Friday, September 19, 2008

Where Is OUR Middleclass BAILOUT?

For starters, McCain's rhetoric this week has been disgusting inadequate. The foundations of our economy are stable...who does he think he is kidding? He was against bailouts before he was before them! Today, he wants to plant Obama squarely in the center of Washington corruption? Funny, until recently McCain was not the Maverick, not the man of change, but the MAN OF EXPERIENCE, some 26 years of inside the Beltway experience, leading the Commerce Committee for seven of those years, the man urging Washington to stay out of the regulation business, let the free market rein. The man is a two face, say anything liar that was do anything, say anything to put him and his elitist wife in the White House.

Now today, we are being told that our government is going to stablize the National Economy with a UBER RICH BAILOUT of Wall Street, is going to take on all those bad mortgages, and make the ultra rich and their corporations whole. OK, where is our Middle Class buyout, and where are the steps to STOP OUR BLEEDING?

Using myself as an example, I've lost the $100,000 I had in my home equity not because I did anything wrong, not because I made bad financial decisions, but because the banking industry, people on Wall Street lent a but load of people who were HIGH RISK. Those people bought homes in my neighborhood that are now in foreclosure...eventually, the government will put those houses on the market at BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES, further eroding the value of my home, thus making it worth less than what I even paid for it. Where is my bailout?

Americans have lost over 600,000 jobs this year alone. Our wages are either stagnant or depressed. Let's be honest here...our stagnant and depressed wages are a direct result of Illegal Aliens in the job market, are a direct result of SPECIAL INTEREST LOBBYIST out to keep our wages depressed by seeking Amnesty for these illegal aliens, and in doing so guaranteeing themselves a cheap source of American Labor, assuring themselves the ability to reduce employee benefits like Health Insurance. Shame on the National Chamber of Commerce, shame on our elected officials in Washington, DC who have REFUSED to deal with criminals that our stealing our jobs, depressing our wages by over 250 Billion dollars a year, while sending another $200 Billion in American assets out of the country in the name of remittances back to their home countries.

If there is going to be a bailout, where is our bailout, where is comprehensive Immigration Reform that treams illegal aliens as the criminals that they are? Where is comprehensive Immigration Reform that demands a mandatory prison sentence for ANY ONE, ANY COMPANY employing an illegal alien. Where is the comprehensive immigration reform that DEPORTS ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS, and THEIR ANCHOR BABIES?

Stop the bleeding...fine, let's bring our troops home and stop the $100 Billion dollar a month (PLUS INTEREST) drain on our American Economy.

Bailout...where as a part of this bailout new rules that CAP CREDIT CARD INTEREST AT FIFTEEN PERCENT?

BAILOUT...where as a part of this bailout is the home protection during bankrupcy that is afforded to the UBER RICH on their 2, 3, 4 or in McCain's case ninth home?

Sorry, but I'd rather see us slide into another Great Depression than see private corporate debt absored by the government, and paid for with our taxes, especially if there is no bailout for US, the average Middle Class Americans!

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