Monday, September 15, 2008

What Americans Want To Hear This Presidential Election

So, both McSame and Obama want our votes, both of them promising us the moon and stars if we put them in office. Well, as an average middle class White Man, here is some of what I want to know is going to happen if one of these two men is chosen president.

1. I want to know that K Street is going to be CLOSED DOWN, and BOARDED UP. Make lobbying congress on behalf of corporations a felony punishable by DEATH.

2. With the crash and burning of American's key lenders, such as Fannie Mae, with our government stepping in to bail them out, it is time to take the middle man out of home is only fair since our taxes are paying for the bailout. Let Americans get our mortgages DIRECTLY FROM OUR GOVERNMENT at the same interest rates that banks have been getting...cut out the PROFIT TAKERS.

3. FUCK ILLEGAL ALIENS and their supporters (National Chamber of Commerce and the Catholic Church). We want and executive order that A) builds the fence, B) puts armed military soldiers ON THE BORDER with orders to shoot, and C) authorizes mass raids on work places, and immediate deportation of all illegals that have stolen our jobs, and lowered our wages.

4. Repay the money WRONGFULLY borrowed/stolen from our Social Security Fund.

5. Stop NATION BUILDING in Iraq, and bring our troops home for NATION SAVING operations, such as securing our borders, and rounding up illegal aliens. Victory in Iraq is worthless if we DESTROY AMERICA in trying to win it.

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