Monday, September 15, 2008

If McCain Does Not Want To Own Republican Party Record, He Should Have Run as Independent

John McCain wants to run as the reformer, wants to denouce the Republican Record, while running as a Republican with 26 years in Washington, DC...what's wrong with this picture? Sorry McSame, but if you want to run as a Republican, you OWN THE RECORD. If you wanted to distance yourself from it, perhaps you should have chosen Joe LIEberman as your VP and the two of you could have run as independents.

In other news concerning the Republican Robber Barons, if Sarah Palin is everything that John McCain and his handlers want us to believe she is, why not let her FACE THE PRESS in a fully opened press conference...let's get real, going on three weeks now, and the cunt has not even taken a question from the voters, let alone and unbised unvetted member of the press...what is she, and the Republican Party afraid of?

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