Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cindy McCain John's Point Guard For Arizona Earmarks?

I am just a simple man living in a simple house, and living a simple life...that being said, something occurred to me this evening. One of John McCain's BIG CLAIMS TO FAME is that he has NEVER asked for an earmark for his own homestate...what if he doesn't have to? What if his wife, who owns one of the largest companies in Arizona, owns one of the largest Budweiser Beer Distributorships in America does his asking for him? What if all along, the earmarks he has wanted for his own voters have simply been gotten THROUGH BACK CHANNELS? Surely with his wife's own connections, she has the ability to be his earmarks point quard, his GO TO WOMAN as it were? After all, doesn't she owe him a great deal of gratitude for using his connections to get her felony drug charges to dissappear?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Cindy McCain, the "Bud Beer heiress" with a "little pill" problem that appears to have resurfaced recently.

"Daddy Mac" made that problem "go away" just like he hopes Ms. Sarah's "little problem" up-north will "go away" now that his fancy "east coast" Lawyers are on the case!

Anonymous said...

palin is not a pitbull with lipstick the blocking of the alaska trooper investigation shows her as dick cheney with lipstick