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OK, have sat here listening to the so called EXPERTS on CNN as they doled out their advice to people in UPSIDE DOWN MORTGAGES...what I came to realize, is these so called experts are spewing forth the SAME OLD GARBAGE, telling us we should keep trying to hang on, should keep making our payments and trying to protect our Credit Rating. They are ALL FULL OF SHIT. Look folks, we PLAYED BY THE RULES, and now Obama are counting on us to continue playing by the rules...I say the time has come to REBEL, time to throw away the rule books and TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.

The Economy is CRASHING, CASH IS KING! First steps...stop paying your mortgage. Wall Street and the Banks crashed the real estate industry, they put us in our upside down mortgages. So why should we keep paying out on a UPSIDE DOWN MORTGAGE, why should be stay in homes that ARE OVER PRICED for the GOOD OF THE NATION! SORRY, but start preparing yourselves to walk away....right now, renting is the way to go! It is a shoppers paradise, and it is unlikely we are going to recoup for at least TEN YEARS.

A) It makes no sense for you to keep paying an upside down mortgage for ten years when if yo walk away you can rebuild your credit in 3-7 years.

B) Making mortgage payments in an upside mortgage for ten years is throwing GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD, so unless President Obama and Congress are going to give us a THIRTY PERCENT WRITE DOWN, the time has come to prepare yourselves to WALK AWAY.

BURY CASH...then declare bankrupcy. This means you need to stop having direct deposit of your payroll checks, but instead get the paper check AND CASH IT. Sure the banking system will not like this, but the time has come for Average Americans to say ENOUGH ALREADY. We have been screwed by Wall Street, the banking industry and our government...we DO NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING! They either come to the negotiatiing table, and meet our demands, or we CRASH THE ENTIRE ECONOMY, CRASH THE GOVERNMENT AND START ALL OVER.


1. E verify is IMMEDIATELY implemented for all current and future employees.
2. All Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 Million Anchor Babies are deported.
3. Credit card interest is capped at 8.5 percent.
4. All citizens will be allowed to by pass the banks and get a FIRST HOME MORTGAGE from the government at 3.5 percent interest after income verification shows we can meet our financial obligations.
5. All refinanced mortgages will have a 30 percent write down.
6. 30,000 MILITARY TROOPS on southern border with Mexico, and strong INTERIOR ENFORCEMENT OF OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS as written.
7. All Federal Government Employee Retirements will be CUT BY 30 percent.
8. All IOU's to the Social Security Fund will be paid by making and across the board budget cut of the Military of 25 percent, and said budget will then be frozen until Social Security Fund can meet its obligations to 57 Million Boomers.

FACT...Main Street Americans in upside down mortgages number into the Millions...if we walk, we CRASH THE ECONOMY and our GOVERNMENT. The time of Corporate BAILOUTS is is time for a MAIN STREET BAILOUT, or a MAIN STREET WALK OUT...your call OBama...and another thing...FUCK YOUR HEALTH CARE REFORM WHICH IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MEANS TO GIVE 12-25 million ILLEGAL ALIENS HEALTH INSURANCE. As to all the 20 somethings without health insurance...DEAL WITH you think WE BOOMERS had health insurance at your age?

Sabrina Zimring's Pro Illegal Alien Prayer Story on WTVD

I'll give Sabrina Zimring half credit for her title seeing as she did use the word Illegal, but it is not Illegal Immigrant, it is ILLEGAL ALIEN. The 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens in this country are NOT immigrants, and the use of the word immigrant in referring to Illegal Aliens is a deliberate attempt to cloud the issue. Now, lets get to the PRAYER PART...come on, how dispicable can Illegal Aliens be? Trying to use GOD against God Fearing, out of work LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS ON MAIN STREET in their quest to force us into giving them AMNESTY.

Tell me Sabrina it fair in your story to play the sympathy card for Illegal Aliens, play the CHURCH PRAYER card for Illegal Aliens, while failing to point out that while eleven million LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS are out of work, cannot feed their families, seven million Illegal Aliens are still ILLEGALLY working? Where is at least ONE QUOTE from the other side of the coin?

A Durham church is hoping prayer will protect illegal immigrants living in Triangle communities. this church praying for the Main Street Americans who have had their JOBS STOLEN from these ILLEGAL ALIENS?

At a prayer vigil Wednesday night, immigrant families and church members talked about the need for immigration reform. They want a new federal law that would allow immigrants to stay in the country. First, LEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE WELCOME TO STAY IN AMERICA...Illegal Aliens ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS, are not welcome. They have violated at least four CRIMINAL STATUTES in being/working here, and have stolen jobs from LEGAL AMERICAN WORKERS who need to feed their families.

"Our (ILLEGAL ALIEN COMMUNITY) immigrant community is really living in a state of fear and chaos," Beth Brockman with the First Presbyterian Church said. "I'm here to pray for the protection of our (ILLEGAL ALIENs WHO HAVE STOLEN JOBS FROM AMERICAN WORKERS) immigrant brothers and sisters, I'm also here to pray for immigration reform(Wrong sighted AMNESTY)." Seven million Illegal Aliens are still working while eleven million LEGAL AMERICANS ON MAIN STREET are out of work. Who is praying for these American Families who have had their jobs stolen from Illegal Aliens...are these LEGAL AMERICAN FAMILIES not living in fear and chaos?

(Copyright ©2009 WTVD-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.) mmigration reform giving everyone equal opportunity to live and learn in this country.

Obama Stimulus Bill...White's NEED NOT APPLY

Somehow I missed a story in January that should still be burning down the house...the racist, exterminate the White Middle Class remarks of Obama's economic adviser Robert (Third)Reich and Congressman Rangel. Seems they want jobs created with the $781 Billion Stimulus Bill to be STEERED AWAY FROM WHITES and SKILLED WORKERS...yes, you read that right. IT gets worse...seems Rangel believes WHITEY in the Middle Class is so busy trying to keep his head above water, that we will never even notice politicians creating a formula that steers jobs to Blacks and Illegal Aliens...this might explain why E Verify is not being passed into law....GOD FORBIDE we put SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS out of work! Let's redistribute our wealth to the Illegal Aliens visiting us from Mexico, lets take care of OBama's own by making sure we keep WHITEY OUT OF CONSTRUCTION JOBS.

Part ofo the reason this story did not have legs is the timing of these RACIST REMARKS...we were all supposed to be BASKING in the Post Racial Glow of Obama's Inaguration as the First Black President of The United States of America...where is the United in a BLACK CONGRESSMAN wanting to create formula's that would CUT THE WHITE CONSTRUCTION WORKER out of 4 million jobs being created with the Stimulus? Where is the United when Obama keeps E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill to protect over seven million jobs WRONGFULLY HELD BY ILLEGAL ALIENS.

In his blog, (Third) Reich Writes:

The stimulus plan will create jobs repairing and upgrading the nation’s roads, bridges, ports, levees, water and sewage system, public-transit systems, electricity grid, and schools. And it will kick-start alternative, non-fossil based sources of energy (wind, solar, geothermal, and so on); new health-care information systems; and universal broadband Internet access.

It’s a two-fer: lots of new jobs, and investments in the nation’s future productivity.

But if there aren’t enough skilled professionals to do the jobs involving new technologies, the stimulus will just increase the wages of the professionals who already have the right skills rather than generate many new jobs in these fields. And if construction jobs go mainly to white males who already dominate the construction trades, many people who need jobs the most — women, minorities, and the poor and long-term unemployed — will be shut out.

Lets rewrite part of this for a moment.

"...and if construction jobs go mainly to the Illegal Aliens and Black Men who already dominate the construction trades, many white people who need jobs will be shut out."

Can you hear the howling from the NAACP, ACLU, La Raza and MALDEF if such a remark and suggestion were made...the Stimulus should be distributed out to the states in such a fashion that White's ARE FAVORED, the jobs are steered to WHITES! But it is OK for (Third) Reich to suggest that a racist formula steering jobs to Blacks, Illegal Aliens and minorities IS ALL RIGHT BY HIM (and Rangel).

Is this the CHANGE Obama envisions, is this the America of HIS DREAMS...if it is, count me out.

Turns Out Judge John Wulle is a Racist, Bigoted FUCK TURD

WOW...amazing what one finds out when you go GOOGLING...sure everyone still remembers the RANTING JUDGE going toe to toe with an unruly defendant before sentencing, his contrite apology seen on CNN where he explains HE JUST LOST IT. Lots of folks raced to his rescue, showed sympathy when he explained to the camera that, "the defendants actions were the worst I had seen in 12 years on the bench."

That's ODD JUDGE JOHN WULLE...don't you LISTEN TO YOURSELF? You said on the news report that you felt/feel you deserve some respect by virtue of your position as a judge. On your web page you claim your participation in some civil rights marches as part of your time at VISTA give you an insight into poverty that allows you to give all people appearing in your court the RESPECT THEY DESERVE...REALLY? Surely as someone that has received a CENSURE (the worse punishment a judge can face short of being removed from the bench)for "demeaning, offensive and shocking" behavior at a training conference, didn't you bother reading some of your OWN RACIST STATEMENTS?


1. Is it true that you flipped someone the bird when you were asked to lower your voice?

2. Is it true that you referred to the Clark County's group facilitator as "the black gay guy" while attending a conference in Los Angeles?

3. Isn't it true Mr. Wulle, that when the Clark County group completed one of the assignments at this conference, and the facilitator awarded you a Silver Star, you quipped, "I don't need a star, I am not a jew."

Isn't it also TRUE John Wulle, that your behavior was so egregious that your censure requires you to take seven hours of racial, religious, sexual-orientation and diversity training.

Now folks, this is WHERE THE ENTIRE Judiciary loses my respect, and should lose yours...just like the Blue Wall of Silence Police have, judges have their own Black Cloak of Protection they wrap around their protect Judge Wulle, to stop short of DISBARRING THIS RACIST FUCK TURD, "The commission said Wulle's conduct "appears to have been an aberration" and that witnesses do not think Wulle is racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic."

Black Gay man, I don't need a star, I am not a Jew....SURE, NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY RACIST in those two remarks! By the way, I do not CONDONE CRIME, feel the Attempted Murder deserves TIME IN PRISON...that said, a judge is DUTY BOUND to make the sentence fit the crime...does 120 years for Attempted Murder fit, or is this racist bigoted judge simply bitch slapping someone that did not give him the respect he feels he IS ENTITLED TO? Lastly, where are the Civil Rights group on this case, where is the NAACP and the ACLU? Leaving this man on the bench IS THE CRIME. In case you have not guessed John Wulle, I have decided that NO ONE APPEARING BEFORE YOU OR WORKING FOR YOU SHOULD GIVE YOU AN OUNCE OF the world a favor and resign from the bench, go find a dark, deep hole to crawl into where you can fester in your own hate.

Clark County Superior Court Judge John Wulle has been censured for "demeaning, offensive and shocking" behavior at a training conference...

The (Vancouver, Wash.) Columbian

Clark County Superior Court Judge John Wulle has been censured for "demeaning, offensive and shocking" behavior at a training conference last year.

Wulle, 57, appeared before the state Commission on Judicial Conduct on Friday in SeaTac.

The judge and seven other people from Clark County, including a deputy prosecuting attorney, a juvenile probation officer and a defense attorney, attended "Planning Your Juvenile Drug Court," July 24 to 28, 2006, in Los Angeles.

According to a nine-page document posted on the commission's Web site, Wulle used profanity, made an obscene gesture in response to a request to lower his voice, and referred to Clark County's group facilitator as "the black gay guy" while at the Los Angeles event. Also, after the facilitator said, "Clark County gets a star" for finishing an assignment, Wulle said, "I don't need a star. I'm not a Jew."

Several witnesses said Wulle smelled of alcohol, according to the censure order.

"[Wulle] denies consuming alcohol at any time during the conference," the order reads. "He recalls suffering from a cold and taking cough syrup, and suggests the odor from the cough syrup may have been misconstrued as an odor of alcohol."

For sanctions, Wulle must take 10 hours of judicial-ethics courses and obtain a drug and alcohol evaluation. If a counselor recommends treatment, then the counselor must submit progress reports to the commission every six months.

Wulle must also take seven hours of racial, religious, sexual-orientation and diversity training.

A censure is the most severe disciplinary action the commission issues, short of asking the state Supreme Court to suspend or remove a judge. Wulle is the first Clark County Superior Court judge to be censured, and only the second local Superior Court judge to be disciplined.

In 1995 a judge was "admonished," the lowest form of discipline, for providing written testimony on behalf of a friend in a child-visitation case in another county. Judges are not supposed to give such opinions without a subpoena.

Wulle said Friday he will use the incident as a learning experience.

"It was never my intent to offend anyone, and I apologize to anyone who was offended," he said.

When Wulle first responded to the allegations in February, he denied impropriety. He wrote to the commission that he has learned "that I cannot step out of my role as a judge even when I'm 2,000 miles away."

But Wulle was sent to the conference in the first place because of his role, the commission noted.

"Because of the special position judges hold in society — as standard bearers of fairness and impartiality — a judge's conduct of personal behavior must, at all times, be above reproach," the commission wrote.

"[Wulle's] actions not only reflected poorly on himself, but also on his fellow team members, his court, Clark County and the state of Washington," the commission wrote. "[Wulle's] inappropriate behavior significantly undermined the team's respect for him. Witnesses at the conference variously described his actions as embarrassing, demeaning, offensive and shocking. Several team members discussed [Wulle's] problematic behavior with their colleagues and supervisors — further eroding public regard for him and the judiciary."

The commission said Wulle's conduct "appears to have been an aberration" and that witnesses do not think Wulle is racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic.

Wulle's reputation is "generally that of a thoughtful jurist," the commission wrote.

But the commission said it censured Wulle, as opposed to a less-severe sanction, partly because of his attitude.

Wulle has demonstrated a lack of personal insight, had never apologized and, when confronted by witnesses or other judges who heard about his behavior, has been "dismissive" of their concerns, the commission wrote.

Wulle, a former assistant attorney general, was appointed by Clark County commissioners to the District Court bench in 1997.

In 2000, he was elected to an open seat on the Superior Court bench. He will be up for re-election next year.

Clark County did start a juvenile drug court this year, but after presiding Superior Court Judge Robert Harris learned about Wulle's behavior at the conference he reassigned the project to Judge James Rulli.

Harris was out of town Friday, but Judge Barbara Johnson, the second-most senior member of the bench, said the censure order is taken seriously.

"We hope that the appropriate steps are taken to learn from it and move on," she said.

Did Mortgages To Illegal Aliens in Six States Crash American Economy...New Study Indicates That Reality

Sure that La Raza and MALDEF will want to cry foul, but what if the Crisis we have right now in America was CAUSED BY Illegal Aliens BUYING HOMES in just a few of our states? Mortgages given to Illegal Aliens, or their families here in America burning the American Economy to the ground....and in the mean time, while 11 Million LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS are out of a job, their hopes and dreams quickly fading away, Senator Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Barack OBama are doing everything in their power to Protect ILLEGAL ALIENS until they can convince Congress to give them an undeserved AMNESTY. Here is and IDEA OBama....E VERIFY!

Well over 50 percent of the home foreclosures in 2008 occurred in 35 counties located in just a few locations/quadrants of America. 35 Counties, 12 states, and 1.5 MILLION many of those foreclosures are on loans associated with Illegal Aliens, and are we as Main Street Americans going to stand by while Barack Obama bails out Illegal Aliens and those banks that wrongfully GAVE THEM MORTGAGES? We deserve ANSWERS, and we must demand CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIONS...while those investigations are going on, lets get all Illegal Alien Criminals OUT OF OUR JOB MARKET by insisting Congress vote in favor of attaching Senator Session's E Verify amendment to the Omnibus Budget Bill, and leave Barack OBama with NO CHOICE but to sign it into law. Examples of MAJOR DEFAULT AREAS include:

California...HEAVY Latino/Illegal Alien/Immigrant Population...heavy foreclosures....especially in Southern California (LA to San Diego).

Florida...Again, a state with a HEAVY population of Illegal Aliens.

Illegal Aliens are not known for moving into upwardly mobile middle class neighborhoods, but instead are found infesting economically distressed areas where housing is cheaper, and police presense that is there is already over burdened, leaving little time to worry about Illegal Alien Criminals and their unlawful enterprises. So it is no surprise to find out that some of the largest areas for foreclosures are in significantly DISTRESSED COUNTIES around Detroit, Cleveland, Phoenix and Los Vegas as examples where we know large numbers of Illegal Aliens are hidden out. It is estimated that Arizona has around 600,000 Illegal Aliens, a large number of them living in and around many of the foreclosures in this area have their roots traced directly or indirectly too illegal aliens? How many loans to Illegal Aliens did AIG insure, and is this why the FED is hiding their SECRETS?

In over 650 counties nation wide, foreclosures from 2006 through 2008 ACTUALLY DECREASED why these Illegal Alien HOT BED AREAS roiled in foreclosures. REalty Trac's numbers are impressive, but there is need to go to the next logical area of research...what SEGMENT of American Society caused the Nationwide Real Estate crash? If it turns out that it was illegal alien criminals who are not even legally allowed to be in America, AMNESTY should NEVER BE ON THE TABLE! Further, we as a nation must take immediate steps to remove this scourge rom our neighborhoods as we RESTORE ORDER from the CHAOS they have created.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Attention New York Anti Illegal Forces...Boycott Opportunity This Sunday March 8th at 2PM (Immigration Rights PANTIE PARTY...SERIOUSLY!)

Calling all Anti Illegal Alien Forces in the vacinity of New York City...grab your favorite news reporter, a few of your friends and plan to BOYCOTT the Immigration Rights Revival "Operation Panty" event at the Highline Ballroom! If you live in the New York area and are an Unemployed American you need to BOYCOTT THIS EVENT....there are literally tens if not hundreds of Illegal Alien Criminals working at jobs that should be yours in New York as a direct result of Mayor Bloomberg's Safe Harbor, Pro Business Cheap Wage policies.

Immigration Rights Revival!March 8th, 2pm! This Sunday we celebrate the New Americans of NYC at the Highline Ballroom. On Saturday we will tour immigrant detention centers in the region, accompanied by New American rights advocates who are organizing to eliminate these centers and make immigration enforcement transparent.

Operation Panty! YOU can help women who are being detained by bringing gift women's underwear to our Highline Ballroom revival and organizers from OPERATION PANTY will get them to the women being denied this basic necessity.

Nine Shopocalyptic Songs and the Rev's Fulminations at the Highline Ballroom

Sunday, March 8th 2:00pm At the Highline Ballroom. All Ages. Lunch and Spirits Served. Hear the Choir's new song, Fabulous Bad Weather!

431 West 16th Street
New York NY 10011
Between 9th and 10th Ave

Take the A,C,E or the L Train to 8th Ave and 14th Street
Click here for tickets or call (212) 414-5994
Get on the Free Admission list when you become a fan of our Facebook page! First come first served...

Forums, blogs, music, video and more at

Amigos, El Reverendo Billy y El Coro de Gospel "La Vida Despues de Comprar" les complace invitarlos a nuestro concierto en El Highline Ballroom el 8 de Marzo un show dedicado a los inmigrantes y a los trabajadores en las comunidades que luchan por sus derechos!

Tenemos un número de billetes gratuitos disponibles para los inmigrantes, sus familias y defensores, por favor email o llámenos 347-693-8857

El Reverendo Billy y El Coro de Gospel "La Vida Despues de Comprar"

431 OESTE CALLE 16 (entre 9 y 10 de la avenida)

SHOW: 2:00 PM

Tory Johnson Lies On Larry King Live? Can You Trust A Liar As a Job Coach?

At first BLUSH, Tory Johnson seems to be SUPER WOMAN, a modern day female dynamo that has figured out how to HAVE IT ALL, balancing a successful career, raising kids, running a happy family and home with her husband. She is found of Women For Hire which organizes women only events/job fairs (nothing SEXIST there now is there?). She's a contributor on ABC's Good Morning America, and hosts her own show called Home Work...can we say loaded as in she is making a truck load of money! In addition to all this, she also (FOR A LARGE FEE) does speaking engagements on College Campuses, at Fortune 500 companies, and AT PRESTIGIOUS EVENTS.

We are talking a very intelligent, articulate BUSINESS SAVY person, someone that knows the ins and outs of Corporate American, has a handle on the Smoke Filled Rooms going ons that have SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS WORKING while over eleven million Americans are out of work.

Now to Larry King's show tonight, and his Where Are The Job's show! A caller asked if dealing with Illegal Aliens in the work force would help put some American workers back too work...Larry King tossed the question to Tory. You could tell by her first reaction that SHE DID NOT WANT THIS what did she do? She lied, gave a almost, do not think dealing with illegals would help American Workers!

Anyway you look at it, she is LYING. If you deal with Illegal Aliens by voting in favor of Senator Jeff Sessions Amendment to the Omnibus Spenging Bill which would activate E Verify IMMEDIATELY for a period of five years (funded), a minimum of FOUR MILLION AMERICANS would get jobs when the dust settles, and a bright intelligent women as plugged into American Business as Tory is would know this. So was she lying because she did not want to PUT THIS FACT OUT TO AMERICA ON LARRY KING?

Maybe instead, this very well educated and informed business woman who has her finger on the pulse of American Employment issues knows that the National Chamber of Commerce and the supporters of Illegal Aliens want to tie the passage of E Verify to a AMNESTY BILL (Comprehensive Immigration Reform) so that those seven million Illegal Aliens GET TO KEEP THEIR JOBS, and Corporate American can keep paying CHEAP WAGES for a little while longer. For those doubting this fact, I point you to the fact that President Obama said he wanted E Verify taken out of the stimulus bill as too many illegal aliens would lose their jobs before he and Congress can grant them Amnesty if it was put into the Stimulus...As Paul Harvey would say, "and now for the rest of the story".

What Obama did not tell you, is leaving E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill lets seven million illegal aliens to keep their jobs, and will allow 300,000 additional illegal aliens to get STIMULUS JOBS! Oh...did I mention President Obama wants to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform (AMNESTY) before his Socialist Comprehensive Health Care Reform is passed so that we out of work Main STreet Americans can pay the bill for giving Health Care to 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens! Now if I know all this as just a dumb 53 year old non degreed unwashed and unemployed member of the Main Street masses, don't you think that Tory Johnson, self proclaimed GODDESS of JOB knows this? Why did she LIE? Could it be she does not want the 11 Million out of work Main Street Americans to know this DIRTY TRUTH?

Now, if she agree that Tory Johnson deliberately lied on Larry King, ask yourself, can you trust a liar to be your job coach? If she did not know all this, do you want her to be your job coach when a dumb old man like myself has more knowlede about where the jobs are going than she does?


Dear Larry King:

Tory Johnson LIED to your caller that asked the question, "Would dealing with the illegal aliens help unemployment". She looked uncomfortable, then said she did not think it would help...she LIED, and she knows it.

12.5 Million Americans have lost their jobs. Meanwhile, because Congress has not funded and made into law E Verify (Senator Reid tried again today to kill Senator Sessions Amendment to the Omnibus Budget Bill which would have enacted E VErify for a period of five years).

E Verify would ALMOST INSTANTLY put all 7 million Illegal Aliens out of work, and American Citizens would get rehired, thus lowering our unemployment. Tory knows this, and President OBama knows this.

President Obama asked the Senate to leave E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill because its inclusion would cause too many illegal aliens to lose their jobs before Congress could grant them Amnesty.

With Amnesty these illegal Aliens get to keep the jobs they have stolen from Americans...which is why groups like La Raza and MALDEF are trying to tie E Verify being law to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.

You owe it to your caller Larry to share this truth on tonights show. If you do not share this truth, I will have it out on the internet by 10:00 PM when your show is over.

Tory Johnson Founder/CEO / About Us / Home - Women For Hire
Career-savvy expert Tory Johnson is the founder and CEO of Women For Hire, which is the only producer of high caliber recruiting events for women. ...

Tory Johnson's Biography She KNEW BETTER!

Career-savvy expert Tory Johnson is the founder and CEO of Women For Hire, which is the only producer of high caliber recruiting events for women. Johnson is the Workplace Contributor on ABC’s Good Morning America, where she reaches millions of viewers on a wide range of job-related issues and challenges. She is the anchor of Home Work on ABC News Now, the digital channel.

In addition to her television and online segments, Johnson writes columns for and Yahoo! HotJobs and Shine among others

She is a frequent speaker to audiences nationwide, ranging from college campuses and Fortune 500 companies to prestigious conferences, where she shares strategies and solutions for finding success and satisfaction at work.

Glamour magazine dubbed Johnson the "raise fairy godmother" because of her expertise in advising a panel of women on how to successfully ask for—and secure—salary increases.

Johnson's fourth career book, Will Work From Home: Earn Cash Without the Commute was published in 2008 and became an instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Johnson serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors for Emerson College. She is a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization. She was inducted into the YWCA's prestigious Class of 2002 Academy of Women Achievers, which recognizes the outstanding achievements of women in business.

Johnson is a mentor to dozens of women throughout the country, providing one-on-one guidance on both career advancement and entrepreneurship. In addition to her high profile work with people displaced in the Gulf states because of Hurricane Katrina, she is an active volunteer for many community-based organizations focusing on women’s issues and education.

Johnson founded Women For Hire after serving in corporate communications positions at ABC News, NBC News and Nickelodeon. She lives in New York City with her husband and children.

Judge John Wully, GET A CLUE....You ARE NOT Deserving Of Respect

Judge Wulle, you really need to get a CLUE. I am not defending Mr. Hasting's outburst in the court, nor am I upset with you for your own outburst...I am upset at your STUPIDITY, at your naive and/or egotistical belief that your position of authority as a Judge somehow entitles you to a certain level of respect. There was a time when that would have been true, a time when Judges, Police Officers, even politicians here in America were INSTANTLY afforded a level of respect, the respect their position of authority entitled them to. Those days rightfully are LONG GONE, and you and others like you have no one to blame but yourselves.

As a Judge, sure you will profess to anyone willing to listen that we are a nation of laws, and that you are duty bound to uphold those laws. Sorry Mr. Wulle, but we are NOT A NATION OF LAWS, nor a nation of justice, and far too often assholes like you don't really UPHOLD THE LAW NOW DO YOU? Care too discuss Illegal Immigration, or maybe White Color Crime sentences verse prison sentences for the poor black man caught dealing drugs on a street corner. Justice? Hurricane Katrina Mother Fucker!

I had a cop come to my house last year...I'd reported something with the house next to mine (that happens to have Illegal Aliens in it). I stood there while THREE Illegal Aliens ADMITTED TO THIS OFFICER THAT THEY WERE IN AMERICAN ILLEGALLY, DID NOT HAVE VALID IDENTIFICATIONS. We both know none of them were arrested on the spot. Now tell me, if THEY CAN BREAK THE LAW and Police Officers don't do a GOD DAMN THING, why should I obey them, listen to them, or respect them? Here is a clue...I don't respect them any more, in fact with each passing day, with each new story about ILLEGAL ALIENS GETTING OVER my hatred grows. Did you know that SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS STILL HAVE JOBS IN AMERICA, meanwhile they just showed a tent city out in Sacramento where a couple of hundred OUT OF WORK AMERICANS ARE LIVING BECAUSE THEY LOST THEIR JOBS!

Like I said, FUCK THE COPS, FUCK THE LAWS, FUCK JUDGES THAT THINK THEY ARE ENTITLED to some degree of respect because they are judges. You want some respect there Mr. Wulle....EARN IT. Start putting your efforts into repairing the tarnished image of your profession...people HATE LAWYERS, distrust judges, and tolerate law enforcement only because they have the ability to put more guns on the scene than the average citizen can....sorry, but that is the truth. Our government's refusal to deal harshly with Illegal Aliens, our government, judges and law enforcements refusal to ENFORCE OUR LAWS has America on the verge on Anarchy, and if you do not realize that sir, you are too stupid to be sitting on the bench.

President Calderon's Puta Mexicana Again Trying To Kill E Verify

Senator Sessions is trying to put millions of Americans back to work over night by getting E Verify into the OmniBus Budget Bill, having it funding and mandatory for a period of five years. Meanwhile, Calderon's personal taint sniffer, the Presidente's personal Puta Mexicana Senator Reid is lying to his constituents, while at the same time trying to put a death grip On E Verify. Over ELEVEN MILLION AMERICANS are out of work while SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS CONTINUE TO HAVE JOBS IN OUR ECONOMY...even worse, over one million of these jobs for Illegal Alien Criminals are being paid for with our taxes! I am asking every AMERICAN to contact their Senators, and demand they not close discussion on the President's PORK LADEN Budget Bill until E Verify is firmly written into said Bill, and funded for a period of FIVE YEARS! As for your Senator Reid, you are a despicable treasonous viper, and we can only hope your dour, sour Pro Illegal Alien beliefs earn you an eternity in HELL!

To some of you that are upset about my turning up the heat on ILLEGAL ALIENS...get over it. We have ELEVEN MILLION AMERICANS OUT OF WORK, THEIR CHILDREN GOING HUNGRY! We take care of our own!

Harry Reid lies to his constituents…

Sen. Harry Reid claimed in a March 2nd letter to constituents that he supports the E-Verify system, here:

But when the “stimulus” was being debated, Reid prevented any discussion of including the House-passed provision requiring use of the E-Verify system by contractors receiving stimulus money, which would have helped prevent illegals from getting these taxpayer-subsidized jobs.

In conference, he and Speaker Pelosi stripped out the House’s E-Verify provision. On Thursday, Reid stymied Sen. McConnell’s attempt to bring up an amendment to the FY-09 spending bill that would reauthorize E-Verify for 5 years.

So Reid lied to his constiuents, and has violated his oath of office yet again.

CAlling Out CNN...Ask The Question, "Why With 8.1 Percent Unemployment Do Over Seven Million Illegal Aliens Still Have Jobs?"

CNN, you are GUILTY of participating in a Main Street American are not the only ones, but I watch your news cast far more frequently than I do FOX, ABC or other network stations. All day you have been asking, and then supposedly showing us where all the jobs are with your fancy graphs, but you are REFUSING TO ASK THE QUESTION. "If we have a national unemployment rate of 8.1 percent, if over 11 Million Legal Americans are out of work, why is it that our Government is allowing over seven million illegal alien criminals to keep their jobs?"

E Verify is over 99 percent effective...why isn't it being fully funded and implemented? Where is massive ICE Enforcement at work places? Perhaps most importantly, why are the American Press, our government and our elected officials all participating in this MASSIVE MAIN STREET AMERICAN WORKER GENOCIDE? We here on Main Street and you CNN know where the jobs are...what happens to the Unemployment Rate if we FIRE ALL THOSE SCAB LABORERS, THOSE ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL SCUM AND DEPORT THEM BACK TO THEIR HOME your RACE CHARGE...this is a law and order issue, this is an US OR THEM issue, and your silence in asking the REAL QUESTION speaks volumes. Why should Illegal Alien Criminals KEEP THEIR JOBS?


Waving At China's President Hu and His Netizen Police

Gee...China's NET THUGS must quietly be watching my blog...suppose President Hu is unhappy with my protectionist Buy American positions, or is it the Free Tibet beliefs I have that see me getting SPECIAL ATTENTION? Just a few little tidbits tracked down from taking a look at the footprints found in my visitor logs.

Decapitated College Students Enjoying Spring Break In Mexico

Is Spring Break In Mexico WORTH IT?

Watching CNN, and they are ringing the alarm, informing College Students that traveling to Mexico for Spring Break could see them getting DECAPITATED! Hello Americans...STAY OUT OF MEXICO, visit your own American Beaches instead! Spring Break in say Key West will allow you to get that tan without losing your head!

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Justice Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has taken the unusual step of urging college students to avoid parts of northern Mexico during spring break.

The bureau's Los Angeles field division said Monday that it discourages travel to Tijuana and Rosarito Beach, noting that both cities just south of San Diego have witnessed a lot of drug-fueled violence. Rosarito has long been a mecca for Southern California students on spring break.

The warning goes a step further than one issued by the State Department last month advising travelers to Mexico to avoid areas of prostitution and drug-dealing and to take other commonsense precautions.

The ATF is responsible for preventing arms smuggling into Mexico.

As Unemployment Hit's 8.1 Percent, Over 7 Million Illegal Aliens Still Working Illegally In America

The unemployment report is out, and it is UGLY...our national Unemployment Rate is now over EIGHT PERCENT, some 4.3 Million LEGAL AMERICANS and/or Legal Immigrants have lost their jobs since the start of this Second Great Depression. So why isn't President Obama taking immediately steps to GET ILLEGAL ALIENS OUT OF THE AMERICAN WORK FORCE. Two easy steps to put Illegal Aliens out of work would be:

1. Instant enactment of E verify, and make it a mandatory participation program for all employers. Further, make it mandatory that all current and future employees be verified through E Verify.

2. Increased Work Place and Neighborhood Raids by ICE, Border Patrol, FBI, and all law enforcement agencies with the specific intent of TARGETING AND DEPORTING LARGE NUMBERS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Deportation of 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens would lower property taxes in many areas where home owners are being forced to pick up the tab to educate over 4.5 million children of illegal aliens. Deportation of America's Illegal Aliens would put upwards of SEVEN MILLION LEGAL AMERICANS BACK TO WORK.

WAKE UP MAIN is US OR THEM, and right now over seven million of them (Illegal Aliens) are working because you have been MEEK LITTLE LAMBS marching to your own slaughter. What is it going to be? Are you fine losing your home, are you fine with your children STARVING? ARE YOU FINE MOVING YOUR FAMILY INTO THE FAMILY MINI VAN? We can force Obama to take the necessary steps to DEPORT THESE VERMIN that are stealing food from the mouths of YOUR CHILDREN, but only if you become vocal, only if you let Washington DC know your RAGE.

Visit the White House web site, click on the contact button and give President Socialist Scum a piece of your mind...tell him you want Illegal Alien scum treated like the criminals that they are. Tell them you are no longer willing to tolerate government allowing illegal aliens to STEAL JOBS THAT RIGHTFULLY BELOW TO AMERICAN CITIZENS.

You are further encouraged to form Neighborhood Illegal Alien Watch Groups. The time has come to locate, identify and report ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS to the proper authorities, to demand that your local police take action. Find out where these Illegal Aliens live, work and play. Use video and digital cameras to record these findings, put your information out on the world wide web. Film your efforts to notify local police departments...if they will not take action, EMBARRASS THEM INTO TAKE ACTION...but their refusals on You Tube. Landlords renting to illegal aliens...go check the county records, get the home address of the landlord and go picket in front of his home, in front of his business. When these landlords are exposed publicly to their friends and neighbors, they often times will have a change of heart about renting to these criminals.

THEM OR US...If you are unemployed, are you willing to stand on a Bread Line so that SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS CAN WORK? If not, START TAKING ACTION NOW...Join the THEM OR US MOVEMENT.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mexican Vacation...College Students, Is Spring Break In Mexico Worth Getting KILLED FOR?

Cancun, Mexico

Mexico's President and his CROONIES want the AMERICAN DOLLARS that 100,000 college students will bring to Mexico over Spring Break...question is, is a BEACH VACATION in MEXICO worth DYING FOR AS warring drug cartels participate in a Civil War? Running gun fights are the norms IN ALL MEXICAN COMMUNITIES, Kidnapping of Americans a COMMON PRACTICE, and last year over 7,000 people were gunned down, including AMERICAN CITIZENS. Listen to the State Department, heed the warning and go beaching at American Resorts...not only will you be safer, but it is PATRIOTIC TO BUY AND VACATION AMERICAN!

Over 100,000 American teenagers and young adults travel to resort areas throughout Mexico over Spring Break each year and too many of them RETURN HOME IN CASKETS.

Vacation Choices: Murderous Mexico or Beautiful Barbados?

Safe, beautiful Barbados

Safe, beautiful Barbados

Mexico Has More Kidnappings Than Iraq or Columbia!

Welcome to Cancun, Mexico - where last week eleven tortured, then decapitated bodies were found in a tourist area. That’s not even counting the four decapitated bodies found in Tijuana earlier this week.

The country’s highest police official was murdered in May and the drug wars have claimed over 2.700 dead this year alone.

So take that Cancun vacation if you want…

… or, you might want to book a nice little hotel in Barbados where you will find that the hotel security staff are not issued machine guns like in Mexico.

Your choice, Mr. and Mrs. American or Canadian tourist…

Will that be murderous Mexico… Drug war terror spreads in Mexico as bodies are dumped in tourist areas

or beautiful, friendly Barbados… Barbados: The best of the West Indies

Stopping Obama's Socialist Health Care Plan

To be perfectly honest, Obama's threats DO NOT SCARE ME, nor should they scare other Americans and members of Congress. There is a very good reason why Obama wants to force his Socialist Health Care Plan through before the end of the year...failure to get said legislation through by the end f the year DOOMS Comprehensive Health Care Reform. So, lets have a bit of a ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK here.

1. Obama promised us that EVERYONE would have a seat at the table, and instead what we saw today, was SPECIAL INTEREST LOBBYIST had a place at the Health Care Summit today.

2. We as Americans have a right to DEMAND a seat at the table...Obama cannot have hearings for SOME AMERICAN CITIZENS, and not hold Hearings for ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. HE has already committed to hearings, went so far as to announce some locations where public input hearings will be held.

So, what can we do...first, contact your member of Congress, demand that they hold at least THREE HEARINGS in their home district before the bill is written. This will allow us to have our RIGHTFUL input in the process. Assure your rights in this means by also writing a letter to your elected officials in Washington DEMANDING HEALTH CARE REDRESS...if enough Americans demand redress, both the House and Senate will have no choice but to open up legislative investigations...this one reality alone would eliminate ANY CHANCE of Obama's Socialist Health Care Agenda moving forward in 2009...2010 IS AN ELECTION YEAR FOR EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS...they will not touch Health Care or Immigration Reform. If we cannot get what we want (especially us 75 Million Boomers), then manipulating the system for MAXIMUM DELAY is our best option...never under estimate the power of a Monkey Wrench thrown into the machinations of government.

There must be NO FORWARD MOVEMENT on Health Care Reform until some HIGHER PRIORITY ISSUES are resolved for the LEGAL AMERICAN WORKER.

1. E Verify is FULLY FUNDED and made mandatory for every employer in America...further, employers will be required to use E Verify for all CURRENT AND FUTURE hires, not just future hires. This singular act will force over seven million illegal aliens OUT OF OUR AMERICAN JOB MARKET.

2. Significant Immigration Enforcement Action at both work sites, and in neighborhoods that involve EVERY LEVEL OF LAW ENFORCEMENT. We have the ability to deport 98 percent of the Illegal Aliens infesting our American Society...we just need our government to take their noses of the ASSES of Corporate America and do their jobs.

3. By Presidential Executive Order, ALL FEDERAL FUNDING to safe haven/harbor communities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and New York will be terminated until such time as those cities change their local policies and begin fully cooperating with the Federal Government in identifying, finding, apprehending and deporting ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS.

4. Congress passes, and the president signs into law an Illegal Alien Bounty law that pay American Citizens and off duty law enforcement officers a bounty for the apprehension of Illegal Aliens who are successfully deported from America. This singular Illegal Alien Bounty Law will contribute greatly to Illegal Aliens making the decision to SELF DEPORT themselves.

5. Congress passes a law that denies services of any kind (this would include food stamps, emergency room medical care, PEL, TAP as examples) to Illegal Aliens and their Anchor Babies...said law would also resolve the loop hole that grants children of criminal illegal aliens INSTANT CITIZENSHIP because their parent (s) raced to an American Hospital to spit out another baby on American Soil so that they could get their grasp around an ANCHOR towards eventual citizenship.

6. Congresses passes a law making it a felony to hire, aid or abet illegal aliens in staying in America, in working in America with a mandatory minimum prison term of 36 months.

7. Congress eliminates ALL FUNDING for such groups as the Catholic Church, La Raza, and MALDEF, ACLU for programs that provide any kind of services to Illegal Aliens and/or those that support them.

8. Congress passes and funds, and the president signs into law the Southern Border Enforcement Initiative which would triple fence in the entire 2200 mile border with Mexico, add additional points of CONTROLLED ENTRY along the border, and add 25,000 new enforcement officers to the Border Patrol and ICE.

9. Congress passes a Moratorium on ALL IMMIGRATION for a period of ten years.

These nine steps all introduced and passed together shall become known as the Main Street Americans Equal Rights Restoration Package. Once these steps have been taken to dispose of the Illegal Alien problem, once Americans have been restored to the jobs that were wrongfully restored to them, and once our Southern Border with Mexico has been fully secured, then and only then should Main Street America allow Obama to bring Health Care Reform to the table for discussion. We have the power to TAKE HEALTH CARE REFORM OFF THE TABLE, and if Obama and the Congress refuse to work with us, we must take the necessary steps to protect our rights, our benefits, our JOB MARKET, and our nation. The time has come to bitch slap President Obama and his staff, show them that their BRAND OF CHANGE IS NOT WHAT WE VOTED FOR.

Obama Health Care Plan is Boomer Genocide

Calling ALL BOOMERS...when Obama says tough choices need to be made, he is talking about the 75 million Boomers who he and his henchmen have targeted as the group who will pay the price, will suffer in the name of a better tomorrow, in the name of his great Socialist Experiment.
It began with an article published on Bloomberg titled, “Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan” by Betsy McCaughey. McCaughey says the plan could be used to ration care to the elderly, putting government, not doctors, in charge of what care will be delivered.

Obama is planning a Great Boomer Holocaust, the first steps of which can be found in his Heath Care Reform Plan which amounts to Boomer Genocide, a deliberate planned early death for the 75 Million Americans who have paid more taxes to our government at all levels than any generation that has come before us, and maybe more than any generation that will follow in our footsteps. In the name of a better, greener tomorrow President Obama has decided Boomers must die sooner than later, have their health services rationed and limited so that those coming up behind them can live healthier happier lives for generations to come. Obama has decided we are expendable in his plans for a new race of well educated, healthy, young, green citizens of tomorrow.

Obama cannot grant Amnesty to 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens, cannot give every American health care, cannot save Social Security for the generations yet to come without visiting great suffering and early death to the 75 Million Boomers who, in his mind, have become a National Liability. His plan is as devious as it is demonic, his public presentation of it following the same slow path used by Hitler when he convinced most Jews to quietly accept their own fate, falsely believing that the German nation, its people would come to their senses, would wake up and come to their aid. Obama wants to slowly take away what is rightfully ours, slowly nibble away at our rights, our health care services, and finally our Social Security Benefits which he intends to brutally slash in the name of Saving the System for our children's children, for 25 million illegal aliens and their children's children...we the Boomers must die sad, broken and alone in the name of a brighter tomorrow, we are the chosen ones selected as America's sacrificial lambs destined to live under Obama's Altar of Socialist Reform.

Overly dramatic...inflammatory? Can hear Obama and his cult like followers screaming HERETIC already, men in black Prius being dispatched too follow the every move of the dissident American. Boomer Genocide...the man is I?

Barack Obama is talking about RATIONED HEALTH CARE, and when you look at his plan, many of us Boomers are being asked to accept a level of Health Care Coverage that would provide us only comfort care, instead of the extraordinary efforts we have now that are aimed at saving our lives, keeping us alive. GEE, sorry there Mr and Mrs Boomer, but you are old and gray, you just don't qualify for that liver transplant, especially now that you are a non productive member of our Great Green America. You can though go over to LINE D, stand in line for ten months and we can get you into a pain management program if you are still alive. Sorry, but that medicine is VERY EXPENSIVE Mr. Boomer and is not a part of the state provided level of care that you are entitled to, so unless you have $2500 a month, guess you are out of is a card for the Funeral Home, perhaps you should start making arrangements now, I hear they have a really good price on CREMATIONS...Auschwitz any one?

The dictionary defines Genocide as the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. There is no doubt that the 75 million Boomers are both a political and a cultural group. When our government systematically takes steps that steal away our jobs (Amnesty for Illegal Aliens which in turn floods our job market with an excess of workers, thus driving down wages, and making it more difficult for older Americans [BOOMERS] to find work, diminishes our social welfare (rationed health care that limits quality of care, limits care for the elderly)and steals away our ability to live a quality life as Senior Citizens by decimating our Social Security benefits that WE HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR, you have what can only be called a Boomer Genocide, a deliberate Holocaust visited upon America's elderly, a systematic plan meant to visit early death and destruction on a particular segment of the society, the American Baby Boomers...Obama is doing this, because he knows he can get away with, knows he can convince the youth it is IN THEIR BEST INTEREST to abandon, even shun those that paved the way for their generation. Listen to Obama...he does not speak about taking adequate care of US BOOMERS, but instead says things like, "We cannot saddle our children with this debt", or "we must deal with health care now for our children's sake". The pavement stones are being laid whereby American Society can guiltlessly allow millions of Boomers to die in the name of forward progress.

Obama intends on PUSHING HEATH CARE THROUGH in a matter of months. He intends on following that up with a White House attack on our Social Security Benefits...wake up Boomers, this is a fight we must WIN...A socialistic, Canadian style Health Care program sentences every one of us to an early death, shortens our life span, positions each of us to become victims of Obama's Great Socialist Experiment, will defacto make us the target of a Boomer Genocide. Our heath safety net weaken, our monthly social security checks CUT IN HALF, we will slowly be herded into storage facilities (Old Age Communities and nursing home) to die, elephants sent to ancient burial grounds to wait their turn to die where upon they will be burned in the great crematoriums in the name of Obama's future vision. The time has come for the Boomers, all 75 Million of us to raise up our voices, exercise our political muscle in stopping the insanity of one out of control Harvard Law School Graduate suffering from a God Complex.

Send Obama A White House Pork Basket

Obama has his staff, and key members of Congress out enmasse trying to convince us that the budget HE IS ABOUT TO PUT HIS NAME TO is left over from the Bush Administration, and it is therefore OK for it to be laden down with over 8,000 EARMARKS, or as it is affectionately known, the bill is Laden with Pork.

Taxpayers for Common Sense, a watchdog group, identified almost 8,600 earmarks totaling $7.7 billion; Democrats say the number is $3.8 billion.

Either way, it is far more than Obama promised as a candidate. He refused earmarks for the economic stimulus package he championed and a children’s health bill.

He similarly pledged to reject tailored budget requests that let lawmakers send money to their home states. [Administration budget chief Peter] Orszag said Obama would move ahead and overlook the time-tested tradition that lets officials divert millions at a time to pet projects.

“We want to make sure that earmarks are reduced and they’re also transparent. We’re going to work with the Congress on a set of reforms to achieve those,” said Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Well, we are encouraging ALL AMERICANS to make a statement by going online to Steaks of St. Louis and sending President Obama a White House Pork Basket...maybe if a few million of us send him some pork chops he will get a clue and VETO this Pork Laden Budget!

You can order Pork Chops here! BONELESS NO LESS, which is appropriate since Obama seems to be either spineless, or a liar.

Everything you love about pork chops, without the hassle of a Earmark! These delectable chops are perfect for President Barack Obama's belt tightening Wednesday night gatherings, his grilling, or for his overly large kitchen staff to broil in these belt tightening times. For melt in your mouth pork barrel goodness, you can have these chops delivered right to the White House, try an order of Steaks of St. Louis boneless pork chops today!

*NOTE-Steaks of St. Louis had no knowledge of this post, and I am not associated with their company...I just love great steaks, and having been born in St. Louis, they seemed like a good choice for a potential blogger created Stimulus as my Pork For the President protest gathers steam. Another option (which this blog just used) to send and order of "Pork To The President" is Ranger's Gourmet out of Kansas which carries the best Presidential Pork you can find from Berkshire Meats.

Send Pork Chops To:

President Barack Obama
White House
1600 Pensylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Phone Numbers
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461

Obama's Heath Care Summit-Boomer Genocide, Health Care Holocaust

Dear Mr. Obama:

I have two key questions in regard to your Health Care summit, and a couple of minor ones.

1. Would your Universal Health Care plan provide coverage for the 12-25 million illegal aliens currently in America?

2. Would these same Illegal Aliens get coverage through a backdoor should you go ahead with your wrong sighted plan to give criminal illegal aliens AMNESTY?

Of less importance, but deserving of an HONEST ANSWER...something you and your administration seem incapable of giving.

3. Is it true that your plan for Universal Health Care coverage will actually greatly LIMIT AND RATION health care for the 75 million Boomers getting ready to retire? Further, doesn't this rationing of Health Care amount to government sanctioned Boomer Genocide?

4. Is it true that those of us who do have coverage will lose many of our policy benefits, including speficially our prescription drug plans?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wanted For White House Duty...PIG FARMERS

Let's make this CLEAN AND QUICK....where are some pig farmers with a few thousand pigs? They can be piglets! Surely some creative farmers can hook up with some Independent Truckers and drop off to OBama 8000 plus for each PIECE OF PORK in the Budget that President OBama is about to sign. Imagine the You Tube video as 8000 swine invade the White House lawn, perhaps piss all over the new swing set...swine for a SWINE. Speaking of the swingset...did the Obama family buy that swingset? If so great, but if it is A) an earmark, or B) paid for by a Lobbyist in the form of a DONATION, think said swing set needs to BE RETURNED from wherever it came.

Obama Calls For END To Era of Fiscal Irresponsibility As He Prepares To Sign Budge With Almost 9000 EARMARKS

Your Daughters, Malia and Sasha Must Be DISGUSTED With Their Daddy, THE LIAR AND CHIEF?
Obama put his Jimmy Carter like peanut farmer smile in front of the cameras again today as he called for an "end to the era of irresponsible spending." This is LAUGHABLE in light of the budget he is about to sign that has HOW MANY EARMARKS Mr. Obama? Here is a clue there Mr. Obama....get out a SHARPIE (if you cannot afford one, I can see clear to purchase one for you) and start DRAWING LINES through those earmarks we as taxpayers cannot could start with those hundreds of millions FOR YOUR CHIEF OF STAFF! Sure you could add a SIGNING STATEMENT That would DEFEND about $9 Billion worth of Earmarks. Your signature GOES ON THIS BUDGET, IT IS YOURS...KEEP YOUR PROMISE, or you are THE LIAR AND CHIEF.

For those that will want to CALL ME A RACIST for the peanut farmer comment...I would suggest you go look at some of the political cartoons from the days when Jimmy Carter was president, and compare the TOOTHY SMILES to those Obama is being made famous for. I'd also suggest that Obama STOP TRYING TO BE LINCOLN, and perhaps emulate some of the humility that was President Jimmy Carter's trademark.

In closing this article, curious there Mr. President how your personal BELT TIGHTENING is going? You know, that leading by example...for instance, do hope that we TAXPAYERS did not pay for that new swingset that showed up, and JUST HOW MUST IS TONIGHT's White House gathering costing us taxpayers?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Apparently the Black Community is so thrilled to have a Black President that they are willing to stick their heads in the sand, play the part of the three monkeys (no racial insult intended) who hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil when it comes to their black President Obama. The Latino Community right now is a one issue Unicycle, and they only care about pushing through AMNESTY for 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens before Main Street Americans wake up from our stupor and tell GOVERNMENT, AMNESTY OVER OUR COLD DEAD BODIES. With over seven million illegal aliens working in our Economy while over 11 million LEGAL AMERICANS ARE OUT OF WORK, you would think Main Street would have woke up yesterday, would already be busing people to Washington to demand real change in the form of ENFORCEMENT. Getting distracted...Obama is an insensitive moron that is showing us with each passing day that he has no's example...telling Americans that Stocks just might be getting to a point where they are ATTRACTIVE AGAIN....FUCK YOU OBAMA....your policies have cost us 25 percent of what we had left in our 401K's when you took office and you want to tell us:

"On the other hand, what you're now seeing is profit and earning ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you've got a longterm perspective on it." Did you get that line from Madoff?

Hello Mr. Harvard LAW SCHOOL GRADUATE...what do you suggest we purchase those stocks with even if you are, Wall Street and Congress BANKRUPTED the entire Middle Class! You personally President Obama could have put FOUR MILLION AMERICANS BACK TO WORK by making E Verify the law...instead, you stated that E Verify should not be put into the Stimulus Bill because it would put too many ILLEGAL ALIENS OUT OF WORK before you and Congress could grant them AMNESTY... said AMNESTY letting them keep those jobs they have stolen. Tell me Mr. Obama...what is your justification for allowing 7 million illegal alien criminals to keep working while 11 Million Americans are OUT OF WORK, struggling to feed our families, feed our children? You Sir are acting like some cold hearted, cruel, evil SOCIALIST DICTATOR!

Your White House Health Care Summit, the overhaul of Health Care...TELL US BEFORE THE SUMMIT THAT SAID REFORM WILL NOT BE EXTENDED TO ILLEGAL ALIENS Mr. President, and before you try to do a slight of hand trick...tell us in the SAME SENTENCE that Illegal Aliens will not be entitled to ANY HEALTH COVERAGE in the Comprehensive Overhaul, and FURTHER, there will be NO PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP for ILLEGAL ALIENS, NO AMNESTY for the 12-25 Million illegal aliens INFESTING OUR NATION.

Yes, I AM ANGRY, and like it or not, I am representative of a seething ANGER that is about ready to EXPLODE here in America...FUCK THE GOD DAMN ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS, and FUCK YOUR AMNESTY AGENDA Mr. President...and to all you Lily white liberal do gooders with your heads up your ass that are aghast that I would speak to the President of the United States this way...UP YOURS YOU IDIOTS. American CHILDREN ARE STARVING, AMERICAN FAMILIES ARE LOSING EVERYTHING, and you people want to give AMNESTY TO CRIMINALS! American Tax Payers are being forced to underwrite LOAN REFINANCING for over TWO MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS so that their homes will not be foreclosed on...I got a better idea...deport the families, and bulldoze down the foreclosed homes, turn the land into community PARKS! Call it equal for the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS our Government has WRONGFULLY GIVEN the banking industry and Wall Street! Let AIG FAIL!...what you fail to tell the American people Mr. President is you do not want AIG to fail because of the number of FOREIGN INVESTMENTS and STRUCTURES THEY INSURE...FUCK THOSE FOREIGN INVESTORS!

You finish off your day of ANAL RHETORIC Mr. President telling us that a World Economy is the answer...FUCK Mr. Brown, and FUCK YOU! World Economy is just another way for you and people like Mr. Brown to say they WANT AMERICA TO BAIL OUT THE WORLD....FUCK THE WORLD, FUCK THE WTO, FUCK THE WORLD BANK, and while we are on the subject Mr. Obama, FUCK TWO TRILLION DOLLARS FOR THE NUCLEAR is not green and it is not safe!

A World Economy has all BUT DESTROYED AMERICA...send the ILLEGAL ALIENS PACKING, put 50,000 troops on our Southern Border with Mexico, and if Calderon does not like it, we can always invade...Mexicans might be better off if Mexico were our 51st state anyway! Tell China effective IMMEDIATELY that there is a 200 percent TARIFF ON ALL CHINESE GOODS, and tell Iraq we are pulling our troops out EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY...what, you think I do not follow the news, keep up with just how close Iraq is too IRAN...fine, let them suck up to Iran, BRING OUR TROOPS HOME.

Do America a favor Mr. Obama...resign EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY...take your wife, your children and head back to Chicago...sure the book deals and speaking engagements that will be there for you will see you never wanting for anything. America will be MUCH BETTER OFF WITH YOU AND YOUR SOCIALIST AGENDA a distant BAD MEMORY. In parting....your policies Mr. President, your desire to grant Amnesty to illegal aliens through so called earned citizenship, your allowing seven million illegal aliens too keep working when Americans are out of work, your refusal to instantly fund and activate E Verify, your refusal TO INCREASE WORK PLACE ENFORCEMENT is BRINGING ABOUT CLASS WARFARE LIKE THE WORLD HAS NEVER not kid yourself Mr. President, it is US OR THEM, and there are MILLIONS OF AMERICANS that are not going to there JOBS and THEIR DREAMS over to illegal aliens, not going to see their own children starve because an illegal alien is allowed to keep a job that belongs to an American without a FIGHT...that is not a threat, that is just a observation from a man a lot closer to the Blue Collar workers of the Heartland than you ever thought about being.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Attention Baby Boomers...Obama is RAPING YOU

I could say the same thing about Main Street Workers, America's Middle Class, and Legal Citizens, but with 75 Million Baby Boomers watching as Obama DESTROYS OUR RETIREMENTS, sentences us to Old Age SLAVE CAMPS, the title and group it is calling to action seems appropriate. Let there be NO DOUBT...when Obama says there needs to be some hard decisions made, when he says there is going to be some pain, he is talking about RAPING 75 Million of us that are known as BOOMERS. Leave no doubt, the stripping away of the American Middle Class assets, the collapse of both the Stock Market (thus our retirement funds) and the Real Estate Market has been a deliberate attack on 75 Million Boomers, a Federal Government Plan that needs to come to an end...stealing away 75 Million Boomer's ability to retire cannot be allowed to happen, we should not be forced to work until we are 72 (Obama's yet to be announced plan to help save Social Security). Half crazed idiocy you say? Is it? Lets consider some facts.

1. Republican and Democrat alike have for DECADES stolen from the Social Security that the time has come for us Boomers to retire, to collect on our markers, they do not want to pay the piper.

2. Boomers played by the rules, we took advantage of the 401K/pension plans, invested trillions into the Stock Market...problem was, in a grand PONCE scheme, companies and our government suddenly realized that 75 Million Boomers approaching retirement HELD ALL OF America's ASSETS...what too do...CRASH THE STOCK MARKET, CRASH THE REAL ESTATE MARKET, FINANCIALLY RUIN 75 MILLION BOOMERS LEAVING THEM BROKE AND DESTITUTE.

Simply stated, our government and Corporate America backed themselves into a escape, they had to figure out a way to keep 75 Million Boomers working, while at the same time stripping them of almost ALL THEIR ASSETS. Problem is, there were other forces at work, and some unexpected consequences of their actions. In a perfect storm, Government never counted on Wall Street's GREED, nor did they count on two million Illegal Aliens (maybe more) buying homes when all those teaser rates were dangled in front of consumers. Further, do not think the Government planned on 11 Million Americans losing their jobs BEFORE they had implemented their devious plan to grant AMNESTY to 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 Million Anchor Babies. After all, how do you let SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS KEEP WORKING when 11 Million Americans are out of work?

In a perfect storm Obama wants us to believe we have no choice BUT TO TAKE OUR LUMPS in the name of future generations...he is lying to us, and we do have some choices, some of them potentially disruptive in nature, but we are in a fight for our lives, and for our Golden Years.

1. With the money laid out in the form of Bailouts to Wall Street, we could have paid off NINETY PERCENT of the first mortgages in American...100 percent if we would have disqualified Illegal Aliens.

2. With what we will continue spending leaving 50,000 troops in Iraq, sending more troops to Afghanistan, we could SAVE SOCIAL Security for Boomers while moving those in their 20's into a quasi private retirement plan coupled with a smaller Social Security nest egg. Bring home all Middle Eastern troops, and let that area of the world fend for themselves while American cuts Military Expenditures by 40 percent.

3. We could stop the mortgage crisis by making mortgages directly to American families at four percent interest...this has not been done because our Government knows America will not tolerate home mortgages paid for our with our taxes going too Illegal Aliens. Further, they would prefer us borrowing from banks so banks make a profit LENDING US MONEY they got from us via taxes.

So what too do?

1. Implement E Verify IMMEDIATELY...this will INSTANTLY put over 4 million Illegal Aliens out of work, and re-employ LEGAL AMERICAN FAMILIES. Soon thereafter the other three plus million will follow.

2. Verify that all business owners using Federal ID numbers to operate businesses are actually LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS. Confiscate the assets of all illegal aliens operating businesses.

3. Begin massive ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS against the Illegal Alien population here in America. Yes, I am talking MASSIVE DEPORTATIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS, and their children...sorry, but the time has come TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN.

A) Deporting all Illegal Aliens would put over seven million Americans back
to work in our AMERICAN ECONOMY.
B) Deporting all Illegal Aliens and their Anchor Babies would cut the number
of UNINSURED in our nation by over half...this reality would allow us to put off
Comprehensive Health Care Reform...a LUXURY we simply cannot afford right now.
C) Deportation of all Illegal Aliens and their offspring would allow us to
offer OUR AMERICAN CHILDREN a higher quality education than they are now getting
because of the overcrowding caused by Illegal Aliens and their off spring.

4. End all BAILOUTS to corporations and banks...let AIG fail! We cannot afford to wipe out the investments of our is NOT FAIR. The TRILLIONS in debt that Obama and the Democrats are racking up can no longer be continue. It is too much debt for our children, and his actions have driven ALL FAITH out of the Stock Market, creating a COLLAPSE FAR WORSE THAN THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

5. Reduce and CAP Credit Card interest at eight percent...the says of LOAN SHARKING must come to an end.

Face it OBAMA, your great Social Experiment, your attempt at REPARATIONS for Blacks in the name of Social Equity is not going to happen. In one month as President you have all but guaranteed a World Wide Great Depression as you attempt to use fear (Like Bush) and a Bully Pulpit to CLAIM YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO FORCE ALL AMERICANS TO SUBMIT to your AGENDA that is dooming us all to failure.

BOOMERS, how much of your LIFE SAVINGS have Presidents Bush and OBama cheated you out of? BOOMERS, how much of your home equity has been stolen from you through dishonesty on Wall Street, and a government owned by their lobbyist? The time has come to STAND UP and say ENOUGH. Obama, SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU IGNORANT ASS HOLE. Your SOCIALIST AGENDA IS FAILING...every MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT out of your White House HAS TANKED THE one month, you have cost us BOOMERS 25 percent of the value WE STILL HAD LEFT IN OUR ACCOUNTS. YOU SIR ARE A SCUM without a clue. I do not care if Reverend Al Sharpton and your black community take offense at what I am about to say. Your EGO drove you to run for President TOO SOON, made you run for office before you were ready, and now your inexperience is RUINING A NATION...with all due respect Mr. Obama, you need to go take a seat in the back of the TEA OBAMA bus and let more experienced politicians try to SAVE US FROM WHAT YOU HAVE WROUGHT IN BARELY OVER ONE MONTH AS PRESIDENT.

For those who want to label me a upset and angry Right Wing Limbaugh Republican, I voted for Obama, voted a straight Democratic Ticket. When I voted for CHANGE, did not vote for a President that would drive me into Abject Poverty, Did not vote for a President that would IGNORE E Verify on the basis it would put to many Illegal Aliens out of work, and did not vote for a President that wants me to spend my Golden Years as a slave trying disparately to repay my far share of the debt he is wanting to run up with his SOCIALIST AGENDA. Lastly, WHERE IS AARP in bringing millions of OUTRAGED AMERICANS TO WASHINGTON to DEMAND REAL CHANGE....change that sees SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS REMOVED FROM THEIR JOBS SO THAT LEGAL AMERICANS WORK. Change that stops BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES FROM RAPING 75 Million BOOMERS. CHANGE That sees our GOVERNMENT REPAYING THE SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM so that those same 75 Million BOOMERS do not spend their Golden Years standing on food lines! Rush Limbaugh wants you to fail Mr. President, which shows you JUST HOW IGNORANT HE have already failed ALL ON YOUR OWN.

Chinese Bidder Should be Arrested, Relics Destroyed

The more I read about Cai Mingchao's FRAUD against Christies Auction House, the more I am convinced that extradinary actions, including KIDNAPPING should be used to bring the man to justice. He has perpetuated a DELIBERATE FRAUD to the tune of almost $40 Million dollars, and the Chinese Government clear up through President Hu were in on the scam...death would not be a wrong punishment for this man. Short of that, Christie's should give China 30 days to pay for the Relics, and if the funds are not forth coming, said Historical Relics should be destroyed, forged into two DONKEYS. Cai Mingchao has brought GREAT SHAME TO CHINA, and China's citizens embracing his CRIMINAL ACTIONS make them as a nation lower than rat turds on a rice cracker.

Chinese Bidder of Looted Sculptures Refuses to Pay, With Netizens’ Reactions and Photos

Image description

Last week, two bronze heads formerly located at the Old Summer Palace (Yuanmingyuan) were sold at a Christie’s auction in Paris. Though the auction came under much heat, with many Chinese contending that the bronzes were stolen property, the controversy was thought to have come to a close with a final bid by anonymous telephone callers.

cai mingchaoIn the latest twist to the bronzes saga, bidder Cai Mingchao (蔡铭超), a collection advisor of National Treasure Funds of China, has come forward to state that he has no intention of paying for the bronze heads. From Xinhua:

“What I want to stress is that this money cannot be paid,” Cai said at the press conference.

An unnamed officer with NTFC said Cai successfully registered as an individual bidder on the day of the auction at Christie’s because of his good reputation. Usually, bidders are required to register several days before an auction.

“Every Chinese would have liked to do like this at that moment, and I’m honored to have the chance to make the bid,” he said.

[...]“The fund faces great pressure and risks by bidding for the two sculptures, but this is an extraordinary method taken in an extraordinary situation, which successfully stopped the auction,” Niu [deputy director to the fund] said.

Cai Mingchao (L). Photo from

Cai Mingchao (L). Photo from

The bronze heads (L: rabbit, R: rat). Photo from

The bronze heads (L: rabbit, R: rat). Photo from

Some comments from


Sofa [Internet slang for "first poster"]? I really thought someone had paid too much money and that it wasn’t worth it since it was originally ours!


He didn’t pay any money! Very smart!


I support this. This man’s no fool!


Chinese people ought to be like this!!! Totally support!!!


He should pay the penalty for this breach of contact!!!


The result is that French people have been hoodwinked by Chinese! Together, we bamboozled them!!!


If he didn’t pay for it, won’t it be hard to get the bronzes?
没付款东西拿到了难道 ?


Of course he’s not going to get them now. But he placed a bid on them, decided not to pay, and now only has to pay a little penalty fine. This sort of thing happens a lot, so much so that it’ll cause the price of the bronze heads to inflate. And bubbles, once they overexpand, naturally burst …


I felt that foreigners shouldn’t be allowed to take away things like that. Now, Chinese people have money and some of them can buy very expensive things. I support my rich countrymen who express their patriotism like this; us poor people can only use our mouths to express our patriotism.


Hey, they’re still not back. We need to think of a way to bring them back.


If you participated in this act, that’s tantamount to denying the legality of selling the bronzes.

But even if you participated, you have qualify your approval.

You’re not paying the for the sculptures, but you’re still paying the penalty fine.

A few million in penalty fines for this person isn’t a small thing, is it?

Doing this may have come out of a sincere heart, but I think that this action should have been accompanied by some careful forethought.
你不参与这个活动 就等于中国人不承认这个活动的合法性

既然你参与了 就说明你认可了

你不付钱 但是你要付违约金


做这个事情出于好心 但是我觉得在做之前还可以再斟酌一下

Cai Mingchao, in his own words, in this news video (Chinese):

For initial reactions to the sale of the bronzes, see chinaSMACK for more.

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