Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Illegal Alien SMACKDOWN--California Appelate Court Says NO To Giving Illegals In State Tuition

In a MAJOR DEFEAT for illegal aliens and their supporters, the California Appelate Courts have rightfully reinstated a lawsuit that seeks to make California Colleges and Universities stop giving instate tuition to illegal aliens while at the same time making out of state (but legal US citizens) pay out of state tuition! It's ABOUT TIME! California needs to turn the names and addresses of the 17,000 Illegal Aliens recieving in state tuition over to ICE so they can begin DEPORTATION preceedings against these criminals.

FACT...in a year when American citizens have lost over 600,000 jobs, another one million illegal aliens have come to America, and worse, some 12 million illegal aliens hold jobs that rightfully BELONG TO AMERICANS.

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