Friday, September 19, 2008

Is So Called Victory In Iraq Worth Destroying America Over?

To listen to John McCain, we are winning in Iraq...SO WHAT? At what cost to America and its citizens back home? We are caught in a MEAT GRINDER in the Middle East. We are bringing our troops from the surge home...for what? To send them over to Afghanistan to die fighting on a different front in the same failed war while things heat back up in Iraq? We were winning the war in Afghanistan, then we took our eyes off the ball and sent our fine fighting troops into Iraq where over 4,000 soldiers have died, and tens of thousands more have been maimed for life. We are being told the surge is working, and that we are reducing the number of troops in Iraq, bringing them home, but they are NOT STAYING HOME. Further, lets not forget the price tag just in REAL TIME DOLLARS...the actual cost of the war including retooling, and the medical, disability costs over the next 20 years runs well over $10 trillion dollars, and is growing each day as we finance the war on credit.

Bring the troops home, put them on our Southern Border with Mexico, use them to forciably deport those here illegally. It's time we start rebuilding our own nation, restoring our nation to its former glory, rather than wasting our wealth and our honor in the desert sands of an unappreciative nation in the Middle East.

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