Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big NEWS From CNN...

In BIG NEWS from CNN, they have just called Ohio for Obama! This is a Tsunami FOLKS. This is not just a win, this is a MAN DATE, and the Red States need to PAY A PRICE for their backing of George Bush and John McCain! Let's ABORT THEIR FUNDING!

Hold onto your seats! Obama coming on in Virginia! Has cut lead to less than one percent! Barack is going to pull this baby out! Obama holding lead in Florida!

In preparing a states to punish in new Obama Presidency list, Texas gets placed on top of the list as they gave McCain a BIG WIN THERE. Kentucky is another one that should get bitch slapped along with West Virginia. The time has come for some of these RED STATES to pay for their backward ideas and hateful ways. We got your prayers RIGHT HERE folks.

1 comment:

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