Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin on Lobbying and Conflicts of Interests

So, Sarah Palin wants to be vice president of the United States of America...well, this blogger wants to make a few points, and ask her a few questions.

First Sarah Palin, you claim you are a reformer, want to STOP earmarks, are against special interest lobbying for them. If my homework is correct, you hired a Jack Abramoff acolite to lobby on your town's behalf while you were major, and further, you yourself as mayor made a YEARLY LOBBYING trip to Washington, DC where you would lobby for your own pet projects. Based on these facts, how can you honestly state to the American people that you are against lobbying and earmarks?

Let's move said one of your jobs as Vice President would include being in charge of energy security. In light of Dick Cheney's intimate relationship with certain oil and energy companies, I am leary of your being in charge of our nation's energy security. Again, if my own sources are correct, you as governor of Alaska want to drill on the North Slope. Further, sources tell me your husband works on the North Slope, and more importantly works for BP. Don't you see just a wee bit of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST existing here in light of your stands as Governor? In fact, when you were running for Governor, hadn't your First Dick...I mean first dude stated to the press that he would quit his job with BP should you get elected? last keep portraying yourself as one of us, just a good old small town girl with down home values. How much is your and your husbands net worth, and can you explain how it is that a couple with five kids HAS NO DEBT IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN YOUR MORTGAGE?


batcave911 said...

what do you expect ?
Just another REPUG hypocritter.

What id like to know, is about her religion ??
It was good enough of a topic for Obama.

So is she a snake handler ?
Does she think that Dinosaurs were around 4000 years ago ?

it already sounds like she wants to BAN books like DARWIN.

Personally, to me, anyone that thinks that DINO was around 4000 years ago has a screw loose, and i would not want them with their finger on the NUKE trigger

Or even on the economy trigger,
or education trigger etc.. etc...

Anonymous said...

Isn't she a proud lifetime member of the NRA? Isn't that a special interest group? Is that a major lobbying group? Isn't that a conflict of interest (and contradiction)?