Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OMGawd! McCain's Panties In Knot...Palin's Emails Have Been Hacked!

Talk about an UGLY PINK OUTFIT!
Oh My GAWD...just in on CNN...Sarah Palin's email has been hacked, and McCain's campaign is PISSED OFF. In fact, they already have the Secret Service and the FBI conducting a DRAGNET investigation to find teh CULPRIT. Well, here is a clue...I did a 5 second internet search and came up with what someone perports to be Sarah Palin's email address, and that of one of her political croonies.

Now I am sure someone with far more knowledge than this simple blogger could verify these email addresses, even look at materials generated from them. What is the BIG DEAL...UNLESS...does Sarah Palin have something to hide? Such as her REAL INVOLVEMENTS in TROOPERGATE? By the way, if that really is Sarah Palin's email address, maybe news reporters could send their questions there! Might not get any answers, but it couldn't hurt!