfect example of POLITICS AS USUAL, the board a perfect example of people being placed on boards, put into positions of authority based on who they know, and the favors they are owed...the board does not have ONE AVERAGE AMERICAN CITIZEN ON IT, does not have one person on it that can speak for the average American citizen that is paying the price for corporate and Wall Street abuses that caused this Mr. Obama are so far proving you are a brown nosing ass kisser who is playing the same favor driven, back patting game of politics that Americans are SICK disgust me!

The Dog and Pony Committee

The President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board


Paul Volcker

Staff Director and Chief Economist
Austan Goolsbee

William H. Donaldson, Chairman, SEC (2003-2005) Why have this man serving on the recovery board? He and his staff allowed the largest ponzi scheme ($50 Billion dollars) to occur right under their noses while he and his staff looked the other way! As we saw in the Congressional Hearings, if this man had no clue that the $50 Billion dollar scam was taking place, he lived under a rock, and thus has no right to be sitting in a chair on this committee.

Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., President & CEO, TIAA-CREF Is Mr. Obama aware of the lousy job TIAA-CREF does in protecting the assets of their investors...they don't even provide advice to their clients, leave our nations teachers and professors to fend for themselves, then claim innocense when their various offerings turn out to be lemons.

Robert Wolf, Chairman & CEO, UBS Group Americas Curious here...didn't UBS get some bailout assistance curtesy of the American Tax Payer?

David F. Swensen, CIO, Yale University

Mark T. Gallogly, Founder & Managing Partner, Centerbridge Partners L.P. Corporate Raiders specializing in predatory take overs of trouble properties and about letting the foxes guard the hen house.

Penny Pritzker, Chairman & Founder, Pritzker Realty Group Talk about croonism and repaying favors...tell me Obama, what part did this woman play in your Presidential Campaign? Is this your idea of bringing CHANGE TO many other favors are you going to repay with PLUM ASSIGNMENTS?

Jeffrey R. Immelt, CEO, GE

John Doerr, Partner, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers Talk about INSIDER TRADING and questionable use of information...on the board of this company are such notables as both Al Gore and Colin Powell...tell us Mr. Obama, is it such a wise idea to give this speculative investor the inside track to sensitive economic recovery information, thus giving them even greater ability to use inside information to get even richer? Is this a round about way to repay the Clinton/Gore team for giving you such incredible access to their former staff in buidling your current one?

Jim Owens, Chairman and CEO, Caterpillar Inc.

Monica C. Lozano, Publisher & Chief Executive Officer, La Opinion How convenient you chose such little known association for Ms. Lozano...lets define a bit better her incredible WEB of connections as one of your hard hitters Mr. Obama...again, you show an incredible ability to play politics as usual, rewarding those who have gotten you where you are at, rather than putting people on this committee that could really help restore our economy to where it needs to be, people who can really understand the plight of the middleclass who are paying for the greed of people like these on your committee that actually CRASHED OUR ECONOMY!

Bank of America Corp. - director
California Health Care Foundation - director
ImpreMedia, LLC - SVP
La Opinion - publisher & CEO
Los Angeles World Affairs Council - director
SunAmerica Asset Management Corporation - trustee
University of California - regent
University of Southern California - trustee
Walt Disney Company - director
Weingart Foundation - director

Charles E. Phillips, Jr., President, Oracle Corporation All we need to say is H1 Visa and cheap scab labor...LOSER!

Anna Burger, Chair, Change to Win

You get the idea...Obama is not bringing change to Washington, DC but instead is doing business as usual, bringing in the UBER RICH To run rough shod over the masses, giving them the keys to the palace, letting them deside what crumbs from their own feasting table will be shared with us the huddled and broken masses.

Sarah Palin, No Class, But BIG BALLS

Sarah Palin in another example of the woman having NO CLASS, but balls the size of a bull elephant has written President Obama asking for his help in saving her pork barrel natural gas pipeline. Hopefully that letter ended up where it the shitter. Sorry Mx. Palin, but a bitch like you deserves NO SPECIAL FAVORS from the White House. If you want to prattle on at the unfairness of BLOGGERS LIKE ME constantly attacking a sweet little innocent Alaskan woman like yourself, knock yourself out.
February 6, 2009
Posted: 07:31 PM ET
In a letter to the president, the former vice presidential candidate urges Obama to discuss the construction of an Alaska natural gas pipeline when he sits down with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
In a letter to the president, the former vice presidential candidate urges Obama to discuss the construction of an Alaska natural gas pipeline when he sits down with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

(CNN) – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made a special appeal to President Obama Friday, asking him to keep her state in mind when he travels to Canada in two weeks.

In a letter to the president, the former vice presidential candidate urges Obama to discuss the construction of an Alaska natural gas pipeline when he sits down with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“Alaskans have appreciated your strong support for the construction of such a pipeline," Palin wrote. "This project is now moving forward, and I believe that a discussion between you and Prime Minister Harper would greatly facilitate the process now under way.”

The pipeline, currently in planning stages, could reportedly generate thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in revenue for the state. Obama expressed support for the project during the campaign.

Return From The Dead...

Greetings Readers:

Between my wife's surgical issues, her recovery, and my own attempts to give up cigarettes, was simply not up to keeping up with my various and assorted blogs for the past couple of months while I went through transition. Some quick personal updates:

1. Wife's surgery went well (she had all her female parts removed) and her recovery though long has gone well and she returned to work this past Monday.

2. On a related track, we got her six month post breast cancer surgery and radiation treatment report in December, and am pleased to announce she is cancer free.

3. In three short days (February 9th) both my wife and I will have been smoke free for FOUR MONTHS! Not out of the woods yet, but feeling pretty good here, and almost ready to say I am no longer a smoker...yes, still afraid of a relapse here.

Some quick remarks on the news...

Seems that the Great Pork Barrel Stimulus package is going to make it through the Senate...who cares, it will DO NOTHING for those of us in the middle class.

Americans on Main Street have lost 3.6 million jobs since the start of the recession we are in right put that in perspective, there are still over eight million illegal aliens unlawfully holding down jobs in our truobled economy...meanwhile, Obama was to grant these criminals AMNESTY!

Sarah WAH-WAH Palin has gone on record as hating we really give a flying rats ass what Sarah thinks about us?

Anyway, its good to be back, and look for a more rapid upload of my views on the news that matters in the coming days as weeks.