Friday, September 19, 2008

Palin Crumbling Like Paper Tiger

Even when interviewed by UBER Republican Right Winger Sean Hannity Sarah Palin could not cut the mustard, seemed like a deer in headlights incapable of giving a well reasoned articulate answer. I had to laugh when she suggested using John McCain's own words, his own stupidity to attack him was out of place! In short, she can saber rattle, threaten Iran, but don't let any one attack her or her running mate, the doddering John McSame...poor Meghan McCain, her career as a budding blogger is about to come crumbing down. Not that it matters, the little chubette has a platinum spoon up her ass as one of the hier apparent of her mother's fortune.

With each passing day, with each new scandal surrounding her Palin is fading, and fading fast! If, as she claims, she is so innocent in the Trooper Gate scandal, why is she refusing to let ANY ONE on her staff, her husband and herself testify on the issue, why not cooperate? After all, if she were as innocent as she claims, why HIDE, why not speak your truth. Let the First Dude testify! Sadly, we see who wears the pants in Palin's family, and I find myself wondering if she is nothing ore than another chick with a dick.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the attacks keep it coming,Sara. P.S See you in Washington!